Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 30, 2012...8.00 pm.....Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur ... BERSIH 4.0 STEALTH....  End UMNO-BN Sham & Corruption

Here we go again, everybody, time to TURUN PADANG..OCCUPY Dataran Merdeka and make UMNO-BN Yield to Democracy and demands of Voting Rights for ALL Malaysian.

Make UMNO-BN History on 30 August, 2012 .....8.00 pm   and make September 16, 2012 the REAL Merdeka for MALAYSIAN!!! 

Come along, have a good dinner, bring water, goggles, rain coat, Gas mask, small umbrella, 16 Gb mobile devide, video recorder to record every PDRM Police Brutality, make sure every Police on duty have a number on their uniform and demand to ask for their identity.  Remember in UNITY you will not be bullied by the BRUTAL Najib-Muhiddin-Tun Dr, M, Zahid Hamidi, Hisshamuddin, Mukhriz, Raja Nong Chik inspired PDRM Terror against rakyat.  They are on the verge of Crime against Humanity ala President Assad or Gadaffi.  Video, record and make UMNO History!!

I am going to get those murderers from Special Branch, UTK, MACC, Police if they happen to turn up....Amaran!!  Better stay away and let Rakyat gather peacefully!!