Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Malaysian BIGGEST Election SHAM coming.......similar to Project IC in Sabah

....dan pernah berada di Malaysia atau kembali ke Malaysia selama tidak kurang dari 30 hari dalam tempoh 5 tahun sebelum pembubaran Parlimen atau Dewan Undangan Negeri yang sedang berkuat kuasa.

First what and why the crap #$%^^$@# is there a necessity for the above condition for postal vote.  We are Malaysian and its our constituional right to vote when and where we can.  You don't decide how I can vote.  You are the rakyat dog and not the other way around!!  Rakyat is Boss....and BOSS demand no condition and can do postal vote anywhere, anytime an election is called!! Since BERSIH in 2012...and now on the eve of election in 78 Days.....UMNO racist run election Commission after months of strategic thinking, have come out with another fail safe project IC EC to rule another 5 years.  Those FEDERAL or State seats with less than 3000 seat majority is now in danger for Pakatan.  So if Penang, Selangor, Kelantan is smart...better call election NOW and test the water and reduce the fire power of UMNO+Election Commission.

There will be no check or balances on where these 2 million overseas voters vote will go to.  Wait for another RCI - the useless Royal Commission in 20 years to find out with Sultan/Agong seal of "seriousness" SHAM??  people have died, life have changed and honest rakyat struggling to survive?  Take your Royal Commission and flush it down the toilet!!

This is the backup plan in case the 2-3 Million illegals immigrants in Malaysia who are given Project IC EC+ vote UMNO-BN get scared at polling booth due to the many Pakatan video camera taking pictures of who turns up, match the face at other booth....etc.  We have the technology to have face recognition so do your best UMNO-BN to cheat.  You cheat we video.  Then you will get another Rakyat REVOLUSI Rally.  We need one case to make the entire election Null and Void and take to the streets and Obliterate UMNO-BN.

How does one check legality of potential 2 million postal votes?  Are they real? They will distribute 1.3 million postal votes to those sure to win pakatan seats and use the 500,000 for those close seat BUT good enough for UMNO-BN to win and make Malaysia suffer 5 more years.  Its as simple as that.  To make it look legit, 200,000 considered spoil votes.

Like project IC Sabah the Tan Sri or Tun or Datuk Election Commissioner in 25 years will confess that they have given 2 million postal votes to UMNO-BN on their own accord....like the current Project IC Scums...like the Killer of Altantuya Scums.  This is after they have been instructed and benefitted personally like $5-10 million Ringgit each to implement the SHAM...and live in Very comfortable life......and Raja Petra will defend the practice that Malaysian overseas voted for UMNO-BN like it or not??@$%&*..

For sure those Project IC fall guys and family are living happily ever after, while the rest of Malaysia suffer another 5 years of UMNO-BN racist rule.  Thanks to Tun M - Bapa Merosotan Malaysia + EC Now!.

It is a Sham that after BERSIH and with less than 78 days before election, Election Commission have come up with their fail safe plan after months of deliberation.  So in order to frustrate their plans, we need to do some Mat Kilau acts to disrupt UMNO-BN+EC+IC smooth cheating.... all base covered acts.  Inshah Allah we can still ABU and ABCD = Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing.  Of course no need to elaborate but we will see how we can disrupt these SHAM Postal votes like those Sham postal vote previously.  Time to play dirty and Mat Kilau!!

Criminal today, Hero tomorrow.......  when injustice is law, Resistance is Duty!!...for a better Malaysia or  make Sabah/Sarawak give malaysia an option to migrate.  Still waiting for you to burn the Bible..Tun Perkakas UMNO mahathir!!...coward!!...you burn one we organise one to replace it in a Mass Gathering of Rakyat Bangkit BANTAH !!

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