Sunday, February 24, 2013


East Timor Population 1.17 Million Vs Sabah 3 Million...

After 10 years of Independence from Indonesia,  this country with vast natural Gas and Oil resources that is yet to develop have shown little progress.  They still want to keep their Bahasa Indonesia + portugese lingua france ala language.  Stupid if you ask me.

Now Sabah with opportunity to break the chains and shekels of poverty, racism, injustice + opportunity for the yearly 15 Billion Ringgit Oil/gas + plantation + timber + natural resources that is ALREADY Developed MUST not waste time anymore.

Don't worry about those muslim terrosist sponsored by UMNO to create havoc, United we will take them down.  You need to KICK UMNO-BN hard in the stomach in the coming general election and see a SINGAPORE 2 nation in 10 years.  Make sure No Racism, No Cronyism, CORRUPTION, NO ISA, Make Freedom of Religion + English as First Language as ETERNAL Human rights in your new constitution.   You can learn your own language at your own leisure and its proven English speaking nations are better off economically in most 3rd world country.  Malaysia 4th world if you don't get out soon or Learn and plan to SACK yourself from Malaysia.  Its in the constitution and its FREE to LEAVE.  You stay, You lose Sabahans and for that matter Sarawakians!!  Soon they will make any thoughts and talk of Sacking yourself a seditious act .......  SACK UMNO-BN!!

Then God / Allah will bless you with a Nation that has GDP as BIG or BIGGER than Singapore in 15 years......  Malaysian wants a new place to migrate....and lately Singaporeans too.  Don't wait too long like East Timor....seize the opportunity and  progress.  Then show your Butt to malaya with all their RACISM, ISA, Sultan, No freedom of Religion and keep bringing in GOOD and EDUCATED Malaysian.  Don't forget to leave room for those who are less fortunate and want to improve because of ENGLISH as MEDIUM of Instruction, government & Law.  Stop the Rot now....Kick out the Pairins, Onkilis, Munafiq Christian and bring in NEW Blood and NEW Nation.

Do it now.  DON'T VOTE UMNO-BN........  Nothing else Matters~~

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