Sunday, March 10, 2013

SABAH MUST SACK UMNO-BN & Malaysia for their Incompetent Handling of Sabah Security!!

2020 high Speed train between Sabah & Sarawak ALL possible if you Sack Malaya.....

Lets Ponder How Singapore Was Sacked from Malaysia!!

I will continue to maintain that this was a Racist Act of UMNO-BN + Sultan + Agong to maintain power for Selfish Evil Agenda....kononya for a race.  Now that race is waking up to the ILLUSION of why they are  still poor, struggling and hungry and so easily manipulated!!??  A Crook like UMNO racist trying to manage terrorist and now the terrorist strike back leaving UMNO with a sour taste.  Padan Muka!!

UMNO management have taken Sabah's money, let illegals,  intruder, terrorist in, removed English from your education system while UMNO+ Sultan send children to English Private schools and International university.  If this is not INEPT and INCOMPETENCE management of Sabah Rersources, security and EQUAL PARTNER in Formation of Malaysia, then Sabahans need to wake up like Singapore did.  Say No to UMNO-BN, No to Management of Sabah Grerat Wealth and No to Slavery and Racism and Terrorist UMNO!! 2020 high Speed train between Sabah & Sarawak ALL possible if you Sack Malaya.....

After all on what basis could they agree on this EVIL act.  Today Allah Blessed Singapore with a GDP greater than Malaysia.  Go ask UMNO-BN + Sultan + Agong.....where have all those money $$$ from natural resources, petroleum gone to?? Trillions in the hands of a few Ruling elite.  Meanwhile 29 million Malaysian struggle and wonder how a great nation with English Education initially have gone down the drain/longkang.  Now they are reinforcing the DUMN DOWN Malaysia with Back to Malay language.

UMNO can hire and pay millions $$$ to overseas English Speaking teachers from USA, Canada, England  but their stupid act is no difference with the handling of the ATTACKED by invaders on Sabah.  UMNO thinks they can keep stage managing and control their inept and incompetence with brain washing.  Lives of Malaysia have been lost in this Sabah war and UMNO Islamic Racist Cult is trying to do a massive cover up.  They will blame Tian Chua, tom dick, harry, gun men, intruders, outlaws...except UMNO own leaders MURDEROUS act.

If UMNO Najib, Hissap, Zahid pondon Hamidi and MuhiDIAM + IGP + General had acted CORRECTLY on news of intrusion rather than wait 3 weeks to discuss and bincang....then the so called 8 dead police/soldiers would still be alive today.  No difference with if Englsih was the medium of instruction, Malaysia will be greater than Singapore in GDP term today.  Lives are lost, oportunity is lost if we allow UMNO to Keep Running the Malaysia with UMNO malay Islamic Cult RACIST  Agenda!!

To Sabahans and Sarawakians.....ponder on how on Earth did those Scums agree to sack Singapore from Malaysia, without referendrum, without discussion, without reasons other than a Racist Evil Corruption Motive.  Less Chinese race = more malay....never mind if the nation can progress properly.  More Project IC/EC in Sabah means Less Sabahans.  So can continue their stealing and raping of Sabah Natural resources....never mind if you stay poor and hungry.  As long as there is some MUNAFIQ and Evil Christian willing to look after themselves like family Ongkilis, Pairins Kitingans, Dompok...etc

Sack Malaya now from your BOOKS and start afresh....Let Malaya deal with the Trillions $$$ ringgit debt and be a GDP greater than MALAYA UMNO in 10 years.  4 years ago Malaysia debt $350 Billion...2013 $1 Trillion....if you take into consideration "UMNO's Accounting" and OFF BLANCE SHEET ACCOUNTING....who knows the true story if you allow the Fox to guard the chicken.  Like allowing only Perkakas UMNO like RTM, Media tell you what is happening in SABAH.  As I have said the death tolls is increasing by the days and many Sabahans are also dead thanks to UMNO blood in their hands inept actions.

50, 100, 200, 300.....deaths are nothing to UMNO long as they keep the petroleum money, timber money, sale of natural resources money, sale of land and anything that can give UMNO $44 million ringgit a week.  Fight against the invaders like UMNO racist malay islam cult too.......  UMNO it is an Islamic cult because their actions on a WAR in Sabah is about MONEY, corruption.  KICK UMNO Out....send them ALL to prison and give them NOT a cent more in Fixed Deposit return!! Without Sabah, UMNO loses power in parliament.  UMNO current and past leaders + children go to Jail.  Win- Win!!

ABU!!....Anything but UMNO

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