Friday, May 17, 2013

Start applying for Police Permit for gathering EVERYDAY until 2020!!

This sham of 10 days Notice to police is a SHAM $%^&*.

UMNO-BN Never need to, Sultan don't need but anyone else like 60% of Rakyat Malaysia must apply.

We can Apply and NOT conduct any Ceramah or gathering but suprise the Police and FRU on a Daily Basis.  Lodge one Daily for the next 10 days until 2020.  Stupid Laws needs to dumb down!!

This is the disrupt, disrupt and be a DISRUPTOR.

Rakyat Bangkit BANTAH Zahid Hamidi and ask him to Resign.  Bantah Sultan/Agong di not TEGUR Him....

Bantah ..bantah...bantah sampai UMNO-BN Mampus dan dikuburkan...

.Kali Ini Lah!!

Every election held by UMNO -BN is to Legitimise the SHAM, SCAM, and illusion-Delusion Democracy we have.....

Rakyat have every right to Bangkit Bantah...turun Jalanraya or even SEPARATE OUT of Malaysia via autonomy with Selangor, Penang and Kelantan......  EVERY RIGHT with 2/3 majority in Parliamen.....seditious to some but as a point of law is ALL Possible!!  We want to LEAVE MALAYSIA ala Zahid Hamidi Style.  Thank you for that suggestion!!

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