Friday, April 29, 2016

German Born MAS CEO Resign due to not wanting to Participate in Najib Demand for short term money movement to 1 MDB to the tune of $2.1 Billion Ringgit.....

German Born MAS CEO Resign due to not wanting to Participate in Najib Demand for short term money movement to  the BANKRUPT, Debt Ponzi Scheme of Najib's UMNO 1 MDB fund to the tune of $2.1 Billion Ringgit.  Of course there is fear he might end up like DEAD AM Bank Najadi or Morias MACC murder that will never find any responsible perpetrators or criminal.  The simple answer is that they are ALL Linked to Najib- Hamidi-IGP linked Crime syndicate.  So better Resign, enjoy the payout and live a few more years with family in Germany.  Unlike najib's and the 1% UMNO-Bangsat Negara Malays.....their day of reakoning comes when 99% Malays wants their ENTIRE 1 % malays who control the EQUITY Wealth of 99% malays to Die....

German Born MAS CEO Resign due to inability to keep Paying Corruption money to UMNO-Bangsat Negara Cronies that include the untouchable Sultan-Agong-Govenors and their Children. So in that BRIEF period of  Christoph Mueller resigning for a few weeks who can sign BIG Checque to Najib-Rosmah-Taib-Adenan 1 MDB Corruption account criminal enterprise????  

You got it ....some Corrupt Muslim UMNO Malay in Khazanah.....or Najib himself or someone willing to do it for $2 million ringgit free money..... Like the 1 MDB Fiasco and so many other Corruption...the CEO will resigning if the money trail gets near the Criminal Muslim UMNO Bangsat Negara malay.   IF nothing is found keep the Malay Muslim Corrupt CEO....  Like Keeping the Sultan-Agong-Malay Muslim Govenor isolated because ALL their Bank accounts are overseas and Bank Negara Zeti Approve the Transfer....Documents destroyed ...and Repeat the Operations until Malaysia Economy Totally Collapse soon within 2 years from 2016!!......who knows how fast Malaysia can collapse when Zimbabwe collapse within 1 year and inspite of Mugabe not being thrown out and HANGED for the Atrocities his Zanu PF & Army Cronies did....  Malaysia MUST RESPOND with TERROR and POWER towards these UMNO-Bangsat Negara and their cahoots of Sultan-Agong-Govenor, IGP, Army Chief, Zeti, Chief Judges ...and all those 1% Malay with the wealth of 99% of malays....

We must end EVIL of Malaysia like we need to End Evil of Hitler, Assad, Gadaffi, Pol Pot, Sadam, Osaman, Mugabe.....and Never be weak in making a new 12 District Nation with their own NEW Freedom Rules...Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Marriage, Freedom from Corruption and FREEDOM FROM THER DUMB Down MALAY IS ISLAM Language!! At least not ranked 175 in FIFA soccer rankings....

Sultan Selangor is Racist IS Islam UMNO-Bangsat Negara(BN) Bigots Ideology ... WHY NOT INSIST of A NON MALAY MB...?? With ISLAM Malay as head here and still get Water, electricity, Barang Naik, Jam, Smog, Soccer rank 175 by FIFA...Corruption in tabung Haji, Bank Negara IGP ISLAM IS Daughter doing Arms Trade with IS Terrorist..Abu Sayaf, Sulu.... Apa lagi 99% melayu Mau... Mau lagi diperbodohkan oleh 1% Melayu??

After all the IGP daughter is given a gun selling license and Malaysian needs a good think and education about the task involved in obtaining a license to sell GUNS and arms ... to know how DIFFICULT it is for a non- muslim malay...let alone malay with no linked to the Crime and corruption ENTREPRISE of UMNO-Bangsat Negara, IGP, Sultan-Agong-Govenor, Taib and Adenana of Sarawak, Abu Sayaf, Sulu Islam ic terrorist and south Thailand Islamic Terrorist sponsored by UMNO -PAS of Malaysia.

In spite of being owned and money pumped into the MAS operations in the recent capitalisation move of $6 Billion ringgit  by the IS Islam UMNO-Bangsat negara backed investment arm KHAZANAH.  Khazanah is nice Islamic name that does lots of money transfer to Abu Sayaf, Najibs Account, Hamas, Hezbollah, Saudi, 1 MDB, Sultan-Agong-Govenor Taib of Sarawak and all kinds of Human Trafficking and money Laundering activities.

