Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4 More Days.....Pahatkan PERUBAHAN Sekarang!! Make History, TODAY!! - ABU!!

Malaysian Needs to CARVE UP HISTORY - ABU - ABCD -Anything BUT Cap Dacing!!

Indelible Ink not indelible(what Crap is this@#$%#), Phantom voters, votes Inside Ballot box, Project EC/SPR throwing in those unused ballots paper into ballot boxes after closing.  No national debate on TV.  This is Dictatorship.  NOT Democracy!! More volunteers needed for observers.  Please go check with PAS, DAP, PKR.


So if you are the first to cast a ballot, see if the ballot box is empty or already 1/4 full of votes!!

If we have MANY reports that ballots boxes were 1/4 Full and you being the first to cast a vote, then we know Project EC/SPR in full swing.  Sufficient criteria in my opinion to Turun Jalan Raya, kuburkan UMNO-BN melalui REVOLUSI.

Harap Polis dan Tentera pangkat rendah yang tahu mana EC/SPR simpan kotak undi, bakar semua kertas undi Hantu dan hilangkan kotak undi Hina Rakyat/Allah!!

Make no mistake that if this election is the dirtiest, the next will be dirtier and dirtier as long as UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS is in power.  Each generation of leaders afraid of losing will continue to cheat to win for another 5 corruption and enrich family years.  That is not Democracy, that is DICTATORSHIP!!  Similar to Gadaffi Libya, Syria, Myanmar, North Korea, Zimbabwe.  Reflect if you want Malaysia to stay like these country OR Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Japan...etc.  We CANNOT FIX MALAYSIA with the same corruption tools/process/ideology in place.

Syria Cannot be Fix with those Murderous Assad Supporters in Place.  No solution except Assad removal.  Malaysia cannot be fix, cannot be like Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia with those UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS scums leaders/supporters in place.   No solution except UMNO-BN Removal from Malaysia....thus ABU.

Its been getting worst for 55 years.  Make no mistake.  Malaysia held up by progress and demand of our resources by China, Japan, USA, Britain, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Europe for 55 years.  By right there should be $500 Billion in Surplus, Fast train from Singapore to Thailand, MRT in EVERY Capital Cities INCLUDING Sabah/Sarawak, Cheap Great Cars.  Yet in those best of years Malaysia is in Debt by $1 Trillion, we don't have 12 Singapore despite the size of Langkawi.  We have DIGNITY of Iban, Kadazan, Orang Asli Insulted by the greed of UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS........#$%^&*#  Do something right this time by Voting STAR-DAP in Sabah State Election and PAS, DAP, PKR in ALL Federal seats to Right the Wrong in Malaysia.. I beg of you!! That is the BEST you can do to help the poor and disadvantage!! ...AND SEND those SCUMS of UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS into jail. Too numerous to name!! Malaysia soccer is also in the same scrap heap of inept incompetence SHAM!!  Sports is not that important.  Who cares.  But Leaders of the country who make life a slave/misery for citizen rakyat Malaysia must be Obliterated!!

Sabahans can have 90% of oil to build MRT, Fast train, English education, Toyota, BMW,VW.....etc for 50% less than what it is. Nothing is too hard with the Unique Constitution you have.  Sack Malaya today, Tomorrow I start the Singapore 2 Dream!!...Believe it! Vote STAR-DAP in Sabah State Election and PAS, DAP, PKR in ALL Federal seats!!   ABU SAMPAI Mati!!  

Mat Kilau Bersedia with Disrupt, disrupt disrupt UMNO-BN tools!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Only hope to bring back English as medium of education is vote PAS, DAP, PKR!!...UBAH - Ini Kali LAH!!1

Scrap that stupid Muhiddin Dunggu reversion back to Bahasa malaya. This STUPID Education minister is a reflection of UMNO-BN inept and incompetence management of country.  Like the handling of Sulu War with Sabahans.  We need to retire him and send him to Jail for making another generation of children stupid and dumbed down.   Let him taste some prison food for condemning generations of children and adults to their ineptness and incompetence WITH EVIL Intent!  Everyone knows these Scumbags of UMNO Racist, their cronies and Sultan/Agong ALL, I mean ALL these UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB-Sultan scumbags send their children to International schools and overseas ENGLISH college/universities on tax payers money to be educated in English!....and Rosmah given $2 Billion Ringgit for Permata(some Autism outfit)...what for?? for cincin, birkin, holiday house, NFC, yatch,?  ABU - UBAH and let them taste prison food for the rest of their life!!  This is UMNO-BN gangnam style trick to Malaysia...patrons of handicapped but SAPU those money.  Some patrons of Cows/Lembu and SAPU the money in the name of islam and umrah later!!  UMNO-BN is patrons of malaysia and SAPU ALL those money.  Don't let these Parasites insult Christianity, Hinduism, Buddism, Islam or any religion this way anymore.  ABU- UBAH- Keluar!!

This is the Scumbag UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB way of making their own children, relatives and connected to have competitive edge, while other malaysian humans condemn to the scrap heap of UMNO-BN brand of  drip feed Love.  The kind that demand your once in 5 year vote to further condemn you for another 5 year of misery under the guise of Racist progress.  Racist progress means the moment you question the usefullness of Bahasa it means the challenge to malay culture, king and islam.  We have the power to end this sickness on 5 May.  we need 100% Malaysian ABU....ABCD - anything but cap dacing.... a tree, an elephant and whatever is better than a dacing!!

Don't make it a 60 years UMNO-BN rule.  After sacking Singapore, only Sabah/Sarawakians with State control can SACK malaya.  That is the power of Sabah/Sarawak constitution and as soon as UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB scums get a whiff of that intention, they will want to change your constitution to serve UMNO-Sulu Islamic jihadist terrorist.  No Allah!!  There are scums in society(from all walks of race and religion) who will gladly take the $$$$$$ in the name of representing the race/religion.  Hope they rot in Hell with their money and a thousands curses to their families who benefited from their crime.

War still going on in Sabah.  How long more does it take to Hang / Gantung those UMNO-Sulu Terrorist caught?  Stop Lying only 35 shot dead....UMNO Army Chief.  Those in malaya who holds a gun without license is hung but in Sabah, there is room for discussion/bincang on HOW MANY project IC is needed for UMNO-Sulu supporters???#$%^kepala otak bincang!  Kat Malaysia sesiapa yang ada senapang tanpa license akan digantung.  Kat Sabah sesiapa yang ada senapang boleh bincang!! #$%^& binatang!  What kind of Crap Justice is this.  UMNO-PBS-Sulu have insulted those dead police and army in order to solidify their hold on Sabah!  Sabahans can TERRORISE UMNO-PBS-BN-Sulu by voting STAR-DAP on ALL state seats and PAKATAN on Federal seats.  UNDI DAP-STAR bagi ADUN, dan Pakatan untuk Kerusi Parlimen.  Win-Win and SABAH ABU Style!!  If UMNO only bincang with Gun Holders then we need to seriously consider this option to manage our own security.

The racist ideology of UMNO-BN+ Sultan is similar to Kim Jong Il of North Korea.  Make Malaysian stupid, fearful and DEPENDENT on UMNO-BN+Sultan+Sulu Terrorist+ Thailand jihadist for security and safety.   For 55 years all local media have been singing one tune of UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB + Sultan greatness.  Ask yourself how come GDP of Malaysia is less than Singapore in 2012/13.  Than means a country about Langkawi size have more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ than entire Malaysia? @$%^& COMBINED!  How come malaysia don't have 13 Singapore is the question we need to ask these parasites of UMNO-PBS-PBB-Agong -Sultan Malaysia...  What Reason you Scum sacked Singapore?? Don't insult our inteliigence with your brand of Evil Ideology of Racism and misery!!

