Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Everything is wrong with Malaysia....what do you expect from the same UMNO-BN Racist Mob

An IGP who previously covered up a Kugan murder in custody.  A deputy IGP who thinks he is a triad head....bashing everyone to confession.  An UMNO racist Home minister who thinks he is the Mafia chief.  A PM who is in power without the people's love and support + a wife who presided over a murder.  A King and Sultan oblivious of the suffering, injustice and misery of the rakyat Malaysia from their glass cathedral.

Malaysia crime rate is increasing and I hope more minister daughter and sons and relatives get robbed big time.  After all they are the ones with the money and the thief rightly should target them.  Lets hope some of the Sultan/Agong daughters + UMNO-BN leaders under 13 gets raped as well and then these ruling elite agree to marry off their daughter to the rapist as it is according to Islam Syriah "Suka sama suka" Crap! $%^&  Like in that Sabah rape case.  I only wish someone can publish the restaurant of this paedofile in Sabah so that a civil rakyat Malaysia can boycott or burn that premise down.  Yes its a crime but when Injustice becomes Law, Resistance is the ONLY duty.

We are all getting sick of reports, RCI, investigate, research......they are like drugs to calm rakyat down with the symptoms still there even after the drugs.  The problem has and will always be UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan/Agong.  Until things change for a better Malaysia, this theory holds true.  All for the sake of preserving a racist UMNO race dominant position + some scums from other race willing to be bribed and sign off their own social contract FRAUD.   

What MCA & MIC sign with UMNO is their own individual doing and not Appplicable to the rest of Malaysian.  NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO SIGN ON YOUR BEHALF UNLESS YOU AGREE!!  Don't live in fear, live in freedom and Authority of knowledge!! 60% of Malaysia did not vote UMNO-BN barang naik in GE13 so why don't UMNO-BN do the REAL SOCIAL CONTRACT and step down from governing Malaysia.  The rakyat have SACKED UMNO-BN but UMNO-BN wants to Rule Malaysia for another 5 years claiming they are popular like Gadaffi, President Assad or KIM of N. Korea........  When a government cheat, kills, lies to its people for 56 years, there is no more civil contract.  The only civil contract available is to sack UMNO-BN from government.  An illegal UMNO-BN government without proper support + all the ills, crime, sham, scam, INJUSTICE must be TOPPLED.

The Agong/Sultan will not do it for Rakyat Malaysia.  So don't HOPE for this ILLUSION and DELUSION.  Suara Rakyat, Suara KERAMAT.  The voice of the people is the VOICE of POWER.  When injustice becomes LAW, Resistance is duty!!

Keep reporting all minor/major crime to the Police and record the session discreetly with your smart phone.  Any smart remarks from the junior/senior police...Youtube it and let it go VIRAL on the internet!!

Everything Bad that happens to Malaysian we blame UMNO-BN.....Like the tragedy of boat in Sarawak.  Scumbags after Billions of corruption money keeping Sarawakians in the medieval times like 1930s.  What development??  Don't expect anything when a Pandemic occurs in Malaysia.  UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong will leave first and secure their safety ahead of Rakyat Malaysia. 
Anything Good that happens to rakyat Malaysia is a Give Thanks to God/Allah!!

Stuff UMNO-BN racist and the Sultan/Agong ruling elite.....nothing will improve with this Lot for another 60 years.....They are there to make misery of Malaysian!!

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