Thursday, May 23, 2013

Before Election - I Love Najib.... After Election Najib HATE Rakyat....

Only a UMNO-BN government bankrupt of ideas and a better Malaysia continue their threats and terrorism to the rakyat Malaysia on the Freedom they seek and want.  Everyday its about rakyat to follow the Law and the UMNO-BN scumbags above the LAW #$%^&!    Everyday on media is about warning and threats.  Sorry...its not working and we continue to gather for Ceramah, Rally, Bersama Rakyat!!!

UMNO-BN Racist threats are falling on Deft Ears and that is a continuous warning to an ILLEGITIMATE Formed Government based on Election SHAM, CHEAT and Lies.  White House was being Diplomatic on calling it Irregularities.  An Indelible INK that is NOT indelible is NOT irregularities.  It is down right cheat and the ENTIRE Election Should be Declared Null and Void.  White House have also lost their moral radar with their non intervention to end Syria Terrorist President Assad.  Take out the Air Power of Assad and see the regime crumble like Libya.

Back to Malaysia, if the KPI of the EC/SPR is indelible INK, then its an EPIC FAIL!  What did the Agong do??  Did they vote??  Did they DIP their finger into the ink as Required by Law??  They did not and its no wonder these Sultan /Agong is having such a Disconnect to the Anger of the Rakyat.  Keep supporting UMNO-BN racist with your Racist agenda like when you sacked Singapore and be the Dominant Race+Religion.  Allah did not Bless Malaysia and Padan muka your Entire Malaysia GDP is less than tiny Singapore.  Hard to imagine but TRUE!!

We continue to support Adam Adli.  We will give UMNO and especially that Scum Zahid Hamidi and family a kind warning to start planning your escape route.  You are the subject of the people because we voted you in to govern and NOT threaten an terrorised us like your UMNO-Sulu Army.  Should We take up ARMS before you start your BINCANG/Discussion like you did to the Sulu-UMNO sponsored terrorist??  Is this how your ideology of Peace Works??#$%^&!

Meanwhile what kind of sick religion of peace did that murderous act in London??  Hacking a person because he is supporting a charity that supports soldiers handicapped by the war they were in.  UMNO-BN racist be warned, your type of terrorism will NOT grow roots in Malaysia.  We the Rakyat will DISRUPT MALAYSIA RELENTLESSLY until you YIELD to the Freedom that rakyat seeks.

Everyday, everyone should apply for a permit to Rally and Bangkit Bantah.......that is enough to keep the UMNO-BN + Perkakas PDRM busy in wondering which would turn into the TOPPLING of UMNO-BN.

No jobs, barang naik, high cost of living, tol, High petrol,  ......  APA LAGI CELAKA UMNO-BN Mahu??

Fairness is when no one is made to live in everyone have their own dignity no matter what status they are in society.  In Malaysia, UMNO-BN+Sultan/Agong have TOTALLY disregarded the DIGNITY of the Rakyat for 56 years.  The election process, the media, the law, the religion have been used to make Malaysia live in Misery!!

Rise up and DEFY!! DISRUPT!!

When Injustice becomes Law, RESISTANCE is DUTY!!

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