Which Scumbags of UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB-Sultan-Agong + relatives + children have those money gone to for 55 years??....and use enough $$$$$$$ to control the police and army chiefs

Every human no matter what status they hold in society have dignity,  UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB-Sultan-Agong have NO Right whatsoever to insult that DIGNITY.  That dignity is respected by Allah/God and who gave you the right to insult that human dignity of Malaysian with your illogical racist money grabbing ideology??  For the Ruling elite, it is for your sake to Respect that DIGNITY given to Malaysian.....for Allah/God can end your life tomorrow and rot in Hell or Raise an Army of Malaysian to Obliterate you like Gadaffi and President Assad and hopefully President Kim of N. Korea or Pol Pot!!

UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB-Sultan-Agong have supported the Bullying of Iban Native Land titles...55 years.  Where is the Dignity in that??  UBAH - Ini Kali Lah!!

Don't forget to Boycott that For San Yum Char in Ipoh cos that is NOW owned by Jelapang Hee ex-DAP who helped UMNO+Sultan Munafiq Perak Islam Shah do their Evil deeds.  Boycott also that Crap Sekinchan Ikan Bakar all over.  In fact KFC, Pizza hut, Starbucks...etc and those Berjaya Sham or UMNO franchaise SHAM - Boycott!! 

So sad ... so much of Malaysian future resting on this election....win -lose-or No Ubah....I will continue to fight until UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB is Obliterated.  That is the Mat Kilau Dream against these Scumbags and parasites of society..!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Choice of Barang Naik (BN-Dacing) or PRICE REDUCE (PAKATAN RAKYAT-PAS,DAP, PKR)!!...UBAH!!

6 Days - Sabah & Sarawakians can Change malaysia and Rewrite History.

Start by voting ALL STAR/DAP candidates in the state level in SABAH.

Vote Pakatan in all Federal Parliamentary seats.  WIN WIN and for a future opportunity & insurance!!

KICK UMNO-BN-PBS-SAPP-PBB out of Malaysia and live to see the SCUMS in Jail sooner before you die.  Right the wrong that UMNO racist did by making Malaysia a PARIAH country and not like Singapore.  Send a BIG SLAP in Perak towards the Sultan Munafiq Islam Shah!!   If the Sultan don't swear you in, just walk into the State Parliament and start governing.  Sack those UMNO workers there who made it HELL for you to make Democracy work.  Demand Perak Police to be transferred to Langkawi!!

When you take the state you can do what Mohd Taib of Sarawak did to his own family for ALL SABAHANS and more.  Far more than you ever imagine to get the engine of NEW migration destination for Malaysian. The power of Sabah/Sarawak constituion is something hidden from Sabahans / Sarawakians.  USE it to SACK Malaya!!

Sabahans & Sarawakians need to stop these UMNO racist ideology and carve one for yourself.

Initially Malaya was TANAH ORANG ASLI.  These scum of UMNO Sack Singapore and called it Tanah melayu.  Soon Sabah/Sarawak will be tanah melayu and not careful, your generation of ownership, hunting land is tanah melayu UMNO-Sulu Islam terrorist Cult.  If you don't play to UMNO racist games they will start a war via the Sulu Terrorist.  Take up the guns, arrows and as one, Sabahans needs to overrun and OBLITERATE the UMNO-Sulu-Islamic jihadist terrorist Alliance.

From Tanah melayu UMNO gave melayu UMNO FREE land in the name of development and collected the difference in Billions of Ringgit.   With the money they buy the malay love, islam love, mca love, mic love and orang asli, kadazan, iban love.#$%^!  What the crap is wrong with these people sacrificing all these FAKE LOVE and condemn your generation to poverty and misery!!

IF Taib and UMNO can do this with the land titles, Sabah, Sarawakians and Orang Asli can also take power and do the same to benefit themselves and the Rakyat.  Extinguish all OLD UMNO racist Laws and these UMNO-PBB-PBS-BN scums Family and relative Net worth drop Dramatically.   To quicken Justice, SACK malaya and extinguish these UMNO-Taib-BN ownership of land in Sabah -Sarawak!!  Swift Justice means these UMNO-PBB-PBS-BN scums can spend the rest of their lives in Jail.  Kick those Sulu terrorist out with or without malaya Armed Forces.  Do justice to the killed police and armed forces by driving these UMNO-Sulu terrorist back to malaya!!  They can have their BRAND of discussion and bincang and bombs and disagreement near all the Sultan or Agong Palace!!  What the hell have the Royalty do to improve Malaysia after sacking Singapore.?   Apart from continuing UMNO racist and fake greatness agenda!

Tanya sendiri, adakah awak dapat apa kebaikan dari sultan atau dari UMNO?? Buat apa sentiasa mohan maaf?  Dosa siapa bila hidup awak sengit dan sengsarra? Kos hidup tinggi, minyak, beras, electrik, air, kereta semua tinggi? Bukan takdir Allah awak hidup dihina manusia lain sampai tak cukup makan dan sentiasa idamkan hidup macam menteri2 UMNO, keluarga kaya mereka dan sultan2 serta keluarga mereka.  UBAH dan undi PAS, DAP, PKR untuk kebaikan awak, anak awak dan masa depan Malaysia.  55 tahun dah terlampau lama diHINA UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB!!

Sultan bermula dengan “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

Umno-bn-PBS racist use these Love to enrich themselves without regards of morality or fear of God or justice for 55 years.  It is time to end this Love of Evil of UMNO-BN_PBS.  In 6 days and beyond we need to CHANGE-UBAH.  Kalau tak UBAH, Macam mana tahu apa perubahan?  If you don't change, how do you measure what change is?  CHANGE to TASTE the Difference.

Friday, April 26, 2013

UTK used to Kill Custom #3 ? Increase Crime means UMNO-BN-PBS Security UPGRADE??#$%^&*

So more custom Top Brass getting killed on the instruction of UMNO Rosmah/Najib alliance because of $27 Million ringgit CINCIN /Ring matter.?  Are the Customs in custody of Billions of Gold Bars and ringgit ready to be shipped out in case UMNO-BN get Trashed Big time in GE13?  Or is this person going to speak 2-3 days before the election to REVEAL the MASSIVE outflow of UMNO-BN-PBS leaders corruption money from Malaysia like tons of USA dollars???  Last time another was killed by MACC via the normal modus operandi....jumping from windows. So trying to cover up all EVILS related to UMNO early in case there is CHANGE/UBAH.  Too late I think.  The fact that so MANY ARMY GENERALS in Pakatan and vying for MP Seats is an Assurance to USA, CIA. UN and the WORLD this is going to be a SMOOTH Transition.  From Chief of Navy, 3 & 4 stars generals....it seems ALL these Generals have seen some light on the EVILS of UMNO and Rakyat needs to support them to Change for Better Malaysia.

Until today the faces of the UTK who killed Altantuya not revealed and not asked to stand trial for the REASON and WHO instructed them to carry out this Murder with explosive.

Won't suprise me if some UTK or UMNO Perkakas go and kill Anwar, Lim Kit Siang or Hadi or Tok Guru in the days ahead because of the FEAR in UMNO Racist murderers.  It will all be covered up with a Royal Sham Commission and the Sultan /Agong defender of Munafiq UMNO Islam, the Sacker of Singapore from Malaysia will do nothing.  Wonder what kind of event will make Malaysian wake up and REVOLUTION!!??

Malaysia is in a sad state.  People go jogging, walking, shopping can be mugged or killed or raped by these criminals and PDRM says small matter.$%^&* To UMNO only when people die they investigate and take action and hope th eproblem go away.  Soldiers/police die defending Sabah and UMNO thinks small matter.  UMNO-PBS DID NOT NIP the problem in the BUD there from days of Project IC, now trying to say they have handled the matter Well! %^&*! What Crap!  Shooting and fighting is still heard in Lahad Datu and various Sabah area.  Sabahans would do well to just vote DAP/STAR for ALL state seats & Pakatan for Federal Seats.  With state control, you can slowly work on UBAH and KELUAR when the Window of opportunity presents.  Why share in the $1 Trillion dollar debt when you can debt of ZERO as a Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Germany or Australia 2 & 3???  Give Malaysian an option to Migrate!!

