Monday, December 21, 2015


AEON closing shops, unemployment rising, Business struggling.......where to have money to buy food...??  Children wondering what their future is like IF Umno-bangsat negara CONTINUE THE STUPID RACIST IS ISLAM  TERRORIST Games that CELAKA melayu UMNO- Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor Plays. 100,000 strong Army is NO MATCH for 10,000,000 Citizen Marching to the Palace and HUGE houses, Yatch, of these SCUMBAGS Leaders of IS ISLAM Racist TERRORIST Melayu UMNO -BN homes and the Sultan-Agong-Govenor homes for your Children FOOD and FUTURE SAKE!!

Now you know the $$$$, Hamper, Datuk, Tan Sri  these UMNO bangsat negara and Sultan-Agong-Govenor will not feed your children today, tomorrow or into the perpetual  FUTURE....The Myth and Lies and Fog is Clearing.....RISE UP AND END THE LEGACY to IS ISLAM Racist TERRORISM created by UMNO-BN+ Sultan-Agong-Govenor of one Malay Race and Islam Faith......  Disaster, Hunger and Anger is  ALLAH's / God's way to wake Malaysia UP Proper.....the Quicker  SABAH-Sarawak Sack Malaya , the Quicker Malaya and Sabah-Saraawk will be BETTE OFF!!.....Firstly you don't have $1 Trillion Debt to Deal With from Sabah-Sarawak........  secondly You can DEAL with the IS Islam Terrorist Melayu UMNO in Sabah-Sarawak with Power and TERROR!!.....The ISREAL WAY........Destroy their Base Cam, Villages and SUPPLY Links to Abu Sayaf-Sulu IS ISLAM UMNO Terrorist!!
....and the IS Islam Idiot Sect Sultan-Agong+ Govenor in cahoots with celaka melayu UMNO-Bangsat Negara BULL CRAP!!...that Melayu will NEVER live in POVERTY, HUNGER, Stupidity.....Melayu hanya perlu tahu RUMAH atau ISTANA semua IS Terrorist WIRA celaka Melayu UMNO+Sultan-Agong tinggal dan akan BERMULA REVOLUSI MINDA Rakyat LAPAR....... Let the 77th HUNGER GAMES Begin In Malaysia...... End the Games of making Melayu and Rakyat BODOH dan TAKUT!! ABU..UBAH....PAHATKAN ERA BARU!!

First Sign Azmin going to Jump to Celaka Melayu IS ISLAM UMNO-Bangsat Negara after GE14 to take up a Minister post like Anwar jumped from ABIM/PAS......Signal given already by the Sultan Cahoot with celaka melayu IS UMNO ....So Sarawak-Sabah PKR be wise Quit the PKR there....JOIN UBF and take Power to SACK Malaya....You have the CONSTITUTION POWER to Bring English back , Attack the IS UMN ISLAM Terrorist Gangs..and Progress Faster than Singapore in 20 Years....+ A Dollar of Sabah-Sarawak = $10 Ringgit in 2025.......and a Nation like Singapore.....Look To the Future like in the HUNGER GAMES and MOCK Malaya!!

Typical Brain Washing Stuff...Like Three Hamper Given to Alor Gajah Malacca Flood Victims ...Played 1,000,000 means Celaka melayu UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor Gave help.......Who is Kadir Jasin to speak For MILIIONS OF Malaysian wanting to Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak and Leave Malaya with 41 Trillion Debt and then WHACK the IS Islam UMNO-Sultan_Agong-Govenor Sponsored Terrorist in Sabah-Sarawak..... We DO NOT NEED to FOLLOW the ISLAMIC ATTIRE IN EVERY Government Agency we go..Tell these IS Mullah ALL thier Microwave Oven have been spite with some HOOF ANIMAL!!...and is HARAM.....Bawa Dapur, kayu dan Masak macam Khatijah...isteri of Prophet......Sorry for highlighting the obvious.....IS Terrorist Racist ISLAM UMNO are NOT suppose to USE modern Invention...ISREAL and JEWS have input to IT!! Faham!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

UMNO-BN futures Metrics for Progress for Malays born ISLAM IS Sect is base on hope that the future of Malays will remain POOR HUNGRY and DEPENDENT on Sultan-Agong-Govenor !!

An Inferior Celaka Melayu UMNO Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor Race will put up all kinds of Barriers, Rules and Regulation, Murder, Genocide for other SUPERIOR RACE to progress, create wealth, life and Freedom.  Time and time again all Barriers Erracted are Obliterated by the Superior Race.  The Final Demise of the Inferior celaka melayu UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with sultan-Agong-Govenor IS WHEN THIER OWN INFERIOR RACE that They have labelled RISE UP and BEGIN THEIR EVOLUTION to SUPERIOR RACE!!...The type of Race NOT Afraid of Barriers, rules, regulation, Evil, murders, corruption, Genocide attempt....The type that aspire Excellence, Goodness, Fairness, DIGNITY!!....

