Friday, May 31, 2013

Sultan bermula dengan “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

Really...the King telling us to accept a SHAM indelible ink election result??  Please don't insult our intelligence that Allah have given us!!

Or is this UMNO-BN mouth piece whereby any RESISTANCE to the result is Treason and therefore we should all whittle and die in the corner of a rock??

Well to all the GOONS and Perkakas UMNO - your days of upholding UMNO-Bn racist SHAM is remembered and numbered.  We wait for the UMNO-Sulu terrorist, Bangla-UMNO terrorist, Myanmoar-UMNO terrorist, Indo-UMNO terrorist to keep upholding UMNO-BN with their SHAM.

The day Rakyat Bangkit Bantah Raksasa and ESPECIALLY on MERDEKA 2013 or will see your Support to UMNO that of Supporting Gadaffi and President Assad.

Meanwhile more bincang with UMNO-Sulu Terrorist in Sabah.....looks like ARMS is the only way UMNO racist would discuss in civility.  Those Malaysian who holds vigil, rally, protest peacefully will be bashed senseless, shot with water cannon or killed in prison like those death in custody!  Is this malaysia??  More like somalia if you ask me with all those crime happening daily.  Keep making police report to give a sense of uselessness of UMNO-BN maintaining the REAL Law and Order.  Not those manufactured by those Sulu-UMNO terrorist attack on Sabah!!

Disrupt...disrupt MAT KILAU did to anything and all their crony business........STUFF to BOYCOTT

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Everything is wrong with Malaysia....what do you expect from the same UMNO-BN Racist Mob

An IGP who previously covered up a Kugan murder in custody.  A deputy IGP who thinks he is a triad head....bashing everyone to confession.  An UMNO racist Home minister who thinks he is the Mafia chief.  A PM who is in power without the people's love and support + a wife who presided over a murder.  A King and Sultan oblivious of the suffering, injustice and misery of the rakyat Malaysia from their glass cathedral.

Malaysia crime rate is increasing and I hope more minister daughter and sons and relatives get robbed big time.  After all they are the ones with the money and the thief rightly should target them.  Lets hope some of the Sultan/Agong daughters + UMNO-BN leaders under 13 gets raped as well and then these ruling elite agree to marry off their daughter to the rapist as it is according to Islam Syriah "Suka sama suka" Crap! $%^&  Like in that Sabah rape case.  I only wish someone can publish the restaurant of this paedofile in Sabah so that a civil rakyat Malaysia can boycott or burn that premise down.  Yes its a crime but when Injustice becomes Law, Resistance is the ONLY duty.

We are all getting sick of reports, RCI, investigate, research......they are like drugs to calm rakyat down with the symptoms still there even after the drugs.  The problem has and will always be UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan/Agong.  Until things change for a better Malaysia, this theory holds true.  All for the sake of preserving a racist UMNO race dominant position + some scums from other race willing to be bribed and sign off their own social contract FRAUD.   

What MCA & MIC sign with UMNO is their own individual doing and not Appplicable to the rest of Malaysian.  NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO SIGN ON YOUR BEHALF UNLESS YOU AGREE!!  Don't live in fear, live in freedom and Authority of knowledge!! 60% of Malaysia did not vote UMNO-BN barang naik in GE13 so why don't UMNO-BN do the REAL SOCIAL CONTRACT and step down from governing Malaysia.  The rakyat have SACKED UMNO-BN but UMNO-BN wants to Rule Malaysia for another 5 years claiming they are popular like Gadaffi, President Assad or KIM of N. Korea........  When a government cheat, kills, lies to its people for 56 years, there is no more civil contract.  The only civil contract available is to sack UMNO-BN from government.  An illegal UMNO-BN government without proper support + all the ills, crime, sham, scam, INJUSTICE must be TOPPLED.

The Agong/Sultan will not do it for Rakyat Malaysia.  So don't HOPE for this ILLUSION and DELUSION.  Suara Rakyat, Suara KERAMAT.  The voice of the people is the VOICE of POWER.  When injustice becomes LAW, Resistance is duty!!

Keep reporting all minor/major crime to the Police and record the session discreetly with your smart phone.  Any smart remarks from the junior/senior police...Youtube it and let it go VIRAL on the internet!!

Everything Bad that happens to Malaysian we blame UMNO-BN.....Like the tragedy of boat in Sarawak.  Scumbags after Billions of corruption money keeping Sarawakians in the medieval times like 1930s.  What development??  Don't expect anything when a Pandemic occurs in Malaysia.  UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong will leave first and secure their safety ahead of Rakyat Malaysia. 
Anything Good that happens to rakyat Malaysia is a Give Thanks to God/Allah!!

Stuff UMNO-BN racist and the Sultan/Agong ruling elite.....nothing will improve with this Lot for another 60 years.....They are there to make misery of Malaysian!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Stupidity of EC/SPR Logic that Pakatan should give up and DIE in the states they won!!..#$%^&

Since the election was on its own admission by EC/SPR Goons and Perkakas UMNO Racist an unfair, cheating GE13....they are suggesting that those states like Selangor, Penang, Kelantan should give up the states and boycott the running the states IF THEY BELIEVE CHEATING OCCURED??#$%^&.  These stupid Tan Sri and Datuk of UMNO racist mouth piece should realise that PAKATAN WON INSPITE OF EC/SPR Cheating.  Pakatan Manage to Beat the Pants of your cheating ways depite EC/SPR agenda with UMNO racist + Sultan + Perkakas (tools) to stifle democracy.  Agong and Sultan should STRIP them of their titles and put in Prison like in Thailand!!...unless the Agong-Sultan are in cahoots with UMNO-BN!!

When we beat you in your own game why the Hell should we give up on the territory gained??? #$%^&.  No way stupid!!  We now have a few territory to use whatever People Power, Rally, Bangkit Bantah to ILLEGALISED UMNO-BN Illegitimate victory by Hook or TOPPLE the government??  Keep up your Police arrest, questioning and EVERY Citizen should KEEP Reporting minor theft, snatch thief, break ins....EVERY little crime to the POLICE STATION so as to INCREASE the REALITY of the Role to MALAYSIAN.

How stupid can one get like the EC/SPR chief to ask Pakatan states to give up the states??  In some ways I also Blame the powers to be in Pakatan who did not take MY ADVICE to go to the people earlier at STATE level so as to EXPOSE the Cheating Style and to HAVE the necessary MAN POWER for the FEDERAL level.  By trying to go all in in one election meant YOU HAVE DILUTED YOUR OWN ARMY ..>STUPID Pakatan Leaders....  YOUR (Pakatan Leaders - Anwar, Kit Siang, Hadi) Arrogance have cost you the victory you deserve and Now we have to Fight another REAR Guard action.  You had the opportunity of Suprise and did not use it.  You were Stupid followers to the tune of UMNO racist misery tune!

Stupid Pakatan did not know that their foot soldiers WILL Always be OUT Numbered by the UMNO-BN + Perkakas.  Yet you choose to dissolve the state government the same day GE13 was announced.  Stupid!!
By dissolving it earlier and having the election earlier, you can expose the indelible ink SHAM, the power black out sham, the Phantom voters sham.  Now you are trying to expose them while UMNO-BN + EC/SPR are preparing for GE 14 with MORE SHAM.  Pakatan don't know the art of war.  Now they really need to mount the attack by Rally and Demonstration.  Bangkit Bantah!!.

We have comfirmation that EC/SPR agreed with IRREGULARITIES of this Election 2013.  Sultan / Agong MUST DEMAND a whole NEW ELECTION to appease the Rakyat.  This is NOT something decided by courts, Agong, EC, UMNO-BN bUT BY THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA.  HOW MANY BANGKIT BANTAH  Massive Rally do you want to see before you Agree with the ANGER and HUNGER for Democracy of the people??   Selangor with the State in power should have Weekly Rally in the territory to DEMAND - REELECTION Nation wide.

Don't let Perkakas UMNO racist take down one leader at a time....lodge multiple notices to POLICE EVERYDAY to tell Malaysia we WILL RALLY ANYTIME, ANY DAY at our OWN Wishes!!

Don't be intimidated BUT fight Back when the people wants cheaper Petrol, Abolish Tol and Free Education......we are now no better off 60 years ago with UMNO-BN racist!!.....Don't forget to send that Scumbag Rapist of 13 year old girl in Sabah to Jail and charged him for Khalwat. 

