Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Should we Withdraw Money in Malaysia before Agenda Cyprus lands in Malaysia???

Malaysia can be Cyprus overnight UMNO-BN losses.  Pakatan winning GE13 will not be a shoo in.  All the mechanism aka Perkakas UMNO is not only paid by these Racist UMNO scums leaders...they owe their living to UMNO.  They will be asked to do their worst like in Perak.  Malaysian just need to find ways to counter their evil acts.  Still No Election....looks like May 13 it is... BRING IT ON!!  Ini Kali Lah!!

In Cyprus now you are only allowed to withdraw 300 Euro a day + only allow to take out 3000 euro if you leave the country for holiday or whatever.  Sounds very familiar to Tun Dr Merosot Sham until a few privilege MB with 2 x Mohammed ended in Australia with a few million.  Mind you Malaysia is STILL IN CAPITAL monetary CONTROL state for rakyat BUT for MUSA MB of Sabah or any UMNO-BN scums no problem.  Some don't believe, then why the #$%^$# need to fill form up when moving certain amount of money out of Malaysia??? This is called the privilege of inequality law of the Jungle UMNO.  Privilege for UMNO-BN Leaders + Sultan/Agong but not for the rest of Rakyat Malaysia.
Some people born in a Privilege Family, position trying to sound very average citizen is like comparing the opportunities of an Iban in a remote village of Sarawak that he/she has the same privilege as Taib of Sarawak children and Grand Children.   So we need to tell those Iban, Dusun, Orang Asli who like to maintain their space and lifestyle that their land will reduce because you are NOT educated in the rules and laws.

When the TRUE Bumiputera who are NOT malay complain of Land theft, they soon realise that bumiputera TAK Boleh Pakai.  Bumiputera hanya untuk statistic to make those Privilege Rich, RICHER.  Bumiputera word is a SCAM / SHAM.  So in short if you are Malay, Indian, Chinese, Iban, Kadazan, Orang Asli poor...... Pointless to tell you to unite because so Few have Internet or Blogging ability.  That is where the Ruling Elite of UMNO-BN + Sultan have manage to control dissent. 

What we need is a process of either removing the unjust Government ...ala UMNO-BN or consolidate in ONE State and seek Autonomy.  Lets see how the ruling elite of UMNO-BN + Sultan deal with this SEDITIOUS Suggestion!!  Rakyat should embrace this option after 55 years because it will take another 10 years for the under privelege to UNITE.  UBAH - KELUAR...all over Malaysia!!  Leave UMNO-BN and their Sultan + Ilks in Langkawi to be Cursed proper by puteri Mashuri!!...No link to Mashuri of Phillipines and troubles in Sabah of course!!....hmmmmmm   Let UMNO turn Langkawi to Singapore 4......and Hell Freezes over!!

As Datuk Sak put it "Remember we are seeking equality in prosperity not equality in misery."....

55 years of MISERY is too long for anyone to bear regardless of race religion culture.....  Malaysia is a Misery State!.....cost of living, education, health, law & order, freedom of religion, freedom from ISA, freedom of expression, food security, national security like Sabah Sham!! All EPIC FAIL!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Malaysia is Now govern ILLEGALLY....!!

No wonder UMNO Racist Education systems EPIC Fail. 5 years is up, your term expired. Renew or GET LOST!!

8 March 2008 was last polling date.  8 March 2013 should be the 5 years EXPIRY for UMNO-BN.  When something has expired means, you need to RENEW or face the penalty.  What the #$%%^&# is the Agong, Election Commission Doing, High Court waiting but to DISSOLVE the Parliament state and federal ALL OVER Malaysia.  THIS is the Rakyat RIGHT to choose.  Where is the Democracy?? Where is the Bersih 4.0 March to Demand the right to vote?  Macam ini pun boleh buat kepada rakyat Malaysia.  Bunuh, curi, rogol, tipu semuanya Boleh?? #$%^#.  Kuburkan UMNO-BN.....terutama di SABAH & Sarawak...INI KALI LAH!!

Rakyat now need to rise up and take down RTM, TV3, NSTP, Utusex...etc and ALL UMNO-BN mouth piece that have silenced Democracy.  These UMNO Scumbags are rulling Illegally.  Pakatan states should just dissolve and go to Polls and what the #&%^%# are you waiting for.  Test the Phantom postal votes cheats and refine your attack on the Federal Polling date SHAM & SCAM.

Note to ALL Foreign Investment, all deals done after 8 March 2013 is Illegal.

