Monday, March 25, 2013

Malaysia is Now govern ILLEGALLY....!!

No wonder UMNO Racist Education systems EPIC Fail. 5 years is up, your term expired. Renew or GET LOST!!

8 March 2008 was last polling date.  8 March 2013 should be the 5 years EXPIRY for UMNO-BN.  When something has expired means, you need to RENEW or face the penalty.  What the #$%%^&# is the Agong, Election Commission Doing, High Court waiting but to DISSOLVE the Parliament state and federal ALL OVER Malaysia.  THIS is the Rakyat RIGHT to choose.  Where is the Democracy?? Where is the Bersih 4.0 March to Demand the right to vote?  Macam ini pun boleh buat kepada rakyat Malaysia.  Bunuh, curi, rogol, tipu semuanya Boleh?? #$%^#.  Kuburkan UMNO-BN.....terutama di SABAH & Sarawak...INI KALI LAH!!

Rakyat now need to rise up and take down RTM, TV3, NSTP, Utusex...etc and ALL UMNO-BN mouth piece that have silenced Democracy.  These UMNO Scumbags are rulling Illegally.  Pakatan states should just dissolve and go to Polls and what the #&%^%# are you waiting for.  Test the Phantom postal votes cheats and refine your attack on the Federal Polling date SHAM & SCAM.

Note to ALL Foreign Investment, all deals done after 8 March 2013 is Illegal.

Lawan tetap Lawan.    When INJUSTICE BECOMES LAW, RESISTANCE IS DUTY.    The time to RESIST is UPON Malaysian!!  UMNO-BN wants to Rule forever using the Law and technical Sham like Project EC with 300,000 PHANTOM Postal Votes.  Now those under 4,000 votes for Federal Seats is in Danger!!

Organise, UNITE, Disrupt, Destroy, Obliterate UMNO-BN and their TOOLS!!....Malaysia is technically in SHAM & SCAM Government Mode!!  Its not auto pilot, its like everyone in UMNO-BN + Ruling elite having a go at PILOTING  #$%^&*#

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