Najib have also enlisted Saiful the Sodomy Expert to Claim that Muhiddin and Mukriz Sodomised him if Muhiddin and Mukriz don't shut up quick and the IGP in Cahoots with AG + Sultan_agong-Govenor all Paid $25 Million Ringgit EACH will do the necessary Damage to them Just LIke Tun Dr Munafiq Did to Saiful on Death Watch, Sirul the Altantuya Murderer on Najib-Rosmah Instruction also on Death Watch and so IS Zeti the BNM Chief......Scary things going to happen with UMNO IS islam racist terrorist giving the OK for some terror event to Justify Pota, ISA...etc...... IF yo usee the IS training Camp in Sabah...BURN THEM and the Village down......the Time to AWAKEN the FORCE within!!..>The Hunger Games have Begun!!

UMNO-BN futures Metrics for Progress for Malays is base on hope that the future of Malays will remain POOR HUNGRY and DEPENDENT on Sultan-Agong-Govenor  UMNO-Bangsat Negara hand outs to progress your 3 days needs like after a Major Flood that have ruined your life and you think it can sustain you for 12 years!!.  Like Paslov Dogs Malays will be trained on these METRICS....

We are ACTUALLY STILL FOCUS on the celaka Melayu Najib UMNO Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan_aging + Senile Govenor Looting, stealing and Corruption of Donation 2.5 Billions Ringgit and $60 Billion Ringgit 1MDB Loss..... Words is out the Sultan-Agong and Govenor were Apparently ALL Given $25,000,000 Ringgit Each to SHUT THEIR MOUTH...Maintain......Like Perak Katak....and Sultan Nazrin....the FAKE IS terrorist ISLAM Munafiq Ideology via Lowyat Terror stealing Incident.....Pakai Sarong RTA, Govt Hospital and now the Wear short sleves and short Skirt in Private Hospital..... Tak Nak Kerja Boleh HIJRAH Ke MEKKAH dan MADINA kerja sebagai Jururawat... Islam IS Terrorist is incompatible with Hygine, safe work practices like tudung getting caught in Factory rotary machine and PULL HEad Out.....IS ISLAM Racist Terrorist UMNO more Concern about HOW to make Malay Think LESS, Eat Less If Standard of Living Rising.....Melayu UMNO Migrate to Blangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia If want Lower Standard of Living.... Only those Tak Malu / Tak ada Maruah like to Go to England....Australia...Singapore, USA....

Its a celaka Malay, Islam, UMNO-Bangsat Negara Leaders...waht do you expect...UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan _Agong-Govenor Crime against Humanity Malaysia must be something TERRIBLE.......The Racist IS Islam UMNO Celaka terrorist Legacy Must END. Continue to Hold Foreign Currency and trade in Foreign Currency....Avoid holding Ringgit for one day Longer!! Get Discount using ONLY Foreign Currency.......Not applicable to the Inferior IS UMNO Malay Islam race. They can SHOP in Lowyat 2 Mara....wa kah kah...very cheap skins and some

Funny Dec comfirms the month Celaka UMNO Bangsat Negara completes the Training of IS Islamic teenagers of Malays UMNO Islam Faith to Carry Bombs and terrorism and Chaos during Christmas TO JUSTIFY THE POTA, ISA and ALL THE RECENT REPRESSIVE LAW To detain People without TRIAL ....especially the DAP, PKR, GHB leaders making enormous Dent to UMNO Bangsat Negara. The Agong -sultan-Govenors of course are aware and are in cahoots to continue MlaySial Racist Islamic terrorist Legacy....So becareful Shopping in Malaysia and please just Use Foreign Currency to inflict more Pain for the celaka UMNO-bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenors EVIL IS ISLAM Racist terrorist Agenda! Make Islam Inferior by demanding that they SIT in Halal Seats in the Bus, Train, Planes..... All seats in Malaysia have Haram SWEAT on them...make IS Terrorist UMNO -Bangsat Negara (BN) Islam Fear and INFERIOR!!....ABU ...UBAH!!

Just remember those who Sing Praises to Celaka melayu UMNO-IS -Bangsat Negara(BN) in cahoots with Sultan_Agong-Govenor will SUFFER the RETRIBUTION when the melayu UMNO-BN is No longer in Power.... Should I shed some Sympathy AFTER 60+ yeears of Suffereing??? May Allah have mercy on SS Nazi UMNO IS Boka haram Terrorist and their Supporters ...... President KIM of North Korea also Stronger..... Food for thought and people suffering from hunger and terror.....Malaysia not far behind like Zimbabwe and North Korea Hybrid Nation!! ABU UBAH..and Guna Wang Asing dapat Diskunt beli barang keperluan....Ringgit Tak Laku lagi....TAK NAK Guna Ringgit HARAM...semua dijilat Anjing!!...macam mana masuk syurga??....IS ISlam UMNO Melayu Malaysia is Weak...Make Everything you touch HARAM...even ATM money button.....lelaki melayu UMNO IS harus semua pakai SARONG Tangan......Bertaubat...Repent and EMBRACE ANOTHER RELIGION.  ISLAM IS AN EVIL SINFUL RELIGION!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015


More Hindu Evidence being in Malaya discovered daily like the entire area, including Cherok To'kun and Seberang Prai (Province Wellesley) including Penang, was part of ancient Kedaram, the Indian name from which Malaysia's Kedah is derived.