8 More Days to put an end to Misery and start the REBUILDING for a Better Malaysia.  Perhaps time for Mat Kilau to start putting an END to RTM/UMNO Perkakas/tools Main Stream media to stop Transmitting thier lies like President Assad is doing to Syrians or Gadaffi before his demise.  Perhaps its time to Terminate the RTM/TV3/Astro, NSTP, Berita H, utusex, nanyang Transmission 2-3 days before election.

Think of ways to frustrate UMNO-BN-PBS Lies and Sham communication strategy!  Thank you Internet!!  Change We Must - ABU - UBAH - INI KALI LAH!!  End the UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB 55 years of torture to Malaysia.  Time to let UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB leaders enjoy their jail menu food daily!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Don't Be a Romatics to UMNO Illogical Madness..>> SACK THEM NOW!!

If there is bombs, pirates, terrorist incursion into your area - UMNO can provide Security.  #$%^!#

If there is flood, landslide, high crime rate, Murder, robbery - UMNO can provide Best Security.  #$%^!$*

If Petrol rises, food price rise, cost of living rise, electricity rise, - UMNO can provide the Best of Best Living security standard by asking you to consume Less.  #$%^!@

If country goes bankrupt, jobs lost, chaos on the streets, little food left, cars expensive, transport bad - UMNO can give you Living security. #$%^&*
If there is traffic jam, building collapse, poor education standard, expensive overseas education - UMNO can fix them like FAM Sultan can fix malaya soccer team for 30 years. #$%^*!

That is called being a Romantics to UMNO-BN-PBS media SHAM and SCAM.  ABU - Sack them from Running your life forever!  That means you LOVE UMNO so much to live in misery, hunger, stupidity, being racially undermined - THEN There is No cure to your Sickness.  Fortunately the number of citizens in this category is in their minor of minority!!  Don't be afraid of CHANGE.  Change is Good as long as UMNO-BN-PBS is no longer there!  Change is for Better.  55 Years of same old team is sickening!!  Cure is Change!!  FREEDOM is a GIFT From GOD.  Choose Freedom!!

Sabahans vote STAR/DAP in State ADUN seats and Pakatan in Federal MP seats and start the process of giving Malaysia an alternative to migrate.  So DAP and STAR can run the state and Pakatan run the country.  IF things still bad, then UBAH and KELUAR!!!  One has to start somewhere like PAS in Kelantan.  Sabahans can make Sabah like Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, Australia, South Korea with the Natural Resources you have by EXTINGUISHING of UMNO-BN-PBS Laws.   Malaya - $1,000 Billion or $1 Trillion debt  Sabah -$0 debt/hutang!  Restart with freedom of Religion, Press, Freedom from ISA, Freedom from Sulu Terrorist, freedom from bahasa malaya.  BRING BACK ENGLISH AS MEDIUM for Everything..>Represents No Race!!

No offence meant to malays, but Bahasa should be relegated.  Stop the lies of dumbing down the citizen Malaysia when UMNO + cronies, sultan + children  ALL send children to English medium school and then to Expensive English medium of Instruction schools OVERSEAS. #$%^*  How about these Munafiq/Hippocrates malay leaders go back to Bahasa Malaya and study in local Uni,  DON'T  FORCE Your Poison education to Freedom seeking Malaysian.  We seek Freedom from UMNO and so must ABU-ABCD!!

Keep Changing As long as there is NO UMNO-BN.  That is the Spirit of ABU!!

Remember - Not a single dot on the ballot paper near the Dacing Box area or Outside Box.  Reject that ballot paper and ask for NEW or Ask to declare the area Null and Void!!  Use your LAST finger to dip into indellible ink and thumb and index finger to hold paper.  Don't give UMNO project EC a Chance to REJECT your vote for PAS, DAP, PKR due to a markings, blot, ink!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When UMNO-BN Security Fail, SACK THEM!!

When there is IED Bomb created by UMNO Racist Perkakas/Tools, the police quick to conclude its IED and link it to Islam Jihadist Terrorist elements in UMNO probably.  Umno thinks by being labelled islamist terrorist, malay would see them as hero, never mind UMNO-BN-PBS support President Assad, Gadaffi and Kim of North Korea.  This are the sort of logic Malaysian have to deal with daily. UMNO-BN-PBS thinks Malaysian are fools.  When Malaysian send you SCUMBAGS to Hotel Sg Buloh to reflect on life then you know.  Do whatever it takes to stay in power because the Power of Allah will end you soon.

Since its rumour season, the latest is Najib and Muhiddin and Hissapmuddin and Zahid Hamidi failed in their discussion/bincang with Sulu Islamist terrorist.  So now Terrorist going to bomb Malaysia with IED and that will make Malaysia vote UMNO.  How stupid can you get??  #$%^.  UMNO-BN-PBS failed to provide Security means We ABU, ABCD and Obliterate Cap Dacing.  55 years of FAILED Security, Failed Economy, Failed Education, Failed Heath, Failed Judiciary means we Sack you and kick you out.

Heart attack is also upon Najib, muhiddin and Tun Munafiq Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia.

ONLY in Malaysia NONE of the UMNO-BN-PBS Cronies and Family members EVER Get a Driving offence ticket or Parking ticket.  Some don't have to pay tax and have $$ MILLIONS Ringgit in their Bank Account.  Some don't pay for water, electricity.  Most have free education for their Children in ENGLISH medium PRIVATE SCHOOL and ALL EXPENSE Paid scholarship overseas.  This is UMNO-BN Gangnam style Rakyat di SHAM kan, Crony didahulukan.   Use the God/Allah given power to ABU.  Anything BUT UMNO-BN!!

End the Legacy of UMNO-BN racist, vote STAR-DAP for state seats in Sabah and Pakatan in Federal seats in Sabah and all over Malaysia.  Too bad Sarawak no state election.  That is the only way to play in Politics.  It gives Sabahans an OPTION to opt out and provide Malaysian another place to migrate in time.  Remember you can Sack Malaya.  The UMNO racist security services to you is Epic Fail.  UMNO using Sulu Islamic terrorist to control Sabahans.  Send them ALL to Malaya and let them set up malaya like Pakistan, Mali, Sudan with the Sultan and Agong.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

IF UMNO-BN racist is offering Security Services to you house....You would have sacked the Yesterday!!

Crime is increasing everywhere in Malaysia.
Police asking you to put aside making police report on small petty robbery, snatch or house break in crime is to ensure UMNO-BN can sing no crime rate lately due to OPS Daulat! #$%#$  These are the fruit loop logic, brain washing that UMNO-BN scums Psycho analyst try to drill and brain wash into Rakyat Malaysia head.  Fortunately majority don't buy it and ready to ABU.  Sack the FAKE Jaga Kereta Security of UMNO-BN-PBS sham.  Keep making Police report on ALL small and BIG criminal act!!

Each time they take out $200 ringgit to go and buy food,petrol for weekly family needs, the reality of living in misery under UMNO-BN sinks in.  Then they see the $Billions wasted in UMNO-BN NFC, Land Deal, BR1Sham.  Now FAST FORWARD 55 Years their ringgit smaller by 2.5 times against Singapore dollar.  GDP lower than Singapore.  How come a country with Langkawi size $$$$$$$$ is greater than Malaysia??

