Monday, June 27, 2011

BERSIH - 9 JULY, 2011 - MAKE History!! AMAR MAKRUF, NAHI MUNKAR - We will NOT be Obedient to Killing, Genocide, Intimidation, Murder, Corruption and Insult to Islam by UMNO and their tools!!


SUPPORT BERSIH and any other Demonstration against UMNO-BN and catch the Middle East "Time for CHANGE BUG". Don't let this awakening bypass Malaysia again. Keep up the Cyber attack, Boycott Petronas Petrol, proton, Naza, Perodua and any UMNO Linked business. Stop the Cashflow and you will Stop the UMNO racist! Rela, 3 Line, Perkasa, MACC, Police, Army, UMNO racist.....we will take you down like in Egypt, Libya & Tunisia....Believe IT!!! AMAR MAKRUF, NAHI MUNKAR

FACT : UMNO Malay are Killing Malays so that UMNO & cronies family and children can continue to be Mega Rich. Expecting rest of Malays to be their tools and slaves. Like the Malay MACC Killers of Customs Director a pious Malay. Greed have taken over in UMNO and they must be Obliterated.

FACT : Do not be Obedient to Prejudice Protocol of songkok wearing and here we have Raja Petra saying we must accept it. To bumi non malay it is also NOT Protocol for Anak Sultan Kelantan Derhaka Bapak and steal the throne. This is not Islam, its Munafik Islam. Keep your worthless titles, prejudice protocol and myth. We will defy your Highness and make you bow to the wishes of the people. No way we will bow to the Sultan/Agong EVIL Ways. Make Sultan/Agong accept anyone as MB of COLOUR AND RELIGION and remove prejudice Criterias from Constitution. Make Munafiq Mitos/Myth Defender of Islam bow to the wishes of the people.

FACT : UMNO Munafik Islam is trying to Outdo PAS to win the hearts of Malays or muslim. Support PAS in Election to Obliterate UMNO. 53 years of MUNAFIQ ISLAM UMNO in police, judiciary, media, MACC, Sultan, Agong, long enough. DON'T BE OBIDIENT TO INSULTERS of ISLAM like UMNO. We have a Choice now in PAS or PKR.

FACT : We need to Destroy the concentration of Power of UMNO in Banking, Police, Army, Judiciary, Media, Banks, Sultan, Ulama, Rela....etc. That is why its so important to keep attacking those internet sites as mentioned before.

FACT : Malaysia Government getting Bankrupt. Pity those Foreign Dollars inflows into Malaysia. Losers in Malaysia do not realised that incoming money is $1 Billion Ringgit, Outgoing is $8 Billion ....Like a 1:8 ratio.

FACT : UMNO racist is desperate now and will KILL, Murder, Burn anybody and anything to create a situation that is beneficial to UMNO. Unfortunately this time each Chinese or Indian that dies could be a Chinese or Indian resident from China or India. Let us make sure we do not give Gadaffi-UMNO another chance. You seriously think UMNO racist will hand over the running of Malaysia on a silver platter?

FACT : Malaysia UMNO Fear Middle East type demonstration. All women/men of Malaysia should come out with water bottle, goggles and if possible overturn those Police, FRU truck and cars. Burn Down UTUSAN, STAR, NSTP, BH, Nanyang in the process as well and all local Media like RTM, transmitter station, relay station....etc.

FACT: of late UMNO are paying their cyber troopers and their site some money to allow open comment to try to engage with Rakyat in the UMNO Loser Internet wars. Go and post to demoralise them. All those sites have losers and UMNO - insulters of Islam, bloggers. Like Middle East Internet have Obliterated state Media in Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iran.

EVERY LITTLE DISRUPTION TO UMNO TOOLS, INFRASTRUCTURE AND ORGANISATION IS IMPORTANT. Just make their life NOT so Smooth with all their corrupted Mega Mansion and Mega Ringgit. Make them suffer for the next 53 years together with their children in Jail for ruining Malaysia.

UMNO-BN are KOTOR because they cannot support BERSIH. What more need to be said. Sultan, Agong and also those useless Govenor also KOTOR since they are silent lately to EVERYTHING Good!! AMAR MAKRUF, NAHI MUNKAR. No wonder its the bumi non malay showing Munfiq UMNO Malays and their tools that their days are numbered like Mubarak, Gadaffi semua kawan baik Tun Munafiq Mahathir!!

Look for ways to reduce Taxes and see UMNO Racist Crumble ( Now you know why UMNO wants GST - they are bankrupt and wants to find other avenues for corruption and fill their pockets WITHOUT rakyat noticing). Boycott Petronas petrol and whatever linked to UMNO & cronies if Possible. you are providing BLOOD money that support their Murderous Crime against Humanity in Malaysia. How many more High Building Death, Police shotting point blank on suspect head and your children education/future Ruined?? Move money overseas when possible and keep only one house. Be greedy and you will PAY!! Why help the government save $1 million when they STEAL $10 Billion for themselves?? Give them no opportunity to look good in front of Charity, orphanages, disadvantage people....Just KICK THEM OUT via Revolution. The judiciary, law and order are RUNIED Anyway.

IF on Bersih there is any Hint of Killing/Genocide....we Release all Illegal Immigrants teach RELA(another UMNO racist Tools) a lesson, while we ponder on how to carve up a new Malaysia. After all at one time Sultan/Agong also a mere rakyat and orang biasa. Let the Royalty try to survive on $1000 Ringgit a month. We will NOT be INTIMIDATED Anymore. A New Malaysia is always better than the current one in 2011. End Racism, End Munafiq Islam, END the LIES and Murders of UMNO-BN and their supporters!! Be there in BERSIH 2 and I am looking forward to give those Perkasa and 3 Line Racist followers some lesson. So many ways to disguise and pretend to cause chaos behind enemy many UMNO Pondok-cawangan unguarded....happy days are here again. Everybody Tie Malaysia Flag to thick Rotan at BERSIH as insurance against tools of UMNO. DISRUPT...disrupt...disrupt!!

KUGAN, TEOH BENG HOCK, AHMAD SARBANI MOHAMED - You are the inspiration that galvanised ordinary Malaysia to Bring DEATH to UMNO Racist and BN forever!!

We will NOT be Obedient to Killing, Genocide, Intimidation, Murder, Corruption and Insult to Islam by UMNO and their tools!!

Continue attacking those site listed based on the minutes within the hour!!
Orang Asli are the TRUE BUMIPUTERA - help them whenever possible and UMNO Racist Malays are Bumiputera Munafiq Islam!!
PAS jadi perisai/shield - bumi non malay jadi LEMBING .... Bersama hapuskan Munafiq Islam UMNO, 3 Line, Perkasa dan NGO UMNO macam Polis, MACC dan RELA. Awas semua Angotta UMNO-BN!!!