Thursday, February 28, 2013

Same Crap Different Tune

Tun Razak - Father of May 13 with Tun Dr. Munafiq - Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia.  One is racist malay king the other racist mamak-indian King.  Lets not kid ourselves, Tun bapa kemerosotan ala father of Malaysia demise is no malay.  For as long as malay thinks islam = malay, then you have been conned Big time, deluding yourself and no wonder Allah do not bless your stupidity!!

Remember the brain washing song
Bersatu, bersatu....
bersatu untuk negara,....
Bersatu menjunjung,
junjung pimpinan kita...
bersatu untuk Negara.

Today PM Najib also taking on the 1 ini, 1 itu, satu kepala otak hang!! Same as the Bersatu CRAP!!

Same brain washing psychology and lets hope we take the $$$$ and vote Pakatan.  ABCD - Asalkan Bukan Cap Dacing or ABU - anything BUT umno.

Everyone making a fool of themselves with the index finger crap.  Better use that finger and point UMNO-BN into the JAMBAN/Toilet.  Their "bersatu" origins are from the 2 racist Kings of Malaya.

UMNO-BN Bincang with Illegals, terrorist, Sultan Sulu islamic "stand off" kononya...... rakyat Bersih Rally...cannot bincang/discuss, terror rakyat with laced water canon, police PDRM brutality...etc.  There lies the CRAP of Malaysia UMNO-BN + Sultan.  The fact that none of Malaysia Sultan speaking out against those Sabah Paid by UMNO Muslim terrorist means UMNO is planning to CREATE CHAOS like the May 13, Kg Medan, Memali after an UNFAVORABLE Election.  Same sultans that sack Singapore and now have egg on face due to their fathers Sultan legacy!!

UMNO-PDRM-Army discussion is to tell these muslim Rebels of Sultan Sulu to create Terror if UMNO-BN defeted. Some of the Agong and Sultan of Malaya quietly support(because their wealth are tied to Sabah/Sarawak) CANNOT allow an INDEPENDENT SABAH/SARAWAK destroy their ILLEGAL and Corruption gain in one day.  But Rakyat Sabah/Sarawak stay strong, learn to TERROR BAck like Mat Kilau and Create Singapore 2 & 3.  Give Malaysian SICK of this SHAM in UMNO-BN Malaya another place to migrate.  Show them progress in 10-15 years on Par with Singapore.....Do it NOW!!

Why discuss with gun weilding terrorist??  They are muslim so what??  So can discuss??  Other religion holds a gun you hang quickly?  Some died push from building, others die in jail.  These Sulu bunch you provide cover + kenduri + food + $$$$.  UMNO racist malay ways reflects poorly on Islam Cult that your so profess.    SABAHANS don't tolerate this SHAM one bit. KICK UMNO-BN OUT NOW.....especially the PBS Ongkilis & Kitingans...useless munafiq Christians!!

Asalkan BUKAN Cap Dacing.... ABCD.... 

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