Friday, April 19, 2013

PAS, PKR, DAP - Backup plan

Lets hope the leaders have backup plan ON NOMINATION DAY in case Project EC + IC + ROS come up with more SCAM and SHAMs to disqualify the candidates.  Make sure you have another list of alternative candidate to take the seat in case you are disqualified.  Do it early so that there is time to co-ordinate another candidate.  Sort things out after taking Putra Jaya and by-election!!

Each day gets more desperate for UMNO Perkakas as everything they do seems to be BACK -FIRING BADLY.  Padan Muka.  Sulu War on Sabah, back fired badly and now think thye can provide security to Sabahans.  Hello, Sabahans you were attacked under UMNO-PBS watch, they FAILED. UMNO-PBS the munafiq Islam and Munafiq Christian Failed in their DUTY to protect you, your family and your territory.

Their inept and incompetence and Evil acts have resulted in this War and insecurity in SABAH/Sarawak.  When someone have failed to provide you security, you still EMPLOY that SECURITY FIRM???  #$%^&*    

When you go to a mechanic and your car still not return to that mechanic Again and Again to have the car fix??#$%^&*

When you hire an electrician and still the wiring in your house keeps tripping, you keep hiring the same electrician?? #$%^&!!

When you go to a shop that always have Barang Naik with their Dacing and get cheated, You return to the shop again and again because you like being Cheated, lied and Sham and Scammed??#%%$#!!

When you send your children to English tuition, but get Malay tuition instead, you keep sending him/her there??@#$%^!!

 ABU & A B C D - Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing.

As each day passses it is so imprtant to pass the message that a single dot on the Ballot Paper near the UMNO-BN Box / area is a spoilt vote. Regardless if you put your "X" nicely inside the PKR, PAS box.
These are the rules and law of counting and you Must Reject that Ballot Paper and ask for a clean ballot paper WITHOUT ANY Dot or markings near the BN/dacing area.  If they cannot supply you with one, Bantah, Protest, tell the Lawyer there to DECLARE the SEAT Null and Void!!  If every Ballot paper have a dot near BN dacing spot...CREATE MEGA Havoc and take pictures of the Ballot Paper, with mobile, highlight the spot and spread to the Internet WORLD first thing in the morning!!

To SPR/EC leadership, you have been warned.  You will be sent to jail after we Gadaffi-kan UMNO and their Perkakas.  Enough of your SHAM and LIES.  You will regret it dearly if you FOLLOW the Racist UMNO directions.....AMARAN!!!

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