Thursday, February 28, 2013

Same Crap Different Tune

Tun Razak - Father of May 13 with Tun Dr. Munafiq - Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia.  One is racist malay king the other racist mamak-indian King.  Lets not kid ourselves, Tun bapa kemerosotan ala father of Malaysia demise is no malay.  For as long as malay thinks islam = malay, then you have been conned Big time, deluding yourself and no wonder Allah do not bless your stupidity!!

Remember the brain washing song
Bersatu, bersatu....
bersatu untuk negara,....
Bersatu menjunjung,
junjung pimpinan kita...
bersatu untuk Negara.

Today PM Najib also taking on the 1 ini, 1 itu, satu kepala otak hang!! Same as the Bersatu CRAP!!

Same brain washing psychology and lets hope we take the $$$$ and vote Pakatan.  ABCD - Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing or ABU - anything BUT umno.

Everyone making a fool of themselves with the index finger crap.  Better use that finger and point UMNO-BN into the JAMBAN/Toilet.  Their "bersatu" origins are from the 2 racist Kings of Malaya.

UMNO-BN Bincang with Illegals, terrorist, Sultan Sulu islamic "stand off" kononya...... rakyat Bersih Rally...cannot bincang/discuss, terror rakyat with laced water canon, police PDRM brutality...etc.  There lies the CRAP of Malaysia UMNO-BN + Sultan.  The fact that none of Malaysia Sultan speaking out against those Sabah Paid by UMNO Muslim terrorist means UMNO is planning to CREATE CHAOS like the May 13, Kg Medan, Memali after an UNFAVORABLE Election.  Same sultans that sack Singapore and now have egg on face due to their fathers Sultan legacy!!

UMNO-PDRM-Army discussion is to tell these muslim Rebels of Sultan Sulu to create Terror if UMNO-BN defeted. Some of the Agong and Sultan of Malaya quietly support(because their wealth are tied to Sabah/Sarawak) CANNOT allow an INDEPENDENT SABAH/SARAWAK destroy their ILLEGAL and Corruption gain in one day.  But Rakyat Sabah/Sarawak stay strong, learn to TERROR BAck like Mat Kilau and Create Singapore 2 & 3.  Give Malaysian SICK of this SHAM in UMNO-BN Malaya another place to migrate.  Show them progress in 10-15 years on Par with Singapore.....Do it NOW!!

Why discuss with gun weilding terrorist??  They are muslim so what??  So can discuss??  Other religion holds a gun you hang quickly?  Some died push from building, others die in jail.  These Sulu bunch you provide cover + kenduri + food + $$$$.  UMNO racist malay ways reflects poorly on Islam Cult that your so profess.    SABAHANS don't tolerate this SHAM one bit. KICK UMNO-BN OUT NOW.....especially the PBS Ongkilis & Kitingans...useless munafiq Christians!!

Asalkan BUKAN Cap Dacing.... ABCD.... 

Sunday, February 24, 2013


East Timor Population 1.17 Million Vs Sabah 3 Million...

After 10 years of Independence from Indonesia,  this country with vast natural Gas and Oil resources that is yet to develop have shown little progress.  They still want to keep their Bahasa Indonesia + portugese lingua france ala language.  Stupid if you ask me.

Now Sabah with opportunity to break the chains and shekels of poverty, racism, injustice + opportunity for the yearly 15 Billion Ringgit Oil/gas + plantation + timber + natural resources that is ALREADY Developed MUST not waste time anymore.

Don't worry about those muslim terrosist sponsored by UMNO to create havoc, United we will take them down.  You need to KICK UMNO-BN hard in the stomach in the coming general election and see a SINGAPORE 2 nation in 10 years.  Make sure No Racism, No Cronyism, CORRUPTION, NO ISA, Make Freedom of Religion + English as First Language as ETERNAL Human rights in your new constitution.   You can learn your own language at your own leisure and its proven English speaking nations are better off economically in most 3rd world country.  Malaysia 4th world if you don't get out soon or Learn and plan to SACK yourself from Malaysia.  Its in the constitution and its FREE to LEAVE.  You stay, You lose Sabahans and for that matter Sarawakians!!  Soon they will make any thoughts and talk of Sacking yourself a seditious act .......  SACK UMNO-BN!!

