Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Economic Chaos is dawning on the world and more so for Malaysian.

What have changed for Malaysia?? NOTHING. NOTHING!!

Be prepared, be frugal, help the needy and poor and do your best to have enough for 4 more years of DEPRESSION in Malaysia. You heard it here first, ignore at your own peril!!

We Continue Whatever it takes until UMNO-BN is Obliterated. Nothing else Matter. Be Like Mat Kilau, be unknown, unseen, undetectable yet inflicting Maximun pain and economic damage to UMNO-BN. Boycott!!

Racism in Islam UMNO-PAS in overdrive mode with their stupid support for Yoga Fatwa and still no ability for any malay humans to convert to other religion. Still Flaw in the Sultan and Agong ideology to declare Fatwa that it is Illegal to be born Malay Islam. Curses on Malaysia Economy until we Obliterate UMNO-BN racist policies and games.

The Battle goes on from Mumbai against Islamic Terrorist. It seems the world have become politically correct to REMOVE the ISLAMIC word from associated with Terrorism. Well Tough, it will be Highlighted, repeated in many more blogs until ISLAM as A WHOLE Allows Conversion out of Islam and start CONDEMNING these Cowardly Acts as Against Koran. Yet the media are trying to cover it up and water it down as a small sector of society that just profess to be Islam Extremist. Well Call them Insulter of Islam Extremist. Do something for goodness sake. Those High Priest of Islam are silent because they Silently CONDONE these Sick Insulter Of Islam Terrorist Acts. Don't for a moment think we BUMI NON MALAY of Malaysia will tolerate this Islamic Dominance Rubbish in Malaysia. Malaysia Will be Broken in time. Believe it!!

51 years of Racism in Islam UMNO-PAS Malaysia will NOT Be tolerated.

Keep up the Boycott of Proton, Petronas petrol, Kancil, Maybank & all Local Banks, Air Asia, McDonalds, KFC, MAS....and all companies owned and operated by Cronies of UMNO-BN racist. Each Dollar NOT SPENT with UMNO-BN is like 10 PUNCHES in their stomach. Makes them poorer and therefore less power in their continual quest for Racism to Be Obliterated and Islam to be a religion of Self Guidance and Choice. We did pay taxes to suppport these Religious Bigots team of MAIS, JAIS, Syriah. Go tax your own Islamic people to maintain your own Islamic rules and laws. What is the Penalty for Stealing and Corruption In Islam?? ....Need we keep quiet anymore? Keep on Criticising UMNO-BN or PAS if Racism in Islam UMNO-PAS games keeps going on.

For A Better Malaysia we need FREEDOM OF Religion, Freedom From ISA and Freedom of Press.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Cut YELLOW strips and tie it on many trees ALL over Malaysia. Show them People power by STEALTH and see if the UMNO racist police tool have the resources to cover the VAST territory and People's Hunger and Anger!!

The time have come for all Malaysian to rise and do something. We will start the disrupt, disrupt, disrupt to the Malaysian economy, UMNO Tools. If nothing changes in one month. Then Mat Kilau will UNLEASHED!!!!!. Criminal Today, Hero after UMNO-BN are kicked out and Rotting in Jail! The stakes are high and so is the Future of Malaysia.

As usual the Agong-Sultan are doing nothing. They are more concern about their prejudice songkok protocol than for a better Malaysia. Its the People and the hunger and anger of the people will always be heard. Disrupting UMNO Evil stay in power forever plan is simple......Nothing works well in Malaysia anyway. Go park an abandon car in Federal Highway. Make a traffic light black. You have cheap Chaos. Leave the Obliterate Whatever it takes for Mat Kilau. Malaysia will be History if there is Death on the streets.

Stay away from street protest. Be calm. But in an attack make sure the supreme race suffer MAJOR Casulty. Then perhaps the supreme race double standard will be Obliterated Forever.

Boycott Petronas Petrol Every Day. Give them Production Chaos. That goes for ALL Printed Media. Boycott Air Asia, KFC, McDonalds, Proton, Kancil. If Possible make a day when ALL Call in sick to protest the Detention of RPK, Teresa and others who are still in ISA. UMNO Racist must be Obliterated......nothing else matter.