Lawan tetap Lawan.    When INJUSTICE BECOMES LAW, RESISTANCE IS DUTY.    The time to RESIST is UPON Malaysian!!  UMNO-BN wants to Rule forever using the Law and technical Sham like Project EC with 300,000 PHANTOM Postal Votes.  Now those under 4,000 votes for Federal Seats is in Danger!!

Organise, UNITE, Disrupt, Destroy, Obliterate UMNO-BN and their TOOLS!!....Malaysia is technically in SHAM & SCAM Government Mode!!  Its not auto pilot, its like everyone in UMNO-BN + Ruling elite having a go at PILOTING  #$%^&*#

Sunday, March 24, 2013



INI KALI LAH.....Kuburkan UMNO-BN dan Hapuskan Samseng UMNO-BN!!

Looks like the strategist of UMNO-BN thinks a May 11- 13 vote casting vote day will Frighten Chinese to vote and thereby UMNO-BN win easily.  Many states have to dissolve by late April 2013 and UMNO thinks that they can build enough chaos from Sabah and now in Malaya via their UMNO samseng continuous violent acts.  Go ask those UMNO Perkakas dogs that did those violent acts lately is their life.  They got terror back proper, some recovering in hospital and fight another day.  We Mat Kilau  like to give them sweet lessons of life.  Just you tube their face and they will be paid back in kind.  Especially those from 3 line and SB or UTK.  Play fair or LAWAN TETAP LAWAN.

Momentum is building up now to a chaotic 2013 VOTING Date.   More investigation on Sabah War.  As usual its all pakatan's leaders fault and NONE of UMNO Racist Bigots Islam Cult Scums #$%^*#.  Go on and keep being friendly with terrorist Scums and this is your Payback.  The terrorist have a choice now to TERROR Back UMNO in Kuala Lumpur to make a statement or keep your bincang.  From Thailand to Sabah, these scums have an opportunity to BERTAUBAT/REPENT, give up their terrorist Islamic Cult ways and live with Free Society or being shamed again by UMNO racist islam Cult again and again.  THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOUR SICK IDEOLOGY!!

If Islam wants to do something good, please go and OBLITERATE Presdent Assad of Libya and show some spine.  100,000 people died from this Syrian conflict is a reflection on the Islamic world inability to stop their OWN Tyrant!!  We also have those in Malaysia in the form of UMNO Islam Cult.  Here they open mosque, then they take corruption / bribe money.  You really think Allah is Blind and can be made blind by a visit to Mecca or an Umrah.  Your Repentance is NOT Genuine, so Rot in Hell!!...Assad, Gadaffi and all those UMNO Munafiq Islam Cult Leaders + Ruling Elite ...Tun, Tan Sri, Sultan, Datuk Tak boleh pakai di NERAKA!!

Remember army and police died due to UMNO inept and incompetent handling of this matters in Sabah &  for 55 years negotiating with terrorist.  Those malays who wants to keep dying for UMNO ideology and dream should reflect if that is what Allah wants of his creation.  What use living UMNO racist dreams when you gain NOTHING??#$%^&  Stupidity have no cure.  Perhaps UMNO racist should have negotiated with communist terrorist in the 1950-60 #%^&*.  The less malaya soldiers/police would need to die?  Ini Logik boleh Pakaikah??#$%^&#

Take your revenge on UMNO-BN murder of your colleagues in Sabah War by burning those PHANTOM POSTAL Ballot votes kept in your lockup.  Burn & put fake pieces of paper in that Phantom Ballot box, 8 hours on the election day! 


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Operation Daulat then OPS SAPU Pakatan in ISA??

WARNING!!!  OPS SAPU ISA can happen anytime......Lets disrupt UMNO-BN EVIL plan Now!!

Inside Information brewing that UMNO racist with IGP & Police & Army are using those SULU Terrorist caught to sign a confession that ALL Pakatan Leaders have asked them to create problem in Sabah.  They are threaten with DEATH by hanging if they don't sign the confession.  UMNO-BN can be using Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Mat Sabu, Karpal, Lim Guan Eng, Rafizi, Nik Aziz, Gobin, Tony Pua, Khalid....etc respective mobile number to send SMS to the mobile phone of these Sulu Terrorist.

Pakatan Leaders have no idea how come those SMS are not on their hand set but can be sent to those Sulu Terrorist mobile.  Believe me this is all possible. Its happening now with all these mobile Scam and Sham. Any telco people with any brains can edit any file and make it seem like its from your mobile and thus your dispute is rendered invalid in Malaysia Sham court.  Of course there are also mobile provider systems/tools that are available to crooks, gangs, terrorist, corrupt government to implicate innocent people.

