Monday, August 30, 2010

Burn, Boycott all UMNO Related Cronies Company. Why Tolerate One more day of their INJUSTICE,Murder, Lies, Racism and Damn Lies!! So much for MERDEKA 2010.... 50 plus + years of UMNO MALAY MUSLIM RACISM

Another Few months have passed in Malaysia and the same Racism continues. Since UMNO Malays cannot learn and understand that one cannot be born Islam, then we need some other affirmative action.   Even the Myth defender of Islam Agong and Sultan needs to be dragged out and paraded as RACIST Lunatic. Time to educate them on family planning that if you cannot afford 1 child, don't expect the rest of Malaysia via their TAX money support your other 6-9 children who are suffering brain defects, malnutrition and human suffering. You UMNO Racist Malays are the cause of every Malays child suffering due to your greed of wanting Population Growth and political power, yet constantly insult Islam with your irresponsible acts. Allah have cursed Malays with their UMNO Leaders and cronies who lives a Munafik Corrupted lifestyle. For Greed of Political power and huge irreponsible population growth unsanctioned by Allah, you have curse your race to the low life of crime. You think by having all gun holders as malay army and police representing 99% of Malaysian population with guns, you can retain Malaysia in its current form EVEN when you ATTEMPT another Ethnic Genocide. Well word is out that if EVER that occurs again, Malaysia will be divided to many independent countries. Your racist ethnic cleansing acts will not be blessed by Allah and you will be cursed into certain corners of Malaysia.  Go on do your worst, step up the rethoric with those Perkasa, Pekida, Umno Racist Dr. M....etc Use the RTM, Radio, print Media. Do you very worst and we shall see if Malaysia exist as 12 states ever again.

We Malaysian have decided that only states which exist as one that respect Freedom of Religion, ISA and Free press will have their own AUTONOMY. The rest can keep your territory and boundaries that will be redrawn given time. 50 years and still Islam, Defender of Islam, Racist UMNO still see no EVIL in RACIST acts and racism in education, business, university, media....etc. What makes you think things are going to change in the Next 50 years as the money, corruption pie gets smaller by the day?? Wake up Malaysian, be prepared, get ready to fight for your turf if genocide like May 13, Kg. Medan, Penan occurs again. Don't allow those UMNO THUGS to whack you like in Batu Caves, Cheras Toll. Whack Back and Whack them Hard and burn an UMNO Cawangan (their meeting and planning office) everytime a small incident happens. Freedom and a better life can only be found when UMNO racist is OBLITERATED.  Every year these Racist Ku Klax Klan UMNO exist, will be another year of suffering, injustice and allowing EVIL to flourish. If the educated Sultan and Agong(kononya defender of Islam)believe one can be BORN into Religion Islam as a malay in Malaysia, then Malaysian have no other choice but to REJECT those useless Sultan and make them a ceremonial Sultan. Boycott their titles and crap that they give. Wear black on their birthday and any state celebration. In the eyes of Allah they are just normal humans. Nothing Mythical about Sultan or Agong. All can worship money, power and be corrupted as well. Worst are those who gets away with murder. Time for Magna Carta in Malaysia.  At one time Sultan also orang biasa ... go ask Raja Brooke. If Sarawak can rid itself of feudal monarchy, its pointless to retain any of them in their current racist state. Give UMNO Racist no room to hide behind monarchy skirt and continue their Racist acts via Police, MACC, education, justice systems. Sooner or later Malaysia must put all those EVIL judges, police, MACC, Sultan, UMNO racist murderous leaders and their racist BN cronies into Jail and rot there. Who gave them the right to KILL!!! UMNO Call this the 2010 MERDEKA Celebration!! Pergi Mampus.  RACIST ITU HARAM in ISLAM.....Faham tak Orang Islam Melayu UMNO Racist!!