Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is how we attack these UMNO-Racist cronies sites and bring them down. Targeting mainly banks so that their flow of bribery money and tranfer using online is disrupted. The number is the minute past the hour. So at 1.01 pm we do a DOS on RTM (racist telivision Malaysia)...at 10 am the DOS will be Bank Negara (60 being the hour) and 5.25pm is rmp.gov.my the Polis Rasuah Malaysia Killers web site . We are mainly doing it for 2 minutes per each listed using Malaysian time.

So where ever you are in this world synchonise the time to Malaysia time and follow the attack to bring down a Murderous Genocide Penan Killer in UMNO-BN and their cronies. Lets hope within the hour there are at least 500 Malaysian ANGRY enough with UMNO-BN racist and with Taib of Sarawak to bring disruption to their life. If they can bring down Alternative anti-UMNO-BN web sites we can also bring some trouble for them. I know some sites like Perak/Sarawak government sites are unworthy to cause disruption but it goes to show the Sultan Munafik Perak we still hate him and his Insult to Islam.

There are many I may have ommitted but I am mainly focusing on BANKS/mobile phones company to disrupt UMNO-BN last minute transactions to buy votes or to move money! I am just doing a simple for any non technical people to follow and I am sure you can google to see how to do more sophisicated DDOS on a site. Some can also write a script in .bat (batch file) file, send a buffer size and invoke them. Lets see how it goes for 36 hours and any suggestions to pin point major disruption will be considered!! note you can remove typing the http:// just type "ping bnm.gov.my" Be the 500 to Obliterate UMNO-BN and bring Fear to their Sponsors!! ..Like the 500 who challenge Nebucanezzar!!! Best of all you can do it from your office PC and not be detected!! TRY IT, DO IT...Make HISTORY!! Be an unseen, unheard Mat Kilau!! Time to free Sarawak from Malaysia Racist UMNO-BN Penan Killers and OBLITERATE UMNO-BN Forever!!

Do this: on Windows > START > Run > type in "cmd" > a DOS prompt black screen window would appear
type the following on the prompt > ping www.bnm.gov.au

when you get the hang type ping www.bnm.gov.au -l 2000

where -l = character L

01 http://www.rtm.gov.my/rtmnew/
03 http://www.utusan.com.my/
05 http://www.bankislam.com.my/en/Pages/PersonalBanking.aspx
07 http://www.pbebank.com/en/en_content/personal/index.html
09 http://www.maybank.com.my/
11 http://www.airasia.com/au/en/home.html
13 http://www.mas.com.my/my/en.html
15 http://www.tenaga.com.my/
17 http://thestar.com.my/
19 http://www.nstp.com.my/wp/
21 http://www.theborneopost.com/
23 http://www.spr.gov.my/
25 http://www.rmp.gov.my/
27 http://www.cimb.com/index.php?&tpt=cimb_group
29 http://www.bnm.gov.my/
31 http://www.perodua.com.my/
33 http://www.petronas.com.my/
35 http://www.ocbc.com.my/global/main/index.shtm
37 http://www.hsbc.com.my/1/2/
39 http://www.umno-online.com/
41 http://www.tm.com.my/Pages/Home.aspx
43 http://www.celcom.com.my/
45 http://www.u.com.my/
47 http://www.digi.com.my
49 http://www.alliancebank.com.my/
51 http://www.proton.com.my/
53 http://www.ambg.com.my/
55 http://www.affinbank.com.my/
57 http://www.perak.gov.my/
59 http://www.sarawak.gov.my/
60 http://www.bnm.gov.my/

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Sabah and Sarawak is still a game of play thing and toys to keep Corrupted & Murderous UMNO-BN in power. Its just a shift in where the LOOT and Money flows goes. Those dumb so called majority corrupted Christian Munafik leaders thinks that money too can buy their way to heaven with their little puny millions to be shared among 900,000 natives, while they keep stashing their money overseas. Waiting perhaps for the imminent collapse of the Malaysian economy and the return of Protected loot to take control and bribe militia and gangs to keep them in corruption money power.

How do we avoid this?? Do a disruption act. Burn the printers and ABOVE ALL Bring down those Radio/TV transmission tower 3-5 days before election. Alternatively do a small act of creating scarcity...like buying all sugar from one little shop and say UMNO-BN wants to raise the price of Goods. Let it spread like wild fire 2-3 days before election. So don't buy now...buy it 2-3 days before election and create panic UMNO-BN-Taib is going to raise prices off FOOD after election.

