Thursday, April 07, 2016

After Robbing Malaysian 1MDB $50 + Billions(and rising daily), find a few scape goats or team PAC to Resign to start another 5-10 Years of SHAM investigation, Royal Commission and continue Killing, Raping murdering and destroying the entire Nation....

That is the Sadness of EVIL IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara Corruption investigation in Malaysia...a willing scape goat, cover up, some deaths to those not cooperating with bribe and repeat the investigation, then fake disarray,  then Agong-Sultan speech of islam against corruption but ok with child Peadofile marriage, then resignation and $100 Billion of Corruption money find their place in PANAMA REPORT to UMNO-Bangsat Negara Leaders and Sultan-Agong-Govenor-IGP-Army Chief Foreign Accounts!!  The UMNO+Sultan+agong+Govenor+Bangsat Negara (BN) are EVIL and have NO Care or Heart for honest struggling Malaysian....  SO WAKE UP AND TAKE BACK DIGNITY..>>>Sack and SEND the Bangsat Negara to Jail, Exiled like Marcos or face the same Fate like Gadaffi, Sadam, Idi Amin....Pol Pot!!!  MAKE EVIL IS ISLAM UMNO-PAS in cahoots with Sultna-Agong-Govenor EVIL Ideology PAY!

Ku Li...Tun Dr Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia, Zahid Hamidi, Sultan, Govenor, Azmin, Hadi all Mulling IF Anwar died in prison...would that help them in their Evil IS Islam Hudud racist Terrorist agenda in cahoots with Sultan_Agong-Govenor..... BUT Wait....Apply Agenda 2020

12 New District Means None of Malaysia IS ISLAM Racist terrorist Laws would Apply.....Anwar Freed....all those UMNO bangsat Negara Scumbags in cahoots with Sultan-agong-govenor caught and tried....for Crime against Malaysian, dumb down `1 district..... Apa kelebihan Lesen Taxi?? Uber , GrabCab...adalah kebebasan Cari makan.....Lebih Ramai Yang Hendak Kebebasan Dari Cengkaman UMNO Bangsat Negara bersama Sultan-Agong-Govenor-IGp-Zeti dari yang nak minta Sedekah Lesen Taxi dari celaka melayu UMNO!! Faham >>>>>ABU..UBAH Pecat bangsat Negara PBB (BN) dari Sarawak-Sabah...Hapuskan Terrorist Sulu-Abu Sayaf dan UMNO!! Ini Kali Lah!!

How about asking RTM and Malaysia Media where is the Truth Reporting??...Keep doing your EVIL...We will get each and Everyone who continue to prop up EVIL IS ISLAM UMNO Bangsat Negara Regime as Well... I smell smoke and unemployment!!

....and where is the Investigation into Sultan-Agong-Govenor-IGP for accepting Bribe to allow Sirul - C4 murderer of altantuya out on bail ...board a "HIGH security" airport Malaysia and landed in Australia.... Also Investigate how such Murder Crime can be on Bail and who Bribe the Sultan_Agong -govenor for not calling a Royal Commission..... You want Anwar Death in Prison to call for the Black eye case??...Berambus Bangsat Malaysia MACC, Media and all tools of UMNO in cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor-Zeti-IGP paid $25 million each....

Sarawakians have another opportunity to Reject being Slaves and Dhimi to IS UMNO-Bangsat Negara Islam ideology By Not voting the PBB-UMNO Bangsat Negara....  Immediately after the election result Catch Adenan, Taib , Police Chief and their Family.....Sack Malaya and End the Malaysia IS ISlam Racist Terrorist Regime.  Otherwise Sarawakians will face an inflow of IS Terrorist from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria to Resettle in Sarawak-Sabah....  NO ONE WANTS TO MIGRATE TO ISLAM NATION..>MAKE SARAWAK-SABAH NON ISLAM NATION or you will be like National Harimau Soccer Team in WORLD ECONOMIC STANDING ...>RANKED 175 & Hungry!!!....  Resign Lah FAM President (TM Pahang) and Crawl into your little Hole and Weep!!

Free Rafizi Ramli or face more Water Disruption and Terrible Weather!!..Curse from Allah to Malaysia UMNO or Until Citizen Malaysia Rise up and REBEL!!


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