Then God / Allah will bless you with a Nation that has GDP as BIG or BIGGER than Singapore in 15 years......  Malaysian wants a new place to migrate....and lately Singaporeans too.  Don't wait too long like East Timor....seize the opportunity and  progress.  Then show your Butt to malaya with all their RACISM, ISA, Sultan, No freedom of Religion and keep bringing in GOOD and EDUCATED Malaysian.  Don't forget to leave room for those who are less fortunate and want to improve because of ENGLISH as MEDIUM of Instruction, government & Law.  Stop the Rot now....Kick out the Pairins, Onkilis, Munafiq Christian and bring in NEW Blood and NEW Nation.

Do it now.  DON'T VOTE UMNO-BN........  Nothing else Matters~~

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who gave these UMNO-BN SCUMS to use Rakyat money without proper accounting??

Who are those Scums who thinks that their religion can impose on others to follow??  Who are those advising, paid to promote an agenda??  If Islam is so weak that a word Allah can cause them to lose their faith, confuse them....then better get out of this Malay race...the UMNO Malay mentality.  Seems like only in Malaysian where malay is born muslim and thus the logic goes Islam = malay = bumiputera(indeginious)....  A shameless act no doubt that stole the true indeginious rights from the Orang Asli.  They are the true bumiputera.  The Real Indeginious.  More indeginious than any malay or Sultan.  But out of kindness we continue to let them live in their Sham an illusion.  Otherwise when this mantra is broken and their illusion shattered their race will collapse like the Mayans.  Fortunately 50% of malays in Malaysia don't live in this illusion and sickness. Nor should they tolerate it one more day longer.  They will soon realise the illegal "SHAM Bumiputera" pie is getting smaller by the day if they don't wise up to the fact that its their own race that is diluted.  So what if you muslim by legal right but not in heart.  That is the Islam munfiq UMNO in Malaysia.  One family have seven children, the other have two,  logic says the one with two will have Big share of a pizza.   Yet we continue to say the six children share should be like those 2 children.  Only possible if you are Family Sultan and UMNO-BN.  Otherwise Keep dreaming and living UMNO dream!!

Therefore those from India, China, Burma, Taiwan, America, Bosnia, Afganistan, Pakistan...never mind where you come from, as long as you embrace Islam you are indigenious Malaysian.  That part they are not confused because being islam malay means cheaper housing, discount left, right and centre.  This is the Love of UMNO+PAS brand Islam Munafiq Cult in Malaysia. 

We should question the need to call to worship 5 x 7 x 52 = 1820 times a year.  Why and how much longer will you insult your Gods/Allah with this laziness ??  Can't you just set your Alarm, iPhone, Galaxy tab, note to remind you to worship 15 minutes earlier?   Or is this need to put loud speaker another of your hidden brain washing agenda to prove your power in Malaysia?? Due to your Munafiqness of UMNO Islam Cult, Allah have not blesses Malaysia.  That is why after 55 year of UMNO+BN racist + Petronas + natural would think you have Billions put aside somewhere and the ability to make Malaysia world class.  Instead Malaysia GDP is less than Singapore which does not have any natural resources.  Then Malaysian need to ask, regardless where did the $1 Trillion Petronas oil money + other taxes gone to??  If Malaysia keep up these way of accounting and economic management, then get ready for Greater suffering each year UMNO+BN stays in power.