When NEITHER LAW Fails to protect the WEAK, it shows the UMNO-BN is INEFFECTIVE.....Bring UMNO-BN down ....whatever it takes.  the little girls life is now HELL!!!$%^&*!  Cut the Crap with Hudud, Syriah...when even secular law cannot be applied according to the law.  Like what the ex-MB of Malacca Thamby Chik did.  Malaysia is SICk and Need a RAPID - Rakyat Bangkit, UBAH!.....

When Injustice becomes Law, RESISTANCE is DUTY!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Sickness in malaysia Media, law and order...Ideology.......Boycott Malaysia Goods until UMNO-BN is obliterated!!

Recently, the Rape and marriage of a minor in Sabah by a 40 year old muslim.  That minor life of 13 year old is decimated for the rest of her life.  Raped at 12 year old 6 months. Name sake trying to justify main "suka sama suka" ... name sake legally ok in islam Syriah/Kopran ....but the reality is that this scum is a peadofile.  The worst is that the father of the minor agreed to have the marriage solemnised as a valid Islamic marriage.  This is the sickness of the Islamic Syriah laws or whatever laws in Malaysia.  That muslim malay man now is giving HELL to the girl.  Yet in this sick media and laws of the jungle and Islam Laws this is ok.  Under Syriah Law he should be charged as KHALWAT.  Under secular law that is an offence with an underage girl.  Where the hell is the Islamic brigade of Moral justice to take this SCUM to its limit and Hang him??  Lets hope the Agong and Sultan little girls nieces all get raped and be married off to the rapist.  Yes I am provoking seditius sentiments.  That is what happens when Murder, Rape and Injustice is not Dealt with DECISIVELY!  Hope that 40 year old man dies quickly in a freak accident!!

Then in the same media they report the happiness of another couple ....girl 14 year old and husband 20 year old whose parents on both sides were happy with their marriage.  The girl went on to say that she is happy and likes to cook.  Both agree that they are not going to start a family yet until they are more established.

Seems like some Scums in the media or Malaysia Brain washing department trying to show how marriage to underage girls is fine and kosher under Islamic law and rules as long as there is agreement.  This is the sickness of Islam and I wish these Paedofile would be put in the lock up forever.  Don't expect the Sultan, Agong and Mullah, Mufti and defender of Islam to change anything.  Their is a game of time and they think time heals.   Never mind the Hell the 13 year old is going thru.  If Sabah was autonomous and you Sack Malaya...this sort of SHAM and SCAM would not exist.  That man would be sent to jail for 15 years as a paedofile and hope he rots there.  But that is only wishful thinking because those scums PBS Munafiq Christian want to main suka suka with UMNO-BN.  This are the injustice when WE ALLOW UMNO-BN to run this $hit Malaysia.

I am incest and angry and these scumbags in UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong+ EC/SPR+ Syriah+Judiciary+NRD are ALL Stuffed!!  Continue the anger and disrupt all things UMNO-BN.  You are supporting this SICK Logic and that is Crime against that little girl and HER DIGNITY!!

She was coerced and force to accept the marriage to save face for family and Islam and because money can change hands like the ex-Malacca Menteri Besar raped a minor and caused Lim Guan Eng who brought the issues up a stint of 2 Years jail for SEDITONS!!!..

Just imagine ...spare a thought...your daughter after being raped and coerced to marry the rapist....for the rest of her life. 

Where are the alternatives for that girl?  Where is the justice and education for that girl?  Where is the coercion/education to the girl that this man is EVIL and what he did was Illegal under ALL Laws??  How many 13 year old can comprehend the other alternative in seeing that man in jail, she given education, opportunity to pursue her dreams....etc....and what about her DIGNITY??

Malaysia economy must go to Hell and we bring these Scums to justice!!....  Sabahans & Sarawakians need to sack Malaya NOW to create a better country than the Malaysian Sham justice, election or law and order.  No point really sticking with MALAYA.  SACK Malaya Now!!  ABU UBAH KELUAR - Kali Ini Lah!!

WE DON"T have to be ROMANTICS to this sort of Injustice!! disgusted, angry and DISRUPT ALL UMNO-BN run malaysia justice it Syriah or Secular!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

UNITE May 25, 2013 all over Malaysia to Fight against People Who have No Love!!

How true, UMNO-BN, Zahid, Hissap, muhiddin, Najib are people who have hate and greed in their DNA.

We must unite like several length of individual thread so that the WILL and the power of UNITY cannot be broken by Tyranny, Evil and Hate.  When we are the rope we will have the strength to bind up the evil of UMNO-BN.  UMNO-BN agenda is that of making Malaysian submit to their hate, anger, greed. 

Malaysian are born of Love, freedom and unity.  Together we gather all over Malaysia today 25 May, 2013 to support a movement for a better Malaysia.

UMNO have no mandate to threaten, hate, convict and terrorise Malaysian.  We Terror back.  We unite and show them the unity.  Notice its always UMNO the shadow puppet when terrorism strikes Malaysian.  Those who oppose their calling to bow and submit to their terror will be sent to jail.#$%^&  and the Perkakas PDRM are their lap dog like those BN components in UMNO-BN + Sultan /Agong.

This is not the end of Rally.  Whenever the WISHES of the People is not carried out, we will rally to TOPPLE UMNO-BN down.  We were cheated of lower petrol price, Abolishing Tol and Free basic, so good for Malaysian.  We have the right to be angry and Not live in Misery.

Those who need in misery are those MPs and leaders in UMNO-BN if they still have not heard the hunger and anger of the people!!

ABU - ABCD and Kali INI Lah!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Before Election - I Love Najib.... After Election Najib HATE Rakyat....

Only a UMNO-BN government bankrupt of ideas and a better Malaysia continue their threats and terrorism to the rakyat Malaysia on the Freedom they seek and want.  Everyday its about rakyat to follow the Law and the UMNO-BN scumbags above the LAW #$%^&!    Everyday on media is about warning and threats.  Sorry...its not working and we continue to gather for Ceramah, Rally, Bersama Rakyat!!!

UMNO-BN Racist threats are falling on Deft Ears and that is a continuous warning to an ILLEGITIMATE Formed Government based on Election SHAM, CHEAT and Lies.  White House was being Diplomatic on calling it Irregularities.  An Indelible INK that is NOT indelible is NOT irregularities.  It is down right cheat and the ENTIRE Election Should be Declared Null and Void.  White House have also lost their moral radar with their non intervention to end Syria Terrorist President Assad.  Take out the Air Power of Assad and see the regime crumble like Libya.

Back to Malaysia, if the KPI of the EC/SPR is indelible INK, then its an EPIC FAIL!  What did the Agong do??  Did they vote??  Did they DIP their finger into the ink as Required by Law??  They did not and its no wonder these Sultan /Agong is having such a Disconnect to the Anger of the Rakyat.  Keep supporting UMNO-BN racist with your Racist agenda like when you sacked Singapore and be the Dominant Race+Religion.  Allah did not Bless Malaysia and Padan muka your Entire Malaysia GDP is less than tiny Singapore.  Hard to imagine but TRUE!!

We continue to support Adam Adli.  We will give UMNO and especially that Scum Zahid Hamidi and family a kind warning to start planning your escape route.  You are the subject of the people because we voted you in to govern and NOT threaten an terrorised us like your UMNO-Sulu Army.  Should We take up ARMS before you start your BINCANG/Discussion like you did to the Sulu-UMNO sponsored terrorist??  Is this how your ideology of Peace Works??#$%^&!

Meanwhile what kind of sick religion of peace did that murderous act in London??  Hacking a person because he is supporting a charity that supports soldiers handicapped by the war they were in.  UMNO-BN racist be warned, your type of terrorism will NOT grow roots in Malaysia.  We the Rakyat will DISRUPT MALAYSIA RELENTLESSLY until you YIELD to the Freedom that rakyat seeks.

Everyday, everyone should apply for a permit to Rally and Bangkit Bantah.......that is enough to keep the UMNO-BN + Perkakas PDRM busy in wondering which would turn into the TOPPLING of UMNO-BN.

No jobs, barang naik, high cost of living, tol, High petrol,  ......  APA LAGI CELAKA UMNO-BN Mahu??

Fairness is when no one is made to live in everyone have their own dignity no matter what status they are in society.  In Malaysia, UMNO-BN+Sultan/Agong have TOTALLY disregarded the DIGNITY of the Rakyat for 56 years.  The election process, the media, the law, the religion have been used to make Malaysia live in Misery!!

Rise up and DEFY!! DISRUPT!!

