Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Sickness in malaysia Media, law and order...Ideology.......Boycott Malaysia Goods until UMNO-BN is obliterated!!

Recently, the Rape and marriage of a minor in Sabah by a 40 year old muslim.  That minor life of 13 year old is decimated for the rest of her life.  Raped at 12 year old 6 months. Name sake trying to justify main "suka sama suka" ... name sake legally ok in islam Syriah/Kopran ....but the reality is that this scum is a peadofile.  The worst is that the father of the minor agreed to have the marriage solemnised as a valid Islamic marriage.  This is the sickness of the Islamic Syriah laws or whatever laws in Malaysia.  That muslim malay man now is giving HELL to the girl.  Yet in this sick media and laws of the jungle and Islam Laws this is ok.  Under Syriah Law he should be charged as KHALWAT.  Under secular law that is an offence with an underage girl.  Where the hell is the Islamic brigade of Moral justice to take this SCUM to its limit and Hang him??  Lets hope the Agong and Sultan little girls nieces all get raped and be married off to the rapist.  Yes I am provoking seditius sentiments.  That is what happens when Murder, Rape and Injustice is not Dealt with DECISIVELY!  Hope that 40 year old man dies quickly in a freak accident!!

Then in the same media they report the happiness of another couple ....girl 14 year old and husband 20 year old whose parents on both sides were happy with their marriage.  The girl went on to say that she is happy and likes to cook.  Both agree that they are not going to start a family yet until they are more established.

Seems like some Scums in the media or Malaysia Brain washing department trying to show how marriage to underage girls is fine and kosher under Islamic law and rules as long as there is agreement.  This is the sickness of Islam and I wish these Paedofile would be put in the lock up forever.  Don't expect the Sultan, Agong and Mullah, Mufti and defender of Islam to change anything.  Their is a game of time and they think time heals.   Never mind the Hell the 13 year old is going thru.  If Sabah was autonomous and you Sack Malaya...this sort of SHAM and SCAM would not exist.  That man would be sent to jail for 15 years as a paedofile and hope he rots there.  But that is only wishful thinking because those scums PBS Munafiq Christian want to main suka suka with UMNO-BN.  This are the injustice when WE ALLOW UMNO-BN to run this $hit Malaysia.

I am incest and angry and these scumbags in UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong+ EC/SPR+ Syriah+Judiciary+NRD are ALL Stuffed!!  Continue the anger and disrupt all things UMNO-BN.  You are supporting this SICK Logic and that is Crime against that little girl and HER DIGNITY!!

She was coerced and force to accept the marriage to save face for family and Islam and because money can change hands like the ex-Malacca Menteri Besar raped a minor and caused Lim Guan Eng who brought the issues up a stint of 2 Years jail for SEDITONS!!!..

Just imagine ...spare a thought...your daughter after being raped and coerced to marry the rapist....for the rest of her life. 

Where are the alternatives for that girl?  Where is the justice and education for that girl?  Where is the coercion/education to the girl that this man is EVIL and what he did was Illegal under ALL Laws??  How many 13 year old can comprehend the other alternative in seeing that man in jail, she given education, opportunity to pursue her dreams....etc....and what about her DIGNITY??

Malaysia economy must go to Hell and we bring these Scums to justice!!....  Sabahans & Sarawakians need to sack Malaya NOW to create a better country than the Malaysian Sham justice, election or law and order.  No point really sticking with MALAYA.  SACK Malaya Now!!  ABU UBAH KELUAR - Kali Ini Lah!!

WE DON"T have to be ROMANTICS to this sort of Injustice!! disgusted, angry and DISRUPT ALL UMNO-BN run malaysia justice it Syriah or Secular!!

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