All that is happening is the DNA of Tun Dr. Senile Racist UMNO games...but thank God We have INTERNET to neutrlise their lies. This time its going to be different alright. Insurance, then Territory then Discuss.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wear Black on Merdeka 08, Orang Asli are REAL Bumiputera of Malaysia! Racism in ISLAM UMNO-PAS must be OBLITERATED....Never Vote PAS Again!!

Isn't it suprising. So the Racism in Islam UMNO-PAS Cult hugging and kissing have started. Yet being banned for highlighting the Prejudice Songkok Protocol. Nothing really changed in Malaysia. Eat your heart out. For Malaysia to move forward the following MUST be heard from the Agong and Royalty. Silence is not an option or else you are branded the same Racist Bigots Islam UMNO-PAS Cult!

1. Renounce that Malay cannot be born Islam.
2. Freedom of Religion ala Lina Joy be respected. NRD, Syriah - go to HELL!
3. Abolish Syriah courts, its becoming a Sham Courts and insulter of Islam.
4. Condemn the notion that Swearing under Koran is more credible than being judge by the Westminters Justice systems.
5. The Police, Judiciary, Army, Leaders all majority muslim malay....Thank you for isulting Islam better than non muslim!....no loss to other religion.
6. Abolish your Stupid bi-polar racist prejudice songkok Protocol Forever!!

Malaysia is now in economic CHAOS. MMC seeking to refinance $10 Billion....SELL. Don't buy any Malaysia stocks. Move money to Foreign banks earning 7-8% is better. Still not to late to sell investment house. The Sub-prime of Malaysia is coming in the form of CDO and Sub-prime-business of UMNO-BN companies.

Boycott Air Asia for One Month at this stage of their business and they WILL Collapse. Remember Air Asia is UMNO-BN, member of Khairy, Najib, Rosmah. Obliterate the business and stop a SOURCE of their illegal Cash flow.

Do that For Petronas Petrol too. Boycott them everywhere in Malaysia. You will disrupt their cashflow and also production. Excess capacity will only bring price down. Cost of Shutting a refinery for a week is very costly....Do it for 3-6 months or a year and see petrol price drop. But keep the Petronas Boycott as all owners are UMNO Racist shoe licker!

Make a run on the local banks and withdraw all money and put in Foreign Banks before its too late and $1 ringgit = $0.25 Singapore cents or Less! All Local banks are UMNO-BN cronies...let them collapse, no loss to Malaysian. They are part of the UMNO Racist tools to enslave Malaysian!!

Lastly, don't force non-muslim or malay to wear your Stupid Prejudice Songkok Protocol. Not even for the coming Beijing Olympic 2008. Anything that resembles malay=Islam, respect the non malay wishes or thousand curses on Malaysia even after the Olympics if I see non malays-muslim wear the prejudice songkok!! I will be ashame if they FORCE the participants to wear Baju Kurung and Sarong again + songkook...year in year out in every Olympic, Asian games, SEA Games. CURSE you Racist UMNO-PAS ideological Bigots. Some will submit to your Dhimi Forcing....many will not....and we continue to live with Dignity!

Remember the next May 13, Kampung Medan and Penan Killings out break.....We will make sure there is FAR GREATER Collateral Damage on the Supreme Racist Bigots Race and the loss of territory forever. We await the racist bigots of UMNO-PAS next move.....

Malaysia cannot exist any longer in the current form, an awakening will spilt Malaysia up and that is why staying Cash in Foreign Banks is SO SO SO Important now. Some may have to Up Root to move to friendlier places that will be defended with Blood and for our children freedom, from Racism, ISA and Racist laws. One that have Freedom of Religion, Press, freedom from FORCE Wearing of Songkok and Free Education that does not Discriminate. We have the Dignity now to live like humans not animals or Dhimi anymore. Freedom is Choice. We will aspire for ONE Common Law and all religious LAW ABOLISH! This is the Aspiration for Malaysia. Orang Asli are the True Bumiputera, Real Natives, soil of the earth.......the Rest UMNO-PAS malays are Liars, robbers, cheater and a FIGMENT of their own imagination.

Terbukti....melayu UMNO-PAS adalah sejenis Cult Racist Islam...di mana Ketuanan melayu lebih penting dari Islam......ini saja kesimpulan. Penghina Allah terbesar di Malaysia UMNO dan PAS!>>>>Berambus!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wear Black on Merdeka 08, protest High Petrol, Fuel! Orang Asli are REAL Bumiputera of Malaysia!