When Injustice becomes Law, RESISTANCE is DUTY!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Adam Adli Abdul Halim - Solidarity - Lets show our support and continue the Disrupt...disrupt....dsirupt

Every Rally,vigil and crack down now is another NAIL into UMNO-BN coffin....UBAH!!  PDRM thinks they can hide behind Zahid Hamidi arrogance.  Any deaths, injuries will now be an injury to Zahid Hamidi family and associates and UMNO-BN + Police.

We cannot allow a peaceful gathering of support to be shown as violence against police.  Police are there to maintain law and order.  If any of you have been hit or abused by police, lodge a police report as you would lodge a police report on petty crime ALL OVER Malaysia.  Note the ID, take photo and you tube or pass it to me here!!

Crime have been increasing since the GE13.  Home invasion, house break ins, robbed at roadside, snatch thief, car jacking, car accident sham(where someone lodge a police report against you for accident on a DUPLICATE number plate and while you are somewhere else)......the security UMNO-BN gives for voting them in??#$%^&*!!  Vote UMNO-BN for Security or more TERRORISM against rakyat??? #%#  Meanwhile war is still going on in Sabah against UMNO-Sulu Terrorist!!

Keep lodging a police report everyday 60% of rakyat Malaysia to show the Sham UMNO-BN government is out of touch and out of control.  We will descend and make sure you suffer the same misery that rakyat Malaysia have faced for 56 years.  Lodge EVERY Petty crime as police report and DON'T be put off by the trouble the juniors or IGP will try to Deny you that RIGHT!!

Is is not about youth, anger against UMNO racist......its about LEGITIMACY and INEQUALITY in the implementation of rule and law.  Meanwhile Sultan/Agong approves of all these actions taken by police, FRU, MACC, UMNO-BN for 56 years.  Keep that in the back if your head when you are in the most dire need of moral support, solidarity, foo, survival.....See who are those at your side supporting you.

Don't continue to live in the illusion that magically some Sultan/Agong or Rulers + Royalty or Ruling Elite or UMNO-BN cronies will come to support you.  According to these scums, your FREEDOM needs to be controlled and stifled while at the same time playing stories of how much UMNO-BN + Sultan / Agong loves you in the Media with those PHOTO Oportunity.  Let me guess....handicapped, orphanage, disaster victims.....and after that photo sessions they are never seen.

UBAH .... Kali ini LAH and Mengikut suka hati dan Masa Rakyat!!  Change we must at the whims and fancy of 60% rakyat Malaysia.

Evil ...we must DEFEAT - Yoda!!

..and UMNO-BN +IGP+Zahid+Hissap+Najib+ Sultan/Agong are called the Sith Lord!!  Semua buat tak tahu Malaysia dalam gejala Crisis korrupsi, illusi-delusi, bunuh, jenayah..dan lain lain di sini sana!!

Slowly move money out of local banks.......crisis is coming....Malaysia seleuruh lapisan pentabiran TAK BOLEH DIPERCAYAI!!  Every UMNO-BN government instrument CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!

KEEP up the PETRONAS and ALL UMNO Racist company BOYCOTT !! Link

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TONS of UMNO-BN stuff to Boycott with 60% of RAKYAT Power To Bantah UMNO Crap!!

Let their factory grind to shut or producing until bankrupt in 6 months.  Like Petronas, each time they shut the refinery it will cost Billions......and start again will cost Millions$$$....that is the Disrupt...disrupt...DISRUPT Malaysia Sick of Barang Naik - UMNO-BN needs to do!!

Boycott Petronas petrol, proton, Naza, perodua car, if possible unsubscribe Astro, Boycott ALL local news paper.  Better value on the internet news and Malaysiakini.  Also listed are UMNO linked companies ...Boycott..thanks to one of those stupid sites that listed them.

Berjaya - Star Bucks
Local Banks - put money in foreign banks before UMNO-BN -Bank Negara take 30% of your FD like they did to Cyprus address Austerity crisis...#$%^&.  $100,000 becomes $70,000 and cannot take out the rest in one go. #%^&

THINK - AM I Buying something that will BENEFIT UMNO-BN Minority government and cronies???

. Roti - Gardenia (Syed Mokhtar Bukhary)
. Minyak Masak -Tiara (FGV-FELDA)
- ALIF (Sime Darby)
. Susu Pekat Manis - SAJI (FGV-FELDA)
- ALIF (Sime Darby)
. Susu Cair - Saji (FGV-FELDA)
. Mee Segera - SajiMee Saji (FGV-FELDA)
. Beras - FAEZA
- Langsat Biru (JUARA SELERA –SG ACEH)
- Langsat Hijau (JUARA SELERA)
- Juara Selera
. Garam – HALAGEL (garam bukit)
. Kicap Masin/Manis - Kipas Udang
- Tamin
- ALIF (Sime Darby)
- Rohaya 
- JALEN (Johor)
. Sos Cili/Tomato/Tiram - ZUZA (Kedah)
- Rohaya
- Pelangi (FELDA)
 Cuka Buatan - Mudim 
- Rohaya
 Tepung Gandum - FAEZA
 Tepung Perasa/ Goreng - ADABI (tepun ayam)
- ADABI (tepung Cucur Ikan Bilis, jagung, udang)
 Rempah Masak – ADABI, Brahim’s, FAEZA, AGROMAS, Imans
 Kunyit – AGROMAS
 Jagung Tin manis – ADABI
 Pasta spaghetti – ADABI
 Santan Paket – ALIF (Sime darby)
 Taucu – JALEN, Tamin
 Jus Pekat Buah2an – Tamin
 Perasa Ros Sirap – Rohaya, Tamin
 Mayonis -Mayo Saji (FELDA)
 Marjerin - Pelangi Delima Oil(FELDA)
 Sos Tomato Pelangi (FELDA)
 Jem - Peanut SunBear (FELDA)
- Jem Strwaberry – AGROMAS
 Kopi 3-in-1 - ADABI-Tongkat Ali Cordyceps (5-in-1)
 -Kopi HANG TUAH (2-in1, 2-in-1)
 Biskut Coklat - GOODKISS (Noraini's Cookies)
 Frozen Daging Burger/ Nugget - RAMLY, NAFAS, AYAMAS
 Sardin Agromas
 Sardin Pertima
 Bihun Sufi
 Mi Kuning Sufi
 Kuey Teow Sufi
 Garam Sufi
 Sos Lada Hitam Sufi
 Sos Cili/Tomato Sufi
 Kicap Masin/Manis Sufi
 Tepung Goreng Sufi
 Minyak Masak Sufi
 Telur Cap Sufi
 Ubat gigi Najwa
 Ubat gigi Halagel
 Tepung gandum Cap Bidara
 Jus minuman Safina
 Syampoo D'herbs
 Bihun Kampung
 Rempah- Imans
 Bihun- FAEZA
 Jeruk Buah2an- jenama PAK ALI
 Kedai Kasut Sukan - ALIKHSAN
 Kuah Rojak/Garam Belacan - ZUZA, PAK ALI, FAMA

ALL THESE UMNO Racist Leaders Share Holding Bus companies...BOYCOTT!!
. Transnasional (group of Nadi Corp-Dato Nadzmi)
. SANI Ekspres
. JELITA (Jelita Transtours)
. Pancaran Matahari
. Durian Burung
. Ekspres Perdana
.AB Ekspres
. MARA Liner (MARA)
 Mutiara Ekspres
 Mahligai Ekspres
 Shamisha Ekspres
 Utama Ekspres

Monday, May 20, 2013

The electoral process was flawed for GE13, so HIGH COURT must declare GE13 Null & Void....

Just submit to a full bench of judges and see where they stand.  Based on the outcome of the indelible ink that is NOT indelible.  It is sufficient to any Rule of Law to declare the GE13 Null and Void.

The process was flawed and therefore the  result is flawed and NOT credible. What is there to gather information on the 27 disputed seats?? #$%^&#.  Lodge a case for a FULL BENCH of judges to end UMNO-BN coming 60 years of RULE TODAY!!

It is up to the EC/SPR to prove BEYOND Reasonable Doubt that their Falwed process is Credible.  It is up to EC/SPR to prove to the Full bench of UMNO Judges that the entire election process is FREE From corruption, cheats, phantom votes and lies.

No flawed process can legitimised an illegal government with ALL instruments at their disposal.  We are not a NEWLY independent Malaysia where there is questionable practices are rampant.  We are supposed to be Developed Nation status by 2020....never mind Singapore, that the Sultan + UMNO sacked were developed many ..many...many years ago with GDP greater than ENTIRE Malaysia combined.

