Sunday, July 29, 2012

Don't Live your Life fullfilling other people dream, live to fulfill your own dream & destiny.....  Steve Jobs

Malaysian needs to be reminded NOT live your life to serve other people dream, purpose, ideology all for the sake of gaining some kick backs, money, recognition, acknowledgement, purpose or self actualization.  Get a life if you need to do something that compromise your normal dignity in order to improve something, then, that something is not what God intended for you.
If you do not belief in God then, that something is not you.  Its you insulting yourself.  I have seen so many people having to do things not out of their own tradition and norm for the sake of being seen acceptable to society of another race, religion, culture, media(reality tv) and taboo.  
We can keep our dignity by telling these LOSERs who like to spend their life fullfilling other people dream, evil end game as Self Insulters.  There is no cure for this disease but to oppose them regardless of race, religion, culture.....  because that is not the purpose of God for you.  Die with DIGNITY and losers die with regret!!  ....and to those who force you to wear something, perform something in order to gain something.......May God have mercy on you!!...Life expectancy only average 80 years....after that is day of reakoning!!  Live the life God intended you to live and dream your own dream.......
I dream of a Malaysia with Freedom of Religion, Freedom from ISA, Freedom from Racism and Freedom of Press, Freedom from Prejudice Protocol and now another Free country to migrate to like Independent Sabah & Sarawak.  We need a choice without having to Sell our DIGNITY and can help rebuild without the burden or baggage of all sorts of protocols!!  You heard it here first......New Malaysia is Coming if UMNO-BN don't get Obliterated like Assad or any attempt of another crime against humanity........  Keep up the Boycott of anything UMNO-BN like Petronas, Petron, Proton, local banks, airlines.... Economic crash is coming to Malaysia.....Foreign Cash is Leaving.......Sell while you can!!