Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blood in UMNO Hands as each days Passes in SABAH!!

In a football match, if Malaysia lose, we can slam the Sultan Pahang, Head of FAM, coach ....etc.  These Shameless beings will try to Spin as its everyones fault except their inept and incompetent Strategy and decision.  We can walk away as no lives are lost.  The Sultan and UMNO ministers can hire Gus Hidduck, Alex Fergusan....etc to lift Malaysia standards in soccer.  We will still SHAM these UMNO + Sultan & ruling elite because their acts is like hiring English teachers from England, USA, Canada & Australia to improve standard of English.   When years of racist ideology have made Malaysia weak in EVERYTHING!! These SCUMS of UMNO thinks power, money, SPIN can trick Malaysian.  We can still pour scorn at their lack of vision, strategy and decision process.  Still no lives lost and UMNO & Sultan Scumbag/Bangsat can still hide behind every scams, shams and LOSER decision that they make costing tax payers $BILLIONS$$$$.

BUT...when it comes to lives lost in SABAH WAR on TERROR, then these UMNO + Sultan + IGP + Army General Bangsat needs to be Hung for their inept incompetence strategy in handling the WAR on Terror in Sabah.  LIVES ARE LOST.  We must not treat this like a loser soccer/football/hockey team after spending Millions and Billions......even wasting millions on this English SPIN sham in the education.  This thing of flip flop back to Bahasa is the last straw and many who wants to BURY UMNO.

BUT Death to Malaysian Soldiers/Police because of POOR Strategy, incompetence, Spin, Bincang, negotiation, decision means the TOP BRASS must be Sacked, demoted, replaced and hauled up in a Royal Commission SHAM!!  Lives are lost forever due to inept and incompetence Najib, Hissap, Muhidumb, Zahid Hamidumb, IGP, Army General and Agong/Sultan.  That is how generations of lost opportunity occurs when you have these SCUMS of UMNO-BN + Sultan leading Malaysia.  UMNO-BN + ruling elite are all leading Malaysia to Death & HELL.

UMNO-BN uses Power to frighten rakyat in Bersih 3.0, send thugs to harass organiser.....Now when faced with some fire power from Sabah, where is that Ikan Bakar Sekinchan & maha guru Silat?  If you see those Scumbags from UMNO disturbing ceramah....Take them on....surely 100 can WHACK those samseng UMNO proper.  Whack them for the disaster in SABAH.  The bigger they are, the easier they fall. 

Opportunity is Upon Sabah to Sack Malaya and become Singapore 2.  Every kids knows how to deal with terrorist.  Only UMNO-BN + PBS + Musa like to bincang with terrorist.  Hope the junior Army and Police now have open their eyes on the Million Ringgit salary IGP and Army General....Army/Police Die and IGP/General Gets Pingat Gagah (SP).  Burn those Phantom Boxes in your police station and army barracks.  KILL UMNO-BN BRAND.  They killed your comrades due to poor strategy.  Those SB, UTK also Killed the police/army.  Instead of gathering information of opposition leaders, where is the Intelligence with regards to these Terrorist.  Blood too is on the hands of MACC, SB and the entire RTM/Media circus.  KUBURKAN / BURY UMNO-BN.


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