Don't expect the 60% of Rakyat Malaysia will take kindly to the Arrogance of Zahid hamidi - Voice of UMNO racist ...leave Malaysia quietly.  ZH better leave Malaysia with your family if you want the 60% to treat you and your family in ways one cannot imagine when the Anger and Hunger of the people goes out of control.  We have only images of Egypt, Nepal, Libya, Syria to guide us in our QUEST to free Malaysia from thr UMNO racist Tyranny.  UMNO-BN Leaders + Sultan + Agong + ruling elite days are numbered if you cannot gauge the voice and anger of 60% of Rakyat Malaysia.  You have been warned and warned for 56 years.  This MERDEKA WE WILL WEAR BLACK and Descend on National TV to show you the POWER of THE Rakyat.  Come September 16, 2013 we hope a new Malaysia can be formed.....50 Years of UMNO Crap and SHAM is enough.  We need a New start and it by hook or crook.

All election have been a SHAM anyway before 1987 because Malaysian was ruled by an illegal UMNO before that as the High courts have decided.  After 1987 is the Tun Dr Bapa Kemerosotan Era......until today the sham and misery to Malaysia continues.  We need to Topple UMNO-BN to have cheaper petrol, Abolish road tol, Free education, Free English Medium Education (and not for those who can afford English private schools like those UMNO+BN+cronies +agong/sultan family)....and freedom of Religion.

We need to topple UMNO-BN to let these SCUMS and Leaders there to face Misery and while we rakyat Malaysia a new beginning and hope.  Wear Black.......  it is up to us to organise, disrupt, disrupt, disrupt the UMNO-BN regime in cahoots with the Sultan + Agong.  Like they were in Cahoots to sack Singapore for their own evil agenda.  What else needs to be said ??  Singapore beat Malaysia in total ...Pants Down!!!  Malu Belum??  Tapi Malaysia UMNO-BN masih Angkuh, sombong, arrogant, greedy and living the life of Gadaffi, President Assad while the rest of malaysian ...60% live in Misery.

Topple UMNO-BN = Topple MISERY!!.....don't dealy...organise....disrupt...  democracy was dead on its just a illusion-delusion-sham Democracy!!  UMNO-BN+Sultan all playing dumb to EC/SPRCheats...we play dirupt and terror back!!

KEEP UP THE BOYCOTT of Cashflow Petronas.....!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Start applying for Police Permit for gathering EVERYDAY until 2020!!

This sham of 10 days Notice to police is a SHAM $%^&*.

UMNO-BN Never need to, Sultan don't need but anyone else like 60% of Rakyat Malaysia must apply.

We can Apply and NOT conduct any Ceramah or gathering but suprise the Police and FRU on a Daily Basis.  Lodge one Daily for the next 10 days until 2020.  Stupid Laws needs to dumb down!!

This is the disrupt, disrupt and be a DISRUPTOR.

Rakyat Bangkit BANTAH Zahid Hamidi and ask him to Resign.  Bantah Sultan/Agong di not TEGUR Him....

Bantah ..bantah...bantah sampai UMNO-BN Mampus dan dikuburkan...

.Kali Ini Lah!!

Every election held by UMNO -BN is to Legitimise the SHAM, SCAM, and illusion-Delusion Democracy we have.....

Rakyat have every right to Bangkit Bantah...turun Jalanraya or even SEPARATE OUT of Malaysia via autonomy with Selangor, Penang and Kelantan......  EVERY RIGHT with 2/3 majority in Parliamen.....seditious to some but as a point of law is ALL Possible!!  We want to LEAVE MALAYSIA ala Zahid Hamidi Style.  Thank you for that suggestion!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Each Election we have Legitimise UMNO-BN Rule via Cheating!!

So what gives??

IF UMNO-BN wants to Cheat, Lie, Kill, Murder and make misery for Malaysian, We Malaysian are not leaving Malaysia.  We will remain in Malaysia, be a  prick, give you sleepless night and wait for the day of Reakoning to catch you, hang you or see you ROT in Jail!!

Why should UMNO-BN not be toppled by people power?? IF UMNO-BN don't like democracy, they can get lost and migrate!!

EC/SRP chiefs rewarded with Tan Sri, Datuk, Tun and What nots by Sultan /Agong for maintaining the status quo of cheating and legitimising UMNO-BN rule in cahoots with Sultan /Agong.

No televised debate for 56 years. Media blackout for those oppose to UMNO-BN....and you trying to call this a legitimised UMNO-BN government?? ...#$%^&.... either the Agong /Sultan commander of the army is stupid , blind or dumb.  Yet these rulers have legitimised the Sham illusion/delusion UMNO-BN for another 60 years.  You expect rakyat to remain calm? #$%^&*  Wait for courts to decide #$%^&!!

open your indelible ink that is NOT indelible is an ABUSE of the election process.  GE 13 is Null and Void.  Rakyat have every right to TOPPLE UMNO-BN.  Bring on the new IGP and Deputy IGP.....they will be taught a lesson of Genocide and Crime against humanity Malaysian!!

Now we are in the era of an illusion/delusion victors in UMNO-BN.....never mind 60% of true rakyat Malaysia do not agree with their Rulers in UMNO-BN.

Now we await the $1 Trillion Ringgit Hyper-inflation to hit Malaysia and bring every one to their knees.

At that time DRASTIC measure must be taken on those who help and assisted UMNO-BN to retain power for 60 years.  This time make sure no one escape the anger of the Rakyat.  Put aside tradition, race, religion, culture if the money you earn cannot be worth more the next week!!  It time for the great RESET and send those SCUMS + Ruling elite who have dumb down Malaysian to be orang biasa.  Start with those who have TUN, Tan Sri, Datuk......can't go wrong there and those who gave it to them..... 

Everyone keep up the boycott of Petronas petrol, local banks and enything UMNO-BN and stuff their supply chain, cash flow them crumble one by one.  More power to Malaysian!!  Suara Rakyat, Suara Keramat....Kali INI Lah!!  Start the Economic TSUNAMI that will DESTROY UMNO-BN ...Boycott petronas petrol, take money out of local banks, support NON umno-bn business!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Be A DISRUPTOR to UMNO-BN, Police, Sultan, Agong, Army, EC, Judges, Law and No Order.....

Do Whatever you can to DISRUPT...DISRUPT...DISRUPT...until UMNO-BN-PDRM-Nazi is Obliterated!

Tak Boleh Ubah - Kita TUKAR serentak ...seluruh malaysia..Kuasa Rakyat, Kuasa Keramat!!

It is time for people to seriously consider the Mat Kilau Acts and Disrupt, disrupt, disrupt..UMNO-BN and their Perkakas.  Don't let these Scums cheat you to submission for another 5 years...56 years is long enough...let alone 60 years.  It was Really an GE13 election that Legitimised their CHEAT, LIES, Murder, Scam, Sham and Total destruction of Malaysia Democracy.  Now UMNO-BN feels they can torture the Rakyat for another 5 years and suffer in misery.  Not one more day while we are still alive.

Boycott, wear black on Merdeka 2013...send a clear message to the world and to the NEW IGP and Deputy, UMNO-BN and Sultan/Agong and Army.  How many can you arrest, torture, kill before we Gadaffikan or Syriakan you scums.  In hunger and anger we will unite.....60% of rakyat anger is growing by the day.  Each of your Atrocities to Rakyat Malaysia will not be tolerated by the Mat Kilau DISRUPTORS!!

Just remember the Agong, Sultan, UMNO-BN + Army + Police + EC/SPR + Judges are in cahoots with this SHAM election in Malaysia.  An election without public debate, air time for Pakatan, media freedom is a SHAM & SCAM democracy Approved by these Rulers, UMNO-BN and their Perkakas-tools.  Lets hope they are sitting comfortably with 60% rakyat against them and rising to 67% by year end when Barang Naik.......then we hit them so hard that they wonder what hit them and spend their time in jail or at the gallows for their CRIME Against Malaysian humanity.  

WE WILL NOT LIVE IN MISERY ANYMORE and be CHEATED as if its UTOPIA...warning EC/SPR-PDRM-Judges....!!  Those who do harm and not uphold Freedom will have security problems in the future!  Crime rate rising again in much for voting UMNO-BN in again.  Just the other day many news of house Invasion by Chinese....WOW.  Must be Triad needing to make back money given to UMNO-BN_PDRM.     WAR is ONGOING in Sabah between UMNO-Sulu Islamic terrorist and Malaysian Army.  Just that small bombs are not as big deal according to the Media of UMNO-BN!!  