That is why I continue to promote Sabah/Sarawak Get out of Malaysia Agenda because the $1 Trillion debt Malaysia have will never be Paid and destined for poverty that you never imagine would occur.  Get out and form Singapore 2 & 3 and give Malaysian an option to migrate.....  We do not want to live in this SHAM of ISA, Religion, Royalty, corruption and no freedom of press anymore.  Your constitution is unique and you have the power to just leave.  you used to study for free in English as medium of you have to pay in private institution to study in English while the UMNO+royalty +ruling elite send theirs to English medium private school.  If that is not class warfare at its best to dumb down Malaysian while they continue their good life, they you will continue to see more suffering.  Remember English as medium of instruction WAS FREE.  FREE means no need to pay any fees, out of pocket expenses....etc.   That means can have better spending power.  You make yourself Singapore 2 & 3, means tomorrow you get rid of rubbish car proton and get a properly made car like a Honda Oddesey is just $120,000 Sabah/Sarawak ringgit/dollar not like $230,000 ringgit.  Or a VW Golf GTi S$80 K instead MYR$209 K.  S Dollar means the New Sabah/Sarawak Dollar conversion out of useless Ringgit....1 S Dollar = 35 Malaysin 2050!!!!...Bayangkan....Imagine...All Possible when you believe!!!

Now the usual UMNO-BN collaboration with Sultan Sulu, moro, Phillipines, Thailand; terrorist to create chaos for Emergengy Declaration like when UMNO-BN lost Sabah to PBS.  This chaos engine has started and planned as we speak.  Take them down like Mat Kilau!! Let me know their hideout!!  Now PBS thick skin forgot their injustice and enjoy being slaves to UMNO-BN.  Reject ALL these Scums and leave Malaysia.

Malaysia under the Islam UMNO-BN cult seems to be friendly to Islamic terrorist.  Reject this ideology and Seek Autonomy without being a terrorist lover.  That is the power of Sabah/Sarawak CONSTITUTION.  Can even revert back to English, peg your money to things like Singapore.  ABCD - ABU!!  Nothing else matter!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Are we ready for PSY = Ready for BN...najib lame act?????

NOW to REJECT CAP Dacing in the coming General Election!!  ABCD - Asalkan BUKAN Cap Dacing

Rakyat have REJECTED YOU Publically and MCA + MIC leaders now trying to find excuse and reason why the rakyat said NO to UMNO-BN King Najib in a Public Shame.  All pretending to have not heard the NOOOOOOO!!!!  This is what Tun Dr. Munafiq, Perkakas UMNO, cronies of UMNO-BN will get when Pakatan takes over.
One cannot but laugh at the Sham of Najib Failed Brain Washing attempt in Penang during the Stupid Tax payer Paid $7 Million Gangnam Style Sham rip off.  If UMNO-BN racist thinks this is money well spent, brace yourself for another 5 years of UMNO-BN....trying the listen..listen...listen tactic...EPIC FAIL!!!

Be prepared to be poor, hungry, angry, constant stress and suffering if UMNO-BN wins GE13 again.  Here is where we need malays to RIGHT the wrong and vote Pakatan.  80% Kaum melayu perlu undi Pakatan (ABCD - asalkan BUKAN Cap Dacing) untuk lihat ERA BARU Malaysia.  UNTUK NEUTRALISE-kan Projek EC/SPR!!.....  Kononya dah dapat 500,000 undi postal luar negeri.....500,000 undi Project IC tak boleh dipercaya lagi...jadi UMNO-BN dengan SPR berkerja keras setaip hari.  Bakar itu IBU Pejabat SPR dan RTM 3 hari sebelum pilihanraya.  INI kerja Mat Kilau - jenayah hari ini, Wira Esok!!

Dah dapat Maklumat sulit Bahawa Projek EC/SPR macam Projek IC kat Sabah Dulu.  Kali ini lagi hebat.  Walaupun Calon PAS menang satu kerusi dengan majoriti 3,500.....dalam 1 minggu dia akan kehilangan kerusinya SEBAB Projek EC/SPR akan kata ada 5,000 POS undi belum dikira untuk kerusi itu.

