Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Choice of Barang Naik (BN-Dacing) or PRICE REDUCE (PAKATAN RAKYAT-PAS,DAP, PKR)!!...UBAH!!

6 Days - Sabah & Sarawakians can Change malaysia and Rewrite History.

Start by voting ALL STAR/DAP candidates in the state level in SABAH.

Vote Pakatan in all Federal Parliamentary seats.  WIN WIN and for a future opportunity & insurance!!

KICK UMNO-BN-PBS-SAPP-PBB out of Malaysia and live to see the SCUMS in Jail sooner before you die.  Right the wrong that UMNO racist did by making Malaysia a PARIAH country and not like Singapore.  Send a BIG SLAP in Perak towards the Sultan Munafiq Islam Shah!!   If the Sultan don't swear you in, just walk into the State Parliament and start governing.  Sack those UMNO workers there who made it HELL for you to make Democracy work.  Demand Perak Police to be transferred to Langkawi!!

When you take the state you can do what Mohd Taib of Sarawak did to his own family for ALL SABAHANS and more.  Far more than you ever imagine to get the engine of NEW migration destination for Malaysian. The power of Sabah/Sarawak constituion is something hidden from Sabahans / Sarawakians.  USE it to SACK Malaya!!

Sabahans & Sarawakians need to stop these UMNO racist ideology and carve one for yourself.

Initially Malaya was TANAH ORANG ASLI.  These scum of UMNO Sack Singapore and called it Tanah melayu.  Soon Sabah/Sarawak will be tanah melayu and not careful, your generation of ownership, hunting land is tanah melayu UMNO-Sulu Islam terrorist Cult.  If you don't play to UMNO racist games they will start a war via the Sulu Terrorist.  Take up the guns, arrows and as one, Sabahans needs to overrun and OBLITERATE the UMNO-Sulu-Islamic jihadist terrorist Alliance.

From Tanah melayu UMNO gave melayu UMNO FREE land in the name of development and collected the difference in Billions of Ringgit.   With the money they buy the malay love, islam love, mca love, mic love and orang asli, kadazan, iban love.#$%^!  What the crap is wrong with these people sacrificing all these FAKE LOVE and condemn your generation to poverty and misery!!

IF Taib and UMNO can do this with the land titles, Sabah, Sarawakians and Orang Asli can also take power and do the same to benefit themselves and the Rakyat.  Extinguish all OLD UMNO racist Laws and these UMNO-PBB-PBS-BN scums Family and relative Net worth drop Dramatically.   To quicken Justice, SACK malaya and extinguish these UMNO-Taib-BN ownership of land in Sabah -Sarawak!!  Swift Justice means these UMNO-PBB-PBS-BN scums can spend the rest of their lives in Jail.  Kick those Sulu terrorist out with or without malaya Armed Forces.  Do justice to the killed police and armed forces by driving these UMNO-Sulu terrorist back to malaya!!  They can have their BRAND of discussion and bincang and bombs and disagreement near all the Sultan or Agong Palace!!  What the hell have the Royalty do to improve Malaysia after sacking Singapore.?   Apart from continuing UMNO racist and fake greatness agenda!

Tanya sendiri, adakah awak dapat apa kebaikan dari sultan atau dari UMNO?? Buat apa sentiasa mohan maaf?  Dosa siapa bila hidup awak sengit dan sengsarra? Kos hidup tinggi, minyak, beras, electrik, air, kereta semua tinggi? Bukan takdir Allah awak hidup dihina manusia lain sampai tak cukup makan dan sentiasa idamkan hidup macam menteri2 UMNO, keluarga kaya mereka dan sultan2 serta keluarga mereka.  UBAH dan undi PAS, DAP, PKR untuk kebaikan awak, anak awak dan masa depan Malaysia.  55 tahun dah terlampau lama diHINA UMNO-BN-PBS-PBB!!

Sultan bermula dengan “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

Umno-bn-PBS racist use these Love to enrich themselves without regards of morality or fear of God or justice for 55 years.  It is time to end this Love of Evil of UMNO-BN_PBS.  In 6 days and beyond we need to CHANGE-UBAH.  Kalau tak UBAH, Macam mana tahu apa perubahan?  If you don't change, how do you measure what change is?  CHANGE to TASTE the Difference.

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