Let those ruling elite stay inside their gated, guarded house with tons of security and see how many police, fru, utk, army can guard and secure them.......Rakyat can roam freely and live with joy.  While UMNO-BN ruling elite can kept lock up in their own house....ha ha ha!!  Kali Ini Lah!!


Struggle we will to Obliterate the Ruling elites of UMNO-BN....  What ever it takes!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Please don't try to Imortalised or Mythicalised the Sultan/Agong .....They are part of the UMNO-BN +EC+NRD+PDRM Circus!!

In short we Malaysian of ALL races wanting cheaper petrol, free education, Abolish TOL roads and those things that Reduces LIVING STRESS ... Denied their Opportunity.  We are not talking minority like 35-45%...its like 60% rakyat Malaysia wanting UBAH/CHANGE on May 5.  But the greed of the UMNO-BN + EC with approval from Sultan /Agong decided against it.  I can tell you now that none of these Ruling Elite, rich and powerful commander of Army Sultan + UMNO-BN will feel the Living Stress you and I are feeling.  They keep asking you to UBAH cara hidup change your lifestyle to cope with rising cost !!#$%^&*

In order to kick these SHAM out from RUINING Malaysian lives, Tipu Pilihan Raya, Turun Jalan Raya Must Happen.  Bantah, Bangkit....wear BLACK on Merdeka, Clap your hands against these Ruling Elite and see how many need to Die like in Syria of Libya before Change can happen.  Mind you UMNO-BN + Sultan is a Syrian President Assad supporter and also the supporter of Gadaffi.  You can support Kim Jong Il too and Burma Junta or Iran President.  There are Malaysian who don't have to follow your views and because you don't have a FREE MEDIA, it is GIVEN ALL MALAYSIA MAIN STREAM MEDIA Spews LIES and Internet Truth!!

So Raja Petra keeps babbling the psyche of the mythical powers and tradition of the Sultan / Agong and how he can reject the chosen representative of a constitution Parliamen.  Trying hard to defend the legacy of 500 years of so called malay = islam ideology sultanate.  Lets face it some sultan were good, others were bad, some were evil and some was wise.  That was 500 years ago.  Today with internet and Google we are wiser in knowledge than all these Sultan/Agong of past combined.

The Sultan/Agong had a priviledge upbringing and that what makes them stand out.  After sacking Singapore in cahoots with UMNO-BN scums.....the Agong/Sultan consolidated their mythical powers to put the rest of Malaysia in misery for another 56 years.  We shall see if they exist in the NEXT 56 years if they keep supporting UMNO racist and their evil racist agenda.  I hope not.  I hope all the Sultan / Agong would wrap their arms around UMNO-BN like RTM, EC/SPR, Judiciary, Cronies, Utusham, NSTP, Star so that Malaysian wanting CHANGE/UBAH have no RESERVATION on who must go.

Perhaps Malaysian Today have an agenda to preserve the status quo.  He talks of British parliament and elected Representatives.  Yet fail to realise that UMNO-BN racist in cahoots with Agong/Sultan and media control have stifle the very means to have a progressive society in Malaysia.  The malays that I know are also sick of the sultan/agong embracing UMNO-BN and being cold shoulder to Pakatan.  Even of Agong ./Sultan dies, malays can still pratice Islam and their tradition.  No malay died when Parameswara died or hang Tuah died.  We must not tolerate and be ROMANTICS to Ideology and a systematic DUMB DOWN of another race in order to Preserve their Sham Legacy.

Sham legacy in this modern Internet age is like Sultan Kelantan stealing the throne from the still alive father.

Like Sultan Munafiq Berak..opps Perak Azlan Shah not dissolving Parliamen when requested by MB of that time ...Nizar.  Not granting audience to Pakatan MB but when the 14 GE called granted to see that Mamak Zambry audience to dissolve for GE14.  List goes on with previous Sultan of Negeri 9, Johor and Sultan FAM rogol of Pahang.  If ever Sabah / Sarawak wants to progress look at the ONLY country SACKED from Malaysia and ponder if you are with a EVER Losing team Malaysia.  Tiny country, no natural resources, land...yet GDP greater than Malaysia.

60 % people just continue to Boycott Petronas and shopping or eating at those UMNO-BN cronies business.  Withdraw ALL money and put into foreign banks.  Transfer money to local banks only when you need to withdraw money.  Bring ALL these business to their knees.  GE 13 is a SHAM and we need to topple UMNO-BN.  60 years is too long.  EC/SPR chief better leave the country!! 56 years of your cahoots cheating with UMNO-BN must end and end Immediately.  Your KPI to clean the election rolls, phantom votes, dubious counting acts and Sham have Not changed.  It have to end NOW in 2013. Sultan-Agong did not even rebuke you of your Sham.  What does it prove?...56 years of preserving a Mythical Legacy is like Nepal King is Best.

Warning to PDRM and Perkakas UMNO ...  When we Bantah GE13 by the MILLIONS ALL OVER better consider Another Election or Agong make Pakatan the legitimate winner die to Election Cheats or Sham!!

I am telling you this ahead of time because UMNO with Agong have install a New IGP and Deputy IGP who are murderers and Killers.  They are like that Rahim Nor legacy and we must Resist them Relentlessly like we will resist Gadaffi, Assad and Kim jong najib.  Make no mistake of this move by UMNO-BN + agong/sultan.  They want to KILL Democracy and make Rakyat malaysia their slave!!...  Keep up the Boycott and DDOS!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Note this down as the Truth in Malaysian History!! Tell everyone including your children...May 13, 1969

As the days past by more and more people trying to cast doubts on the Truth.  We need to ask Allah/God to give us eyes and ears and above all a bit of Brains to Ponder on the reasons.

Its a fact that Tun Dr M = Bapa Kemerosoton , Corruption Genocide Father and Murderer of innocent Malaysian, Penans, Kg Medan Indians, May 13 Riots where malays also died.  A Convinient Liar, Racist bigots whose desire is to enrich himself and watch the rest of Malaysian live in misery.

Lets start with the separation of Singapore.  Nothing to do with Tun, but lots to do with Tunku, Razak(Najib's Father) + Sultan.  This was a racist act to consolidate the malay power in the hands of a few in a hope that in poverty and misery, Singapore would beg, sign and rejoin Malaysia later, since there is no natural resources there.  Lee Kuan Yew could have played hard ball and not acknowledge the sacking and join Sabah/Sarawak, thereby widening the region.  Due to Lee Kuan Yew arrogance, greed and wanting to make a point, he gave up on the other Malaysian stuck in malaya, gave up Sabah/Sarawak, gave up Christmas Island to Australia to consolidate his position.

One cannot say Lee Kuan Yew Failed Singaporeans, not when the GDP of this tiny Island is larger than Malaysia.  One can say that was the start of the ROT of Malaysia.  Following losses in Singapore election, UMNO wanted to consolidate their position among malays and what was left to salvage pride.  So Riots followed and climax with May 13, 1969.  Mainly Chinese were killed, painted in TAR and buried in several Mass Grave around Selangor....some in Sungai Buloh.  Mind you, it was jungle and communist roam there....who dare go and investigate after the event??

This was whre the Father of Malaysia Genocide - Tun Dr M stepped in with Tun Razak.  All the TUNs in Malaysia are a Real Sham if you dig deeper into their legacy.  Mahathir wanted power, money and so created his Killers.  Many non muslim malay died at his instructions with Harun.  Those carrying out the killings were instructed to paint the face and exposed hands with tar and buried in mass grave that still exist today somewhere in the jungles of Sg Buloh and surroundings.  Some have tall buildings over them.

This was Mahathir modus operandi and ideology from that young age.  Kill and cover up!!  No secret why altantuya died.  Mahathir wanted to cover up Bukit Cina in Malacca because the grave there predates Parameswara.  Other civilization that surpass the malay race are put under OSA.  That is how evil UMNO tried to create their legacy of lies.

All the biggest scandals have the Mahathir DNA in it.  All Major Race Killings have Mahathir Hands in it.
Lots of Sham and Scam and evils were done by Mahathir including the death of Fuad of Sabah!!

After the 87 UMNO spilt, Mahathir made a fake heart by-pass to win some sympathy votes.  There was no operations done.  It was a lie to fish some malay votes to undermine Razaleigh.  It was a sham, just like the sham that confirms Sudirman died from AIDS.  There is no scar on his chest.  Some nurses have revealed this.

