Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Islam Mutant strand of thinking is not applicable in this world anymore...No need to be romantics to the EVIL of islamics agendas in schools and all their Sharia-hudud as Law for Malaysian.... Go to hell and REJECT this Leg Amputation Islamic Laws and Ideology!!...UPDATE...Now Kid is Dead...Go to Hell UMNO-PAS IS Islam Sultan-Agong Coronation defender of EVIL Islam!!

We need to unite and reject the barbarism of  Islam UMNO-PAS Sharia-hudud Crap approved by Sultan-agong -govenor IS racist Terrorist.  We must continue to defend the freedom of speech, and allowed to think and Condemn all EVIL acts of ISLAM regardless of what it does to the religion!!  Islamic Religious Atrocities starts when a Nation embark on some form of Sharia - hudud islamic laws....  Look back the days when Sharia was implemented in Malaysia....Malaysia has gone back to the Barbaric and Degraded Despotic and Kleptocrqacy ways....  For Crying out Loud the Entire Nation GDP is Less than Singapore tiny island....even with the Golden years of High Crude oil and natural resources.....Malaysia will NEVER prosper in the Same form and State...ONLY 12 NEW Separated District can give hope to each State Nation to emerge like Singapore...and a stronger Dollar...DITCH THE Malay Islam Racist RINGGIT!!
The Islam Mutant strand of thinking is not applicable in this world anymore...No need to be romantics to the EVIL of islamics agendas in schools and all their Sharia-hudud as Law for Malaysian....  Go to hell and REJECT this Leg Amputation Islamic Laws and Ideology!!

Mind you this Child legs was amputated 36 days ago and reported in Star on 21 April 2017 but the person was arrested on 24 April 2017........and now people are coming out telling the punishing attact they suffered at that Religious Schools.  Thanks to pressure Internet, more news and crime against humanity of Children are coming out now.......Unfortunately got the news that this child has Died!  Its murder now!....Close down the islam religious Schools and get the principal and all those in the Murder Criminal ENTERPRISE in Kota Tinggi - Johor Islam Religious School!! and tokenism Najib UMNO Bangsat Negara on the Agong coronation day giving some cheap condolence!!  .>Go to hell  this IS Isalm Racist terrorist UMNo-PAs Sharia-hudud-JAIS-Jakim-MAIS-religious school... Ideological brain washing stuff.    Much like the attempted genocide of Orang Asli by UMNO-PAS Forestry and wild life officers to arrest Male only orang asli and denying legal representation.  Same scumbags who go around bashing Ulu Yam business man for allegation of  having unique pets in his compoundJust do like Najib and say I don't know and they all just appeared and I like to feed them!!

Just help the Non Islam orang Asli, indian, chinese, malays, kadazan, iban FIRST and Foremost before helping even a POOR Mutant Evil UMNO-PAS Sultan -Agong govenor sponsored IS Islam Malay leg amputation ideology!!

The Quran is like the UMNO_PAS 1 % Malays of Malaysia....  no credibility and trying to justify they were the first inhabitants of Malaysia.....  It will be when ALL Orang Asli are being Genocided by the 1 % Malays UMNO-PAS Scumbags with approval from Sultan-Agong-Govenor of malay muslim race only. Time to End this Racist terrorist Agenda Crpa and create new 12 Nations....  Let the fake 9 sultan fight for 2 Islamic State in langkawi and Kelantan and establish their Kalifah state in their own little mind!!

So we now need to continue our Boycott of Petronas, Telecom, Halal Food and ALL Local Banks who have donated to this Islamic Religious Schools and also to UMNO-PAS for promoting Evil Acts against Children.  Stop buying petrol from locally UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara owned petrol station!!  ABU ...UBAH..SACK UMNO from Sabah- Sarawak then Sack achieve the Wealth and Success and Safety like Singapore...the isreal way!!

Go and Investigate all UMNO-PAS - Sultan-Agong Govenor IGP, Army Chief  palace and residential Luxury for Dengue Breeding and Fine all of them.  I can gurantee all government abandon projects also infested with mosquito breeding and don't just target residential housing and doing your CORRUPTION Sham!

Islamic schools teaches COMPLETE INTOLERANCE....Period...What Do you Expect from this ttype of Ideology , teaching and outcome 20 years later.....  Malay Born Islam, Wear Shirt and tudung to Respect Muslim Customs...Forget Malay Culture of Joget, Wau Biulan , gasing..etc..>GO TO HELL celaka 1 %  melayu UMNO_PAS sultan Agong-govenor Melayu IS Racist terrorist Radical Islam

United Nation and CIA and Russia and China Investigating if Malaysia Had Supplied Syria Presidnet Assad or IS ISlam the Nerve Vx Chemical weapons obtained from Northe Korea and being the middle man...... Malaysia is Doomed Economically.....Get rid of Ringgit now before the Collapse and International Boycott of Malaysia supporting Genocide like they are doing to the Orang Asli in Kelantan and Penans.... when only Male are imprisoned in Kelantan....the Sickness of UMNO-PAS IS ISLAM Bangsat Neraga Terrorist Racist Muslim Agenda is at work with FULL Approval from Sultan-agong-govenor IGp and Army Chief of Muslim Malay race.... We must voice out and fight EVIL...there is No other Choice.... ABU UBAH..Fight Until 12 New district happens...Enough of the UMNO-PAS sultan-agong-govenor melayu Jakim-Sharia-Jais-Mais IS Islam Ideological Nonsense...Islam is EVIL and All coming from Koran!!

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Nerve Gas Vx used in Syria apparently been supplied by Rouge Nation Malaysia Via north Korea...UN Must investigate Presence of Nerve Vx Gas in Malaysia supplied by Rouge Nation North Korea!!

