Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Altantuya Murder.....why the need to C4??

So the powers to be can erase Altantuya entry data via the immigration check point.  The sequential backup tape in the immigration had to be erased and re-backup again.  Time stamp on backup tape have to show the actual tape backup time.  All these can be done with a backup system, with the time on the main frame set backwards.  So first base covered.  Altantuya came via KLIA, got blown to pieces but in order to cast doubt to Malaysian weak brain washed mind, rumours start spreading she came illegally, she did not come to Malaysia, no such person exist, UMNO have proof via immigration record....#$%^&*.  So bila RCI project Immigration ini??  Project IC(1980), project Imigrasi (2000),then Project EC(2013)....Sham!!

2nd base - Now we need to get rid of evidence that has the potential to harm Kim Il Najib claim to the throne.  Use UTK-unit tindakan Khas to C4.  So special that when they are brought to court their face covered.  Their identity we know but cannot put a face. UMNO racist thinks we are not sure of the face.  Their family paid hush money.  All photografic reference deleted from Project IC database.  These UTK are those who will do anything without hesitation or thought.  They have been brain washed to that extend.  Their life is dedicated to Kim Il Najib and Rosmah family.  They are Malay-muslim UTK....no difference to those triads/gang members who would die for their God Father.   They are assured that their family will live happily ever after, even if these lunatics die in "their call to duty".....a kind of jihad to their "Allah" masters....2nd base covered.  Have loyal fall guy sorted out.  Easy to prove they were hanged by replacing bodies and new identity to carry out more Murders for UMNO racist.  These UTK Sirul Omar, Azilah Hadridan  days in prison are numbered....they could even die to silence them forever in case they get frighten and talk.....Hang them for murder they admitted...what is the delay...UMNO crony Agong Ampun??#$%^&*

3rd base - C4.  why the need??  If buried there will be evidence.  Can be dug out.  Satellite imaging can show disturbed landscape.  If dead person don't talk why the need to C4??  Just do what they did to Teoh beng Hock, Kugan, Penan, Sarbini is sufficient??  But bini/wife of Kim Il Najib been watching lots of CSI stuff.  After some discussion/deliberation they were worried about the expecting baby of Altantuya.   UTK confirm of an expecting Altantuya. Belongs to who??  Is this Razak Baginda's act??  Phone call to sort things out and Baginda swear on Quran that she is strickly go between.  No hanki panky.  Then how, whose one is that possible baby??   Razak Baginda then hints possible one night or few night stand with Kim Il Najib....possible only.  Suggest check with hubby.  Bini ala Rosmah now thinking hard.  If I give him hard time, I cannot ascend to the throne or Grace.  I must be Malaysian First, last and most admired lady for the next few decade...whatever it takes!!  So close and it must come to reality.  All POTENTAIL roadblock must be Obliterated....just like any POTENTIAL Road block to UMNO racist  stay in power and POTENTIAL LOSS of power must be met with murder,killings, chaos....etc( like May 13, Kg Medan, Sabah, Memali, Killing of Penans, Sabah).  Its whatever it takes to take power even it means a few killings Instructed to UMNO hidden HIT squad!!  Now some are getting old, each day wondering when they will be killed in case they spill the stories of UMNO leaders past murderous plot.  These Muderers from UMNO Hit squad are waiting to see Allah and all is not easy with soul.  The need to BERTAUBAT/repent is strong.  Lets see how many start dying mysterious death.  Who cares...all classified sudden death...no further investigation needed.

So C4......in case baby have DNA of Kim Il Najib......unfortunately that have spread more scraps of the DNA to a larger area.  If Buried, chances could be good if we can collect the foetus DNA and match it with Kim Il Najib.  So now chances of locating the scraps of DNA from foetus to match with Kim Il Najib as very low...like 0.5% probability.  DNA not reliable....3rd base covered.  Now newly regained Malaysia most hated women Rosmah(briefly taken by ms listen mamak Sharifah Jamban) can do as she wish.  Ask Kim Il najib to allocate $2 Billion to her PERMATA...feed the poor, disadvantage and our future children.  Orang Islam please see/tengok kak Ros heart is good, I am closer to mother Theresa than you ever imagine.  Allah tengok baik baik kata kak Rosmah!!

