Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Proven - UMNO Najib supports ISIS , Boko Haram , Al Qeada, Sunni Extremist, Abu Sayaf, Sulu islamic terrorist Cult....@#$%^&*(... in CAHOOTS and FULL APPROVAL with SULTAN - Agong!!

The world MUST BOYCOTT Malaysia goods and bring the economy crumbling down.  Najib UMNO-BN Islamic terrorist and all the stuff that Sultan-Agong are associated with.  Time to end the Islamic SHAM of these LIARS Defender of Cult Islam.....and throw the bucket of UMNO ISIS-Boko Haram Islam cult with their cahoots of Sultan-Agong to the drain!!

So UMNO ISIS-Boko Haram Najib in cahoots with sultan-Agong in PRAISE of ISIS winning the war in IRAQ......how about Syria??.... USA, Western world, Europe.....take note...what will you do now??  Lets hope the SHIA come in Hard and hit Mecca and Saudi Arabia Hard to take power there and cause those OIL Sunni Kingdom to collapse like Egypt until they know the EVILS of the islamic cult Brotherhood sham.  With all kinds of wars and terror happening with Islam nations......Raja Petra trying very hard to discredit other religion especially christianity....BUT can do nothing to improve his OWN Kind...type..ideology...ha ha ha ha !!.  Time for Raja Petra to MURTAD too...if you ask me.     

THE WORLD IS IN A MESS WITH THIS EVIL of ISLAM CULT TERRORISM!!   Humanity do not need to understand...just learn & have mind set to OBLITERATE their Sickness and Racism and Religious Bigots in this Islam Cult!!!  Meanwhile since Prophet mohammed is no God and his grandson killed by Sunni....what is this ongoing sickness with the Shia??  I am sure with the many wives of Mohammed there are many more Grandsons killed natural or unnaturally .....   which SECT is going to take revenge for that??  Time to convert and Leave Islam.....that is the BEST Religion you can do for yourself....  DO NOT BE ROMANTICS TO EVILS of ISLAM Terrorism Cults!

Anyway the issues is not Islam but the SHAM of Islam UMNO-ISIS Boko Haram in cahoots with Sultan-Agong in Malaysia.  Be NOT a Romantics of their EVILs and their Sick Ideology of UMNO Boko Haram-Isis in cahoots with sultan-Agong.  The moment UMNO in cahoots with Sultan-Agong- ISIS-ABU Sayaf-Boko Haram terrorist goons attack you, wake up and defend your turf and stop trying to UNDERSTAND their SICKNESS and Logic.  Attack back, terror back and DESTROY INFRASTRUCTURE so that they will not think twice to set camp in your turf and area again...EVER Again.

You need to GET RID of the Chinese, christian, buddist, hindu, bumiputera of Sabah-Sarawak, Indian, Tan Sri and elite that are IN CAHOOTS with Sultan-Agong and UMNO-ISIS Boko Haram supporters as well.....  Rid Malaysia of these PEST and SCUMBAGS in order to improve the country BY HOOK OR CROOK!!....  60 years of Experiment, SHAM, Racism, Religious Bigots must be buried and ended.......Have a mind set of Whatever it takes to OBLITERATE......just like UMNO-ISIS-Boko Haram-Abu Sayaf-Sulu-Taliban in cahoots with Sultan Agong......Bring it on May 13 take 2 like Raja petra...this time Malaysia Would not exist in the SAME Boundaries...that is a Given.....  Makes Saking Malaya and those Little states Break up a Reality and achieveable!!...Take the best and leave the rest for the Sultan to fight among themselves with their ISIS in UMNO Boko Haram!!