Mahathir actually goes on yearly placenta injection with Ananda for USD$30,000 to Switzeland to continue looking young and healthy.  No problem there as the money is from the crony you build from Rakyat trears and hardwork.  Thank God human die and your day of reakoning is also soon.  Perhaps sooner than you thought and most unexpectedly in the most shameful manner...that is what Rakyat Malaysia hope!

Good luck to those police, army, airline engineers, people used by Mahathir to kill, maime, cover up citizen Malaysia.  As you depart this earth, the urge to speak to right the wrong is strong.  Sometimes its too late, you will rot in Hell anyway, together with the rest of Perkakas UMNO racist!  Some are coming out and speaking out to tell the truth about Mahathir involvement.  More power to you then but its stilll Allah/God's called where you end up eventually.

Mahathir other evils and coverup:
Project IC in Sabah
Project Land grab-Sarawak
Project take Petronas money
Project MAS - paying $8 for a $3.68 share. ( If this is how UMNO manages Rakyat money, malaysia is Finish)
Penan killings
taking of Orang Asli land to enrich family and cronies
Bank Bumi Sham
Plane crash that killed Mohd Fuad
Kg Medan Killings
Making Bahasa M the medium of education - Epic Fail
Media License
Granting of University status - MCA merdeka U
Sultan Shams Like Perak, Johor, Negeri 9, Kelantan, Selangor, Pahang...etc
Mokthar Hashim murder - pardon
Anwar Bashing in prison
Lim Guan Eng - Thamby Chik - ex Malacca Pedeofile act
...and the list goes on and on  AND WILL GO ON AND ON UNTIL UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS is Obliterated and Replaced with PAS, DAP, PKR, STAR....
Supporter of Gadaffi, Assad, Hezbollah, Sulu, Arafat,.....and the evils of this world Today!!

How did we allow one EVIL Racist man do so much EVIL and live happily in Malaysia, while others live in misery?

Fight Evil with Evil.....Perhaps Accept the Katak from PBS and PBB and Let Pakatan Run Malaysia from September 2013??...After all we need to compromise to get cheaper fuel, abolish tol, English medium education....those who are in we delay their Prosecution from Pakatan.....time to think outside square!!  Just 25-30 seats to change government...then can sack EC/SPR chief, police, army......quite compelling!!  Ponder and consider it!!  Sabah/Sarawak can also ABU- UBAH - KELUAR....SHORT CUT!!

Thursday, May 09, 2013

He who sacrifice Freedom for security deserver neither.....ben franklin

Remember if you want security vote UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB...@#$#
Now we have security no freedom.

Negotiation is underway with 25 MP for security & freedom.....can rakyat Malaysia accept this back door to UBAH!!??? UMNO-BN is lame duck with 41% popular votes.....

Now it is made clear how UMNO wants to rule forever with the power to make people poor, dependent on their drip feed RACIST ideology.  Never mind the 3 million malays and Indians who voted against UMNO racist malays.  They are all categorised as the Chinese malays now.  How insulting can you get if  you were a malay who wanted cheaper petrol, Abolish Tol, Free education, change, progress, good governence!! #%^&!

Not a single minute of air time in Malaysia Media, not even if one wants to pay and you call this a  MANDATE??#$%^&.  Go to Hell UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB.  Wear Black on Merdeka and on September 16.  Malaysia Rakyat of 60% will bring FEAR to UMNO-BN!!   Cheater will NOT PROSPER!!  Watch out Malaysian....economic Crisis coming, flood like in KL yesterday, disaster....until UMNO-BN is Obliterated with EC/SPR/NRD!!

Yet now UMNO racist and their perkakas(tools) trying to use EC/SPR as their shield and deflect the anger of a Rigged election.  TIPU PILIHANRAYA, TURUN JALAN RAYA!!  An indelible ink that can be wiped off after 5 years and Millions of ringgit into some product research by some EC/SPR cronies resulted in this SHAM?? They are ALL planned SHAM and SCAM.  In the similar way Singapore was sacked from Malaya, to continue UMNO racist ideology!!  It is an ideolgy that is losing it sting because population is increasing with even fewer opportunities to improve in this Current Racist UMNO run economy.  Now the trillions of Debt will make things Barang Naik and lets see if that can create the Hunger and Anger of the People.

Don't border with election then.  It is just another tool to legitimise an illegal racist UMNO-Baru government  and their SHAM.  Yet in their SHAM Pakatan manage to still take 3 states and increase their share of people and votes.  Nothing stopping this 3 states to KELUAR MALAYSIA and See what that does to malaya and Malaysia debt as a whole.  Now we have almost 60% of the population in support, don't forget that mandate to do something that UMNO-Baru Never Imagine.

After being Raped, tortured, insulted by UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS, the call for reconciliation???#$%^   What sick people would submit to that?  Some would, but if that is the kind of democracy you want then good luck to your principle.  After sending UMNO-Sulu Terrorist to bomb Sabah, UMNO says you vote UMNO for security???#$%^!  See the same ideology in their empty talk, maximised by Raja Petra and the media in malaysia.  Trust no one.  Dig a bunker and wait for the economic crisis to hit when the Boycott bring companies linked to UMNO-BN down.  We just take to the streets, take power and drag those Scumbags out like Gadaffi or soon Assad. 56 years, and UMNO have Perfected the election SCAM, Fraud Process and Sabahans was the first to taste the Scam.  Under UMNO how come Sabahans are neither a Selangor or Penang ??

Looks like Pakatan too have to cheat and  make deals with 25 MP to have the opportunity of new government....whether you like it or not the wheels are in motion for a September 16 UBAH.  A DPM and Finance from Sabah/Sarawak after 56 years......hmmmmm  ....... free from prosecution..... hmmmmm.  Is this better than deaths like in Sabah vs Sulu-UMNO terrorist....hmmmm.  More to follow.  Crime rate is rising and things are getting worst under the same regime.  All pillars of Democracy are flushed down the toilet.  The Sultan/Agong who sacked Singapore seems happy with UMNO-BN...... Perhaps a need for new Paradigm!!....stay tuned!!...Continue disrupt...disrupt disrupt....Boycott...boycott...boyctt!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Open your eyes to KPI- Key Performance indicator!!

At work you have a KPI goals to meet.  If you fail it miserably, you are sacked or demoted.  No one wants to hire you within the company if they know your performace and constant failing of KPI.

When you cheat and don't reach your KPI goals, you are sacked!

What is UMNO-BN KPI??  To make Malaysian prosper, be like Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and Developed Nation soon like Singapore in 2000.  If UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB fail in their KPI and Cheat to retain their position to prosper, take your money and make no progress to a nation, they should have been sacked long ago.  In spite of their cheating and shamming and scamming, Pakatan have managed to sack them in Some states for 2 term running now.  Now we have 56% Malaysian trying to sack this recalcitrant, useless, workers in UMNO-BN_PBB-PBS, yet we wonder how they are NOT Sacked after their constant corruption, murder, election dismal performance.

What about the so called referee for election??  The Election Commission, Suruhanjay Pilihanraya.   What is their KPI.  If they cheat and abet with UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB to maintain the status quo, then we need to wake up to the Sham and SCAM and have EVERY RIGHT to either bring both UMNO-BN or EC down or Declare the Election 2013 Null and Void.

You see the EC/SPR KPI was to have indelible ink.  Now that is no small matter in an election.  People wants an honest legitimate government free of Scams and Shams.  When we have onle like Malaysia Gerry manderring sham where for PAS.DAP, PKR have a 100,000 voters to vote ONE representative.  For UMNO-BN its like 16-50,000.  Now we know why the mandate to govern Malaysia is no longer UMNO-BN but Pakatan.  Now we cannot sack the EC/SPR since they are the Bias Corrupted referee.  Rakyat Malaysia have only one more avenue which is to declare the ENTIRE Election Null and Void because the tool that was suppose to remove cheats - EPIC FAIL!!  When something Fail in an election, the result is compromised.  When the result is compromised, the result is not credible,  When the result is not credible then one needs to have ANOTHER Election.  UMNO-BN cannot use EC/SPR as their excuse because EC/SPR is part of the UMNO-BN machinery.  How to tolerate losing gracefully??  How to be sportsmans like?  It is PURE EVIL....@$#$#!!  Dont be a ROMANTICS to Cheating especially for 56 Years!!

If there is No new election in 3-6 months time then Rakyat have every right to Turun Jalan Raya and UBAH Kerajaan.