Azmin said $90 milion ringgit corruption money in overseas bank account is NOT sufficient to jump back to UMNO-bangsat the Perak 3 Scumbags........and PKR in Sabah-Sarawak are still so dumb in being in PKR..... YOU NEED TO RID YOURSELF of the UMNO-Bangsat Negara DNA........ To Neutralise Azmin in Selangor...DAP will have a few malay candidates in the coming GE and We Rid Selangor of Racist IS ISlam Sultan Agenda....

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

IS Islam Made Bombs found in Damansara Perdana...Sources and Resident said Maps found with route to US, British, Australian, Russian, China Embassy and IGP Chief UMNO Police Covering up under instruction from Agong-Sultan & UMNO Najib Razak? Like Covering UP Anything that will Affect Malaysian 1 MDB Corruption Economy??

IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS Sponsored Terrorist is Running Wild all over Sabah, Sarawak, Kuala Lumpur with Home made bombs in Damansara Condominium and Police losing control.... Lucky got tip off from NON ISLAM-Malay Neighbour about Hearing small EXPLOSION in the Apartment... Take any attempted genocide event in malaysia as a Signal to Create 12 New District.... The malaysian economy is CRUMBLING under DEBT and government 1MDB Debt....get ready to take Prisoners of 1% of Malays holding the Equity of 99% Malays!!

The IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS-PBB of Sarawak are Sympatizer of IS Islam Hamas-Hezbollah-Abu Sayaf Sulu Terrorist.....  No Secret they want to hold every cards in Dealing with Injustice Terrorism, Corruption until THE Moment of Truth occurs to them.   ZERO TOLERENCE TO ISLAMIC EVIL TERRORIST AGENDA....  Sack Malaya....  12 New Independent District of NEW Malaysia to WEED OUT THE CORRUPTED Malay UMNO-Sultan Agong-Govenor -IGP

Cowards - Chicken Sultan-Agong Govenor+Adenan-Taib of Sarawak Pressured UMNO IGP to Issue Cancellation of Debate between LGE and Rahman Dahlan...

Afraid that it exposes the Sultan-Agong -Govenor Taib-Adenan CM of Sarawak Land Deal Sham over 60 years....

Afraid that Jabatan Hasil (Corrupted Tax Department of Malaysia)asked how is it that UMNO Najib Bangsat Negara can get away WITHOUT Paying Tax on all HIS Millions of Ringgit of Wealth for Rosman and Najib...   $3,000,000,000 Billion 1 MDB, Donation, Corruption money in Bank Negara bank  Ringgit on 3% Bank Interest is $90,000,000...a year.  This Sham have gone on for 3 years so $270,000,000 UNTAXED Millions....  So Malaysia Corruption IMMIGRATION Better STOP NAJIB-Rosmah & Family From Departing Malaysia as their Profit Could have paid for ALL Student Loan......  Malaysia Corrupted Tax Department -Jabatan Hasil Bangsat Negara + IGP Better Hand Cuff Najib-Rosmah and Children for Tax EVASION as well...

Sultan-Agong-Govenor Now Shaking in the pants because Malays are also Realising how come normal 99% malays pays tax, water, tol, electricity bill but 1 % UMNO-Bangsat Negara Malay + Sultan -Agong-Govenor does not need to pay Toll, Tax, water and electricity.....  The Facts are now printer on the Internet that 1% of Muslim born Malays comprising  of UMNO Bangsat Negara(BN) + Sultan-Agong-Govenor OWNS the EQUITY of 99 % Malays....  Still Want to vote Adenan PBB Chief Minister Satan of Sarawak & Taib as Govenor..>Just Sack UMNO-PBB Adenan Satan From Sarawak and No need to Follow Protocol to DETAIN TAIB and Sack malaya.....  The Less you Follow and Listen to Malaya Law the Greater and Faster you will Progress and SACK the Terrorist of UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong-Govenor for 12 new District!!

