Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is how we attack these UMNO-Racist cronies sites and bring them down. Targeting mainly banks so that their flow of bribery money and tranfer using online is disrupted. The number is the minute past the hour. So at 1.01 pm we do a DOS on RTM (racist telivision Malaysia)...at 10 am the DOS will be Bank Negara (60 being the hour) and 5.25pm is rmp.gov.my the Polis Rasuah Malaysia Killers web site . We are mainly doing it for 2 minutes per each listed using Malaysian time.

So where ever you are in this world synchonise the time to Malaysia time and follow the attack to bring down a Murderous Genocide Penan Killer in UMNO-BN and their cronies. Lets hope within the hour there are at least 500 Malaysian ANGRY enough with UMNO-BN racist and with Taib of Sarawak to bring disruption to their life. If they can bring down Alternative anti-UMNO-BN web sites we can also bring some trouble for them. I know some sites like Perak/Sarawak government sites are unworthy to cause disruption but it goes to show the Sultan Munafik Perak we still hate him and his Insult to Islam.

There are many I may have ommitted but I am mainly focusing on BANKS/mobile phones company to disrupt UMNO-BN last minute transactions to buy votes or to move money! I am just doing a simple for any non technical people to follow and I am sure you can google to see how to do more sophisicated DDOS on a site. Some can also write a script in .bat (batch file) file, send a buffer size and invoke them. Lets see how it goes for 36 hours and any suggestions to pin point major disruption will be considered!! note you can remove typing the http:// just type "ping bnm.gov.my" Be the 500 to Obliterate UMNO-BN and bring Fear to their Sponsors!! ..Like the 500 who challenge Nebucanezzar!!! Best of all you can do it from your office PC and not be detected!! TRY IT, DO IT...Make HISTORY!! Be an unseen, unheard Mat Kilau!! Time to free Sarawak from Malaysia Racist UMNO-BN Penan Killers and OBLITERATE UMNO-BN Forever!!

Do this: on Windows > START > Run > type in "cmd" > a DOS prompt black screen window would appear
type the following on the prompt > ping www.bnm.gov.au

when you get the hang type ping www.bnm.gov.au -l 2000

where -l = character L

01 http://www.rtm.gov.my/rtmnew/
03 http://www.utusan.com.my/
05 http://www.bankislam.com.my/en/Pages/PersonalBanking.aspx
07 http://www.pbebank.com/en/en_content/personal/index.html
09 http://www.maybank.com.my/
11 http://www.airasia.com/au/en/home.html
13 http://www.mas.com.my/my/en.html
15 http://www.tenaga.com.my/
17 http://thestar.com.my/
19 http://www.nstp.com.my/wp/
21 http://www.theborneopost.com/
23 http://www.spr.gov.my/
25 http://www.rmp.gov.my/
27 http://www.cimb.com/index.php?&tpt=cimb_group
29 http://www.bnm.gov.my/
31 http://www.perodua.com.my/
33 http://www.petronas.com.my/
35 http://www.ocbc.com.my/global/main/index.shtm
37 http://www.hsbc.com.my/1/2/
39 http://www.umno-online.com/
41 http://www.tm.com.my/Pages/Home.aspx
43 http://www.celcom.com.my/
45 http://www.u.com.my/
47 http://www.digi.com.my
49 http://www.alliancebank.com.my/
51 http://www.proton.com.my/
53 http://www.ambg.com.my/
55 http://www.affinbank.com.my/
57 http://www.perak.gov.my/
59 http://www.sarawak.gov.my/
60 http://www.bnm.gov.my/

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