Last base.....  Allah ada mata.  Allah bukan alat awak untuk dipermainkan.  Allah TAK Perlu manusia biadap mempertahankannya...macam Ibrahim Bull Frog.  Allah cukup berkuasa untuk mempertahankan kedaulatan Allah sendiri.  Awak manusia yang berani guna Ampun tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun....dengan Allah berapa kali awak pernah guna untuk Allah??  Adakah Corak Allah lebih rendah dari raja dan kesultanan melayu??  Habis mengapa tak ubah corak hidup awak dan minta Ampun Allah, beribu-ribu Ampun??  Adakah awak terhutang budi, jasa, nyawa awak kepada Sultan dan Agong??  Lain kali kalau dipanggil Sultan/Agong, tak payah sembah....hanya handshake, hello sudah cukup.  Jangan ingat awak jumpa Sultan/Agong awak jumpa Allah.  Ini minda set dan mentaliti yang manusia Malaysia terutama kaum melayu Islam perlu ubah.  Siapa lebih Hebat ADAT atau ALLAH??

So as UMNO will do whatever it takes to retain power,  Malaysian of All races now need to set their mind 73 days or less left to do WHATEVER it takes to Obliterate UMNO racist.  If you see killings, chaos....etc....make sure you get some UMNO families and leaders as Bargaining Chip.  Have a list of their various hiding place and homes.  That is your insurance in case UMNO unleashed their UTK on Rakyat Malaysia.  We stand ready to Gadaffikan UMNO racist for a better Malaysia.....  INI KALI LAH!!!

ABCD - Asalkan BUKAN cap Dacing  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Haram tetap haram, dan jangan haramkan yang halal"

Make a Polis Report EVERYDAY!!

We know the PDRM (Police Doing Rotten Murder, Polis Di Rasuah Mahathir...etc) will always discourage you from filing a report over petty crime.  Each less report means Crime Statistic is Falling. ..>@#$%^&  What Crap is this.  Crime of all sorts increasing and yet Home Sinister Hissapuddin says crime falling in Malaysia.

Crime does not mean Murder, Kidnap, Stealing, Liwat, Hasutan/sedition........it is also cheating, robbing, break and enter home, cars, snatch thief, illegal dumping......and all sort of petty crime is also a crime rate statistic.  You don't nip it in the bud and UMNO-BN Champion of Munafiq Islam, spin doctoring will say crime rate is dropping due to fewer people reporting crime.  Malaysia safest country..#$%^*%.  So next time, any small petty crime you "kena",  go to police station, sit for 2 hours and make the report and give these tax funded profession some work to do.  Don't be put off, motivate and lecture the police on "kecil-kecil api jadi kawan, sudah besar jadi lawan".  Malaysia is in FIRESTORM mode as far as crime is concern, but UMNO PDRM thinks its just lalang fire.

If they cannot take it, can resign and look for jaga kereta job.  I don't mean to insult those good police but Malaysia need to stop this nonsense of listening to the IGP, top brass.  Their KPI look good and they get $300,000 a year or $25,000 a month...you mata-mata $1500-$2000.  You have to either make this gap narrower or FOREVER be slave to triads and scums of UMNO policy of making you poor and slave to their whims and fancy.  Just as UMNO Malays (melayu tak malu curi hak istimewah orang asli)are like 1000 times richer than poor Malaysian malays.  If compared to Orang Asli (bumiputera tulin), then its like 10,000 richer.  Jurang perbezaaan antara orang melayu UMNO dan melayu tak sepatutnya bagaikan bumi dan langit.

Bila buat bagi hamper kat TV3, RTM, Surat Khabar....UMNO tahu sandiwara begini adalah untuk orang yang kurang berfikir/waras.  UMNO ingat buat upacara untuk 100 orang, maka 1,000,000 dapat hamper.  Tapi Rakyat dah bangkit dari PENIPUAN BEGINI......hidup sengsara mereka, cari rezeki susah, macam macam kesusahan, tak ada orang dengar.   Awak cari $50 ringgit sehari, ketua UMNO makan sehari dengan 10 lagi tokoh UMNO Kat Hotel mewah $5,000-10,000 guna wang yang sepatutnya wang anda/rakyat  UMNO buat awak miskin kerana rakyat tak soal macam mana Ketua Polis dapat $300,000 setahun, polis biasa dapat $24,000 setahun.......jangan lupa duit RASUAH belum dikira!!