We need to set Malaysia back to English Education even in Parliamen, remove the prejudice songkok protocol, migrate to Sabah-Sarawak, take the oil MONEY back, Sack Malaya,  Freedom of press, Religion..... and New Malaysia will excel in the world and leave those elite sultan-Agong fight it out with ISIS UMNO-Sulu terrorist like in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afganistan, Sudan, Somalia.....ZERO Tolerance to these Islamic Cult Scumbag that the world is trying hard to under stand their Ideology and logic...There is none and DON"T Sympatise......Obliterate them, their ideology and their SICKNESS from society......Terrorist Muslim of UMNO-malays ISIS-Boko Haram should migrate to Mecca and go Worship in 100% your Gods there.....Malaysia is SECULAR......  Tak SUKA BOLEH HIJRAH KE NEGARA ISLAM RASMI......  If don't like can migrate to OFFICIAL ISLAMIC Country....how about IRAN, IRAQ, SAUDI, Sudan, Afganistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Syria......  Go on time to HIJRAH...UMNO Malays + Sultan-Agong in cahoots with ISIS-Boko Haram-Sulu Terrorist........

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Allah of UMNO ISIS Boko Haram-Abu Sayaf-Sulu Terrorist Islam Cult of Malaysia....

The Allah of UMNO ISIS Boko Haram-Abu Sayaf-Sulu Terrorist Islam Cult of Malaysia....

So UMNO- JAIS- MAIS - ISIS terrorist supporter in cahoots with Sultan-Agong have burnt ..."dispose" of the malay bible?????  Show us the proof that is is habdled respectfully and in good condition...otherwise Sabah-Sarawak....start waking up to the ISIS Ideology of Islam UMNO JAIS-MAIS and SACK Malaya by getting rid of the PBS...the fake christian and the cahoots with UMNO-ISIS-ABu Sayaf-Boko Haram ideology.  Soon you will need to recite Quran to be a servant to Islam sickness like the ISIS of IRAQ terrorist.

Its ok to burn the 30 malay bible...no problem because 5,000 more muslim in Malaysia will convert and murtad and get the HELL out of UMNO ISIS Boko Haram Islam cult.  Each day more UMNO ISIS JAIS MAIS  Boko Haram terrorism is being shown by the local media to frighten you like ISIS does in Iraq....

TERROR Back.....  Never Allow UMNO-JAIS-MAIS-ISIS-JAKIM terrorist cult interrupt or enter your premise.  Gang up do a citizen arrest....you tube and publish their face.  Take copies of their IC, place of resident and publish on the WEB.   Copy ALL their contact in their mobile phone and publish all those mobile numbers on the internet.  Question them, interrogate them...so that when the police come to take them away they have given you enough information to ALLOW a "BAND of Mat Kilau Brothers" to terror back like to those MACC murderers and Police Kugan Murderers......Still looking for the UTK altantuya murdereres......just post a comments as to where their address of residence is.

IF Azmin of PKR and their scumbags wants the MB position and bee seen of LEADERSHIP QUALITY......then start marching to JAIS and MAIS to Raid their office and FREE the bibles to win over Malaysia hearts......otherwise you bunch are no different to Khalid of PKR in cahoots with Sultan Agong agreeing to the JAIS - MAIS actions.  We know UMNO-ISIS-BokoHaram-JAIS-MAIS terrorist is playing a game.  We want to put an END to their STUPIDITY!!!   Do it secretly and after that announce the freed bible.....  DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO BE the Menteri Besar??? @#$%^&*( .......  or do something that shows you have taken the bible from JAIS-MAIS office.......then either UMNO-JAIS-MAIS ISIS Terrorist Cult will have to proof they still have the bible or the Police will then start investigating WHO HAS the REAL Bible......  You can then say it has been given to the people of Sabah-Sarawak.......ask the police to search all over Malaysia.....when called for questioning...  this is called wedge politics...and you have trapped UMNO ISIS Boko Haram JAIS-MAIS terrorist group in their own game.....

 Meanwhile......stupid Malaysian still believe the Cult Islam UMNO ISIS Boko Haram spokesman...

"Proton’s immediate plan would be to change its strategy from being a maker of cheap cars to become a world-standard car manufacturer, said newly appointed chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad".