If Altantuya Immigration record can be erased, it also means records can be INSERTED.  It means it can be inserted into your mobile phone list of SMS, by date, time order.  Those IT tech must be working overtime to try make the timing as close as possible to where these Pakatan Leaders were on those Eventful WAR days in Sabah.  Making it look legally correct and prove their guilt!!.  Pakatan leaders will be charged with treason because those police and soldiers were killed defending Malaysia.

UMNO-BN Najib, Tun Kemerosotan Malaysia, Hissapmumb, Muhidong, Zahid Hamasdin.....all working on OPS ISA SAPU Pakatan.  Then election is called on the day these Pakatan Leaders in Prison and cannot campaign.  UMNO-BN will say election must be called as stated in the constitution and by Project  EC/SPR.  Pakatan Leaders will be kept hidden for 14 days but election will be over in 7 days.  Agong/Sultan, all will just keep quiet and play their part according to UMNO-BN tune!!

Now these terrorist are in court, saying all kinds of things under duress.  The question is what will Rakyat do??  Don't expect Sultan / Agong to do anything.  They are oblivious of how the WAR on Sabah occured.  Oblivious of the suffering of Malaysian in Sarawak. Oblivious of the lies and sham, scam, corruption, murder by UMNO-BN, oblivious, oblivious #$%^*&%$#.  Hell will freeze over, before Sultan/Agong does anything!!!  Rakyat Malaysia UNITE to Obliterate the UMNO-BN + Ruling Elite SHAM and SCAM!!

In order to frustrate UMNO-BN evil plan, lets spread the news and get geared up for the event IF it occurs.

Organise, Disrupt, Obliterate UMNO-BN.

The campaign will be run from here!!

OPS Freedom/Bebas will be invoked.  Together with OPS MAT KILAU!!! 


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Hidden Power of Sabah / Sarawak....Sack Malaya!!

Having consulted a constitutional QC, you can Sack Malaysia!
Sabah/Sarawak have the power to Sack Malaya and Form Singapore 2 & 3.  You need Malaysian a passport to come and that means you can STOP UMNO from ever coming and sack those with Malaya IC to go to Malaya. Use your power and Never let the UMNO Racist dictate your DESTINY!!

You need to think 20-50 years ahead like Tun Dr. Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia and some Sultan / Agong when they sack Singapore and then started their Project IC(using Islam, race religion) to Rape the country for 50 years of natural resources and make slaves of Sabah/Sarawakians natives.  They pay a few natives some money and the natives like monkey embrace the Islam UMNO Cult religion of Corruption, wealth and murder. UMNO send Army of certain race and religion to take power and frighten you like those Sulu Scums.  Something went wrong in the bincang/discussion and they start a WAR.  Lets hope the Sulu Terrorist tour Kuala Lumpur and spread terror for UMNO to enjoy.  So far attack on Sabah is a Sabah problem.  Its a WAR on Sabah not on Malaysia.  Why bother to hang around with scumbags like UMNO Malaya??

Think of your rich natural resources and you can double your GDP against malaya combine states.  You are 20-50 times larger than Singapore and I am just being conservative in the progress.  Sack the Malay language and make ENGLISH number One!!  You had English in parliament and then due to UMNO you thought malay was appropriate.  Now you start to realise English is only learned by the Sultan, UMNO-BN leaders and ruling elite.  What was free in your education systems becomes a privilege.  You are further dumb down when only the children, family and relatives gets to hold all their wealth in their hands and control your destiny God have given you.  March them to the top of Mulu cave or Mount Kinabalu and Push them over like MACC did to Teoh Beng Hock.  Why tolerate 55 years of slavery when you have the power in your constitution to sack Malaya!!??

Make history and sack malaya.  Sabah / Sarawak DO NOT Need to consult anyone.  Not Sultan/Agong/UMNO/Pakatan/PBS....Just Sack UMNO-BN and sack Malaya.  No one from Pakatan can speak like this because this is ISA, sedition stuff.  Internet is giving you more ideas, options, choice and freedom!  Fancy watching only UMNO youtube!!??#$%^&   UMNO-BN for generation have been making you slaves via project IC to reduce your share of wealth in your own land.  It is ISA stuff in your Mind Set.  Free yourself and SACK Malaya!!  Have a new MIND SET! Whatever it takes to sack Malaya and reduce your DEBT Burden to Zero!!

