Thursday, March 07, 2013

308....Almost 5 years.....Ini Kali Lah 613 Kick UMNO-BN Out!!!

Time flies and Malaysia is no Better 5 years later in 2013...& UMNO have Blood on their hands of those Dead police/soldiers in Sabah ! 

Why Not better?  We are attacked in Sabah, and the Fact-Deny Expert UMNO thinks its gunmen, gang, kids carrying guns incursion.....  These Gunmen wear uniform with a mind set to take Sabah by force.  Yet UMNO-BN Leaders of Najib, Muhiddin, HissaPUTUI!, Zahid Pondan, Dr. Ng (Ibrahim Katak Face) yen, Sultan, Agong....all thinks no big deal.

Food Price have gone up many...many....many times.....electricity, water, tol, petrol, daily necessity keep rising with stagnant Pay....unless you are special of course.

Perhaps house price can Fall Dramatically if the SULU-MORO-MLF-Islamic Cult Terrorist comes to Kuala Lumpur, and show their Terror.  It can happen and it will happen if we allow this nonsense, illegal immigrants, project IC, Project EC to continue and keep UMNO-BN in Power......then perhaps Malaysia will start worrying about migrating.   This Terrorist Attack on Sabah is an Attack on Malaysia.....and this is just the BEGINNING!! all Sabahans...this is the time to seek your Autonomy, Freedom and learn from Singapore....How to Create Singapore 2 & 3 (Sarawak your chaos will come too...).  Then battle to keep your space and give Malaysian an option to migrate.   

We need to separate if 3.2 million malay UMNO members thinks that Sulu-MNLF attaack and killing of Malaysian army/police as incursion, arm gang, gunmen...... Let those 3.2 Million UMNO Malay Lunatic keep their malaya (send them all to LANGKAWI) and their logic of ACT OF Terror and WAR.  Now Malaysia are clearer how Porturgese, Dutch, English, SIAM(thailand) manage to invade malaya many centuries ago.  With this type of logic and thinking ...even Bangla, Indonesian, Burmese, Phillipines, and tom dick and harry can invade Malaysia.  The solution is Autonomy or KICK UMNO OUT and into Hotel Sg Buloh!!

What is the use of a Malaysia when the inept and incompetent UMNO-BN + Sultan + Agong did little to END the SHAM of Project IC, inviting Islamic cult terrorist, BINCANG, broker peace deal with Islamic cult terrorist.....when the AGENDA is to Still Rape, steal and make Sabahans slaves to UMNO-BN?  Thailand having SERIOUS second thoughts.....Why bother negotiating with war mongers??  Is is an Islamic Religious cult that we must continue to Fight.  Yet these Islamic Cult Sympathizer will do SQUAT...Nothing...Zero...Ziltch on the 100,000 of human Deaths in Syria.  Where are the attack on President Assad??  It is the inability to ACT Decisively that makes a mockery of your Religion.

As in Sabah......the carnage and deaths continues and perhaps there is a Silver Lining at the end of this  Sabah SHAM.  I salute all the soldiers and police who died needlessly. $100,000 compensation would not go along way you stingy UMNO-BN.  That is like your weekly Restaurant makan money.  For goodness sake Give $700,000.   After all its was an UMNO-BN incompetent about selling your Million dollars houses, overseas houses, cars, cincin, ring, birkin bag, jewellery and those Corruption money to cover the BLOOD of UMNO handling??  Don't use tax payers money to show your sincerity.....And HELL Will Freeze Over.....i.e don't hold your breath!!!


ABU - Anything But UMNO,   ABCD - Asalkan BUKAN Cap Dacing!!

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