Monday, May 20, 2013

The electoral process was flawed for GE13, so HIGH COURT must declare GE13 Null & Void....

Just submit to a full bench of judges and see where they stand.  Based on the outcome of the indelible ink that is NOT indelible.  It is sufficient to any Rule of Law to declare the GE13 Null and Void.

The process was flawed and therefore the  result is flawed and NOT credible. What is there to gather information on the 27 disputed seats?? #$%^&#.  Lodge a case for a FULL BENCH of judges to end UMNO-BN coming 60 years of RULE TODAY!!

It is up to the EC/SPR to prove BEYOND Reasonable Doubt that their Falwed process is Credible.  It is up to EC/SPR to prove to the Full bench of UMNO Judges that the entire election process is FREE From corruption, cheats, phantom votes and lies.

No flawed process can legitimised an illegal government with ALL instruments at their disposal.  We are not a NEWLY independent Malaysia where there is questionable practices are rampant.  We are supposed to be Developed Nation status by 2020....never mind Singapore, that the Sultan + UMNO sacked were developed many ..many...many years ago with GDP greater than ENTIRE Malaysia combined.

Don't expect the 60% of Rakyat Malaysia will take kindly to the Arrogance of Zahid hamidi - Voice of UMNO racist ...leave Malaysia quietly.  ZH better leave Malaysia with your family if you want the 60% to treat you and your family in ways one cannot imagine when the Anger and Hunger of the people goes out of control.  We have only images of Egypt, Nepal, Libya, Syria to guide us in our QUEST to free Malaysia from thr UMNO racist Tyranny.  UMNO-BN Leaders + Sultan + Agong + ruling elite days are numbered if you cannot gauge the voice and anger of 60% of Rakyat Malaysia.  You have been warned and warned for 56 years.  This MERDEKA WE WILL WEAR BLACK and Descend on National TV to show you the POWER of THE Rakyat.  Come September 16, 2013 we hope a new Malaysia can be formed.....50 Years of UMNO Crap and SHAM is enough.  We need a New start and it by hook or crook.

All election have been a SHAM anyway before 1987 because Malaysian was ruled by an illegal UMNO before that as the High courts have decided.  After 1987 is the Tun Dr Bapa Kemerosotan Era......until today the sham and misery to Malaysia continues.  We need to Topple UMNO-BN to have cheaper petrol, Abolish road tol, Free education, Free English Medium Education (and not for those who can afford English private schools like those UMNO+BN+cronies +agong/sultan family)....and freedom of Religion.

We need to topple UMNO-BN to let these SCUMS and Leaders there to face Misery and while we rakyat Malaysia a new beginning and hope.  Wear Black.......  it is up to us to organise, disrupt, disrupt, disrupt the UMNO-BN regime in cahoots with the Sultan + Agong.  Like they were in Cahoots to sack Singapore for their own evil agenda.  What else needs to be said ??  Singapore beat Malaysia in total ...Pants Down!!!  Malu Belum??  Tapi Malaysia UMNO-BN masih Angkuh, sombong, arrogant, greedy and living the life of Gadaffi, President Assad while the rest of malaysian ...60% live in Misery.

Topple UMNO-BN = Topple MISERY!!.....don't dealy...organise....disrupt...  democracy was dead on its just a illusion-delusion-sham Democracy!!  UMNO-BN+Sultan all playing dumb to EC/SPRCheats...we play dirupt and terror back!!

KEEP UP THE BOYCOTT of Cashflow Petronas.....!

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