Now you can think like Champions and restore back what you have.  All deal done under Malaysia Laws and be EXTINGUISHED..... Extinguish all projects and the money flow the RIGHT Direction to Sabahans/Sarawakians.  Very Fast train between Kuching, Brunei and Kota Kinabalu. 6 lane highway too.  English as medium of instruction, law, judiciary and Parliament.  One year Form 6.  English medium university. Aspire to exceed Singapore.
Above all and watch Malaya rot in the UMNO mantra, cult and sickness. 10-15 years your GDP will be greater than malaya.  Do it while you have oil, timber and a willing people to progress freely.  Give Malaysian an opportunity to migrate to a Freedom of Religion, Freedom from ISA and Free media country.  Sabah & Sarawak you are the hopes of making things SICK & Sorry for UMNO malaya Racist!!  China have done a lot of progress in 10 years, malaya have nothing to show when compared.  Wait NOT A DAY longer...SACK Malaya.  YES WE CAN!!

UBAH - KELUAR   - CHANGE and GET OUT of UMNO Malaya Hell hole!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Malaysia is a toilet that is badly managed by UMNO-BN!!

Is UMNO-BN trying to create a state of emergency, chaos and thereby rule another 5 years by default?

Sabah War is becoming a hidden, Spin, hush-hush War.  Keep rakyat Rakyat FEARFUL stupid and blind to the Chaos there and use Sabahans to keep UMNO-BN in power another 5 years...making it 60 years of UMNO-BN Terrorism on Malaysia.  On the eve of election suddenly everything is in Chaos and only UMNO-BN Scumbags can fix it.  Well I am going to start Mat Kilau in Kuala Lumpur to add to the fear.  Brace yourself for impact UMNO Racist, 3 line perkakas, RTM, media.   You will pay for making Taking the land of true bumiputera of Orang Asli, Kadazan, Iban, Orang Laut, Sengoi.  Malaysia Asli UNITE to Claim your freedom from Malaysia!!  Bring down the Transmission tower NOW!!

Make no mistake, its UMNO Terrorist that made Malaysia in this state of Chaos in a hope that guns will make Malaysian yield to the malay Racist UMNO Islamic Cult leaders.  Malaysia is a toilet that is badly managed by UMNO-BN!!  The moment you step in, it stinks, dirty, water all over, pipe leaking/burst, no toilet paper to be found, faeces floating everywhere, hot, stuffy ......  You have thousands of people, scrubbing, sweeping, washing, fixing the pipes, using their skills to put fresh air in....etc.

Suddenly you come UMNO-BN, Sultan, Ruling Elite, IGP, Generals ALL have different toilet to use.  They have so many to use while you have to share it with the rest.  The moment you question the privilege, you get jail term for sedition,  Insult to King and Religion.  You also realise that you can only use the malaysian toilet, while these UMNO+ Ruling elite use the expensive English toilet system.  You begin to wonder those that can use the English Toilet system are Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk and their children the same.  You also realise that they too were once without the titles.  So you aspire to gain those titles in the hope of using the toilet that the Elites UMNO-BN + Sultan use.  You spend your days pursuing the dream and along the way did whatever it takes...corruption, bribery, killing, murder, stealing...etc to gain that title.....and you thought no God / Allah is looking!!

Yet UMNO-BN+ Sultan+ IGP, generals, ruling elite continue to SPEW the virtues of keeping toilet clean.  Blaming everyone for their lack of moral, religion, smartness, wisdom for the Chaos, WAR and terror that you are facing! Be smart, Don't believe the LIES!!

Malaysia Don't tolerate the DISCONNECT.  Bury the UMNO Brand in the coming election together with the BAGGAGE that goes along with it.  You have EQUALLY every right to use the English toilet systems that the ruling elite uses.  Don't play to their racist bigots songs.  The toilet was there in the beginning for ALL to use until UMNO-BN + Sultan Came along and decided to Sack Singapore from Malaysia.  Malaysia has gone down hill from that day onwards until today a lower GDP from a country UMNO + Sultan thought without any natural resources, Singapore will beg to come back to Malaysia and we can than implement the ULTIMATE Racist Religious Laws on every Malaysian.  Allah Bless Singapore.  Go figure how Singapore GDP is higher than ENTIRE Malaysia Combined!  FLUSH UMNO-BN + Ruling elite + Sultan + IGP + Generals + Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk down the toilet.......  don't be slave to their Illusion!!

