Monday, January 29, 2018

Where are the IS ISlam Bastard Hiding Ms Gandhi Child??? Make citizen arrest and ACT WITH PREJUDICE FORCE!!!!

These 2 Stupid Rempit UMNO-PAS Melayu Islam Boys so stupid to accept the $100,000 into their parents account thinking it is a lot when IN ACTUAL FACT the Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur FIRE WAS CAUSED by the Smoking & poor cooking material of the Religious School & Teacher Poor Up keep of cooking area, oil Filled kitchen Wall, paper lying around and surrounding oily hygiene....They threw lit cigarettes all over daily and fire have been reported before there...go ask the people staying there!!! For Islam, stupid UMNO-PAS Malays will Eat the Dedak like Azmin brothers/sisters, the Kim Jong Nam Killers....the Police who murdered Altantuya, the Killers of Najadi.....all Linked to Najib - Hadi Awang - UMNO-PAS Islam and Sultan Agong.... Remember Sultan Selangor is responsible for Approving these IS ISLAM Religious Schools...those family whose children that were killed we also given $100,000 Each and like the parents of illers of Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi.....Died of Heavy Abuse by Religious school teacher who is linked to PAS and Sultan Johor.....Now can be classed Rat poisoning....Show me a Poisoning that need legs to be amputated and that will turn leg black!!! Don't be Stupid...reject Islam Reasoning, Get Islam OUT Of Malaysia before its too late.... Help Malay Islam last as PAS Islam Malaykeeps abusing and genociding Orang Asli in Kelantan...... Need I spell out more what it will do to Christian, Hindu, buddist and Atheist.... No islam bias run organisation or nation is EVER GOOD... Reject UMNO-Reject PAS...Reject Islam sultan IS Racist terrorist Islam!  If the Lawyer is smart and not Stupid like the Bak kut teh Lawyer,  they should just Deny the Charges as insufficient evidence to FULLY convict them.....the IS Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah madrasa in Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur school  has poor upkeep and Fire Prone.  May reports of fire have been seen there and the Fire department have just issued warnings because of Islam and links to UMNO-PAS, Sultan Selangor, Agong!!   23 Deserve to die for maitaining Islam Great Stupidity Ideology of making malays of UMNO-PAS followers dumb in order to protect Nabi Mohammed good name....  He is also dead the way!!  More will die in IS ISLam Religious school until all are closed down...all are unsafe, fire prone and children ABUSER!!!  

Please tell me somebody where is that Bastard IS Islam UMNO-PAS NGO hiding the husband and the Child.....  I will go there with my Ninja, Obliterate the IS Islam Terrorist Loyalist and make citizen arrest of the husband.....IS Islam UMNO-PAS NGO who stand on my path will taste more damage than Jamal Jamban shocking hidden hand whack on his face.........Every Malaysian can Now Make Citizen arrest at those harboring the Child ...its Kidnapping....don't let these bastard IS Islam Kill the Child like they did to the christian Pastors....  Hindu , Buddist, Christian, Orang Asli unite against IS ISlam UMNO-PAS NGO.....No islam Bias nation or Administration is any good...No Islam nation is worthy of Migration consideration...Why ALLOW IS ISLAM Terrorsit Ideology to Flourish in Malaysia??  End The Islam CRAP!  NRD Crap!  University entry Crap! Tudung Crap! Cover up Crap!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Finally after 10 years... thanks to Internet, Social Media We need to End the ISLAM CRAP in Malaysia or We break it up to 12 pieces...Federal Court: Unilateral conversion of Indira Gandhi's 3 children is null and void. So Bastard IGP, sultan-Agong-UMNO-PAS JAIS, Jakim Demand the child return to mother NOW-IMMEDIATELY or WE RAKYAT EXERCISE PUBLIC ARREST of those Harboring the child.....

Unfit Malays Nasty Judicial Organisation must be obilterated if Ms Indira Gandi Children who was force to convert to Islam is not restored back to Hindu.   Go to Hell ISLAM UMNO-PAS -Sultan Agong Bangsat Negara.

Time to BURN down those NRD and Jakim, JAIS, Shariah Courts tat try hard to Make ISLAM and the Religion Islam the Greatest EVIL in Malaysia!!  Shariah eat your SH*T adn BOW to Secualr Law...disband and save the the $50 Billion needed to maintain the Islamic religious CRAP and Help the Poor hungry Malays....  Help and donate to Non Islam malays first as Islam Malays DON'T EVEN help Non - Islam Orang Asli!!! in Kelantan!!

IF ANY of these judges in Future Approved Force conversion to Islam in Malaysia!! ...they must be treated with Contempt and may their lives on earth end early...Court of Appeal president Justice Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin,  Richard Malanjum, Zainun Ali, Abu Samah Nordin and Ramly Ali.....  

Kalau Vivian Lee masuk Lokup 6 bulan pasal bak kut teh,,, Ini celaka Zamihan Mat Zin yand nak Kesultanan Malaysia di ganti dengan Ayahtollah atau Mullah Mohammed s.a.w dari Syria.....perlu juga masuk lokup 12 bulan sebagai ajaran kepada semua Jakim IS radical islam penculik Paderi Koh dan Shariah....  Bila ketua MACC Dzulkifli Ahmad masuk lokup atau didenda kerana Khalwat??  bangsat Betul sistem undang2 Sial Malaysial!!