I told you so... Debate LGE and abdul Rahman Dahlan cancelled by Sultan-Agong-Govenor in recent Rulers Meeting chaired by Melayu UMNO-Bangsat Negara..instruct IGP to say Threat to National Security.. Ptui... TAKUT KERANA SALAH!!! ... Kerana takut kena Exposed Jualan Tanah Melayu, Feldal, Tanah Iban, Murut oleh sultan-agong-UMNO-Adenan SATAN, TAIB Sarawak kepada Negara Barat, Cina...asalkan ada Duit Korrupsi Utamakan ISLAM IS MUafiq jenis Hudud PAS-Hadhari UMNO Bangsat Negara...
Sultan-Agong-Govenor has all these planned pre-medidated IS Islam Agenda to preserve their Wealth regardless if 99% of their malay EQUITY holders Race suffer, hunger, getting dumbed down so long as their Mythical Fake Sultanate Legacy continue to prosper for eternity.  Its funny where the Birth of Sultanate in Malacca has NO SULTAN TODAY...What kind of Sham Legacy does that exhibit??  In order to continue their racist IS ISlam Terrorist agenda they have their work horse in UMNO-bangsat Negara have battle among themselves to entertain Malysian.  It is for this reasons that Malaysia Deserve to Collapse and produce 12 new Nation in the days ahead....Because People will rise up to end the SHAM!!

People who are bribed with $25 Million Each will continue to Endorse a Najib PM forever because there is some sort of Agreement to not anger the 99% Malay equity holders of Malay wealth.  Imagine all over Malaysia...the 1% Malay holds the Wealth Equity of 99% Malays and then have the Gall to blame other race for malay predicament!...By importing more indonesian, bangladesh of Islam descent, the UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with sultan -agong-govenor thinks they can MANAGE the same Islamic Agenda on them, Increse the Islam Population disproportionately and thinks ALL MALAY Race will Embrace the continuation of the Wealth Destruction!!...  99% of malays are now waking up and will Destroy the Evil legacy of UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan -Agong-Govenor Selfish self promoting legacy daily on the news.  Its all Praises to themself as if ALLAH have blessed them with Mass Hysteria, Heat wave, Smog, Disease, Lack of Clean drinking water, Zika, ranked 175 on Fifa soccer..and Looming Collapse of Ringgit and Malaysia Economy!!

Mass Hysteria Hits UMNO IS ISlam malay students in Kota Baru is a Warning from Allah to muslim melayu UBAH dan Keluar islam as those mufti, wizard,Ustaz & defender of Islam cannot do antything about it.... The Allah CURSE is spreading in ...the Rebellion is spreading.... Solution is to Leave Islam & embrace other religion... Apa guna Sembayang 5 Kali? Turunkan Speaker dan rasa Idaman Sunyi!! Everybody continue to BOO Rosmah-Najib-Sultan-Agong-Govenor-Zeti-IGP... Negara Kucar Kacir... Lowyat Pencuri melayu dipanggil WIRA oleh 1% Baju Merah melayu kangkung UMNO... After Lowyat Farce Melayu IS terrorist gets $30 Million Ringgit to open EPIC FLOB Mara IT Mall.... So to Get more of Malaysia Get ready to TERROR Back..Sack Malaya...and Get 12 New District!! ABU - UBAH - Terror Back!!

You seriously expect RPK the 1% Malay With the EQUITY and Wealth of 99% Melayu Miskin-Lapar Team IS Islam Terrorist born songkok Islam Defender of Munafiq Amar Maarof, Nahi Mungkar Fake Islam teaching to investigate FOREVER like Altantuya Murder, Kugan Murder, Penan Murder by Taib.... .... And some fall guy take the Blame 10 years later after the dust settle....Better have Royal Commission on Panama...Land Deals of past, MB Homes, UMNO Youth Cawangan Leaders Home, Tax unpaid by these Scumbags in Overseas account...Royal Commission on the Jabatan Hasil for Not Demanding Tax from Sultan-Agong-Govenor Taib Foreign Income...etc.......Royal Commission on Sirul escape by Immigration but can catch 800,000 potential tax evaders... UMNO Bangsat Negara Coward Cancelled the debate because LGE will Announce Live all sultan-agong-MB land deals + Panama names and ask Jabatan Hasil to back date Taxes to 1973.... UMNO-PAS+ sultan-agong-govenor takut debatkerana Salah..>Tolak Adenan-Taib UBAH!!