LIVE YOUR OWN DREAM and not the dream of RACIST Bigots UMNO-BN!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blood in UMNO Hands as each days Passes in SABAH!!

In a football match, if Malaysia lose, we can slam the Sultan Pahang, Head of FAM, coach ....etc.  These Shameless beings will try to Spin as its everyones fault except their inept and incompetent Strategy and decision.  We can walk away as no lives are lost.  The Sultan and UMNO ministers can hire Gus Hidduck, Alex Fergusan....etc to lift Malaysia standards in soccer.  We will still SHAM these UMNO + Sultan & ruling elite because their acts is like hiring English teachers from England, USA, Canada & Australia to improve standard of English.   When years of racist ideology have made Malaysia weak in EVERYTHING!! These SCUMS of UMNO thinks power, money, SPIN can trick Malaysian.  We can still pour scorn at their lack of vision, strategy and decision process.  Still no lives lost and UMNO & Sultan Scumbag/Bangsat can still hide behind every scams, shams and LOSER decision that they make costing tax payers $BILLIONS$$$$.

BUT...when it comes to lives lost in SABAH WAR on TERROR, then these UMNO + Sultan + IGP + Army General Bangsat needs to be Hung for their inept incompetence strategy in handling the WAR on Terror in Sabah.  LIVES ARE LOST.  We must not treat this like a loser soccer/football/hockey team after spending Millions and Billions......even wasting millions on this English SPIN sham in the education.  This thing of flip flop back to Bahasa is the last straw and many who wants to BURY UMNO.

BUT Death to Malaysian Soldiers/Police because of POOR Strategy, incompetence, Spin, Bincang, negotiation, decision means the TOP BRASS must be Sacked, demoted, replaced and hauled up in a Royal Commission SHAM!!  Lives are lost forever due to inept and incompetence Najib, Hissap, Muhidumb, Zahid Hamidumb, IGP, Army General and Agong/Sultan.  That is how generations of lost opportunity occurs when you have these SCUMS of UMNO-BN + Sultan leading Malaysia.  UMNO-BN + ruling elite are all leading Malaysia to Death & HELL.

UMNO-BN uses Power to frighten rakyat in Bersih 3.0, send thugs to harass organiser.....Now when faced with some fire power from Sabah, where is that Ikan Bakar Sekinchan & maha guru Silat?  If you see those Scumbags from UMNO disturbing ceramah....Take them on....surely 100 can WHACK those samseng UMNO proper.  Whack them for the disaster in SABAH.  The bigger they are, the easier they fall. 

Opportunity is Upon Sabah to Sack Malaya and become Singapore 2.  Every kids knows how to deal with terrorist.  Only UMNO-BN + PBS + Musa like to bincang with terrorist.  Hope the junior Army and Police now have open their eyes on the Million Ringgit salary IGP and Army General....Army/Police Die and IGP/General Gets Pingat Gagah (SP).  Burn those Phantom Boxes in your police station and army barracks.  KILL UMNO-BN BRAND.  They killed your comrades due to poor strategy.  Those SB, UTK also Killed the police/army.  Instead of gathering information of opposition leaders, where is the Intelligence with regards to these Terrorist.  Blood too is on the hands of MACC, SB and the entire RTM/Media circus.  KUBURKAN / BURY UMNO-BN.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

100's dead, still call it intruders, gunmen Sabah Sham...revenge in KL soon...

Sabahans MUST KILL UMNO-BN TOXIC BRAND in Sabah...nothing else you do will appease the fallen army/police defending your DIGNITY!!

Still the cover up of rakyat SABAH deaths is being kept until after another RCI SHAM.  RCI = Ridiculous Commission Inquiry.  Demand NOW Royal Commission on this WAR in SABAH to run concurrently with Project IC & Soon Project EC/SPR.  Where there is UMNO-BN there is DEATH, Chaos, Suicide, suffering and murder.  UMNO Leaders, ruling elite + children Will Pay and Must Pay.  Nothing Less than stint in Hotel Bamboo River will do.

Meanwhile election is so near and UMNO Racist in over drive.  Hope the police and Army will BURN THOSE Phantom OVERSEAS Vote boxes kept at your premise.  UMNO Killed your Army/Police in Sabah due to their incompetence and inept strategy.  If you honour your fallen comrades, then honour the WILL of Justice!!  Burn those phantom ballot boxes or terrible things will continue to happen to those who side with EVIL.  DEFY the Useless 4 star Generals and IGP Crap!!!  What use to raise Malaysia flag at Lahat Datu when Soldiers/police died due to UMNO leaders + IGP + army General Inept and incompetence handling/strategy ...all thinking of money and more money only??  Hope these Perkakas Umno rot in hell!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

SABAH MUST SACK UMNO-BN & Malaysia for their Incompetent Handling of Sabah Security!!