How come Langkawi cannot be like Singapore??  People are right to ask this question and then ponder no more other than ABU and ABCD.  UMNO-BN thinks by AVOIDING this Comparison Discussion, they can Rule Malaysia again with their Brain washing in RTM, Media....etc.  ABU - ABCD!!

Sabahans, your security is violated again and again under UMNO-PBS security Guard.  UMNO-PBS have given you Jaga kereta boys for security guard.  Behind your backs they bincang and ask those Sulu Jaga kereta terrorist to "you tolong I, I tolong you" or "U hlp Me, I hlp U"...sms style from Najibs mobile to Sulu Terrorist leader mobile.  So UMNO-BN-PBS have given these Terrorist SCUMS $6000 a month since 1950s???  #$%^&...... WOW.  If you gave that amount to Robert Kouk, Sabahans would have $1,000,000,000,000...thats is $1 Trillion in your country reserve to have Very Fast Train from KK to Kuching. MRT all over your major cities. Naval Boats that are 100 times faster than Sampan or Submarine. Fighter jets / Apache Strike Helicopter that could have Obliterated the Sulu Terrorist invaders in 12 hours.

You have University in Sabah that is like Cambridge, Oxfard, Hardvard, Tokyo University standard next to your home.  Why send overseas to study??

You have Oil, Gas, Food, Plantation....endless STREAM of money supply to enjoy the GOD given right to live with DIGNITY and NOT in Misery!!

Now you have problems with Sulu Islamic Terrorist in Sabah.  Illegal IC holders whom you can send to malaya. You have oil but no money.  Have food but cannot eat.  Have palm oil but cannot use.  Have the best of resources to SURPASS a Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia.....but you gave it to UMNO-PBS-BN-bincang with Sulu terrorist SCUM #$%^&*!  Get rid of those Pairins, Ongkili, Dompok, Kurup, PKR and Vote STAR/DAP for STATE CONTROL.  Vote PKR/DAP/STAR for Federal Parliament.  It is a WIN-WIN outcome to ABU and give Malaysia an alternative to migrate!

Time to Disconnect Sabah/Sarawak DEBT from UMNO-Malaya $1 Trillion Ringgit Debt QUICK.  Sack the Security Guard from Sabah/Sarawak.  Sack the Money Manager from UMNO-BN malaya,  Sack the FOOD provider from Malaya,  Sack the failed malay Education System From UMNO-BN Malaya!  Bring English back to progress.  Freedom of Religion, Freedom From ISA, Freedom of Press....and cut the sham Royal Prejudice Protocol!

Singapore Was sacked by UMNO-Sultan agreement - WHY? how? Was any consultation/bincang needed??  Sabah-Sarawak Can Sack Malaya - Lets those Professor in malaya university debate/figure out How & Why in the years to come!! 

Lets be serious, sometimes we need a place of isolation to prove our ability to rise above the ruins and SHAM of UMNO-BN.  Sabah/Sarawak have the constitution power and the ability to Kick out those PARASITES like Taib of Sarawak and their Billions they have stolen.  The beauty of your constitution is that you can EXTINGUISH ALL Deals they may hold and Return it back to the PEOPLE....Displaced Penans, Ibans, Kadazans, Murut, Dayak orang asli...etc.  Take the courage and sack those Jaga Kereta security of UMNO-BN.  Anyone with guns could have driven out those Sulu Jihadist Terrorist who is trying to turn Sabah-Sarawak into Syriah state like Mali, Sudan, Pakistan.  That is always their dream to unite the Religion of Peace that endorse quietly Boston terrorism.

Do NOT be a ROMANTICS to EVIL, Terrorism, INEPT and Incompetence of UMNO-BN!! 55 years you tried to LOVE UMNO-PBS and you got misery, bombs, terrorist, barang naik, Bahasa merosot Malaysia, elektrik naik, hunger, insecurity, rape, higher cost of living on a lower standard of health, care and security!#$%^&!  STOP DRINKING OR SMOKING UMNO-PBS-PBB Drugs! Ganja! LSD, ICE!!    ABCD - ABU!!

Don't tolerate Misery or depend on UMNO-BN security system. TAKE CHARGE YOURSELF!!  UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB security is holding the gun to your head or ask the Sulu-jihadist terrorist hold the guns at your head.  You the pelanduk/deer die in the middle.  Gajah sama Gajah berjuang, pelanduk mati di tengah.  Time to be RAKSAKSA T REX and Makan the 2 Gajah!.  God made you a T-REX, having the power to end the UMNO-Sulu Sponsor terrorist jihadist SHAM today!  ABU - ABCD - anything BUT CAP DACING!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Lots of Joy and disappointment!!

Yes...lots of joy & anger from state and Parlimentarian candidates from Pas, Dap, Pkr.  Some have served dilligently but not selected.  While others who are tin kosong, gathering dust are kept...that is Politics.  Perhaps all these displaced people need to gather and form MCLM.

DAP don't be too happy by being allowed to use Rocket....After election if need a few seats to form Government all DAP exco declared illegal and another by election.  This ROS thing is a SHAM just no need to use all the Fire-Power now by PERKAKAS UMNO.  What is Rakyat plan in BANTAH RAKSASA???

I cannot accept so many candidates but have to still ABU or ABCD to Force a change in malaysia Regime.  A wrong time to be independent but then again could be the best of time if a hung parliament occurs.  Your net worth suddenly got up to $50 million Ringgit in certain states.  Perhaps that is why some are taking that risk.  Of course only the shams and crooks of UMNO-BN can offer that.  Lets hope those who stay low and accepted the Party wishes of cronism do get some job when Pakatan take power.

Then with your inside information slowly kill off those scums within your party.  It is an unfair world and sometimes hard to be humble.  Yet not many will be offered $$$$$ like those frogs all over Malaysia.  Above all you need to dig deep as to the reasons you entered politics.  Is it to serve, benefit or follow blindly with all sorts of motives.
I for one sure hate it to the max after being to the slave to rakyat and be kick out unceremoniously.  Yet with only 2 major groups to choose, perhaps its time to start pondering now how to start the 3rd force and which area to allow each candidate to stand for in the coming GE14.  United you have the power, divided you are toss like the boat on the sea.

The worst outcome in this election is another 5 years of UMNO-BN.  Perhaps then we see the final clearing out of Scums from Pakatan.  Then your effort to stand as independent could have condemn Malaysia to 4th world status, worst than Zimbabwe.  We need to end UMNO-BN.  Are you contributing to end this SHAM UMNO-BN or aiding the opportunity for Change??

At the end of the day, when your life have ended and the GREAT RESET in your life for every human takes place.  You think Allah/God is blind to all your evil or good intention??

A Warning to DAP, PAS, PKR - don't take the rakyat good will for Granted.  A returned UMNO-BN on GE 14 will make sure the revenge is sweet.  So bring back English as medium of instruction, give Sabah/Sarawak their RIGHTFUL wealth and send those UMNO-BN Crooks and Scums to Prison.  Change MUST be implemented by end of year one.  We have no time for Politiking, enriching or legacy making!!

Keep Up the ABU and ABCD !!   Vote STAR, DAP in Sabah/Sarawak......Malaysian need a new place to migrate and create Singapore or Taiwan or Australia or South Korea 2 & 3.....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to vote Sabah/Sarawak

Now that the Project ROS and Project EC is  in full force this is what voters in Sabah / Sarawak need to vote.  UMNO-PBS support the Sulu terrorist Jihadist.  What good is that for Sabahans or Sarawakians.

1.  ABU Anything BUT UMNO-BN - ABCD put " X" Anything BUT cap dacing on ballot paper.

2.  Let Pakatan take the Parlimentary Seat but make sure State seats in the coalition of DAP-STAR.
Take the State for STAR but let PAKATAN win Federal.

2.  Seats with PKR, SAPP, STAR - Vote STAR - don't bother BN.  Just make sure the ballot paper do not have a single dot near the Dacing area.

