Sunday, March 24, 2013



INI KALI LAH.....Kuburkan UMNO-BN dan Hapuskan Samseng UMNO-BN!!

Looks like the strategist of UMNO-BN thinks a May 11- 13 vote casting vote day will Frighten Chinese to vote and thereby UMNO-BN win easily.  Many states have to dissolve by late April 2013 and UMNO thinks that they can build enough chaos from Sabah and now in Malaya via their UMNO samseng continuous violent acts.  Go ask those UMNO Perkakas dogs that did those violent acts lately is their life.  They got terror back proper, some recovering in hospital and fight another day.  We Mat Kilau  like to give them sweet lessons of life.  Just you tube their face and they will be paid back in kind.  Especially those from 3 line and SB or UTK.  Play fair or LAWAN TETAP LAWAN.

Momentum is building up now to a chaotic 2013 VOTING Date.   More investigation on Sabah War.  As usual its all pakatan's leaders fault and NONE of UMNO Racist Bigots Islam Cult Scums #$%^*#.  Go on and keep being friendly with terrorist Scums and this is your Payback.  The terrorist have a choice now to TERROR Back UMNO in Kuala Lumpur to make a statement or keep your bincang.  From Thailand to Sabah, these scums have an opportunity to BERTAUBAT/REPENT, give up their terrorist Islamic Cult ways and live with Free Society or being shamed again by UMNO racist islam Cult again and again.  THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOUR SICK IDEOLOGY!!

If Islam wants to do something good, please go and OBLITERATE Presdent Assad of Libya and show some spine.  100,000 people died from this Syrian conflict is a reflection on the Islamic world inability to stop their OWN Tyrant!!  We also have those in Malaysia in the form of UMNO Islam Cult.  Here they open mosque, then they take corruption / bribe money.  You really think Allah is Blind and can be made blind by a visit to Mecca or an Umrah.  Your Repentance is NOT Genuine, so Rot in Hell!!...Assad, Gadaffi and all those UMNO Munafiq Islam Cult Leaders + Ruling Elite ...Tun, Tan Sri, Sultan, Datuk Tak boleh pakai di NERAKA!!

Remember army and police died due to UMNO inept and incompetent handling of this matters in Sabah &  for 55 years negotiating with terrorist.  Those malays who wants to keep dying for UMNO ideology and dream should reflect if that is what Allah wants of his creation.  What use living UMNO racist dreams when you gain NOTHING??#$%^&  Stupidity have no cure.  Perhaps UMNO racist should have negotiated with communist terrorist in the 1950-60 #%^&*.  The less malaya soldiers/police would need to die?  Ini Logik boleh Pakaikah??#$%^&#

Take your revenge on UMNO-BN murder of your colleagues in Sabah War by burning those PHANTOM POSTAL Ballot votes kept in your lockup.  Burn & put fake pieces of paper in that Phantom Ballot box, 8 hours on the election day! 


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