2020 high Speed train between Sabah & Sarawak ALL possible if you Sack Malaya.....

Lets Ponder How Singapore Was Sacked from Malaysia!!

I will continue to maintain that this was a Racist Act of UMNO-BN + Sultan + Agong to maintain power for Selfish Evil Agenda....kononya for a race.  Now that race is waking up to the ILLUSION of why they are  still poor, struggling and hungry and so easily manipulated!!??  A Crook like UMNO racist trying to manage terrorist and now the terrorist strike back leaving UMNO with a sour taste.  Padan Muka!!

UMNO management have taken Sabah's money, let illegals,  intruder, terrorist in, removed English from your education system while UMNO+ Sultan send children to English Private schools and International university.  If this is not INEPT and INCOMPETENCE management of Sabah Rersources, security and EQUAL PARTNER in Formation of Malaysia, then Sabahans need to wake up like Singapore did.  Say No to UMNO-BN, No to Management of Sabah Grerat Wealth and No to Slavery and Racism and Terrorist UMNO!! 2020 high Speed train between Sabah & Sarawak ALL possible if you Sack Malaya.....

After all on what basis could they agree on this EVIL act.  Today Allah Blessed Singapore with a GDP greater than Malaysia.  Go ask UMNO-BN + Sultan + Agong.....where have all those money $$$ from natural resources, petroleum gone to?? Trillions in the hands of a few Ruling elite.  Meanwhile 29 million Malaysian struggle and wonder how a great nation with English Education initially have gone down the drain/longkang.  Now they are reinforcing the DUMN DOWN Malaysia with Back to Malay language.

UMNO can hire and pay millions $$$ to overseas English Speaking teachers from USA, Canada, England  but their stupid act is no difference with the handling of the ATTACKED by invaders on Sabah.  UMNO thinks they can keep stage managing and control their inept and incompetence with brain washing.  Lives of Malaysia have been lost in this Sabah war and UMNO Islamic Racist Cult is trying to do a massive cover up.  They will blame Tian Chua, tom dick, harry, gun men, intruders, outlaws...except UMNO own leaders MURDEROUS act.

If UMNO Najib, Hissap, Zahid pondon Hamidi and MuhiDIAM + IGP + General had acted CORRECTLY on news of intrusion rather than wait 3 weeks to discuss and bincang....then the so called 8 dead police/soldiers would still be alive today.  No difference with if Englsih was the medium of instruction, Malaysia will be greater than Singapore in GDP term today.  Lives are lost, oportunity is lost if we allow UMNO to Keep Running the Malaysia with UMNO malay Islamic Cult RACIST  Agenda!!

To Sabahans and Sarawakians.....ponder on how on Earth did those Scums agree to sack Singapore from Malaysia, without referendrum, without discussion, without reasons other than a Racist Evil Corruption Motive.  Less Chinese race = more malay....never mind if the nation can progress properly.  More Project IC/EC in Sabah means Less Sabahans.  So can continue their stealing and raping of Sabah Natural resources....never mind if you stay poor and hungry.  As long as there is some MUNAFIQ and Evil Christian willing to look after themselves like family Ongkilis, Pairins Kitingans, Dompok...etc

Sack Malaya now from your BOOKS and start afresh....Let Malaya deal with the Trillions $$$ ringgit debt and be a GDP greater than MALAYA UMNO in 10 years.  4 years ago Malaysia debt $350 Billion...2013 $1 Trillion....if you take into consideration "UMNO's Accounting" and OFF BLANCE SHEET ACCOUNTING....who knows the true story if you allow the Fox to guard the chicken.  Like allowing only Perkakas UMNO like RTM, Media tell you what is happening in SABAH.  As I have said the death tolls is increasing by the days and many Sabahans are also dead thanks to UMNO blood in their hands inept actions.

50, 100, 200, 300.....deaths are nothing to UMNO long as they keep the petroleum money, timber money, sale of natural resources money, sale of land and anything that can give UMNO $44 million ringgit a week.  Fight against the invaders like UMNO racist malay islam cult too.......  UMNO it is an Islamic cult because their actions on a WAR in Sabah is about MONEY, corruption.  KICK UMNO Out....send them ALL to prison and give them NOT a cent more in Fixed Deposit return!! Without Sabah, UMNO loses power in parliament.  UMNO current and past leaders + children go to Jail.  Win- Win!!