3. Seats with DAP, SAPP, STAR, PKR -  vote DAP.  STAR would still come up on top if they won all their state seats and DAP will keep a check on them.  Get rid of PKR from Sabah/Sarawak.  Can't even manage their PKR poor showing in malaya want to make Big waves!!

4.  That way we can start forming a STAR-DAP state government alliance and Kick out those Scums and DNA of UMNO.  After this UBAH - the we Keluar.

You get the drift.  Take the State for STAR, but kick the UMNO-BN or their DNA out.

For state Parliament, vote STAR, DAP Adun.  Kick PKR,BN.   Kick those people that have NO desire to make Sabah/Sarawak a new Destination for Malaysian to migrate.  Lets face it, PAS can make kelantan sort of a Islamic state like it or not with all their SHAM rules and Laws.  Sabah/Sarawakians have also their own agenda to pursue.  Like Singapore 2 & 3.  English education medium thru to Parliament and everyday life.  Freedom of religion, press and from ISA.  Make no mistake that UMNO-PBS will implement their Apostasy, Islam syriah Sham if you give them another 5 years.

Firstly, have the laws hung any of those SULU Islamic terrorist yet??  I mean, Malaysian who are caught with a gun are send straight to the Gallows.  What deals have UMNO-BN-PBS done with these terrorist that allows them to be above the laws??#$%^&!!  Yet these media and Scum wants to HANG Ambiga of Bersih 3 but not these Jihadist UMNO-Sulu Terrorist!!  Where is RCI on this??  Want to distort history like May 13 again??  Sabahans SACK UMNO-PBS-SULU Terrorist from Sabah!!  Make no mistake about it!

So UMNO-Sulu Terrorist can have guns in case rakyat Sabah/Sarawak revolt.  While the rest of Law abiding citizen becomes sitting ducks to their close door Racist Bigots agenda???  #$%^&!!  Its ok for UMNO Tools to hold guns while citizen Malaysia live at the mercy of UMNO organised Jihadist Terrorist??  Hope its clearer now with the UMNO agenda to make Sabahans live in misery!!

Don't bother about Malaysia Today - Its been infiltrated with UMNO-BN money takers editor to confuse the Rakyat who wants to ABU.   Blocking ip, posters and what not.  No one can stop 6 corner fight, but we can START ABU or ABCD!! Raja Petra have escape strategy, rakyat Malaysia don't.  So fight Like Mat Kilau - unseen, unheard and WHACK those 3 Line, Perkakas UMNO and their Racist Scums/tools who cause trouble and asking for a fight.  Whack them when they are alone walking home.

Everthing Malaysia Media is about Chaos in Pakatan, STAR, SAPP and Unity Sham in BN....how come top man MCA cannot be involved??  UMNO to sack MCA, MIC after election?  UMNO youth and Perkakas UMNO slashing people not putting up their flag in their premise. SLASH them Back!!  ABU!!

What has really improved for 55 years of UMNO-BN-PBS-Sham....more Barang Naik, more Flood in Sabah, More Terrorist Jihadist Atttack in Sabah, more murder, crime and corruption?  More Misery, suffering and less opportunity to have a better life??

Don't focus on the Boston Islamist Jihadist terrorist or President Assad terrorist to Syrians.....Focus on Ending UMNO-PBS-Sulu terrosist on Sabahans.  ABU - ABCD!!  INI KALI LAH!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

PAS, PKR, DAP - Backup plan

Lets hope the leaders have backup plan ON NOMINATION DAY in case Project EC + IC + ROS come up with more SCAM and SHAMs to disqualify the candidates.  Make sure you have another list of alternative candidate to take the seat in case you are disqualified.  Do it early so that there is time to co-ordinate another candidate.  Sort things out after taking Putra Jaya and by-election!!

Each day gets more desperate for UMNO Perkakas as everything they do seems to be BACK -FIRING BADLY.  Padan Muka.  Sulu War on Sabah, back fired badly and now think thye can provide security to Sabahans.  Hello, Sabahans you were attacked under UMNO-PBS watch, they FAILED. UMNO-PBS the munafiq Islam and Munafiq Christian Failed in their DUTY to protect you, your family and your territory.

Their inept and incompetence and Evil acts have resulted in this War and insecurity in SABAH/Sarawak.  When someone have failed to provide you security, you still EMPLOY that SECURITY FIRM???  #$%^&*    

When you go to a mechanic and your car still not FIXED...you return to that mechanic Again and Again to have the car fix??#$%^&*

When you hire an electrician and still the wiring in your house keeps tripping, you keep hiring the same electrician?? #$%^&!!

When you go to a shop that always have Barang Naik with their Dacing and get cheated, You return to the shop again and again because you like being Cheated, lied and Sham and Scammed??#%%$#!!

When you send your children to English tuition, but get Malay tuition instead, you keep sending him/her there??@#$%^!!

 ABU & A B C D - Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing.

As each day passses it is so imprtant to pass the message that a single dot on the Ballot Paper near the UMNO-BN Box / area is a spoilt vote. Regardless if you put your "X" nicely inside the PKR, PAS box.
These are the rules and law of counting and you Must Reject that Ballot Paper and ask for a clean ballot paper WITHOUT ANY Dot or markings near the BN/dacing area.  If they cannot supply you with one, Bantah, Protest, tell the Lawyer there to DECLARE the SEAT Null and Void!!  If every Ballot paper have a dot near BN dacing spot...CREATE MEGA Havoc and take pictures of the Ballot Paper, with mobile, highlight the spot and spread to the Internet WORLD first thing in the morning!!

To SPR/EC leadership, you have been warned.  You will be sent to jail after we Gadaffi-kan UMNO and their Perkakas.  Enough of your SHAM and LIES.  You will regret it dearly if you FOLLOW the Racist UMNO directions.....AMARAN!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

OPS Daulat ROS - Registra of Societies Obliterate DAP, Interrrupt Pakatan,Confuse Rakyat!! #$$@!!

Looks like there is Project EC and Now Project ROS to make all DAP candidate illegal.  Macam-macam tiap hari kat Malaysia.  All kinds of Sham that only those Scumbag of Perkakas(tools) UMNO Racist can think of to frustrate the WILL of Anger and Fire of the rakyat.

Then the Current UMNO Baru racist have Ruled Illegally for 55 years!  

Perhaps we need to tell UMNO-BN and all those scums that if you want security, safety YOU BETTER Vote Pakatan!  Just as he told those Sabahans that if they want safety, better vote UMNO-BN #$%^&*!
UMNO-BN Epic Fail in the war on Sabah by Sulu Islamic Terrorist cult.  If they choose War under UMNO Instructions and some Failed negotiated Plot then SACK Malaya from your MAP.

Sabah/Sarawak have the power unlike the other nine states with the complexity of Agong & Sultan Sham in malaya.  Just Sack Malaya, declare autonomy, sack the ringgit and peg it to Singapore dollar for the first few years like Brunei.  EXTINGUISH all Land gained by UMNO-BN cronies and their right to illegal corruption money.  EXTINGUISH is the power that is also within your constitution power.  Catch those scums as insurance and see your GDP greater than malaya in 10 years.  At the rate UMNO-BN is borrowing, Fat hopes in their effort in paying of $1 Trillion debt that is hidden from Rakyat Malaysia.  Don't live to be a slave of UMNO-BN, or Sultan or Agong or Raja Petra ideology that all must be angels before voting Pakatan.

55 Years of UMNO-BN is the longest REGIME in the WORLD.....even Longer than the North Korea Regime.  Spend a few moment and ponder on their PLUNDER.  While you live in misery, they live in Luxury in the name of Race, Religion and Royalty.  End that sham and make them like Allah sees these Ruling Elite.  They are also citizen-rakyat mere humans and ORANG BIASA!!  Nothing special and merit super-human status that needs respect.  They kill, rape, murder, torture and continue to dumb you down with brain washing and live in misery.  Sack UMNO-BN from the administration, from managing your money, your life, your destiny.  Break the Chains of illusion that you have been living under.