Kalau begini, 15-29 Kerusi majority ADUN Pakatan akan secara AJAIB menjadi Kerusi UMNO-BN dengan logic ini.  Pakatan akan rasa macam Projek Sultan PERAK, Gamuda, sekali lagi.

Project EC/SPR will give Najib another 5 years......How is rakyat going to react.  Last time easy to hire crowd to any function and say Hidup UMNO, Mahathir Munafiq....etc.....Sekarang rakayt bukan Hamba Awak lagi.  Semua Rakyat nak kerja Kira LEMBU macam NFC dan dapat $240,000 gaji setahun!!

Every malaysian wants a job to count cattle that pays $240,000 a year.....

We STOP UMNO-BN by DEFYING him in Public!!!  Get ready to Claim your PIECE in History.  Take UMNO Leaders Family as Insurance!!!  They better run while they can.....2 more months to plan escape for UMNO-BN racist family...airfare very cheap now.........You have been warned!!  UMNO BN Leaders are going to live their NIGHTMARE Soon!!!!....Sleep well in Hotel Bamboo River!!....


Friday, February 08, 2013

Here we go again...another Chinese New Year under Racist UMNO!!

Things getting WORST after 55 years of UMNO-BN racist Sham....

In the 70's, 80's and 90's till 2013, while at the peak of their power, its open house galore at the expense of Rakyat money...same today.

Lame Chinese New Year Commercial still occuring and let me remind you Malaysia....during those powerful UMNO-Racist controlled Communication Minister mufti ...that now dead and Useless Mohd Rahmat....Banned Lion Dance commercial, fireworks, visit to buddist temple scene, picture/reference of Buddah in ANY commercial leading to Chinese New Year on TV...#$%^&*  same goes for other religious celebration...except for the Great religion of UMNO Munafiq Islam Cult.

This is fact, because I know how the advertising agency needs to kow tow to UMNO-BN Religious Bigots SHAM!   Frankly today not much have change and that is what you get for voting this Scum of UMNO-BN every 5 years for 5 years.  UMNO-BN are Evil SCUM!!#$%^&*

I want a Chinese New year where I can play fireworks and watch kids play till their heart content.  Parents need to supervise.  Safety needs to be educated to all.  Stay far away from houses made of leaves, branches and bamboo....etc.  I play because I enjoy the tradition and for the fun.  Nothing of that sort to ward off evil spirit...otherwise UMNO-BN racist would not exist anymore in Malaysia in 2013.  UMNO-BN IS PURE EVIL!!  A B C D - Anything BUT Cap Dacing.   No fireworks can remove these evil UMNO munafiq Islam Cult Bunch except BY ABU and ABCD.

Cut UMNO-BN out and we can really celebrate with fireworks in 2014......  They banned it because it maime and injure people.  That is true if one does not take responsibility and stand too near a crackers or Meriam Buloh.  There is an education and execution element in this but for the sake of putting a race under their thumb, they start running stories in the Crap local newspaper/media.RTM....brainwashing us of terrible injuries.    Funny... car crashes kills 7,000 Malaysian yearly and they have not Banned yet that lousy and crapy UMNO Racist car Proton or Perodua(Sorry if I hurt some of you who are driving this car due to lack of choice or economic circumstances.  We need to get rid of Cancer in Malaysia progress and that is UMNO Pen Tan Sar Qua(chinese)).  Cirgaretts too kills 10,000 from cancer yearly in Malaysia...where is the banning of that product too.

When UMNO-BN Racist bans, makes rules and regulation related to a Race, Religion, Culture.....that is a racist power Act and we need to defy them to DEATH.  Wish I can have thousand of those MOON TRAVELLERS ......  No need to elaborate where it will be pointed at......

Kong Hei Fatt Choy, enjoy the catch up, gathering, eating, discuss the ABCD, ABU agenda and make 2014 the year we bring back FIREWORKS for Malaysian.  Bring back Joy to children and tradition and celebration.  No need to hide and play anymore in 2014 with ABU and ABCD = Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing and Anything BUT UMNO!!