Feel free to Condemn Bapa KEMEROSOTAN MALAYSIA - TUN Dr. M Racist Senile Judiciary, Genocide Ideology King of Malaysia- 1: Openess Crap 2: Snippets Crap 3: Masa Depan UMNO Crap! 4: Rapid KL Crap!!...Crap crappy ...have a say!!...

We must pray Mugabe have Heart Attack and Die tonight!!

Funnily Tun use Idi Amin and Not Mugabe in his latest Racist Crap Blog. Allah is looking at your futile effort to get to heaven...ROT in HELL. He should be shot like Mugabe for the sake of the people. Let me digress and focus on Zimbabwe for a moment. This Bloody racist Genocide Zimbabwe leader must die and die quickly just like those Burma Junta. His crime against humanity is similar to Burma Junta....similar to Che Det May 13, 1969 racist Acts. We must pray Mugabe have Heart Attack and Die tonight.

Here we hope for DAP, PKR,PAS to Condemn Zimbabwe as a sign of solidarity to condemn POTENTIAL similar future acts in Malaysia. We cannot allow such Violence to continue and yet pretend all is well. Unleashing Mugabe Death Squad of War Veterens is like provoking normal humans to do the unthinkable.....so beware and be prepared.

Fortunately in Malaysia we are different....yet we are ready to put an end to any thought of such nonsense. We have Sultan, Agong and above all, a society where Orang Asli have the TRUE rights of bumiputera above everyone including the Royalty. Orang Asli are the true bumiputera....the malays in UMNO Baru, Team A-Z, all fighting a LOSS Cause and for a Lie. People who defend TRUTH will prevail over lies....and Melayu of ALL Persuasion tak malu Curi Hak Istimewah Orang Asli will slowly walk in shame. Lies under Islam is another insult to Islam....yet that is a common legacy of an malay Islamic Cult of UMNO/PAS in Malaysia.

Fact:>> Orang Asli was in Malaysia before malays.!

PAS will have to distant itself quickly from this Lies and start the process of removing Apostasy Law from Kelantan with their 2/3 majority.(Yes times up for PAS, my patience have ended.) Where is the spine of DAP asking PAS to remove the Apostasy law?? Is PKR a Pseudo PAS?? Stop the racism within Religious Freedom and start the process for a better Malaysia. People's Declaration Crap....!!

Stop believeing Raja Petra in insuniating that only muslim can mind muslim business. They cannot. Anybody can mind anybody business if what their religious practice is wrong. So the British and today society was wrong in intervening on SAKTI(burning of self and children if spouse is dead) in India. How about Muslim practice of Genetile mutilation on women. To hell with your narrow minded religious ideology....In Freedom we will Kah Poh, be busy bodies we will intervene, we will condemn, comment, rebuke, curse, shame, ridicule....we are Bloggers without BORDERS(BwB)!! The Realm of Religion Islam can be praised and Condemn by ALL. That is Freedom Given by Allah to Malaysian & world!...no one/group is immune from Condemnation of evil racist religious acts!!! .....Nobody ...believe it!!

Strip Cis Det and all people of Tun, Tan Sri and Datuk......a Sham and Insult to Sultan and Agong. However the Sultan and Agong with their prejudice songkok Protocol seems to be clouded with their prejudice priorities for 25 years.....now trying to show their worth after hearing what happened in Nepal! Throwing some tantrum over songkok!

.....Freedom = Choice. IF Born Malay = Muslim then Songkok = Islam. Until that Ridiculous Genetic flaw of born into religion Islam ideology in Malaysia is removed, we should all Boycott the songkok!! Its the principle that matters.....Ridiculos ideology deserve being insulted! Non malay or non-muslim need NOT Wear songkok under Duress!

Better live with Dignity over a Government Post or Position

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lets have the freedom to comment on CHE DET Bolg - TUN SALLEH SAGA


This Racist Tun Dr. M scum trying to show people respect him and all those comments makes one puke. At least now we have an option to see comments against all his cronies posting. Thanks to Tun Dr Senile call for High Crude Price call on OPEC to Teach USA-Isreal a lesson....looks like only Malaysia a NET exporter is being taught a lesson.....What goes around comes around. Hope he dies soon & rot in Hell for a better Malaysia. Tun Dr M thinks he can trick Allah like he tricked Malays & Malaysian!!