Of course we are angry when UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB + EC+NRD+Sultan all approve of this cheating process and condemn Malaysian to be slave and live in misery.  It is no secret then why the UMNO-BN regime will end one day and END in ways that is unexpected.  If Gadaffi, Assad, Egypt, and other western Revolution have not woken the Racist UMNO-BN up then you will eventually get what you deserve.  Mat Kilau now will continue disrupt, disrupt...disrupt until UMNO-BN Obliterated.  Sorry for the inconvenience and floods and those things that make things WORSE!!!  Some are Act of God / Allah of course!!

Some people like being cheated and let it go.  Others like to take it to the extreme.  Now we are looking at 60 years of UMNO-BN Rule to make misery of Malaysian. This is NOT the first time this SHAM occured.  Remember Sabah??  Same tactics used and is it a wonder Sabahans wants to keluar Malaysia after 25 years of that Sham!!   EVIL Must be fought till the end!!  Well done Malaysian, despite EC/SPR we the UBAH - ABU still manage to Whack them in their own game.  NOW UMNO-BN is lame duck adminstration and more Corruption and murder will take place.  Open eyes, video, report, youtube and GIVE UMNO-BN HELL !!!

We Don't have to be ROMANTICS to ELECTION CHEATS of UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB....+ Sultan/Agong Approval....  Not especially for 56 years.  Indelible ink, NOT Indelible means Election 2013 NULL & VOID...test the HIGH COURTS!!  The process is broken and Compromised.... SEKALI LAGI LAH!!

Monday, May 06, 2013

We Don't have to be be ROMANTICS to Election Cheats and Rorts!!...and Sultan /Agong approve of it!!


NOW SPR/EC says 85% Malaysian Voted and 44% Support UMNO-BN.  UMNO-BN is Thus Ruling without popular MANDATE!!    You really believe what the local media and EC/SPR says??  This is world record turn out to vote stuff!!
Bangkit Bantah!!

The indelible ink was not indelible means this ENTIRE Election is NULL and VOID.  Take it to the HIGH courts and see how the judges see this SHAM election SCAM.  There is a case and we should pursue it!!  There are so many irregularities and SHAM that EC/SPR in cahoots with UMNO-BN. 

In the mean time we should just Boycott all the UMNO-BN media, banks and use the 56% power to bring these Scumbag UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS  to the knees!!  56% did not vote BN and because of foreigners and illegals, UMNO-BN got 44%.  That means their real support only like 41%.  UMNO-BN and cronies and perkakas are a minority and you better watch out for a REVOLUTION.  Agong-Sultan said nothing means they feel safe with UMNO-BN.
We don't have to accept the election results that is similar to the project IC in Sabah previously done by Tun Dr kemerosotan Malaysia, to reduce christian influence in Sabah and bring in Islam.

Now UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS have used the same EVIL TRICK to deny the malay voice in how th country should run.  Then your progress will be like Sabah/Sarawak Now.  NOTHING Progress!!  Malaysia is officially govern by banglas, nepalese, burmese, pakistanis, sulus, illegals....etc.  Fast forward 20 years and there will be bombs, terror in ALL Malaysia because UMNO-BN cannot accept the verdict of the people of Malaysia in 2013 and had to cheat.  That is how UMNO-BN_PBB-PBS have condemned Malaysia to be a Pariah nation and not one like Singapore, Taiwan, Japan or South Korea.

The war in Sabah is ongoing like an on going war with communist previously.  Sadly this war against muslim UMNO-Sulu terrorist jihadist will not end soon.

UMNO racist cannot accept they are no longer loved by 56% of Malaysian....yes 56% because if you add in the illegals, foreigners voters...its 44% who love UMNO-BN =Barang Naik.  MCA-MIC-PPP-Gerakan have no choice but to merge and become new party called Macai UMNO !!  The reality is only 41% malaysian voted the Scums UMNO-PBS-PBB-BN.

Continue the Boycott and DDOS attack on ALL umno cronies and business!! Until there is another election or UMNO racist is obliterated.  Trust me nothing will improve in Malaysia....sack UMNO-BN sooner before Malaysia is in ruins!!

HERE-DDOS timing


Sunday, May 05, 2013

Never Mind...LAIN KALI LAH!!...Don't Give UP - Ubah will eventually Come!! God Willing!!

Well done PAS, DAP, PKR.  You have got 50% of the rakyat vote and BN 49%.  We are making in roads in every state regardless of HOW UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS cheat.  We can say, anytime UMNO-BN can Bertindak Ganas (act cruely like Gadaffi and Assad) to the people, but be awware the majority of the people did not vote for UMNO-BN and Government can change when the Hunger and the Anger of the people are invoked!!  We are not done with the Project IC, EC, Sham and Scam.  We have no FEAR of UMNO-BN power because the power is in the people.

- Indelible ink that is NOT indelible!
- 500,000 voters who vote who are not Malaysian, ficticious, phantom like Project IC in Sabah!!
- Voters flown in from Project IC in Sabah to other states in Malaysia.  Project EC Success!!
Can have Royal commission in 2033 ...#$%^&*
- Indonesian maid given $300 + IC to vote
- Gerrymandering
- No debate on media
- 80% voters turnout - Guinness Book of World record stuff!! #$%^& a Sham in any language!!

We will not be insulted with this type of democracy.   We will re-cast the strategy and launch another CHANGE in 2018.

The greatest disappointment is that we did not Slap the Sultan Munafiq Perak.  We did not take Sabah, Johor State government.  No option for Malaysian to migrate!!  Lost Kedah and  Trengganu.  As a consequence we will pay TOL, higher petrol more education fees and condemn your children to Bahasa Malaya.  That means another 5 years of being dumb down, drip feed and living in misery, while UMNO-BN + Sultan + cronies making slaves out of you.  The price we must pay for not making the change.  You can blame UMNO-BN for your continuous misery like flood, block drain, barang naik, living cost up, GST......etc,  Then come 2018 remember that golden opportunity to UBAH!!

Time to invoke plan B...migrate, sell and seek a greener pasture BUT return for the NEXT KALI INI LAH!!  We keep doing this until their fortress like Johor, negeri sembilan, pahang, Sabah, Sarawak crumble.

Now is the time to sit down and work hard for the next 5 years to have the same candidate work for the people.  Time to stamp out money politics within Pakatan or crony relationship or relatives relationship.  Time to give up some states like Sabah for PKR and focus on malaya.  Pride needs to take a back seat.  Humility and service to the people front seat.

Mat Kilau will continue the Disrupt, Disrupt, Disrupt until those who voted UMNO-BN realised their error.  Now you have condemned Malaysia to Bahasa Malaya, more Tol, More Barang Naik, more racism.  Anotehr 5 years of UMNO-Bn takes it to 60 years of unchanged ideology.  Come 2018 lets see how much UMNO-BN have transform.  TUKAR - CHANGE will be the catch cry for 2018!!....  KALI INI LAH!!

Every human, regardless of their status in society have dignity, do not insult that dignity for God will deal with you in time!!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

URGENT!!! Make Citizen Arrest on Foreign Voters and declare the seat Null & Void Later!!!

This is the Last Post:  ABU  -  UBAH

Confirming that many Indonesian Maids were given $300-$500 ringgit + IC to vote UMNO-BN-Dacing.  banyak pekerja Asing dapat $300-500 ringgit dan IC Biru untuk Undi Dacing.  KITA Bagi Amaran dan Tangkap mereka yang bukan Warga Negara Malaysia.  Bawa Video, Laptop dan guna IC Mereka untuk Siasat siapa mereka sebernanya.  Ini Projek SPR + IC!!  Jangan Takut, Buat berani kerana benar!!

Urging ABU & Mat Kilau ALL to Keep a LOOK OUT on Non Malaysian At Polling station and give WARNING before entering.  Make CITIZEN ARREST ...Do Not Fear.  Bring Video Recorder, Gigabyte and Video take pictures of AS MANY AS POSSIBLE those Voters.  After Election we can use the evidence to Declare the Seat Null and Void due to Phantom Votes!!

So not suprising that 40,000 were flown in from everywhere to vote.  EC/SPR/PDRM All buat tak Tahu.....TIPU PILIHAN RAYA, TURUN Jalan Raya......


Amaran terakhir kepada Pengundi hantu dan SPR/EC!!  Jangan UNDI...Don't Vote!!  Ambil Duit, lari jauh jauh dari tempat Undi!!