Malaysia harus bangun dan hapuskan jenayah serta Korrupsi UMNO Munafiq. Ideologi UMNO adalah Miskinkan semua orang supaya dapat KONTROL mereka dengan duit manis/upah buat awak Diam.  Masa dah sampai untuk Jerit - TAK ADIL, MUNAFIQ UMNO, IGP, Sultan.  Masa dah sampai untuk HIDUP IMPIAN AWAK dan bukan impian UMNO munafiq Islam!

Hanya ABCD sahaja dapat ubah corak hidup awak -
Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing = A B C D !!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Malaysian BIGGEST Election SHAM coming.......similar to Project IC in Sabah

....dan pernah berada di Malaysia atau kembali ke Malaysia selama tidak kurang dari 30 hari dalam tempoh 5 tahun sebelum pembubaran Parlimen atau Dewan Undangan Negeri yang sedang berkuat kuasa.

First what and why the crap #$%^^$@# is there a necessity for the above condition for postal vote.  We are Malaysian and its our constituional right to vote when and where we can.  You don't decide how I can vote.  You are the rakyat dog and not the other way around!!  Rakyat is Boss....and BOSS demand no condition and can do postal vote anywhere, anytime an election is called!! Since BERSIH in 2012...and now on the eve of election in 78 Days.....UMNO racist run election Commission after months of strategic thinking, have come out with another fail safe project IC EC to rule another 5 years.  Those FEDERAL or State seats with less than 3000 seat majority is now in danger for Pakatan.  So if Penang, Selangor, Kelantan is smart...better call election NOW and test the water and reduce the fire power of UMNO+Election Commission.

There will be no check or balances on where these 2 million overseas voters vote will go to.  Wait for another RCI - the useless Royal Commission in 20 years to find out with Sultan/Agong seal of "seriousness" SHAM??  people have died, life have changed and honest rakyat struggling to survive?  Take your Royal Commission and flush it down the toilet!!

This is the backup plan in case the 2-3 Million illegals immigrants in Malaysia who are given Project IC EC+ vote UMNO-BN get scared at polling booth due to the many Pakatan video camera taking pictures of who turns up, match the face at other booth....etc.  We have the technology to have face recognition so do your best UMNO-BN to cheat.  You cheat we video.  Then you will get another Rakyat REVOLUSI Rally.  We need one case to make the entire election Null and Void and take to the streets and Obliterate UMNO-BN.

How does one check legality of potential 2 million postal votes?  Are they real? They will distribute 1.3 million postal votes to those sure to win pakatan seats and use the 500,000 for those close seat BUT good enough for UMNO-BN to win and make Malaysia suffer 5 more years.  Its as simple as that.  To make it look legit, 200,000 considered spoil votes.

Like project IC Sabah the Tan Sri or Tun or Datuk Election Commissioner in 25 years will confess that they have given 2 million postal votes to UMNO-BN on their own accord....like the current Project IC Scums...like the Killer of Altantuya Scums.  This is after they have been instructed and benefitted personally like $5-10 million Ringgit each to implement the SHAM...and live in Very comfortable life......and Raja Petra will defend the practice that Malaysian overseas voted for UMNO-BN like it or not??@$%&*..

For sure those Project IC fall guys and family are living happily ever after, while the rest of Malaysia suffer another 5 years of UMNO-BN racist rule.  Thanks to Tun M - Bapa Merosotan Malaysia + EC Now!.

It is a Sham that after BERSIH and with less than 78 days before election, Election Commission have come up with their fail safe plan after months of deliberation.  So in order to frustrate their plans, we need to do some Mat Kilau acts to disrupt UMNO-BN+EC+IC smooth cheating.... all base covered acts.  Inshah Allah we can still ABU and ABCD = Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing.  Of course no need to elaborate but we will see how we can disrupt these SHAM Postal votes like those Sham postal vote previously.  Time to play dirty and Mat Kilau!!

Criminal today, Hero tomorrow.......  when injustice is law, Resistance is Duty!!...for a better Malaysia or  make Sabah/Sarawak give malaysia an option to migrate.  Still waiting for you to burn the Bible..Tun Perkakas UMNO mahathir!!...coward!!...you burn one we organise one to replace it in a Mass Gathering of Rakyat Bangkit BANTAH !!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

UMNO Racist Machine in overdrive!!!

