Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Vote for Change, Undi Untuk Ubah - 56 Years of One party Rule is Dictatorship....warning Singapore!!

We vote to make our leaders to represent our Interest. Not like UMNO-PBS-PBB-BN that continue to be racist bigots in the name of Allah, Royalty, Race, Royalty, Religion, Corruption, Education, poverty and misery.

We vote to expect to have 12 Singapore states and therefore 12 time GDP larger than Singapore and not Singapore GDP to be larger than Malaysia.  With S$1 Singapore Dollar = MYR$0.35 cents.  What happend there?  @#$%#  ASK YOURSELF, WOULD YOU WANT UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB to Manage your money??  $1 Trillion Ringgit is Malaysian Total Debt!!  This will make Malaysian poor, struggle in misery, save but FORCED to spend and be poor again.

Forced to send children overseas to the tune of $300,000 ringgit for the duration of their 3-4 years course....While UMNO-PBS-PBB-BN children gets the free scholarship, funded by tax payers to make you stupid, angry and helpless.  END This CIRCLE of MISERY on 5 May 2013, Create Your Story of HISTORY -ABU -ABCD!  GET OUT of UMNO-PBS-PBB-BN Slavery Rat Race!

Like these Chinese Schools Exams that is recognised overseas universities BUT NOT in MALAYA.  What the Hell is this??#$%^&#.  Yet forcing all who follow Malaysia 2-year STPM to virtually DIE at that exam while UMNO-PBB-PBS-BN + Sultan leaders children gets the short-cut of Matriculation in one year and then straight to local and overseas UNI with again tax payers funded scholarship.....+ cheating leak of exams papers.... on top of taking those tax payers NFC, PKFZ, MAS, Bank Bumi, Submarine, Sabah/Sarawak land deals, logging...etc corruption money.  I mean how greedy can these SCUMBAGS of UMNO-PBS-PBB-BN + Sultan get to make citizen rakyat Malaysia ANGRIER by the day!! #$%^&*#. End 55 years of UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS Greed on 5th May!!  Why are we condemning so many youth to STPM 2 year torture and some special can complete in one year Matriculation!!  That itself is the inept and incompetence of UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS Evil education the War Against UMNO-SULUs Terrorist Islamic Jihadist friends.

Yet they think by doing an Umrah, go to temple, church and these Scumbags can walk out and RE-DO their EVIL!!  Nothing has changed and nothing will Change UNLESS YOU VOTE 4 CHANGE!  Its as simple as ABCD!!

Nothing gets me more than this Stupid back to Bahasa Malaya from English.  We saw the damage done in the 70s and now repeated in the 2013........all in the name of glorifying a race an UMNO Munafiq Islam Cult Melayu Race.  Now unemployment high for so many UMNO graduates, yet if the graduates don't realise that their KULIT FICATION(kulit is colour of skin) cannot get them a job, then they just have to blame UMNO brand of education direction.  Notice it has led you to generation of misery because suddenly ALL talking importance of English.  So UMNO educate you in malay, shout the greratnees of Munafiq UMNO cult malay language/culture, can be a major language in the world, YET UMNO-Sultan Munafiq Islam cult team keeps sending their children to private English International schools on $5000-8000 ringgit per month schools, then to universities, then to come back and be Manager of petronas, Banks, MAS, Felda....while you on local education still looking for jobs.

If Malays cannot cope with English then send for tuition.  If Bumi Non Malays cannot cope with BM, we go tuition. UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS-Sultan likes stupid poor command of English Malaysian in case you bring your case of Crime against humanity to UN.....publish in blog...tell the world to Boycott Malaysia under UMNO, on the Internet.

Vote For a Level playing field....everyone with the same level of education.....not some in the advantage language(english) while others disadvantage language(bahasa M).  With English you can go overseas and migrate if you don't like Malaysia.  Go to Singapore, Australia, England, USA, Canada.....with Bahasa you can migrate to Indonesia.....good luck there!!

Every General Election is important for Change.  Without ABU, ABCD...the will be NO CHANGE in Malaysia.  That is the 5 more years of UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB suffering & slavery.  Work, but pay not enough to pay for higher tol, electricity, food, GST, education, internet subscription.......ALL things that make you beggers and slaves to UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB DRIP FEED LOVE!!

Vote DAP-STAR in Sabah for state seats and PAS, DAP, PKR for Federal seats.  Win-win to HAVE the OPPORTUNITY to create a New SABAH for Singaporeans and Malaysian to Migrate!!!! ABU - ABCD!!

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