If things have improved, then why on earth some companies that need to transport stuff from KL-Johot need to have an escort car for the truck in case it get highjacked by Criminals in bed with UMNO-Police?  And Sabahans think if they want security, vote UMNO-BN??#%^&#.  Stupid if you think UMNO-BN have your interest at heart.

UMNO did nothing to improve your life, society, of made Malaysia a better place.  Is that so hard to see??  How many more Armies need to invade Malaysia before you wake up and take up arms to defend your own space??  You want Foreign armies dictating what you eat, what religion you can embrace, what education you can have, what language you can speak....etc.??  ENOUGH - ABU - UBAH - KELUAR!!

Don't waste this moment of time to CREATE HISTORY and send UMNO-BN to Hotel Bamboo River with those PBS-BN, Taib Sarawak -BN to that hotel and enjoy the Banquet there!!  The Misery and Burden for Malaysian, Sabah, Sarawakians MUST end and ENDED Decisively!!  ENOUGH - ABU - UBAH - KELUAR - MIGRATE!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Islamic Concept NIAT....Raja Petra own ideology Sham??

Becoming common these days for MT to avoid posting my cutting comments.  Maybe there is someone in MT trying to control the mind set of readers.   So blocking Ip address too MT.  What a joke!!  Stay the course and ABU - UBAH - KELUAR!!  Then over time a new Sabah/Sarawak for Malaysia sick of the Sham in Malaya to Migrate!  You have the constituional power to do it and no need to discuss with anyone from Malaya.  Go ask Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore if he was consulted.  They just gave him a VSS, redundancy but today 2013 Singapore GDP is greater than Super Resource Rich Malaysia.  Which Religious NIAT did this?? 

Every Religion also have NIAT to do Good.  So no big Deal about Islam.  It is always the followers of Religion that give religion a Bad name.  That we know.  So we need to follow Religion that has the Best overall Niat, like freedom of religion, freedom of Expression, freedom of choice.....etc.  So who gave the others to make laws, decree to stifle that Freedom. 

Agama yang sesak adalah agama yang pengikutnya tak erti kebebasan beragama.  A Religion that has gone Awry is one that does not allow its followers to have freedom of religion.  That too we know which religion is expert in Enforcing.  Is it ever a wonder then why the Religion of Peace is not so Peaceful??

Like UMNO, the brain washing needs to end.  Born malay is NOT born Islam & Islam is Not Malay or bumiputera.  The Sultan / Agong that continue to maintain this status quo of born malay = islam = bumiputera also have Niat. That niat is a NIAT Jahat/Evil.  That means Royalty have Evil NIAT.  What was their NIAT to sack Singapore from Malaysia??  Power of one race?  Sabah/Sarawak you have been conned big time for 55 years.  End the CON and CAN/Bury UMNO-BN and those munfiq PBS Christian Cult in Sabah!!   Tun Dr. Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia claiming 100% malay because he is Islam is also a Niat Jahat/Evil.

Adakah seseorang Islam BerNiat jahat kalau terus terima Ajaran sesak??  Macam Buat suicide bomber.  Macam percaya Tun bapa kemerosotan Malaysia 100% melayu.  Macam bolehkan seseorang lahir kedalam satu agama.  There is no compulsion in Islam...#$%^&*.  Islam a religion of Peace...itu semua UMNO lontar batu, lontar cat #$%^&.  Manusia melayu UMNO Islam Cult yang HINA Allah saja buat begini.   Dah bodoh ke selepas berhijrah ke dalam Islam.  Ingat Sharizat lepas NFC dibongkar, buat UMRAH semua dosa habis.  Tapi perangai, Niat, tak pernah Hijrah.  Ini lah Islam Munafiq UMNO Cult.

Please don't insult Allah with your Nit Wit ideology.  Malaysia would be a better place if the Sultan, UMNO, Perkakas UMNO, Media learn to respect other people DIFFERING Opinion and freedom of Religion.  Just because you start losing your support base, you start the Racist Bigots 3 R engine.  (Race religion royalty)  Then I curse Malaysia Economy to suffer the greatest economic crisis if UMNO-BN is returned and Rakyat do not over turn them by hook or crook.

So where is the Islamic Force to take down President Assad Genocide on their own Syrian people??   Do not for once pretend that nothing is occuring there.  I for one am most disappointed at OIC and All Islamic countries.  Better change religion and hope for the best!!

Raja Petra trying to have ALL Angels as MP and ADUN.  He is trying to confuse you from ABU.  He wants to maintain the status quo of Sultan/Agong/Melayu/Islam.  For what?  If they are all Niat Jahat, then time to UBAH!!  No need religion to teach you!!

Don't expect ALL  MP, ADUN to be Angels in this coming GE13.
Certainly the BETTER NIAT is From Pakatan.  ABU!! - UBAH - KELUAR!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Ding Dong the witch is Dead??

So if Margaret T funeral will cost taxpayers $14 Million pounds.......wonder how much Khairy did when Badawi wife passed on.... or should Rosmah aka najib's wife die of cancer....should we sing this song too??

Anyway on a sombre day in Boston Marathon, still no one wanted to link it to Bin Ladin Death.  Same time meh!!  Terrorism associated with Islam religion cult would not end until these Scums are Obliterated.  Pointless really to Bincang like in Sulu War on Sabah.  So Najib thinks he can provide security to Sabahans if you voted UMNO-BN Terrorist in?? #%^&*#

Bumi non malay will show you what is security when you Obliterate UMNO-BN-PBS from Sabah, vote STAR, take Sabah/Sarawak out of Malaysia, start a new country.  UMNO-BN is terrorist to Sabahans.  They take your dignity, money, resources, land, make a foreigners your Masters politically, socially, in every asspect of your life and those SCUMS from PBS-BN Ongkili, Pairin K, Dompok Kurap...etc are also Christian Terrorist.  They are not Foreigners that make a better SABAH, improve things, make your life better.  UMNO-BN is Foreigners!! 

They have set you on the path of misery dressed up as progress.  Set you on the path of Death dress up as Heaven Utopia.  Set themselves up in Rich and Famous lifestyle, while you struggle to aspire to be like them from poor dirty area.  Come May 6, take them to the Top of Mulu and Kinabalu and push them down like MACC did to Teoh Beng Hock.  When Scums Christians like that don't know what they are doing are EVIL like these Scums Islamic Terrorist, there is no room for Bincang, discuss or be rational.  These scums have a mind set of Making your life a Misery and theirs GENERATION of  Privilege UPPER CLASS.

They are witches, demons, toyol, anti-christ....etc in earthly form.  Make no mistake about 55 years of suffering.  Free English Education becomes useless Bahasa Melayu medium of Instruction.  Now we have to pay millions to be educated in private schools and to be sent overseas without being disadvantage.  Now they make English private schools for those Ruling elite, rich, famous, sultans, umno-bn generation.  Why live in their planned Deception?? #$%#  making rakyat Stupid, useless and live in misery.  Thi is not an act of Angels, Gods, Greatness.  That is an EVIL ACT!!


Sabah / Sarawak you have the CONSTITUTION power to just SACK Malaya. Start afresh and give Malaysia an option to migrate.  Create Singapore/Taiwan/South Korea 2 & 3 rather than a Zimbabwe, Burma, Sudan 2 & 3 under UMNO-BN Malaya.  Take the God Given power you have and leave the Trillion dollar DEBT to UMNO-BN.  make MB Taib of Sarawak Billions WORTHLESS in ONE DAY!! Allow Malaysia & Foreigners that would make Sabah richer and Better and in English!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

THE Election SHAM of the century in Malaysia - Double counting by UMNO-BN- Project EC!!