Sultan bermula dengan “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan ALLAH pun tidak minta ampun macam tu......  Uncle seeker

So now its about useless tax payer funded Royal Commission and more Racist bigots threats by Perkasa Perkakas UMNO to burn bible with Allah word.  Looks like the targets are Christian now .....  so Sabah / Sarawakians should either rejoice or do the A B C D = Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing.

Talks like these very kosher(semua ok) with Royalty, Ruling Elite, UMNO, Judiciary, Home Minister of Malaysia Terrorism, PDRM......Patrick Teoh facebook view police quickly investigated "Lapor, Lapor, Lapor"...teriak, teriak, teriak from NGO...from every angle.  I give the useless PDRM 3 days starting yesterday to charge those racist and investigae Tun Bapa Kemerosotan for INSTIGATING those sedetious remarks. (don't hold your breath...#$%^&*) Yes, its the Racist Dark Lord of Malaysia, Allah of UMNO 88 doing his bit to create the tension like he so easily did in lalang 87, 97...when the economy is STUFFED and his days numbered!!!  But internet and social media is stuffing him, UMNO propaganda machine proper.....like the support for Bawani! 

This is actually the best time to Boycott petronas petrol, gas and Jusco, KFC, Starbucks, Ikan Bakar Sekinchan.....and anything related to UMNO racist and their cronies ...etc.  Keep their cash flow tight for another 80 days and see those who used to give them 30-60 day credit demand 3/4 immediate payment.

As for those burnt bibles...don't worry....I have organised enough malay christian and muslim friends to buy one back for each they burnt.  We will have a handing over new malay bible with ALLAH word back to those who lost it on a himpunan 1 Million Rakyat Bangkit 2..3...4...5..6..sampai UMNO di kuburkan(buried)!!!  In fact even Buddist, Hindu, Sikh,churches and others willing to chip in to buy one back.  Over to you Perkakas UMNO Racist. Jangan jadi Tin Kosong.  Kalau berani buat...tapi takut kerana bapak kau pun tegur awak kan??  You see his nenek moyang and other Perkakas UMNO family members also telling him off.  Inikah budaya melayu tulin?? @#$%^;*.

I give the Sultan/Agong 2 days to hear their disapproval of the Perkakas UMNO racist threat(don't hold your breath...#$%^&*).  Otherwise,as I have said so often Sultan/Agong also perkakas UMNO racist in their current form and bias media release.  It is the duty of the Royalty to prove otherwise based on Malaysia Judicial Logic.  Raja Petra have defended the royalty sampai diam-diam sekarang.  Ingat .... pada suatu masa Sultan pun orang biasa...jadi jangan  bertindak Ganas macam anak2 Sultan murder dan generasi baru semua anak sultan.  Humble sikit...jangan angkuh dan bongkak!!  Perangai mereka makin lama makin hina budaya melayu dan hina Islam.

I could not care less that you insult Islam and malay tradition but don't for once think your legacy will continue forever when citizen rakyat are in hunger and anger!.  Enjoy your union with UMNO racist while you can.  Allah ada mata.    Rakyat Malaysia, terutama kaum melayu mula bertanya apa guna biayi sultan2 Malaysia dengan wang $ber BILLION manakala mereka bertunkus lumus cari rezeki dan ada kala berjimat $3-5 seminggu dan makan kurang agar anak yang SATU mereka dapat makanan yang lebih baik.  Awak yang berdarah kesultanan habis guna $3-5 ringgit dalam masa 0.1 saat dengan hari jadi special awak, keluar negara, holiday, rumah holiday, jet, kapal, buat kerja munafiq dengan media masa bagi hamper besar kepada 100 orang miskin manakala, 3,300,000 lagi orang miskin masih hidup susah payah dan marah dengan perangai bazir awak.  Allah ada mata.   Akhirnya sultan perlu butikan mereka payung kepada rakyat dan bukan menjadi pacat atau parasite atau kancer kepada rakyat.  Itu sebab rakyat tak respek lagi kesultanan.  Sekarang rakyat respek perut dan kebebasan BERSUARA!  Biarlah mati anak sultan, jangan mati adat anak.!  Kena ada set minda baru!!...Akhirnya sultan pun orang biasa......kalau tak salah apahal sentiasa minta ampun jika jumpa dia?  Setiap kali jumpa sultan awak dah buat salah kah?@#$%^&??  Pernah tak dengar sultan, ketua umno buat bunuh, rogol, curi, korrupsi, salah minta ampun dari rakyat atau dari tuhan ALLAH?  Lebih baik minta ampun dari ALLAH!!