Harap Polis dan Askar Tolong Bakarkan semua Kotak / Kertas Undi Hantu dalam simpanan Awak!!  Untuk bela mereka yang mati katak kat Perang Sabah-Sulu yang berterusan sampai hari ini!!




Friday, May 03, 2013

Imagine.....Bayangkan.....Ini Kalilah - UBAH !!!

6 May - history Created in Malaysia - New Pakatan Rakyat (Price Reduce Government)

(Rush to the Palace and turun Jalan Raya to stop Perkakas UMNO- PDRM, or anybody stop Anwar from being Sworn in!.....Get ready for road block...UNBLOCK THEM - Ini Kali Lah!! Ubah)

7 May - Petrol Price Drop!!

8 May - Free Education

9 May - UMNO-BN(Barang Naik) in Opposition

10 May - UMNO-BN Leaders Cabut/Leave Malaysia

11 May - Tol Abolished!

12 May - Sultan Perak eat humble Pie  :handrub:

13 May - Public holiday

14 May - More UMNO-BN join Pakatan

15 May - Starting by one the corrupted UMNO-BN minister either in MACC office, lokup or already cabut country......  Boycott Foh Sun Yum Char in Ipoh - owned by Jelapang Hee Yit Foong, Ikan bakar Sekinchan, Starbucks, KFC, petronas, local banks....until they go bankrupt!  UMNO-Sulu Islamic terrorist in Sabah WILL be OBLITERATED!!!

16 May Raja Petra balik kampung, Ms Listen, Listen, Listen - unemployed lecturer!!


Thursday, May 02, 2013

Start MAT KILAU Disrupt, Disrupt, Disrupt...Change We Must...

Indelible Ink SHAM should render the UMNO-BN victory Null and Void.  But Judges are UMNO Goons....Bombs in Jinjang...more in Sabah...why bother hiring UMNO-Sulu Security systems..>ABU and UBAH!!


To all PAS, DAP, PKR get ready to storm Johor, Perak, Negeri 9 and Malacca, Sabah ADUN Parliamen to STOP UMNO From Burning Information!!  Turun Padang Ramai-ramai!  Protect the PAS,DAP, PKR Adun.! Surround Govenor House in Sabah and Malacca in case they to do Project Perak Sham.  Demand to be made MB like TAIB did at Midnight to be sworn in.  Storm the building and Take over!!

Get ready for Putra jaya too....  INI KALI LAH!!

Take and burn down all UMNO-BN Dacing posters and keep doing it everyday and night until Sunday.

DDOS All local print and media outlet until they Crap out.

Burn all ballot boxes near UMNO strong outlets when the opportunity arrive.

We have to deal with 500,000 phantom votes of UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB....macam mana??

Fight those Perkakas UMNO scumbag to submission and never to come out again.  3 Line & Silat UMNO I tunggu kau semua sekali lagi.  Ini kali, rasa kepahitan sokong UMNO Celaka.  Awak akan diCELAKA-Kan!!

Sometimes need to leave things for GOD/Allah to Frustrate...

UBAH Kerajaan adalah satu amalan yang baik. Penang, selangor, kelantan, ...dll ... berapa Juta Melayu Islam mati kerana penukaran Kerajaan ADUN negeri?  Bukalah mata...harga minyak turun + takde Tol...saya jimat $5,000 setahun.....Batalkan AP, kereta Baru lagi turun..Jimat lagi $30,000 ringgit....tak payah bayar kos sekolah ....jimat $1500.....

Berapa kali x 1BRM kita sudah rakyat dapat dengan SATU ABU - UBAH??   Sangat bodoh kalau rakyat Malaysia Lepaskan peluang Ke-Emasan untuk Pahatkan ERA Baru!  Change the Government to make UMNO live in MISERY!!

Sabahans vote DAP-STAR for State control and PAS, PAS, DAP for Federal Control opportunity.  Win-win and create a new Country for Malaysian to Migrate!!...end the UMNo+Sultan Racist agenda SHAM like when they sacked Singapore!!  WHY?? Why did these SCUMs of UMNO-Sultan do it!!!?? 

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Vote for Change, Undi Untuk Ubah - 56 Years of One party Rule is Dictatorship....warning Singapore!!

We vote to make our leaders to represent our Interest. Not like UMNO-PBS-PBB-BN that continue to be racist bigots in the name of Allah, Royalty, Race, Royalty, Religion, Corruption, Education, poverty and misery.

We vote to expect to have 12 Singapore states and therefore 12 time GDP larger than Singapore and not Singapore GDP to be larger than Malaysia.  With S$1 Singapore Dollar = MYR$0.35 cents.  What happend there?  @#$%#  ASK YOURSELF, WOULD YOU WANT UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB to Manage your money??  $1 Trillion Ringgit is Malaysian Total Debt!!  This will make Malaysian poor, struggle in misery, save but FORCED to spend and be poor again.

Forced to send children overseas to the tune of $300,000 ringgit for the duration of their 3-4 years course....While UMNO-PBS-PBB-BN children gets the free scholarship, funded by tax payers to make you stupid, angry and helpless.  END This CIRCLE of MISERY on 5 May 2013, Create Your Story of HISTORY -ABU -ABCD!  GET OUT of UMNO-PBS-PBB-BN Slavery Rat Race!

Like these Chinese Schools Exams that is recognised overseas universities BUT NOT in MALAYA.  What the Hell is this??#$%^&#.  Yet forcing all who follow Malaysia 2-year STPM to virtually DIE at that exam while UMNO-PBB-PBS-BN + Sultan leaders children gets the short-cut of Matriculation in one year and then straight to local and overseas UNI with again tax payers funded scholarship.....+ cheating leak of exams papers.... on top of taking those tax payers NFC, PKFZ, MAS, Bank Bumi, Submarine, Sabah/Sarawak land deals, logging...etc corruption money.  I mean how greedy can these SCUMBAGS of UMNO-PBS-PBB-BN + Sultan get to make citizen rakyat Malaysia ANGRIER by the day!! #$%^&*#. End 55 years of UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS Greed on 5th May!!  Why are we condemning so many youth to STPM 2 year torture and some special can complete in one year Matriculation!!  That itself is the inept and incompetence of UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS Evil education the War Against UMNO-SULUs Terrorist Islamic Jihadist friends.

Yet they think by doing an Umrah, go to temple, church and these Scumbags can walk out and RE-DO their EVIL!!  Nothing has changed and nothing will Change UNLESS YOU VOTE 4 CHANGE!  Its as simple as ABCD!!

Nothing gets me more than this Stupid back to Bahasa Malaya from English.  We saw the damage done in the 70s and now repeated in the 2013........all in the name of glorifying a race an UMNO Munafiq Islam Cult Melayu Race.  Now unemployment high for so many UMNO graduates, yet if the graduates don't realise that their KULIT FICATION(kulit is colour of skin) cannot get them a job, then they just have to blame UMNO brand of education direction.  Notice it has led you to generation of misery because suddenly ALL talking importance of English.  So UMNO educate you in malay, shout the greratnees of Munafiq UMNO cult malay language/culture, can be a major language in the world, YET UMNO-Sultan Munafiq Islam cult team keeps sending their children to private English International schools on $5000-8000 ringgit per month schools, then to universities, then to come back and be Manager of petronas, Banks, MAS, Felda....while you on local education still looking for jobs.

If Malays cannot cope with English then send for tuition.  If Bumi Non Malays cannot cope with BM, we go tuition. UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS-Sultan likes stupid poor command of English Malaysian in case you bring your case of Crime against humanity to UN.....publish in blog...tell the world to Boycott Malaysia under UMNO, on the Internet.

Vote For a Level playing field....everyone with the same level of education.....not some in the advantage language(english) while others disadvantage language(bahasa M).  With English you can go overseas and migrate if you don't like Malaysia.  Go to Singapore, Australia, England, USA, Canada.....with Bahasa you can migrate to Indonesia.....good luck there!!

Every General Election is important for Change.  Without ABU, ABCD...the will be NO CHANGE in Malaysia.  That is the 5 more years of UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB suffering & slavery.  Work, but pay not enough to pay for higher tol, electricity, food, GST, education, internet subscription.......ALL things that make you beggers and slaves to UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB DRIP FEED LOVE!!

Vote DAP-STAR in Sabah for state seats and PAS, DAP, PKR for Federal seats.  Win-win to HAVE the OPPORTUNITY to create a New SABAH for Singaporeans and Malaysian to Migrate!!!! ABU - ABCD!!