Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Adam Adli Abdul Halim - Solidarity - Lets show our support and continue the Disrupt...disrupt....dsirupt

Every Rally,vigil and crack down now is another NAIL into UMNO-BN coffin....UBAH!!  PDRM thinks they can hide behind Zahid Hamidi arrogance.  Any deaths, injuries will now be an injury to Zahid Hamidi family and associates and UMNO-BN + Police.

We cannot allow a peaceful gathering of support to be shown as violence against police.  Police are there to maintain law and order.  If any of you have been hit or abused by police, lodge a police report as you would lodge a police report on petty crime ALL OVER Malaysia.  Note the ID, take photo and you tube or pass it to me here!!

Crime have been increasing since the GE13.  Home invasion, house break ins, robbed at roadside, snatch thief, car jacking, car accident sham(where someone lodge a police report against you for accident on a DUPLICATE number plate and while you are somewhere else)......the security UMNO-BN gives for voting them in??#$%^&*!!  Vote UMNO-BN for Security or more TERRORISM against rakyat??? #%#  Meanwhile war is still going on in Sabah against UMNO-Sulu Terrorist!!

Keep lodging a police report everyday 60% of rakyat Malaysia to show the Sham UMNO-BN government is out of touch and out of control.  We will descend and make sure you suffer the same misery that rakyat Malaysia have faced for 56 years.  Lodge EVERY Petty crime as police report and DON'T be put off by the trouble the juniors or IGP will try to Deny you that RIGHT!!

Is is not about youth, anger against UMNO racist......its about LEGITIMACY and INEQUALITY in the implementation of rule and law.  Meanwhile Sultan/Agong approves of all these actions taken by police, FRU, MACC, UMNO-BN for 56 years.  Keep that in the back if your head when you are in the most dire need of moral support, solidarity, foo, survival.....See who are those at your side supporting you.

Don't continue to live in the illusion that magically some Sultan/Agong or Rulers + Royalty or Ruling Elite or UMNO-BN cronies will come to support you.  According to these scums, your FREEDOM needs to be controlled and stifled while at the same time playing stories of how much UMNO-BN + Sultan / Agong loves you in the Media with those PHOTO Oportunity.  Let me guess....handicapped, orphanage, disaster victims.....and after that photo sessions they are never seen.

UBAH .... Kali ini LAH and Mengikut suka hati dan Masa Rakyat!!  Change we must at the whims and fancy of 60% rakyat Malaysia.

Evil ...we must DEFEAT - Yoda!!

..and UMNO-BN +IGP+Zahid+Hissap+Najib+ Sultan/Agong are called the Sith Lord!!  Semua buat tak tahu Malaysia dalam gejala Crisis korrupsi, illusi-delusi, bunuh, jenayah..dan lain lain di sini sana!!

Slowly move money out of local banks.......crisis is coming....Malaysia seleuruh lapisan pentabiran TAK BOLEH DIPERCAYAI!!  Every UMNO-BN government instrument CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!

KEEP up the PETRONAS and ALL UMNO Racist company BOYCOTT !! Link

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