By MERE WORDS....Malaysia will be IT HUB, R&D HUB, Cancer Hub, ....now World Car Standard HUB.....and low and behold only Islamic terrorist Boko Haram, Taliban Hub is built. ...@#$%^&*

The reality is ALL is LOST like MH 370.....  Ignore the CHEAP TALK and send them all to Jail....especailly this Father of Malaysia Corruption and DEMISE.  So all UMNO-Malay Islam should now celebrate and dance in the streets with approval from Jakim JAIS, Syriah and sultan-agong because Malaysia is the UNDER-world and laughing stock of the world.  Like being force to learn malay, change weekends to Fri-Sat....soccer, hockey team mainly UMNO-islam malay.....there IS YOUR WORLD CLASS!!!.... ha ha ha ha ha....  Padan Muka ALLAH ada Mata....... ALLAH untuk semua siapa Keliru dia BODOH!!..

Allah have eyes to see and ears to hear...those who are deceived are Stupid.  Sultan-Agong in cahoots with UMNO ISIS Boko Haram Abu Sayaf Taliban terrorist are ALL STUPID......sad but correct OBSERVATION of 60 years of evidence........otherwise show us something wise and good you have TRULY achieved that has not involved some $$$$$$$$!!....some hamper to the poor and played over and over and over and over again in RTM and UTUSEX???? ha ha ha ha....Berambus!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Don't worry about PDRM IGP or PIG of UMNO Boko Haram Terrorist Police + Islam Boko Haram UMNO Cult NGO....Make a Citizen Arrest...

Indira Ghandi...this is an open letter to you and to all Malaysian.  

Forget about law and order in Malaysia.  First locate where your child is residing.  Secondly plan the citizen arrest of that mamak convert to islam....after taking him down...take down all the UMNO-Boko Haram Terrorist giving this recent muslim convert and do a citizen arrest for child KIDNAPPING and Child Abuse.  They are all Pedeofile...so better act fast.  They are not protecting the child ...they are kidnappers of the child and don't take lightly the offence of kidnapping.

Remember the "sama-suka sama" child rapist in Sabah....these UMNO-NGO scumbags have no dignity and moral or ethical standard....

So after you have gained access to their place just take the child home and let the useless police, army, Agong-Sultan stand and watch PEOPLE POWER in action.  Do it now and do it with 10,000 people marching to make a Citizen arrest......  Lets see if the UMNO-Boko-Haram terrorist Indian child Kidnappers dare to resist 10,000...... If we don't TRY to uphold the LAW, no one will...not the sultan-agong, not PDRM, not the ARMY.......This is the Human rights moment to take back sanity for Malaysia!!

Take your child, hide and hide in some place that you cannot be found for a few months...wink wink...nudge ..nudge..... no need to let these Jakin - JAIS - UMNO NGO - Boko Haram terrorist + PDRM + sultan-agong to know your status and welfare....Many will help you.  Don't be tricked into going to police station with your children....ask PDRM to produce arrest Warrant or search warrant....

Lets gather and go......tweet...share....and gather.....Sack UMNO from Malaya as well from Sabah-Sarawak....

Time to bring the child back to the mother away from the UMNO-Boko Haram Brain washed Islam convert father!!!

Don't let the Islamic Welfare take your child..they will brain wash him with more UMNO Islam boko haram nonsense.......the custody battle is finish and the courts have awarded the child to you...there is no more custody battle effective June 11, 2014....Act now and citizen arrest anyone who gets in your way!!  Malaysia time to respond!!!

Monday, June 09, 2014

Any race religion that does not permit you to leave and reject that culture and religion is SICK!! Leave that place, religion, culture and get out NOW to embrace other Options!!!

Any race religion that does not permit you to leave and reject that culture and religion is SICK Leave that place, religion, culture and get out NOW to embrace other Options !!! ! Under UMNO Islam Boko Haram Cult in cahoots with sultan-Agong...there will be no liberty, freedom and for your basic needs to be met.  You are to live in misery, poverty, insecurity, hunger and stupidity because these scumbags have GUNS to shoot you down and the courts to defend UMNO-BN actions....that is the summary of the  Islam UMNO Boko Haram Facts in malaysia....migrate to Sabah-Sarawak quietly.....sack malaya...start the move quietly NOW....!!  What you see in UMNO Brain washing Media is opening surau/masjid & Hamper for 30 poor families but promoted as FREE Food FOR all as long as you remain Islam UMNO Malay Cult Followers in cahoots with sultan agong!