So UMNO-BN spent $7 Million Ringgit Rakyat Money to get PSY to Penang?? + $5 Million Ringgit for makan...and who is the caterer? + $$$$ Misc????? + how much back into your OWN SLUSH FUND Ibrahim Katak face Tourism Minister Dr Ng Yen ?? @$%^&*!  Psy there means Put UMNO-BN Malaysia into world radar screen.... So stupid statement from minister ...also can ah??  Why not make Malaysia PSY your IT HUB, low cost Carrier HUB, BIO Tech Hub, Cyber Hub, Banking Hub, Innovation Hub, Corruption Hub....$%^&*($#... Binatang!!....use your own money next time!!  Still lots of poor and homeless people in Malaysia!!  Doing that Stupid Gangnam Crap does not change the DESTINY of the Poor!!$%^&*

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Everyone is Free to Criticize and be Critical!!

We do not have to share the same ideology as you to criticise anyone or any religion we seen fit.  If it is in the heat of the moment and as long as no violence is committed, its all within the framework of " Discussion, Debate, Dialog, Rebutt, Refute...etc"!

So when I say  "Sultan bermula dengan “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan/Allah pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan/Allah."

It does not mean I need to be a muslim to say such thing that Uncle seeker points it out.  I quote it because it is true and logical.  Does not mean I hate muslim although I am seen insulting the Defender of Islam in Malaysia...(kononya).  From MY Perspective, it is so obvious from my ideological point of view.  If malay, muslim, mamak, chinese, Indian, Christian, buddist, hindu, hare krishnan cannot terima/accept that and pass judgement from their Perspective..that is THEIR part of the debate.  What is wrong with quoting someone logic, ideas and elaborate on it??  Such statement is seditious only because we are TRAPPED in the brain washing mind of Malaysia UMNO Munafiq Islam type cult rule of law.

If I am critical of all the WARS-Bombing-Problems that is happening is Muslim related such as Mali, Turkey, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Malaysia (allah issues).....etc....does not mean I hate muslim but rather, why is this religion inspired ideology so violent, so nick picker, so unreasonable, so hypocritical.....etc??  One can criticise and be critical and not be embraced into that religion to do so.  That is the freedom every human have and we will NOT live your Dream or the boundaries you set in your writings, religion, ideology and teachings.

Is it because what I write is true and correct matter what spin you employ the mud still stick.  Then find a solution to end the Sham.  If you want to stop the criticism, then do less of the SHAM...its as simple as that.  If that SHAM involves religion Islam, Hindu, Buddism, Christianity...then do less of that SHAM.  If you are the biggest race practising a certain religion in a certain area, then brace yourself to have the BIGGEST Criticism.  If you have 8 Children to feed and another person have 2 to feed, is it not obvious that the person with 2 child would have Less Issues in their environment.  Unless of course you start introducing Bi-Polar, ADHD, Asperger.....etc then the scenerio changes.....LOGIC without religion!!...  Live your own Dream as living others dream is a loser!!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Enjoying being at the Mercy of UMNO-BN???

People die in lock up, interrogation, beaten by Sultan, some killed, others sexually assulted, still some UMNO leaders can get away with the same murder, sexual assult, corruption, intimidation, killings.  A nice set up to do the same as their Sultan that they so wished to continue their lives.

Today we talk of EPIDEMIC of Corruption in UMNO-BN with TAIB $43 Billion Stash,  Tun Bapa Kemerosotan family wealth $23 Billion....Najib and Family Wealth $10 Billion....Muhiddin and Family Cronies Wealth $9 Billion.....Daim...and the list goes on with all type of gastronomical figure.  The truth is no one knows.  No one in Malaysia will be ANY Wiser if you have the Racist UMNO-BN in power for another 5 years....making it 60 years.  Like Gadaffi or Assad or Kim Jong Il or Mugabe or Idi Amin. No one will find out where $1 Trillion Malaysian of Malaysian Wealth went and how come after 55 years Malaysia ENTIRE GDP is behind tiny singapore....maybe should be written TINY BIG SINGAPORE!