Kalau perlu darah, tanya dulu,itu muslim , muslim kafir atau bukan muslim.

Bila terima wang ringgit, tanya dulu, itu wang kertas siapa yang perna pegang, muslim kafir, muslim atau bukan muslim.

Oh, ya, udara yang masuk keluar hidung itu perlu juga tapis lah.

Nak jalan tugas sebagai muslim, buat baik sentiasa, bukan hanya di mulut.

 Polis = Polis Diraja bangsat Negara....Sekolah Agama Haram Islam Bakar Bunuh 21 kanak2 ....No problem....tangkap aje sesiapa dan bagi $100,000 macam Keluarga Gadaffi di Kota Tinggi...Mati Dibelasah tapi terima $100K mati sebab penyakit racun tikus!! The owner of the tahfiz building is the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP)...bermakna Sultan Selangor Bersalah BUNUH 21 Kanak2 itu kerana luluskan Sekolah Bahaya Haram....Lagi Sebenarnya yang Baksr tempat itu adalah guru2 Yang suka Merokok dan buang rokok kat tempat masak yang penuh dengan minyak, gas...kertas....ada yang kata pengendali itu dapat bantuan dari UMNO-PAS bangsat Negara. budak yang di tangkap hanya perlu beri Mahkamah tahu, dia tak tahu, dia tak terlibat dan DIDERA POLIS Buat Kenyataan!! Jangan Dipaksa terima Hukuman yang harus dibebankan kepada UMNO-PAS , JAIS, Jakim, Sharia, MAIWP, Sultan Agong IS radical Islam hidup Mewah Kaya....Teruskan berontak...jangan Di Bodohkan Agama Islam!! 

 Better investigate that the Datuk Keramat IS Radical Islam Religious Schools Teachers were the ones who killed the 21 Children of Radical Malay IS Islam by tossing his ciggaretes to the cooking kerosene / oil drum and fire got out of hand. They were angry with the poor conditions and out of fit looking at the happiness of people outside their CAGE, they made that error that Islam under MAIS, Jakim, MAIWp, Sharia, UMNO-PAS Sultan-Agong-Govenor Rulers Bangsat Negara Approved the Set up of Illegal Radical IS Islam Religious School. Shut All Religious IS ISLAM Schools,Sharia, MAIS, Jakim, MAIWP Bangsat ISLAM Organisation DOWN NOW.... And Jamal Lowyat MARA MALL Losers trying to be relavent...his time is coming. ALL IS ISLAM Bias Business/ administration, Government is NO BLOODY Good...Have a look MARA IT MALU!! Berambus Bangsat Melayu UMNO-PAS IS Radical Islam...>Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak!!

Najis pays Raja Berak/Petra to spins lies and we need to entertain Lies...

DOJ procecute MO1-Najis UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara curi Duit Rakyat Malaysia Facts and No need to entertain Corruption because Sultan-agong-Govenor all in the take to the tune of $20 Million Yearly to SHUT UP!!....Wake up ...and Obliterate the IS Radical ISLAM UMNO PAS from Secular Malaysia!!  Sack Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak...sack the IS Radical Islam supporter Govenor TAIB and Sabah Govenor there and Declare New Nation WITHOUT Referendrum.....and Delay....  Malaysia Economic Collapse coming...use this opportunity to Create a New a Better Singapore 2!! 

 This Bangsat Zahid is so stupid thinking he can't Finish Off Hissapmuddin.... but blood relation with Najis and Sultan Pahang will put an end to murderer Zahid...Killer of son in end the Rulers and Radical UMNO-PAS Jakim JAIS, Sharia Islam racist terrorist UMNO-PAS Grip on Thinking Hungry Malay....Remember in desperate time help Orang asli first...then other race and Religion....LAST of LAST the IS Radical Laundry, tudung, Halal, type ISlam .... No Islam Bias run nation or administration is any good in this world....Sack MaluSial from Sabah-Sarawak.....time for Singapore 2 &3 opportunity...Not Taliban and Failed Nation Bangla, Rohigya, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine Crap!!

Sack malaya....Invite Isreal/USA/China/Singapore to help establish Army to Fight UMNO_PAS Bangsat negara Radical IS Islam army and SUltan-agong-Govenor Melayu ISlam unleashing of Jihad radical Melayu umno-pas IS ISlam army....don't worry Millions of sleeper cell in Malaya waiting to Sapu the ELITE Lot...and Kick Radical IS Islam Leaders into Langkawi & Kelantan...the 2 state suitible to form MalusiaL!! ....then again maybe not....send them back to Bangladesh and Pakistan and Syria or Saudi Arabia as refugees!!...leave no space for Radical IS Quran Inspired EVIL and racist terrorism!!  Saudi Arabia to accept Jeruselam as Capital of Isreal....Palestine are IS Islam Hamas/Hezbollah Sunni Terrorist State!!