In Malaysia that is the UMNO-Malay Islam cult Boko Haram-Sulu-Taliban religion in cahoots with sultan Agong.  In India that is the CASTE systems.  Legacy in religion and culture are nothing when rules and laws are needed to govern your lives.  That is SICKNESS of trying to please ALLAH-God's approval via the Law......none will achieve holiness this way.  So STOP the illusion of the UMNO Islam Boko Haram Cult in cahoots with Sultan-agong defender of Islam SHAM. In Malaysia all UMNO Cults Belivers are Holy...outside Malaysia drink beer, khalwat, curi, rogol, bunuh, kill, sham and scam...non issues.....that is the Islam cult of UMNO-Boko Haram-Abu Sayaf-Taliban-Sulu ideology!!

SHAM Syriah Laws is being paraded everyday in Malaysia.....JAIS raid, Jakim Kidnap Sultan defender of UMNO Boko Haram Islam Cult legacy.....NOW the latest is that in DEATH a Divorce can be written in UMNO Boko haram Islam cult religion ......as in the case of this Scumbag Sultan Murderer of Johor....  The FIRST RISEN Sultan from the Dead writing a will to divorce the wife(who incidently in cahoots with sister then married to sultan's father to Enthrone Sultan caddy Murderer as the Sultan via simple thumb print.....Current Sultan (from ex British Wife) wants to consolidate power using $5 Billion ringgit to buy POWER and defend his EVIL generation legacy).....Here Lies the STUPIDITY of the SYRIAH Courts and Laws of malaysia sham and they want this stupidity to run in parallel with the Secular westminsters Law @#$%^&*!b* S*!!...go to Hell!!  Reject the Islamic Ways in your life!!...You have the Power and Allah have given you that power!!  No need to be romantics to the Stupidity of Jais, Jakim Syriah Boko Haram rules and Laws....reject them and throw them into the bin!!  Don't be too suprise when the children of Sultan caddy murderer do a NEPAL Monarchy thing...on the current Sultan Johor to reclaim the throne for the dignity of their mother now the FIRST women in HISTORY Divorced by the DEAD under the UMNO Boko Haram Syrih laws of Islam Cult in Malaysia!...lots of $$$$$$ at stake now...how to do it discreetly...accident.??  food??!!!  Tune in for more battle and fight for the PIE of $$$ Corruption Money  in Johor $$$$$$!!...and bloggers will be investigated for treason and sedition for mentioning this!!

Here the current Sultan Johor  can SELL TANAH-Melayu (malay reserve) land to NOT benefit Malays but himself and his family and wife and Sultan munafiq Perak link....  Some how that is TRANSLATED as progress for Malays and therefore Johor Sultan must have POWER to improve and develop Johor.#$%^.  NO DEAL....and you will NEVER be Bapa Johor Modern!!  bapa Korrupsi Hina - Insult Malay tradition legacy and Islam is probably a better title!!  Meanwhile those UMNO-BN ADUN all sitting nicely on $25 Million ringgit in a foreign bank waiting to be used when the Rakyat miskin get Hungry and Angry and start atacking the UMNO-BN leaders in cahoots with Sultan-Agong.....follow the money and reach Fire burning utopia Heaven of UMNO-Boko Haram - Taliban Terrorist after life home....

Soon Malaysian Poor UMNO Brainwashed Malays-Islam cult getting fewer and desperate will resort to violence because they think they hold the Army, police and guns in their back yard.......that is the POINT in TIME and HISTORY when these SHAM and SCAM MUST be OBLITERATED Forever from Malaysia.  60 years for them to change UMNO Racist agenda have not worked....don't expect these UMNO-BN scumbags to change when UMNO-Bn in cahoots with Sultan-Agong resort to violence and racisl strive and deaths.....like in Sabah Wars.