Learn to Question ALL UMNO+BN+Cronies+Sultan......How come Malaysia GDP is Less than Singapore after 55 Years??? Why did Malaysia Sack Singapore?  Racist Reasons??#$%^&*

Lets forget the malaya states for a moment.  55 years of their Racist Run UMNO malay agenda of GOD, Religion and Race have given malaysian a $500 Billion or $1 Trillion Ringgit Debt.  Again, we cannot know the figure if you expect a Robber who enters your house and said he took nothing.  Lembu Gate-NFC, Perwaja, MAS, Bank Bumi, Land Grab (Raja Ropiah latest)....etc...@#$%^&*

These are those things Malaysia have managed to exposed WITHOUT the help of AG, Media, RTM, Agong,Sultan, Judiciary,PDRM, ARMY, Bank, Bank Negara, Election Commission, NRD, Immigration, Jabatan Hasil....etc#$%^&*  So If $800 Billion UMNO-BN stolen is also plausible.  After all, UMNO-BN is still in power and Rakyat Malaysia will wake up wondering why things arestill bad even IF Pakatan or Federal opposition gets voted in....Doh!!....  Can you after being declared bankrupt, come back the next day Rich??

If you close this window of opportunity to ABU UMNO-BN again, then expect more of the same...murder, crime, sexual assult, missing children, suffering, struggle to live, IF 55 years of a one UNCHANGED Government is the BEST Choice for Malaysia....for eternity!!

BUT...Sabah / Sarawak have a powerful constitution that can QUIT Malaysia, Start Afresh and give Malaysia an opportunity to migrate and make a NEW Great Nation.  You can leave the $1 Trillion DEBT Burden to UMNO+BN + Sultan+ Religion in Malaysia to manage and bring about the REAL Empire Malaysia.  Sabah / Sarawak can have ZERO...Kosong...0....debt Burden when you SACK Yourself From Malaysia.

IF you have UMNO-BN managing your household finances, resources, food and struggles TODAY.......UMNO-BN + Sultan(known as Ruling Elite) will Kick you out of the house Today + 1 minute, say you are not respectful of their race, religion, sultan, agong and should be thankful you are allowed to BEG with your children on the streets with a TOL rate of $5 for this priviledge.  You must beg in Malay as the medium of communication as those who beg in English are getting more money from foreigners who understand their plight.  Ignore that option as this is damaging to MALAYsia....Ketuanan.....Hina Sultan if you try any other SMARTER Move.

Malaysia mind set needs to change and have courage to say the blue statement Publically.  There is nothing wrong saying this as Uncle Seeker have proven.  Is it enlightening and factual.  It is NOT seditious, insulting or degrading.  Only those who like to live in this Evil Dream, Illusion, nightmare continue to live UMNO-BN + Sultan's Dream & they see this statement below as VERY Seditious.

Sultan bermula dengan “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

Time to wake up and live your own dream and aspiration....and HONOUR ALLAH in the Correct manner.  Maintain the ENGLISH as medium of instruction Rage.  How Stupid for Sabah/Sarawakians to have given up this Special Priviledge.  Time to reset back and Progress.  Name me a Malay speaking nation that is better than an English Speaking nation.  Wait no more and do ABCD - Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing.   ABU, UBAH then KELUAR!! 

At least you can say to UMNO-BN+ sultan children Bodoh/Stupid for sending their children to those $3,000-$10,000 a term in those UMNO-BN+sultan(ruling elite) majority owned Private & International ENGLISH medium of instruction school....when Pakatan or Sabah/Sarawak public schools also teach in English!!  That is the simple enough reason for Malaysian to Migrate to Sabah / Sarawak.  Time to take back DIGNITY & Give Malaysian Alternative!!

INI KALI LAH!! be continued