Good thing don't come cheap, Cheap things don't come good.....  BUT Under UMNO-Bangsat Negara(BN) Administration Malaysia they are all EXPENSIVE AND POOR QUALITY and continue the IDEOLOGY of 1% Malay Holading the Equity & Wealth of 99% of Malays.....   And you Expect things to improve when every corruption income is mover overseas with Bank Negara Zeti Approval.....  Padan muka her husband name in Panama reports and no doubt she is like Sultan Berak...a Zero at the end of the Day!!...all Tan Sri, Tun ,Datuk, Raja, Tengku Mahkotha.....also in the Panama Report....Lets face it Non-UMNO state are performing better....if like PAS wants to bed with UMNO & have hudud...then that state also like UMNO states....ABU ..UBAH Pecat PBB-Adenan-Taib from Sarawak!! about LRT or MRT in Sabah-Sarawak too??

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rebellion is starting!!! Now we know why Bank Negara Zeti and IGP are covering out on UMNO Najibs Billion Dollar Scandal with SUltan -Agong Approval...Panama Report have their husband and Wife names to it...

Millions watched Rosmah-Najib got BOOED LIVE on RTM and All over the World when presenting winner trophy to Malaysian Badminton Open Champ.....  Its so obvious to Najib-Rosmah UMNO Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan -Agong-Govenor know that Citizen Malaysia is READY to DEFY, REBEL and Sent them to Warisan Sg Buloh 1000 Room Prison Hotel and some EVEN HANGED for the Murder of Kugan, Teoh and Altantuya... 

The Appetite for Justice is Louder, Angrier and waiting for the moment to UNLEASHED the 12 District Agenda and Hunger Games.

Its time to make the 1% Malay leaders UMNO-PAS -Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor Having the EQUITY $$$$  of   99% Malay  Pay back the money, sepnd thier time in Exile, in Jailed, Hanged for Murder and terrorism.  These celaka melayu UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with sultan-agong-govenor scumbags MUST BE made to PAY for STEALING the WEALTH of 99% of Malay!

Imagine 1% of UMNO Bangsat Malay Leaders + Sultan+Govenor holding the Wealth of 99% of it ever a wonder why Malaysia is COLLAPSING...and Malay being dumb down, poverty trapped using Islam Race and islam!!  Leave Islam and embrace other religion is the 1st Smart move...Next Sack sack Sarawak Taib-PBB-Adenan and then Sack Malaya...

FOREIGNERS HAVE ALWAYS HAD A SAY IN MALAYA, MALAYSIA SINCE BEING CONQUERED BY Thailand, Portugese, Dutch, English and Japan.....and soon by Malaysia Abroad...we will support ALL Foreign intervention to rid the IS ISLAM Racist terrorist Team of UMNO-BN(Bangsat Negara) in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor-IGP-Zeti....and all those EVIL racist terrorist instrument of UMNO-PAS Hudud Islam Sect!!

Panama Reports have Abdul Aziz bin Tawfiq Ayman, husband of Bank Negara Governor Zeti Akhatar Aziz on the list,  Sarawak Govenor Taib and Adenan the chief Ministers wives and Children.....  Hell even Sultan -Agong are part of the List to Escape tax, hide corruption Money and live the happy , luxurious life life...while 99% of Malays suffer and  and not to mention Iban, Kadazan, Orang Asli suffering poverty too...

This is the Equation of UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Agong EVIl IS ISLAM Ideology.....  USE ALL POWERS to be to maintain the 1 % CLUB that COntrols the EQUITY of 99% of UMNO IS ISlam Malays with surau, race and Royalty

Panama reports have so many IS Islam 1% Malays having the wealth of 99% Malays....  Did all those Pay tax/Bayar Cukai?  amar Maaruf nahi Mungkar...ajaran Islam sesak  apa ni?   Take them to Courts jabatan bangsat Hasil Negara.... Itu pasal Sultna-Agong-UMNO Kecut buat Suruhanjaya DiRaja untuk Rumah LGE??   Bangsat betul golongan 1% melayu yang Kawal EKUTI Harta Wang $$$ 99% melayu yang dijinakkan UMNO demi Raja Bangsa dan Islam!!   Apa lagi Risau celaka melayu Islam UMNO??...Tak Cukup Makan kerana 99% diCURI Sultan-Agong-Govenor-UMNO-Bangsat negara - Zeti-IGP dan General Angkatan Tentera.....Kalau Berani Keluar Islam Dulu!!  Kemudian Serbu Rumah Mereka Pada Hari yang ditetapkan Allah!!