ABU!!....Anything but UMNO

Thursday, March 07, 2013

308....Almost 5 years.....Ini Kali Lah 613 Kick UMNO-BN Out!!!

Time flies and Malaysia is no Better 5 years later in 2013...& UMNO have Blood on their hands of those Dead police/soldiers in Sabah ! 

Why Not better?  We are attacked in Sabah, and the Fact-Deny Expert UMNO thinks its gunmen, gang, kids carrying guns incursion.....  These Gunmen wear uniform with a mind set to take Sabah by force.  Yet UMNO-BN Leaders of Najib, Muhiddin, HissaPUTUI!, Zahid Pondan, Dr. Ng (Ibrahim Katak Face) yen, Sultan, Agong....all thinks no big deal.

Food Price have gone up many...many....many times.....electricity, water, tol, petrol, daily necessity keep rising with stagnant Pay....unless you are special of course.

Perhaps house price can Fall Dramatically if the SULU-MORO-MLF-Islamic Cult Terrorist comes to Kuala Lumpur, and show their Terror.  It can happen and it will happen if we allow this nonsense, illegal immigrants, project IC, Project EC to continue and keep UMNO-BN in Power......then perhaps Malaysia will start worrying about migrating.   This Terrorist Attack on Sabah is an Attack on Malaysia.....and this is just the BEGINNING!! all Sabahans...this is the time to seek your Autonomy, Freedom and learn from Singapore....How to Create Singapore 2 & 3 (Sarawak your chaos will come too...).  Then battle to keep your space and give Malaysian an option to migrate.   

We need to separate if 3.2 million malay UMNO members thinks that Sulu-MNLF attaack and killing of Malaysian army/police as incursion, arm gang, gunmen...... Let those 3.2 Million UMNO Malay Lunatic keep their malaya (send them all to LANGKAWI) and their logic of ACT OF Terror and WAR.  Now Malaysia are clearer how Porturgese, Dutch, English, SIAM(thailand) manage to invade malaya many centuries ago.  With this type of logic and thinking ...even Bangla, Indonesian, Burmese, Phillipines, and tom dick and harry can invade Malaysia.  The solution is Autonomy or KICK UMNO OUT and into Hotel Sg Buloh!!

What is the use of a Malaysia when the inept and incompetent UMNO-BN + Sultan + Agong did little to END the SHAM of Project IC, inviting Islamic cult terrorist, BINCANG, broker peace deal with Islamic cult terrorist.....when the AGENDA is to Still Rape, steal and make Sabahans slaves to UMNO-BN?  Thailand having SERIOUS second thoughts.....Why bother negotiating with war mongers??  Is is an Islamic Religious cult that we must continue to Fight.  Yet these Islamic Cult Sympathizer will do SQUAT...Nothing...Zero...Ziltch on the 100,000 of human Deaths in Syria.  Where are the attack on President Assad??  It is the inability to ACT Decisively that makes a mockery of your Religion.

As in Sabah......the carnage and deaths continues and perhaps there is a Silver Lining at the end of this  Sabah SHAM.  I salute all the soldiers and police who died needlessly. $100,000 compensation would not go along way you stingy UMNO-BN.  That is like your weekly Restaurant makan money.  For goodness sake Give $700,000.   After all its was an UMNO-BN incompetent about selling your Million dollars houses, overseas houses, cars, cincin, ring, birkin bag, jewellery and those Corruption money to cover the BLOOD of UMNO handling??  Don't use tax payers money to show your sincerity.....And HELL Will Freeze Over.....i.e don't hold your breath!!!


ABU - Anything But UMNO,   ABCD - Asalkan BUKAN Cap Dacing!!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

SABAH..Stand FIRM....Fight to Keep Terrorist and UMNO Terrorist OUT!!

 MANY CIVILIANS ALSO DIED...why no report??   #^&*(*#!

For all you know maybe the death of Malaysian are 50, 100, 200....all paid HUSH money...manage media ..manage the rakyat.  UMNO is the PSY....SHAM...this is a BIGGER SPIN SHAM in the RTM rooms these days.  Thanks to Internet....ITS Najib, Muhiddin, Hissapmuddin, Zahid Hamidi, Agong & Sultan Fault......IGP & Generals TOP BRASS Also better gantung diri/ hang yourself for the blood of the Dead police/army/rakyat.  YES MANY CIVILIANS ALSO DIED!!!  But media trying to cover up this matter BIG TIME.    UMNO-BN, Ruling Elite ALL STUFFED UP BIG TIME.