UMNO-BN Warns people not to raise prices.

First social chaos coming now as Private School Bus operator about to Boycott picking up your children. Stupid UMNO-BN leaders thinks they are the only ones allowed to maintain their wealth and live lavishly, while true workers work their Butts off to support their family and children. You will have to send your child to school and that will increase petrol consumption, jam and chaos. If I was a Bus operator not allowed to increase fare price, I prefer to boycott sending your children, lose the business rather than to go Bankrupt Forever. This is just one of the many social CHAOS coming.

Stupidity + Corruption = More Suffering for Malaysian.

In Hunger and Anger WE MUST OBLITERATE ALL UMNO-BN Leaders.....esecially those STUPID RACIST UMNO Leaders and the cause of your suffering.....Including those who have retired.

The other options is keep suffering to worships the Gods of UMNO-BN....and their upholding of Prejudice Royal Songkok Protocol!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

FOR FREEDOM OF RELIGION, Freedom From RACISM, Freedom from ISA & Freedom of Press in MALAYSIA!!!!

The time have now come to APPLY the Pressure on PAS to remove the APOSTASY Law in Kelantan with their 2/3 majority. It is in the agreement of their "PEOPLE DECLARATION" to have Freedom of Religion. It is no secret that PAS and PKR have supported the Lina Joy Judgement - Shameful!!

Do not assume with this victory in 5 states means no change to the People' Agenda. Do not assume PAS/PKR can hide behind their victory to continue the legacy of UMNO-BN...Where Freedom to choose a religion is NOT Supported.

Do Not think the Lina Joy Judgement is tolerated or accepted by all from Barisan Rakyat. IF an MB or PM must be muslim and wear songkok to be sworn in, then this PREJUDICE must be OBILTERATED AS WELL. Any party that still hide behind the Prejudice Protocol and Religion Stigma will also suffer the same fate as UMNO-BN. The Rakyat have spoken and we intend to see PROGRESS TOWARDS A BETTER MALAYSIA. Maintaining the STATUS QUO is NOT AN OPTION.

FREEDOM is CHOICE, its alter ego is Prejudice, Racism and Bigotory!!!

PREJUDICE, RACISM, No FREEDOM of RELIGION will have ZERO TOLERANCE From Barisan Rakyat, that applies to Sultan, Agong and ANY ROYALTY.....believe IT!!!!!


Sunday, March 09, 2008


Your Highness, Sultan Azlan Shah please allow us to petition you on the appointment of a Menteri Besar for Perak. In the Interest of Malaysia, it would be appropriate to appoint an Indian as MB.

You will need to exercise your EXECUTICE POWER to remove Racism from the constitution that a MB needs to be Malay and Muslim. All Humans are created equal in the eyes of God. The election have shown all Malaysian, that we can oppose Racism, Racial Politics and Corruption to make Malaysia a better place.

We only live once in this life and we should sieze this opportunity to throw ALL Racial-Religious TABOO down the Drain. The road to restore a better Malaysia should be Championed from PERAK.

I hope the SULTAN of PERAK use his executive powers to OBLITERATE the ANCIENT Racist law on MB, created by UMNO-BN. Please YOUR Highness, lead the charge and question the CURRENT Coalition on WHY did they not suggest an INDIAN as MB??!!

Question the coalition when will they remove this racist constitution law of MB being Malay-muslim.

Question why PAS, DAP and PKR insist on following the constitution and not use the loop hole to suggest an Indian as MB?? After all we have already 3 malay MB in coalition, 1 Chinese and none Indian. Let Perak start the CHARGE and remove this Racist Racial-Religious requirement FROM the constitution in EVERY STATE Constitution that have it!!

The Best Person for the Role in future...this is Meritocracy!!

In future there must be room for the BEST candidate to bring Perak to Prosperity. At the moment there is OPPORTUNITY to Work Around the constitution as you have the EXECUTICE POWER to OVERWRITE the Constitution. The People have spoken and we hope your Majesty will use this opportunity to Throw Racism OUT THE WINDOW.

We cannot allow this Golden Opportunity to marginalise the Indians/Sikh again!!.

Thank you Your Majesty and may GOD grant you more wisdom!!