Proves UMNO Celaka Bangsat Negara Malays in cahoots with Idiot Sect Islam Sultan _Agong-Govenors are all PENDATANG.....TIME TO vacate THEIR illegal palace/HOMES....when the Day of Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak Happens......Don't be Brain Washed with Negaraku " Tumpah Darah for Maintaining Status Quo"...Tumpah your Darah For YOUR OWN FREEDOM And DIGNITY!!  Thats right time to Reclaim your LOST Opportunity and RID the IS Islam Mentality and Excuses from Malaya.....

Who Really Cares about the UMNO General Assembly IS Racist Terrorist MunafiqIslam national Meeting in KL???  
Keep the Najib UMNO Racist Terrorist Sham Ruling Malaysia Ultimate Demise and keeping Tun Racist Dr Munafiq.........The deal is done Between Azmin Ali and Najib..... after GE14...Azmin becomes UMNO New......something..... Like Anwar went from ABIM/PAS nothing to something..... Screw the people.....Time for People to SCREW Malaysia UMNO-Celaka Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor....

Malaysia Demise and Bankrupt is back on track with Najib Stubbornly remain in power... Ini Generasi Bodoh celaka melayu UMNO-Bagsat Negara bersama Sultan-Agong-Govenor malaysia yang Perlu Di hIna Allah..... Harga Proton naik Kerana Ringgit Jatuh..... Tak payah Soal Megapa barangan buatan Mutu Rendah pun naik Harga......Sebab Ringgit Tak Laku...Buang Ringgit Guna Wang Asing...... Untuk Pengetahuan Sultan Johor dah Guna sebanyak $25 Million Ringgit untuk mengubati anak cancer dia yang baru mati.... Berapa orang melayu ada duit untuk mengubati anak mereka dan Hidup terus Mewah macam Ketua2 UMNO-Celaka Bangsat Negara dan sultan-agong+ govenor..... Dah Bangun Belum untuk ABU dan UBAH?? kalau Belum teruskan hidup yang sengsarra Awak.... Khairy dan Semua Celaka melayu UMNO faham hidup awak yang TAK BERESEKI ..... dibelakang awak, celaka ketua UMNO Ketawa Kebodohan melayu Buka Lowyat 2.......Harap semua IS Islam Terrorist UMNO Melayu Hijrah dan beli barangan elektrik Kat Sana....

Remember UNCHANGED STATUS QUO, MEANS NOTHING CHANGES... Same Bahasa in Schools to dumb you down...Same Racist Bigots Entry SHAM to Universities for Non-IS Muslim UMNO followers.....Same BIAS Government Projects Billions to UMNO-Bangsat.....Same Jakim , JAIS, ISLAM cover your SKIN Agenda, same Flood , smog and Dengue outbreak......Deal Not Needed... Carry on Business as it or not Financial Armegeddon is coming to Malaysia.......Sack Malaya From Sabah-Sarawak is the Best Option and LUMP MalaySIAL with $1Trillion Debt and Growing....the BEST OUTCOME For People to END the SICKNESS of MalaySIAL UMNO IS ISLAM RACIST TERRORIST AGENDA!!

Every muslim contribution to their Islamic tax goes to support their own mosque, surau, Jakim, Abu Sayaf, Sulu Terrorist Islam  IS Cell in UMNO Run Malaysia in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor islam BIAS racist terrorist agenda.  NOTHING of racist ISLAM IS TERRORIST MALAY UMNO TAX  GOES TO NON-MALAYS.......NOTHING!!!!...Remember nothing goes to you or your children well being...ALL RACISTLY Reserved for those IS ISLAM Team TERRORIST UMNO-Bangsat negara in cahoots with sultan-Agong-govenor....

Every Non malays tax goes to ALSO Support the ISLAM IS TERRORIST Racist agenda of Bahasa usage, dumb down, no entry to local University, no scholarship, no business opportunity, wear tudung, cover up, murder, expensive cars, tol, all types of REPRESSION Racist ISLAM terrorist Agenda.



Derma Dari IS (Idiot Sect) Islam Terrorist Saudi, Qatar, Syria, Iran, iraq Boleh..... Derma dari FBI, CIA, Isreal...tak Boleh.......Itulah Munafiq Islam Terrorist Malaysia dengan Izin Sultan_Agong -Govenor..... Teruskan Agenda 2020 Pecat Malaya dari Sabah-Sarawak ...Harga Minyak turun Lagi ...Alham duilah....Alllah Akan Belasah MalaSial dan melayu UMNO IS ISlam dengan Kematian serta Kebulkuran.....banjir, asap, denggi....macam macam lagi malapetaka.....sebab Tak ikut Jalan ...Harap semua Hijrah ke Timur Tengah tunggu Madhi atau Hijrah ke Rumah Tokoh2 UMNO dan Agong-Sultan-Govenor tuntut Makanan....atau BANGUN REVOLUSI!! ABU...UBHA.... Asalkan Bukan UMNO adalah Hasrat Allah!!