Sunday, May 05, 2013

Never Mind...LAIN KALI LAH!!...Don't Give UP - Ubah will eventually Come!! God Willing!!

Well done PAS, DAP, PKR.  You have got 50% of the rakyat vote and BN 49%.  We are making in roads in every state regardless of HOW UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS cheat.  We can say, anytime UMNO-BN can Bertindak Ganas (act cruely like Gadaffi and Assad) to the people, but be awware the majority of the people did not vote for UMNO-BN and Government can change when the Hunger and the Anger of the people are invoked!!  We are not done with the Project IC, EC, Sham and Scam.  We have no FEAR of UMNO-BN power because the power is in the people.

- Indelible ink that is NOT indelible!
- 500,000 voters who vote who are not Malaysian, ficticious, phantom like Project IC in Sabah!!
- Voters flown in from Project IC in Sabah to other states in Malaysia.  Project EC Success!!
Can have Royal commission in 2033 ...#$%^&*
- Indonesian maid given $300 + IC to vote
- Gerrymandering
- No debate on media
- 80% voters turnout - Guinness Book of World record stuff!! #$%^& a Sham in any language!!

We will not be insulted with this type of democracy.   We will re-cast the strategy and launch another CHANGE in 2018.

The greatest disappointment is that we did not Slap the Sultan Munafiq Perak.  We did not take Sabah, Johor State government.  No option for Malaysian to migrate!!  Lost Kedah and  Trengganu.  As a consequence we will pay TOL, higher petrol more education fees and condemn your children to Bahasa Malaya.  That means another 5 years of being dumb down, drip feed and living in misery, while UMNO-BN + Sultan + cronies making slaves out of you.  The price we must pay for not making the change.  You can blame UMNO-BN for your continuous misery like flood, block drain, barang naik, living cost up, GST......etc,  Then come 2018 remember that golden opportunity to UBAH!!

Time to invoke plan B...migrate, sell and seek a greener pasture BUT return for the NEXT KALI INI LAH!!  We keep doing this until their fortress like Johor, negeri sembilan, pahang, Sabah, Sarawak crumble.

Now is the time to sit down and work hard for the next 5 years to have the same candidate work for the people.  Time to stamp out money politics within Pakatan or crony relationship or relatives relationship.  Time to give up some states like Sabah for PKR and focus on malaya.  Pride needs to take a back seat.  Humility and service to the people front seat.

Mat Kilau will continue the Disrupt, Disrupt, Disrupt until those who voted UMNO-BN realised their error.  Now you have condemned Malaysia to Bahasa Malaya, more Tol, More Barang Naik, more racism.  Anotehr 5 years of UMNO-Bn takes it to 60 years of unchanged ideology.  Come 2018 lets see how much UMNO-BN have transform.  TUKAR - CHANGE will be the catch cry for 2018!!....  KALI INI LAH!!

Every human, regardless of their status in society have dignity, do not insult that dignity for God will deal with you in time!!

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