Now I see why No Royal Commission on LGE house....  Because all the UMNO-Bangsat Negara-Govenor in cahoots with Sultan -Agong- Adenan- Taib have benefitted from land deals, house purchase....Off Shore hidden wealth....Dah Sedar belum Melayu yang beragama IS islam yang sudah di JINAKKAN oleh Kuasa Bodohkan Melayu iaitu  Sultan-Agong_Govenor melayu yang sokong Kuat celaka UMNO Bangsat Negara.......  1 % Melayu Dapat 99% EKUITI Harta Wang $$$$ Melayu!!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Shocking Sultan-Agong and Council of Rulers + Governor Ordered the LIVE Debate between LGE and Government Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan to be Cancelled!!

Shocking Sultan-Agong and Council of Rulers + Governor Ordered the LIVE Debate between LGE and Government Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan to be Cancelled!! The Rulers says this is to protect the Good name of IS Islam Malaysia..... WHAT?? Sudah Takut?? Amar Maaruf Nahi Mungkar bongkar Sultan-Agong-Govenor pun ada beli tanah murah, kemudian Jual...... i bet you those celaka melayu UMNO tak malu curi hak istimewah Orang Asli scared/takut LAGI Besar punya Korrupsi antara Sultan dan UMNO di Bonkar LGE.... Rafizi dah bagi LTAT Korrupsi Tanah Jual milik Bongkar kepada LGE...itu pasal DEBAT Siaran Langsung diBatalkan oleh sultan-agong-govenor dan Majlis Raja-Raja sebab takut Dibongkar Siaran Langsung!!... KANTOI - Majlis Raja-Raja melayu dan UMNO !!

Shocking the Council of Lame Rulers of Malay ISLAM IS Malaysia in cahoots with UMNO-PAS - PBB-Adenan-Taib  Demand as condition of debate":...not to mention or say any of the following:

"cannot mention of 1 MDB corruption"
"cannot mention of Allah or any Islamic word, teaching like Amar Maaruf, Nahi Mungkar"
"cannot ask why NO Royal Commission on ALL Felda, UMNO-BN, Sultan - Agong Selling of malay Land to Developers like Suiltan Johor to China"
"cannot mention sultan-agong-govenor and Rulers Conference matters"
"cannot ask about PAST practices of Blatant Corruption and Cow Gate Scandal by Syrizat UMNO Women Chief"
 "cannot mention MARA using Government Fund to Buy property in Australia, Great Britain, Canada, USA, China, Hong KIng, Singapore"

AND DELAYED TELECAST TO ALLOW FOR EDITING!!...> Go to Hell UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-Apagong-Govenor -TAIB-Adenan-MUSA-PBB -IGP-ZETI....

If this this the Outcome of Islam "Amar Maaruf Nahi Mungkar " Then Islam teaching is a joke... ....good luck to prophet Mohd trying to have the true Islam Ever Practice..... No loss to other Religion....Buka Mata Keluar Islam.... masuk agama Lain. Korrupsi, penipuan Niat Jahat di Agongkan, Keiklasan untuk Kebaikan Di Hina!! UMNO-BN-PAS malay IS Islam Racist terrorrist Supporters in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor bias race can continue their merry ways till the Moment of 12 District...Agenda 2020....if not 2020 can be 2030....Barang Naik - Bangsat Negara-(BN)- sarawak derita / suffering Sabah Suffering .. Malaysian Suffering will UNLEASHED the Hunger Games....time to end the 1% of Malays holding the EQUITY of 99% of Malays!!...Its been game on 5 years ago ... Maruah lagasi Tun Uda dihina cucu dia...tak apa lah...... Tun Uda memang tak penting....yang Penting Generasi Sekarang...Nak Cukup Makan atau suka Sangat sembayang 5 Kali sehari manakala 99% ketua melayu SUltan-Agong-Govenor- UMNO - PAS Hudud Bangsat Negara(BN) hanya sembayang 1 Kali seminggu!!...Buka Mata Keluar Islam.... masuk agama Lain...Pecat PBB-UMNO dari Sarawak!! SACK UMNO - PBB-Bangsat Negara from Sarawak and sack UMNO!!

Same sham being whipped up last time by UMNO-PAS debate on Islam.... and cancelled last minute....Malaysia soccer ranking 175...Pergi Mampuslah Baju Merah penyokong kuat Harimua kucing!! TM Pahang...kalau ada maruah letak jawatan bagi bangsa dan agama selain melayu Islam jago FAM!!... Ptui soccer Malaya!!