Malaysian of all races needs to wake up to the reality of what Uncle Seeker wrote......priorities need to be right before we seek after useless earthly titles, greetings and ask...what for??....  Boycott prejudice protocol titles!!

Sabah/Sarawak - ABCD....ABU....UBAH...keluar Malaysia be Singapore 2 & 3 and give Malaysian options to migrate......and don't be stuck with UNSERVICABLE Debt of $1 Trillion Ringgit...

thats $1,000,000,000,000.  Understand CUT LOSS sooner rather than later and wise up to 55 years of Rape, poverty, abuse and slavery!!.... and bring back English as medium of everything...its not in your constitution .... change it back to 1969!! Get smarter.....english was free and no need to be in private school..wake up!!

...more to follow

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stop the Madness and Speak out!!

What is wrong with these Munafiq Islam UMNO-PAS Malays in Malaysia? 
Islam apa jenis ni?

Over women dress/hair dresser they want to arrest/fine in Kelantan.
Over dress, song they want to regulate the program in Kedah and Malaysia.
Over food they want you to use the stairs...lift for halal holy food only
Over Ramadan they punish a non muslim kid in Sarawak for eating.
Over being sworn, getting title in the state & federal parliamen they want you to wear songkok, baju melayu or else...
Over a simple word Allah, they want patent and regulation....and more to be added into the list as these defender of islam, mullah, mufti think it will lead you malay born islam ideology thinkers weaklings astray!
(If you are born Islam, then death destiny is islam.. How can be "keliru"/ tricked..all bases is covered if you believe this sick UMNO malay born islam ideology?brain washing?...yet still takut keliru...#@#$%^&
Over helping poor malays, indians, chinese...these mufti, mullah, Jakim, Jais and the the entire army of islam Malaysia need to do a raid on a church, temple....etc!!

Over Sultan PahangRogol/rape, these mullah, mufit, jakim, jais close a blind eye.
Over Sultan steal the throne(curi thakta) in Kelantan, the mufti close their eyes.  Budaya melayu macam ni??
Over unconstitutional act of Sultan Perak, the defender of Islam malay insult Islam and the constitution.
Over Sultan Murder/bunuh of Johor, all the munafiq islam malay mullah and mufti keep quiet.
Over Corruption, most of the sultan, mufti, mullah keeps quiet because they lose their useless title given to men.(...and happy that mere humans malaysian desire them and would pay for them......stupidity have no cure)

Over politics malays in UMNO & PAS would insult Islam and Budaya melayu(malay culture)...what sickness is this??
Over ex MB tyson of Selangor both Sultan S'gor, Jakim, Jais, keep quiet over khalwat and baby born by Sultan daughter outside or inside wed lock??.

We need mind set change Malaysian.....and teach your children young

First when you START scholling....tell your children to NOT put their right hand or left hand up and do a swearing or "Ikrar".....its like a cult or nazi religion.  Not Even for rukun negara.  (note lower case until UMNO is remove as there is no such thing as belief in God when the word Allah cannot use)  You end up swearing to a promise you cannot keep and God send you to HELL!  That is scarier!!!

Like the UUM ....first time I have seen in this world when one have to do a "ikrar"...ala swearing before a start of a forum. What sickness is this? #@$%& Perhaps its normal in Malaysia university.  Stop It... Next time just walk out....no forum worth its pinch of salt need this form of sickness, mind control and intimidation...Walk Out, put your hand down and run far away quickly!

....to be continued

Monday, January 14, 2013

A B C D - Teach your children to sing this!!

Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing = ABCD

Anything BUT Cap Dacing = ABCD

Asalkan Bukan UMNO-BN = A B U

Anything But UMNO-BN = A B U

Ini Kali Lah!!!

