Monday, March 04, 2013

SABAH.....Tunggu APA??

Incompetence, Inept, useless, coward, loser, chicken, dumb, stupid, lies, spin, bumbling, sham.......those are the words needed to describe the whole saga of UMNO handling of Sabah sovereign right to exist as a peaceful State.  A wonder the Pairins and Ongkilis munafiq Christian now planning to fly out of Sabah in case things gets worst.

This is where Sabahans need to decide...we will take matters in our own hands......we DO NOT negotiate with Terrorist, we will not BOW to UMNO-PBS deal making project IC/EC sham.  Go and create more chaos and whatever chaos now is ALL UMNO-PBS-BN fault.  Do it......burn here, there and everywhere.  Take down those RTM transmission tower, UMNO-BN printers.....they are Spreading LIES.  Making light of a serious INCOMPETENCE UMNO Led Government.

Actually more people have died.....just that UMNO media wants to make rakyat death unknown like May 13 previously......quickly cover their face with TAR and bury them in some Mass grave.  Create some tension and fear that UMNO is the GOOD Guys here and you rakyat need to Vote UMNO-BN for Peace.

Cut the your AUTONOMY....  get those leaders for insurance and MAKE Singapore 2 a reality.......UMNO will Crumble tomorrow because the majority is further reduced in parliament....  We have New Malaysia TODAY!!  DO IT NOW.....  SEMANGAT MAT KILAU....Gadaffikan UMNO-PBS-BN.......

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