If convention of parliament is taken seriously....with election Less than 60 days away.....  We need to be in Caretaker Mode.....i.e Anwar will have a say in how to deal with these TERRORIST.  Equal Power in running the state of the nation.

Lets not kid ourselves with this Sabah SPIN out law, gun holders, Sulu Sultan team, and some lame name to play down the issues.....  MALAYSIA DISERANG / ATTACKED!!  Tun Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia can try to talk the Islamic "Kum ba yah" way like Najib, Muhiddin, Zahid Hamidi(where is this Pondan btw??), Hisspmuddin.  UMNO-BN show Maximum fire power when fighting with UNARMED, OLD, children BERSIH 3.0 rally.....  Now we know how UMNO-BN reacts to Guns and terror....Sabahans need to start thinking taking control of your own borders, RICH resources and right to live a FREE life away from the DICTATION of UMNO racist.

Its good that someone have put a spanner to UMNO Evil works there in Sabah.....Now you know why this PROJECT EC/SPR needed to be invoked to allow overseas voters to vote.  The Sabah project IC people cannot be relied or trusted upon Plan B.  Massive Fraud on Project EC/SPR Phantom overseas votes.  As we focus on this Sabah issues....Truck Loads of postal votes have been carried to those MARGINAL Parliament Seats as we speak.  We need a big FALSE FLAG to get other things into order.  2 weeks ago a BIG police spin for Election as reported in the UMNO Media.  More Police for GE13.  Now that these project EC Phantom votes Sham in place....probably in police station or army camp......Those police and Army should BURN them.  You see UMNO have Killed Your Police, Army, civilians/rakyat in Sabah for the sake of staying in power.  Ignore your 4 star generals, IGP....they are all USELESS.

As I have said give me 3 Apache strike helicopter and I will wipe them .....  now the time have passed...the terrorist are changing their clothes and back among the Sabah Rakyat.  So keep an eye out for those murderers.  They will appear again when UMNO-BN get KICK OUT Proper in the GUT in the coming election.  Make sure the PBS Pairins and Ongkilis are history by then.....(btw where are these Scums hiding after making Najib chief of Kadazan??)  To Tourism minister MCA Ng Ibrahim Yen Yen Face.....go walk in Sabah KK, Kuching, Tawau, lahat Datu, Semporna...etc if you think Sabah is so SAFE.......  No one thinks you are a worthy kidnap candidate.....they prefer rakyat, police and army as bargaining tools.

Malaysia is Stuffed....Sabah is Stuffed......Restart, RESET, ABU, UBAH, KELUAR & TELANJANG UMNO-BN!!!....make Singapore 2 & 3 a reality!!!  Live your Dream and NONE of UMNO-Terrorist Dream!!

Monday, March 04, 2013

SABAH.....Tunggu APA??

Incompetence, Inept, useless, coward, loser, chicken, dumb, stupid, lies, spin, bumbling, sham.......those are the words needed to describe the whole saga of UMNO handling of Sabah sovereign right to exist as a peaceful State.  A wonder the Pairins and Ongkilis munafiq Christian now planning to fly out of Sabah in case things gets worst.

This is where Sabahans need to decide...we will take matters in our own hands......we DO NOT negotiate with Terrorist, we will not BOW to UMNO-PBS deal making project IC/EC sham.  Go and create more chaos and whatever chaos now is ALL UMNO-PBS-BN fault.  Do it......burn here, there and everywhere.  Take down those RTM transmission tower, UMNO-BN printers.....they are Spreading LIES.  Making light of a serious INCOMPETENCE UMNO Led Government.

Actually more people have died.....just that UMNO media wants to make rakyat death unknown like May 13 previously......quickly cover their face with TAR and bury them in some Mass grave.  Create some tension and fear that UMNO is the GOOD Guys here and you rakyat need to Vote UMNO-BN for Peace.

Cut the your AUTONOMY....  get those leaders for insurance and MAKE Singapore 2 a reality.......UMNO will Crumble tomorrow because the majority is further reduced in parliament....  We have New Malaysia TODAY!!  DO IT NOW.....  SEMANGAT MAT KILAU....Gadaffikan UMNO-PBS-BN.......