What is there to argue and say anymore.  UMNO-BN + Sultan Kept quiet, Beneffited from corruptions, ruin Malaysia Life for 55 years.  Lets reflect on why UMNO-BN got Sultan to sign to dismiss Singapore from Malaysia.  First these racist thought Singapore can be nothing without the rest of Malaysia.  Second UMNO racist managed to fulfill their dream of making ALL race the minority so as to benefit from all other races position of weakness.  The facts are written that none of the Sultan oppose this move.  Their mentality was to see how Singapore slowly die from economic poverty as that state does not have much resources.  After the sacking, any thought by Sabah Sarawak to leave Malaysia is dealt with murder terror.  UMNO-BN murdered leaders of Sabah and soon Sarawak who have ideas to leave Malaysia.  It is blatantly obvious, that any state that can leave Malaysia will have Singapore like progress to exceed Malaysia entire GDP.  ALLAH have Blessed Singapore over Racist UMNO malays Malaysia agenda.  This is fact!! 

Put aside all race or religious matter, one has to look squarely at UMNO as the Big Brother and Mafia of the State of Malaysia today.  We have achieve little for a country that had everything.  English education background, natural resources, sports......  Today stuff UMNO-BN leaders and cronies proper.  Rise up and send them ALL to prison...starting from Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia...Tun Dr. M...but we get his children first and let him live to see his own blood line in chains and in prison. 

For Sabah/Sarawak ....  ABU, UBAH then KELUAR........make Singapore 2 & 3 happen in 10 years if Malaysia mahasiswa ala UMNO type graduates is like that useless unemployable President sw1m.   Give Malaysian an option to migrate and create a great nation.....without that stupid ALLAH sham, ISA Sham, press Sham, sultan Sham and Freedom of Religion Sham.

Democracy is the WILL of the People......make sure you are on the right side of the coming REVOLUTION!!   INI KALI LAH!!  OBLITERATE UMNO-BN.....and live your own dream!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 12 2013 - Merdeka Stadium - Show the POWER of PEOPLE!!

Bring Water, cloth,  goggles, more water, Video Camera with Terabytes and start capturing the Anger of the people against UMNO-BN and their tools.  Ini Kali Lah!!

Until now SPR/Election Commission did ZERO on the demands of Democracy.  DEMOCRACY meaning is the WILL of THE PEOPLE.  We will NOT Bow to Injustice and Resistance is DUTY.

ABU!! .......  Gadaffi-kan UMNO and inshah ALLAH.....(see I use the word ALLAH) UMNO and those Munafiq Defenders of Islam taste the Gadaffi or the President Assad of Syria wrath of the people!!

Don't make people any poorer by your STUPIDITY.  We will now live our dream and not UMNO or Sultan Dream.  The dream is to see TRUE Democracy and the Freedom from ISA, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Religion and Freedom from HUNGER and OPPRESSION!!

p.s samseng UMNO, umno babies, 3 line, perkasa, rela, pdrm, army....INI MAT KILAU Menanti AWAK buat Kacau.  Awak yang zalim, ganas akan terima balasan yang MELAMPAU!!..inikali lah!!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

How many more need to die before humanity class it as Genocide??

When will the world or muslim world decide on War Atrocities by President Assad??  Is 60,000 not enough....shall we wait like Sudan Dafur 2,000,000 genocide death before we organise, songs, feed the world....etc.

Actually we know muslim nation will do nothing of significant.  How is it that for Gadaffi, the action was swift....but for President Assad of Syria the action is painfully slow.  How many more North Koreans need to die of hunger before we rid the world of these scums.

Malaysia is also going this path if we allow UMNO to be the only armed regime in Malaysia in control of every weapon of destruction.  We will not tolerate any more May 13, Kg. Medan, Penan Killings or Memali.....the next time watch the CONSEQUENCES you are going to reap for everything Malaysia.  For sure Malaysia will not be in the same shape or made up of the same states as today!  Sabah/Sarawak need to get out and form Singapore 2 & 3 in 10 years before its too late!  Your land, your money, your future!!  57 years of Crime against HUMANITY Malaysian and getting away with it must end or be ended by Rakyat......  Support 12 January 2013....Rakyat bangkit untuk halang dan Hapuskan KEZALIMAN UMNO-BN, EC-SPR, Judiciary, MACC, PDRM, Army, Malaysia Media, cronies of umno-bn and Sultan!! 

No one should be spared when rakyat rise up......enjoy the good, lavish and corruption life while you can......The world is changing for the worst for you soon!!!........  INI KALI LAH!!.....