Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When UMNO-BN Security Fail, SACK THEM!!

When there is IED Bomb created by UMNO Racist Perkakas/Tools, the police quick to conclude its IED and link it to Islam Jihadist Terrorist elements in UMNO probably.  Umno thinks by being labelled islamist terrorist, malay would see them as hero, never mind UMNO-BN-PBS support President Assad, Gadaffi and Kim of North Korea.  This are the sort of logic Malaysian have to deal with daily. UMNO-BN-PBS thinks Malaysian are fools.  When Malaysian send you SCUMBAGS to Hotel Sg Buloh to reflect on life then you know.  Do whatever it takes to stay in power because the Power of Allah will end you soon.

Since its rumour season, the latest is Najib and Muhiddin and Hissapmuddin and Zahid Hamidi failed in their discussion/bincang with Sulu Islamist terrorist.  So now Terrorist going to bomb Malaysia with IED and that will make Malaysia vote UMNO.  How stupid can you get??  #$%^.  UMNO-BN-PBS failed to provide Security means We ABU, ABCD and Obliterate Cap Dacing.  55 years of FAILED Security, Failed Economy, Failed Education, Failed Heath, Failed Judiciary means we Sack you and kick you out.

Heart attack is also upon Najib, muhiddin and Tun Munafiq Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia.

ONLY in Malaysia NONE of the UMNO-BN-PBS Cronies and Family members EVER Get a Driving offence ticket or Parking ticket.  Some don't have to pay tax and have $$ MILLIONS Ringgit in their Bank Account.  Some don't pay for water, electricity.  Most have free education for their Children in ENGLISH medium PRIVATE SCHOOL and ALL EXPENSE Paid scholarship overseas.  This is UMNO-BN Gangnam style Rakyat di SHAM kan, Crony didahulukan.   Use the God/Allah given power to ABU.  Anything BUT UMNO-BN!!

End the Legacy of UMNO-BN racist, vote STAR-DAP for state seats in Sabah and Pakatan in Federal seats in Sabah and all over Malaysia.  Too bad Sarawak no state election.  That is the only way to play in Politics.  It gives Sabahans an OPTION to opt out and provide Malaysian another place to migrate in time.  Remember you can Sack Malaya.  The UMNO racist security services to you is Epic Fail.  UMNO using Sulu Islamic terrorist to control Sabahans.  Send them ALL to Malaya and let them set up malaya like Pakistan, Mali, Sudan with the Sultan and Agong.

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