Thursday, April 07, 2016

After Robbing Malaysian 1MDB $50 + Billions(and rising daily), find a few scape goats or team PAC to Resign to start another 5-10 Years of SHAM investigation, Royal Commission and continue Killing, Raping murdering and destroying the entire Nation....

That is the Sadness of EVIL IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara Corruption investigation in Malaysia...a willing scape goat, cover up, some deaths to those not cooperating with bribe and repeat the investigation, then fake disarray,  then Agong-Sultan speech of islam against corruption but ok with child Peadofile marriage, then resignation and $100 Billion of Corruption money find their place in PANAMA REPORT to UMNO-Bangsat Negara Leaders and Sultan-Agong-Govenor-IGP-Army Chief Foreign Accounts!!  The UMNO+Sultan+agong+Govenor+Bangsat Negara (BN) are EVIL and have NO Care or Heart for honest struggling Malaysian....  SO WAKE UP AND TAKE BACK DIGNITY..>>>Sack and SEND the Bangsat Negara to Jail, Exiled like Marcos or face the same Fate like Gadaffi, Sadam, Idi Amin....Pol Pot!!!  MAKE EVIL IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS in cahoots with Sultna-Agong-Govenor EVIL Ideology PAY!

Ku Li...Tun Dr Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia, Zahid Hamidi, Sultan, Govenor, Azmin, Hadi all Mulling IF Anwar died in prison...would that help them in their Evil IS Islam Hudud racist Terrorist agenda in cahoots with Sultan_Agong-Govenor..... BUT Wait....Apply Agenda 2020

12 New District Means None of Malaysia IS ISLAM Racist terrorist Laws would Apply.....Anwar Freed....all those UMNO bangsat Negara Scumbags in cahoots with Sultan-agong-govenor caught and tried....for Crime against Malaysian, dumb down `1 district..... Apa kelebihan Lesen Taxi?? Uber , GrabCab...adalah kebebasan Cari makan.....Lebih Ramai Yang Hendak Kebebasan Dari Cengkaman UMNO Bangsat Negara bersama Sultan-Agong-Govenor-IGp-Zeti dari yang nak minta Sedekah Lesen Taxi dari celaka melayu UMNO!! Faham >>>>>ABU..UBAH Pecat bangsat Negara PBB (BN) dari Sarawak-Sabah...Hapuskan Terrorist Sulu-Abu Sayaf dan UMNO!! Ini Kali Lah!!

How about asking RTM and Malaysia Media where is the Truth Reporting??...Keep doing your EVIL...We will get each and Everyone who continue to prop up EVIL IS ISLAM UMNO Bangsat Negara Regime as Well... I smell smoke and unemployment!!

....and where is the Investigation into Sultan-Agong-Govenor-IGP for accepting Bribe to allow Sirul - C4 murderer of altantuya out on bail ...board a "HIGH security" airport Malaysia and landed in Australia.... Also Investigate how such Murder Crime can be on Bail and who Bribe the Sultan_Agong -govenor for not calling a Royal Commission..... You want Anwar Death in Prison to call for the Black eye case??...Berambus Bangsat Malaysia MACC, Media and all tools of UMNO in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor-Zeti-IGP paid $25 million each....

Sarawakians have another opportunity to Reject being Slaves and Dhimi to IS UMNO-Bangsat Negara Islam ideology By Not voting the PBB-UMNO Bangsat Negara....  Immediately after the election result Catch Adenan, Taib , Police Chief and their Family.....Sack Malaya and End the Malaysia IS ISlam Racist Terrorist Regime.  Otherwise Sarawakians will face an inflow of IS Terrorist from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria to Resettle in Sarawak-Sabah....  NO ONE WANTS TO MIGRATE TO ISLAM NATION..>MAKE SARAWAK-SABAH NON ISLAM NATION or you will be like National Harimau Soccer Team in WORLD ECONOMIC STANDING ...>RANKED 175 & Hungry!!!....  Resign Lah FAM President (TM Pahang) and Crawl into your little Hole and Weep!!

Free Rafizi Ramli or face more Water Disruption and Terrible Weather!!..Curse from Allah to Malaysia UMNO or Until Citizen Malaysia Rise up and REBEL!!