270,000 are postal voters from the army and the police force.

WOW!!  If they are also ask to attend and vote on voting day that will make it 540,000 postal and overseas votes.....plus the anticipated 200,000 phamtom overseas votes + new 300,000 illegals given IC to vote.... Almost 1,000,000 phantom votes that we need to neutralise.  Project IC EC/SPR in all its Glory.  30 years later another SHAM RCI on election commission for what? Like the IC in SabahLife and dreams are lost.  NOW is the time to end the SHAM!!  ABU!! 100%%

How does one check the legitimacy of double voting? #$%^&;*#

Who is going to sit in the truck/van/car that is carrying the ballot boxes to the counting station?

We just have to decide which sector your support comes from and SABOTAGE the Sector NOT going to vote for you!  That means BURN those Ballot boxes coming from sectors not going to vote for Pakatan.
How to ABU - UBAH when one has to deal with ONE MILLION Phantom Project EC votes and the Coming $1 Trillion Malaysia Debt.??  #$$%%$@# 

Malaysia better get ready to hedge their position by getting out of Ringgit and into Singapore Dollar or Rupiah or Thai Baht.

Same government immigration that have no record of Altantuya Entry to Malaysia but 2 Police UTK admitted to c4 her.

Same Judiciary that somehow managed to stop the 2 Murderer Officer Colonel Aziz Buyong - Norhayati,   Sirul Omar, Azilah Hadridan from taking the Witness stand.

Same Project IC Sham in Sabah.

Same Sultan Perak - Lord Sham President who decided against protocol and constitution that MB does not need to meet him to dissolve state parliament yet grant the SHAM UMNO-BN MB audience to dissolve.

Malaysia Will continue to suffer Health, education, flood, infrastructure, environment, crime, law and order problem if UMNO-BN is returned to make it 60 years of one party rule.

So MCA chief no need to take part in election (first ever).  Goes to show the UMNO Malays How Powerful and mighty UMNO to malays is and to show chinese how weak they are in MCA.  Since more malays means UMNO thinks will benefit the malay vote psyche and Munafiq Islam Malay Champion.

Register to vote overseas and come back to vote too...if you have the money!  Otherwise hedge your money!

Sabah/Sarawak you need to ABU and UBAH and Keluar to give Malaya a new place to Migrate!  You have the power in your constitution and don't bother telling Agong or Sultan.  No Need.  Just like when they sacked Singapore from Malaysia.  No need to consult!!


Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Each Election under UMNO-BN is still the same UNTIL CHANGE is SEEN!!

Does UMNO-BN  provide a useful service? Do they make the world richer... or better... in any way at all? Are they productive members of society or bloodsucking parasites? Does it need 55 years to decide on inept, incompetence, injustice, corruption, racism??

Everyday now on Malaysia UMNO-BN media and ALL their Perkakas is a worship on the greatness of UMNO-BN and the Chaos on Pakatan.  Remember When Gadaffi was under severre attack by the Opposition Nationalist Army?  Gadaffi was using jets to obilterate the resistance until his jets was taken down by NATO.

Perhaps Malaysian now need to take down the Media Transmission tower of UMNO-BN, RTM, TV3, Astro, Radio and the newspaper printing press until these parasites play fair in this "democratic" battle.  However we like the lies that keep going on as when UMNO-BN is in opposition Pakatan will just NOT Renew thier License and set up a new company that has freedom of worship, religion, racism and from ISA as their Media Ideology!

Every human no matter how high or low in their status have dignity.  We ALL need to respect that dignity...... Ip Man

Its time to bring these Scums and UMNO-BN Crooks, leaders and ruling elite to the level of Human Dignity and reflect on the System they have subjected Malaysia for 55 years.  Hotel Bamboo River is their first level of reflection.  After passing that level will be the food served there then a life without corruption money.

If we cannot bring UMNO-BN into a level of human dignity, then Malaysia is likely going the way of Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Sabah and more chaos to justify Emergency Rule like North Korea.  Get Ready for Hyper INFLATION in the next 5 years of UMNO-BN. 1 kg rice is $10 ringgit!!  1 litre petrol will be $10 ringgit. 2 ikan kembong $10 ringgit.  This is Najib 10 fingers Malaysia after the 1 Malaysia Sham Crap#%^&*#  Everything will be 10 times more expensive + your money in banks and EPF minus 30% like in Cyprus!!

When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance is duty!   Get your money out of Malaysia Ringgit If you can and spread your risk!!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

REJECT A DOT in ANY Ballot Paper!!

The Project EC/SPR have printed LOTS...I means Tons of Ballot paper where you put an X with a BIAS on the UMNO-BN box.

So when you are given the blank ballot paper, make sure NOT A SINGLE DOT exist on you paper.  A Dot on UMNO-BN Dacing area means they get the vote.  If you put an "X" on the PAKATAN Box, your vote is considered Null and Void because the dot exist on the UMNO-BN box area.  If you put "X" on UMNO-BN its still UMNO-BN votes.

At the end of the day MAKE Sure those OFFICIALS from SPR/EC do not tear the rest of the UNUSED Ballot Paper and put it into the Ballot BOX.  That is the the Phantom Votes!!  Who is going to make sure of that???#$%#$  As all have dots and means they voted for UMNO.

IF THE WHOLE BOOKLET and ALL booklets HAVE DOTS on UMNO-BN dacing empty box area, THAT Parliamentary Seat must be DECLARED NULL and VOID and re-election.  Make sure that is made known to ABU, Bersih and Pakatan Lawyers standing there!! STOP the ROT there!!

Just Reject the blank paper OUTRIGHT Until the SCUMS EC Officials give you a paper without a dot on the UMNO-BN Box area.  Create a Stinker and don't be PRESSURED to JUST Accept the dot.  Ask for the Supervisor and ANY Pakatan Official there to verify the problem or until CLEAN, BLANK, NO DOTS or serial ballot paper is in your Hands.

The best is still the low ranking Police and army to burn or bury the phantom overseas votes boxes KEPT near your premise on election day WAITING to be TRANSFERRED to the Counting centre.  Bakar SEMUA Kotak undi yang di simpan kat balai polis atau kem tentera.  INI PROJECT EC/SPR Tipu Rakyat.  Sama macam Project IC kat Sabah Dulu.

Almost 20 Years have passed after project IC have any commission of SHAM Inquiry.  Wait another 20 Years for another Project EC/SPR Inquiry.  That will be 2033.  Good luck to Cyprus Malaysia then.  END THE SHAM UMNO-BN Racist EVIL agenda of making rakyat live in MISERY, while they like Aristocrat, Maharaja, Sultan, Ruling Elite.  Gadaffikan UMNO-BN!!

malay quick take:

Semua Orang Bila mengundi, PASTIKAN seluruh kertas UNDI bersih, tidak ada se titik dakwa hitam dekat Kotak atau kawasan cap Dacing.  Kalau awak pangkah "X" kat kotak DAP, PAS, PKR, dengan adanya setitik dakwa hitam kat kawasan kotak dacing BN, UNDI itu dipastikan ROSAK.  Awak Di TIPU UMNO-BN dengan kerjasama Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya/Election Commission SPR/EC!

Buat Degil, Minta dengan SEKERAS SUARA, awak hendak kertas UNDI Bersih tanpa 2 jenis nombor siri.  Tanpa titik,detik hitam.  Setiap kertas undi hanya perlu ada satu siri numbor dan tanpa titik atau dakwa hitam walaupun sekecil macam mata semut!  Jangan takut minta Peguam, penolong PKR, DAP, PAS kat tempat undi.  Buat Kacau sistem penipuan project SPR/EC.  Jangan di CURI Hak Awak, Hentam semua Perkakas UMNO-BN sampai mereka dikuburkan atau berHijrah kat Hotel Sg Buloh!! 

