Wednesday, January 11, 2017

No need to think great Adenan as he was also part of the UMNO-PAS IS Islam Racist Terrorist Bigots CRIMINAL ENTREPRISE that KILLED and Displaced Penans!!

No need to think great Adenan as he was also part of the UMNO-PAS IS Islam Racist Terrorist Bigots CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that KILLED and Displaced Natives Sarawakians Penans!!   Adenan is a Lawyer by education and should know His EVIL Deeds will be judged by God and Sarawakians accordingly ....  Adenan INFLICTED Injustice and also part of the CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that Killed uneducated and Defenceless Penans together with Tun Dr. M and Govenor Taib.......  They can all Go to Hell!!...

Adenan together with Taib and Tun Dr Murdered Many Penans by displacing them from their traditional land for easy Timber Access.....  Like the Hadi PAS with Sultan Lamboghini Kelantan Stealing and Displacing Orang Asli there.....  No need to give glowing Eulogies to Tun Racist Razak for Racist BM NEP that now Made Felda owners slaves to UMNO Melayu bangsat negara... to Sultan Rogol of Pahang, Sultan Murder of Johor, Sultan Berak of sultan Kelantan Lamboghini Steal the Throne from Father and timber from Orang asli with Pas- Hadi hudud & Najib's Help!!


Keep Getting Rid of Ringgit....Trade Cash in USD, Singapore, Australia Dollar and Never ..Never Keep Ringgit Anymore.......You will be Loser in the Long Run....  After separation from Singapore $1 Ringgit = $1.09 Singapore Dollar......  Fast forward 2017  $1 Ringgit = $0.33 Singapore Dollar....Meaning Ringgit WILL Be Useless in 10-20 Years..>Slowly and Surely...Because No Islam Bias nation is ANY GOOD!!

All These Idiot Stupid(IS) ISlam Hudud UMNO-PAS Sekolah Agama Force to Learn Bahasa Malaysial..trying to make hero of a Penan murderer, Hamas, Hezbollah, President Assad, Sulu, Islam Terrorist Murderer....  Time to Rid Sarawak of 1% UMNO-PAS Malays Racist ideology now condone by Makan Dedak Sultan-Agong- Govenor....  Sham on UMNO-PAS Agong to discuss who the next CM will be In Sarawak...  Must be ISLAM  First, 2nd Malay Last Iban.......  Sarawak Bangun Bantah ...UBAH...ini kali Lah!!

At the end of the Day its Comfirmed that Rosmah-Najib Ordered Sairul to Murder Altantuya aka Aminah and the Dispose of Body with C4 and the Sultan -Agong-Govenor Melayu islam Makan Dedak paid $25 Million Ringgit Each to NEVER to raise this Henious crime....and apparently Now the 1% melayu Rulers-Govenor Defender of Islam wants to be paid another round of $30,000,000 ringgit in a foreign Account... So Najis-Rosmah have to use EPF- 1MDB-Tabung Haji to set another 5 year term of UMNO-Bangsat Negara Rule.

ENOUGH!!...time for 12 New district is coming soon ...CHOOSE your Space Wisely Malaysian...and have a mind set of SHOW NO MERCY....None was given to you or when Detaining Orang Asli or to Ms Indira Gandi from the IS Islam Sharia Force Child Convert case or memali...or may 13 or Penan or Kg. Medan Murder of indians......