Malaysia is now seen as the possible "Go Between Nation" of supplying nerve Vx Gas to Syria Assad Racist terrorist Genocide regime.  The recent murder of Kim Jong Num brother to North Korea psycho President Kim was just a "TRANSACTION" to prove to Syrian President that the source of Supply from Malaysia is a legitimate substance he is looking for.  

All thes Diplomatic SHAM and Acting is just to tell the world that Malaysia is not part of this EVIL Criminal Enterprise.  its like trying to cover up the corruption of the UMNO-PAS Corruption and Attempted Genocide of Kelantan Orang asli.... like the 1MDB murder, killing, C4, IS ISlam hudud Bill...all kinds of Games being played to DIVERT ALLMalaysian gets to suffer economic DOOM...thanks to Sultan-Agong condoning these EVIL Acts and Part of the Criminal Genocide Enterprise!!

Malaysia Malay muslim IS Fighters have been trained in North Korea and Malaysia to use this nerve Vx substance used in Syria and are the same people now capable of deploying the same Chemical attack in Syria in April 2017 in Syria.  The same UMNO-PAS Muslim malays are covering up their own terrorist kind in order to gain favorable support from the muslim dominated adminstration across Malaysia.  Malaysia is becoming an Islamic rouge nation like Syria, Afganistan, Libya, Turkey....and ALL MUST BE DONE TO BREAK MALAYSIA UP TO 12 NEW DISTRICT.  Let the 9 sultan then fight among themselves to control 2 most IS ISlam Nothern States.  The IS Islam terrorist can then use their power to help fight Thailand and Burma bad treatment of EVIL Islam.....just like giving islam an inch in sabah-Sarawak.....the UMNO-PAS Sultan-agong -govenor melayu support of IS Islam from Phillipines Sulu, Abu Sayaf thinks there is mutual benefit for Future needs.....Just like giving Nerve gas from North Korea to Syria Assad will give malaysia UMNO-PAS IS ISlam radical terrorist Police/Army an advantage should civil war break out in Malaysial!!

Malaysia is also on the path of Attempted Orang Asli Genocide in Kelantan because they do not want to embrace the Sub-servant bowing to IS ISLAM Hudud PAS Bangsat Negara Scumbag!!  All this being done in the watchful eye and Approval of the Council of Rulers and the Current King of Malaysia who is also from Kelantan.  Malaysia must wake up to all the hidden agenda, Report Diversion, Flase Flag, Fake News Created by UMNO-PAS local Media and Hoax.

Hadi PAS also support UMNO Malay MP, Former sharia judge Datuk Shabudin Yahaya under RU355 Rape victims should marry their rapists...and this Sharia Acts is condone by 1% Melayu UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara with Sultan-agong-govenor Melayu Celaka.......Now we know where UMNO-PAS bangsat Negara IS ISlam Agenda comes from with sultan-agong-govenor IS Islam racist terrorist approval.... lawan tetap HELL With IS ISlam UMNO-PAS EVIL Criminal Agenda for Malaysia!! 

Malaysia hansard 4th April with the MP Answer to DAP MP on Page 81 onwards.....   No Lies, no misinterpretation...just a claim by a Sharia judge Mental State who is NOW MP, who wants Sharia Dominace in malaysia Trashed Laws.....Go to Hell Radical racist  Islam terrorist IS ISLAM UMNO_PAS + sultan-agong-council of Rulers...

Maka sekiranya ada apa-apa peraturan undang-undang yang boleh menghukum orang yang merogol, maka undang-undang rogol itu boleh dijalankan. Akan tetapi dalam masa yang sama, dia tidak mengganggu sekiranya pasangan itu diputuskan ataupun dipersetujui untuk berkahwin kerana tidak salah seorang gadis di bawah umur 16 tahun bersabit dengan rogol, dia berkahwin dengan orang yang merogolnya. Itu dari segi undang-undang perkahwinan tidak ada apa-apa kesalahan. Akan tetapi kesalahan yang berlaku di sini ialah orang yang merogol itu. Merogol seorang gadis di bawah umur 16 tahun, itu adalah satu isu lain, isu jenayah yang mana orang yang berkenaan boleh dan memang sepatutnya pun dikenakan apa-apa peraturan yang telah dikuatkuasakan di dalam negara kita...

Keep your Stupid Islam private and don't Burden society with your EVIL like assad using Vx Chemical Weapons again obtained from malaysia Via Supply from North Korea to Malaysia.....that Murder act on Kim Jon Nam was just a Demo to prove to Assad that Malaysia supplied Vx is good quality....and sultan-agong-council of rulers UMNO-PAS approve this Genocide attemp EVIL acts..... just like the attempt on native Orang Asli...Fight we must against UMNO-pAS Bangsat Negara Scumbags!!

Do ANYTHING YOU CAN TO CRASH MALAYSIA ECONOMY AND AVOID USING THE RINGGIT LIKE A PLAGUE!!  No foreign exchangers want to keep Ringgit...the buy and Sell is like 0.70-90 cents difference....while other currency are only 0.03- 0.09 cents spread!!  WAKE UP TO THE DISCREPENCIES and DON'T Ever support the IS ISLAM Genocide Regime of 1%  melayu celaka  UMNO-PAS  + sultan-agong-IGP-Army Chief-AG, Chief Justice, council of rulers, Sharia, Jakim, Jais, and all those Islamic terrorist NGO!!

No Islam Bias nation or Administration is any good in ANY part of this World...Speaks volume why we need to Tolerate the ISLAM hudud Sharia Bias UMNO-PAS Regime in Malaysia!!