Kalau tidak semua kertas undi yang ada titik/detik hitam adalah undi UMNO-BN Hantu bila masa undi tutup.  Perkerja SPR/EC akan buang semua kertas yang tidak diguna kedalam kotak undi.  Ia akan dikira sebagai undi UMNO-BN.  Kita Halang penipuan UMNO-BN , Projek IC/SPR pada hari UNDI!! 

Ini Kali Lah!!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Time to SLAP Munafiq Islam UMNO Proper and ALL their ILKS...

Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

Of all the dissolution of State seats for GE13 that I was waiting to watch, was that of Perak.  Here we have the 2 scumbags playing to the audience their TRUE Hypocrisy/Munafiq-ness for Citizen Perak and Malaysia to laugh.  Mind you these 2 scumbags thought they were showing tradition, culture and civility.  In truth their acts HAVE PASSED Judgement on themselves!  Guilty as charged!  Ha ha ha ha!!

Here we have Mamak Zambry(scumbag 1) asking AUDIENCE with Fake Sultan/Raja Muda(scumbag 2) to dissolve State.  Rewind 3 years ago, Nizar cannot get audience to dissolve state for election.  If the Sultan/Raja Muda of Perak have Dignity of their EVIL Corrupt acts of 3 years ago,  he should NOT BOTHER to see Mamak Zambry. Just write a decree note to Election Commission/SPR that state is dissolve.  Be Alof  and think Malaysia is still in their Feudal GRIP!! Do like what the Munafiq fake Sultan of Perak did previously on Nizar.  Talk about inconsistant Judgement.  The precedent set is a SHAME and SHAM to the Justice systems in Malaysia and around the world.  Shame on the ex Lord President.  You have insuted the name Lord President with your Arrogance!!  You should have submitted to the contitution that current MB can ask for dissolution like in any democratic country.  The Sultan Arrogance is a sign that your legacy is about to END!  BE END!!!  Every Dignitaries, diplomat, company CEO, Nobel Prize winner should just laugh at the LEGACY of the Perak Current Royalty from 2000-2013 if you ever meet them.  Just snigger after shaking their hands of Sham.  These sultan needs replacing with a legitimate ones and its Allah will that you did your corruption arrogant acts.  Shame on you and hope Perak vote 100% Pakatan to SLAP you proper on the Perak Royalty face & the Judiciary & UMNO-BN & Police & EC/SPR!!

Is is also becoming clearer by the day that like Negeri 9, these current batch of Perak Royalty is also not Legitimate or have RUN their course.  Its up to malay and those in the voting process who are about to Meet ALLAH to right the wrong.  When Death bed is near like in Negeri Sembilan, things happens.  End the SHAM in Perak Royalty and restore the dignity of the Malay Sultan.  Same goes to Kelantan current Sultan who kicked his father off the throne.  When unprecedented things happens, it does not bode well for Malaya.  So Sabah, Sarawak do a first mover move by sacking malaya and start the process of Singapore 2 & 3.  You have the constitution power do do it alone.  Each state(Sabah/Sarawak) is SAME POWER as the Collective state of malaya.

Get rid of those SCUM BAG Christian Munafiq/Pharisees Dompok, Kurap, Pairin, Ongkili...PBS-UMNO. Lets not be a tolerance romantics to inept, incompetence, arrogant and corrupt people.  These scums will do little to improve your life.  If 55 years have not given you an idea of Progress and SHAM...then there is NO cure for such sickness.

Do they provide a useful service? Do they make the world richer... or better... in any way at all? Are they productive members of society or bloodsucking parasites? Does it need 55 years to decide inept, incompetence, injustice, corruption, racism??

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Malaysian MUST NOT be a tolerance Romantics!

Don't be a tolerance ROMANTICS with the inept and incompetence Handling of Sulu War on Sabah. It is a good UMNO-BN PLOY to Gurantee no one goes out to vote for the coming election in those areas.  Frightening people is UMNO Racist trump card.  Soon election voting day may be called on May 13, 2013.  Ironic or not, we WILL BURY UMNO on that DAY and those who try to be smart and create chaos like 3 Line, Perkakas UMNO, Silat Sham, RTM, Star, Utusex, Nanyang, NSTipu....etc @#$%^&#.  search how to relentless DDOS Attack the web site that will bring Malaysia UMNO Sham cronies site down, with Relentless DDOS attack based on those time mentioned in my blog.

 DDOS Attack UMNO Croniess

UMNO racist have killed those police and soldiers in Sabah.  When someone send you to death without a proper strategy, it is MATI KATAK. Don't be a Romantics to UMNO Gila Kuasa!!  Meaningless Death, colleteral damage as long as UMNO Racist stay in power.  Make no mistake UMNO is doing its best to declare EMERGENCY.  That way, easier to move their 300,000 Phantom OVERSEAS votes across Malaysia.  All seats under 4,000 majority will be in trouble.  Hope those voting observer in Pakatan are VIGILIANT to vote rigging.  Low ranking police and army can burn those boxes kept by your superior as they killed your colleagues in Sabah!!  Honor their sacrifice by seeking JUSTICE!!

Article 153(1) - Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia grants the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King of Malaysia) responsibility for “safeguard[ing] the special position of the malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities” and goes on to specify ways to do this, such as establishing quotas for entry into the civil service, public scholarships and public education.

So after 55 years this 153 is being quoted for the convinience of UMNO-BN continuing thier SHAM & Scam. Don't be a Romantics to a 55 years of inept and incompetence.  So what did Sultan and Agong do to the War on Sabah?  Were Sabahans security safeguarded or was it SHAM guarded?#$%^#   $300 Billion spent on armed forces over 55 years it seems used to enrich UMNO-BN, Sultan and Ruling elite.  Fast forward 2013 and need to use Airasia to send troops to Sabah.  That is the SHAM state of alertness and does point to MEGA CORRUPTION by UMNO-BN!!

Sabahans and Sarawakians just need to come out VOTE and KICK UMNO-BN out.  That is the only hope for malaya.  After that you can create a Singapore 2 & 3.  No need to consult Agong or Sultan like these Scums of UMNO-BN kicked Singapore out.  Take the route of kicking Malaya out.  Let malaya be Cyprus with Debt and get those SCUMS of UMNO-BN and TOSS them from the Top of Mulu caves and Mount Kinabalu.  55 years of misery needs to have a decisive end. End the Misery in 2013.  Don't end up being like a Gadaffi, Assad or Kim Jon Il state.  Take the power, feel the freedom and be a ROMANTICS of Progress in English Education, Better Health, Good Judiciary, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from ISA, Freedom of Press.  Be a Romantics of Law and Order, Justice and opportunity for PROSPERITY.  Be a ROMANTICS to Singapore, Taiwan, Australia style nation.  Not the Phillipines or Malaysia or Myanmar current state of nation.  Even the Sulus, Indonesia, Phillipines can be better off as a New Sabah & Sarawak!!  The choice is obvious.  EVERY ONE vote Pakatan. JOM UBAH Kemudian KELUAR!! 

End the misery, the land stealing for UMNO-BN + Ruling elite cronies, poverty and living UMNO dream.  GIVE BACK the NIGHTMARE to UMNO Malaya.  That nightmare is DEBT of $1 Trillion and like Cyprus, if money have not been moved out of Malaysia by now before election, even those converted to other nation currency but kept in LOCAL Bank is at RISK!!  You will LOSE 60% of money kept in Malaysia.

Get ready for Agenda Mat Kilau......>>>  DISRUPT  DISRUPT  DISRUPT!!!!

Anything that disrupt the election commission/SPR and their phantom overseas votes is good!