Is there an agenda inside PKR to keep UMNO-BN in power forever if a "Correct" deal of Billions is struck?? We bumi non malay always have to come up with Plan B that will make sure Malaysia is Free from this Crap as well. We must rid Malaysia of this Racism Bigots Slavery or seek autonomy. Sabah and Sarawak can fight for that while there is still some natural resources left to rebuild a nation. Don't bother fighting with lives when in 2035 all natural resources are gone and you are still eating grass and sweet tapioca!! Now is the time to disrupt Evil UMNO plan and plan for Autonomy!! Negotiate froma position of power and not weakness. In the coming Disruption, make sure none of their palace remain standing. Make sure every infrastructure is taken down. Lots of UMNO-BN Evil militia and racist army/police/rela are there on standby to create Havoc in case things don't go their way. Neutralize them by burning their mode of transport. Lots of Police, Election Commission cars to be taken down and render them useless. Less of these vehicles means less problems come election time on 20 April 2011. Stupid Pakatan, especially PKR can do a deal with so called "Frog SNAP" Give them 7 seats and if they win become MB.....problem solve with seat problems and potential jump to UMNO. Followed by rotation systems starting with DAP.....But don't get tricked like Sabah...which incidently after 5 Years of Signed rotation system still in power. Rakyat Sabah bodoh caya PBS Pairin dan Ongkili. They are Christian Munafik who sold out to Evil!!

52+ years of UMNO-BN & 28 Years of TAIB is FAR too long. END the One party power like they Libyans ended Gadaffi or Egyptians ended Mubarak..... Don't wait a day longer and live in poverty and misery. Time to take power and enjoy!! Make UMNO-BN- Taib rot in Jail or leave the country with their Billions or lose their lives. Give UMNO-BN Racist NOT a cent more or a Day more to stay in Malaysia!!

Learn to frame your attack and agenda away from whatever UMNO-BN racist wants you to talk about. When they(UMNO-BN Racist) talk Bible stamp, you talk about poor infrastructure and dirty tap water, When they(UMNO-BN Racist) talk Sex Video, you talk Melayu tak malu curi hak istemewah orang Asli, when they talk DNA, you talk about why muslim needs constant reminder to pray 5 x 7 x 365 = 12 775 times a year? Allah impress or not with this unfaithful humans?? When they(UMNO-BN Racist) talk Azan, you talk about corruption in UMNO-BN racist and their goons. When they(UMNO-BN Racist)talk about Bahasa Melayu to be the main language for education you talk about Teoh Beng Hock. When they talk about Royal Commission TBH, you talk about corruption of Sultan and UMNO-BN Racist + Leaders sending their children education using your money to Private English medium school both locally and overseas. You see eventually, you need to drag these UMNO scums into your Arena of battle. Don't be loser and talk about UMNO-BN racist brain setting corrupted agenda via media in Malaysia....talk about the Malaysian Freedom from Corruption, ISA, Religion and Racism Agenda.

Be the Malaysian that sets the Agenda and Never Follow UMNO-BN agenda....Do It Daily Because Rakyat is BOSS and Boss sets the agenda. Go and keep doing your SECRET little Mat Kilau and Tok Janggut on UMNO-BN racist MP seats and states. Make people angry with UMNO-BN after all they have control of Judiciary, Army, Police, MACC, Mufti, Media, TV, Agong, Sultan, Election Commission, Rela-Militia, gangsters. We are keeping an eye on those UTK & families that did the C4 in case they are freed quietly.....We will take them down like those MACC murderers when they have no SB or UTK protecting them. They can cry and stress for all we care.....Need to Fast track Evil people to meet their maker!!

Make Cost of living High and UMNO-BN racist will Fall like in Arab Nations......In Hunger and Anger UMNO-BN will be Obliterated.

Thank you UMNO-BN for raising the price of PETROL & cost of living 100 Times!! UMNO-BN racist will be Obliterated in ALL coming election starting from SARAWAK!! Start the Disruption NOW!!!!! Buy Rice, Sugar, supplies....etc to last 6 months "When Malaysian Obliterate the MYTH of UMNO Racist, the AWAKENING Begins! The Racist UMNO Murderous Militia hired Thugs have landed in Sarawak, SB & UTK in civilian cloths...I welcome you to Sarawak, watch you back at night!! Its whatever it takes to retain or take power. Set your mind right and Fight to the END!! 52+ Years of UMNO-BN Racist Can End Suddenly...Believe It!!