Plan the Migration to Sabah-Sarawak.....Sack UMNO-BN there...>SACK Malaya....bring English as medium of instruction,  Better Hospital, roads and Super fast train linking the 2 Nation and Laughing at Brunei!! RESET the Wealth distribution.....put those UMNO-BN -PBB-PBS scumbag in jail or deport them to jail(but then they will be like Takshin causing Havoc...so jail them for corruption and until money returned back to the tune of $200 Billion USD Dollar)...and in 2020 Sabah-Sarawak in World Cup Hockey, badminton, hockey and challenging the BEST and among the Best!!  Cheaper Food and Better education!!....  APA LAGI orang Sabah-Sarawak mahu??  What more does Sabahans and Sarawakians wants??

Cannot take HUMAN laws in Malaysia...Please migrate to Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Bshrain, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and any middle east country to continue your Syriah UMNO-Boko Haram Cult Islam Rubbish ......  Malaysia have a better chance to improve....and bring the Defender of Islam along to resolve the conflict there and be useful......to be seen by the WORLD as the Best Sultan defender of UMNO ...that UMNO can produce like Tun Munafiq Islam bapa kemerosotan Malaysia (father of Malaysia Demise) dream of Best Proton Car!!...Sell more Proton in mid east too....All HALAL!!!...the daily Lies, SCAM and Sham of Malaysia!!...   
UN-BRAIN-WASH!!!.... its an insult to me to know a dead can divorce his wife under UMNO Islam Boko-Haram syriah terrorist laws of Sultan-Agong approved standards.....  No need to be romantics to their EVIL....  Reject Syriah-Jakim Jais-Hudud and any forms of Islamic Laws....How many more stupid evidence does one need to reject the Islam UMNO Boko Haram Cult in cahoots with Sultan-Agong??  Not anymore please....!!!...WAKE UP!! REJECT Stupidity!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Time to Raid JAIS, JAKIM, Syriah Boko Haram Terrorist supporters......take note world of Malaysia terrorist agenda!!

No need to be romantics to these racist UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong support of Boko Haram JAIS, Jakim, Syriah racist terrorist-malitia.  How dare they raid an Indian wedding?? #$%^&@.  Who the Hell is giving these UMNO-JAIS-JAKIM Boko Haram the right to do all these Sham if not with the UMNO+ Sultan + Agong Approval??  Identify the face of these JAIS Mullah and Mat Kilau will teach them a lesson one by one like those MACC murderers.....make them live in fear daily ...nightly...all theor life!!!

We need to teach these scumbags a lesson like to those Kugan Murderer, MACC murderer and Altantuya murderer. @#$%^&*!  This is Malaysia DESCENDING to Hell and Ringgit like Zimbabwe....start Trading in Foreign currency....like AUD, SIng,or USD dollar!!...undermine ...undermine Malaysia...disrupt...disrupt UMNO-BN-Boko Haram-Sulu-Abu Sayaf+ Sultan-Agong terrorist acts!!

How dare these NGO of Islam cult Faith kidnap a child and hide it because father convert to Islam ...does not mean child also convert...SCUMBAGs of Islam UMNO cults in cahoots with sultan-Agong is on the Rampage these days....

Start daily transaction in AUD, Singapore, USD dollar and continue to undermine the Stupid Malaysia Ringgit.  Time to Boycott malaysia and invest elsewhere.  Sultan johor can sell $5 Billion of Tanah melayu to China developers but malay muslim cannot sell their land/house to non malays in Malaysia.  This is where the UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong have and will continue to SUPRESS the islam-malay ideology to profit and benefit themselves....These scumbags Islam insulters can only maintain their dominance because the malay army - police are so huge and reliable to protect their wealth.  So when you make the Hunger and higher cost of living and Hyperper inflation increase with the COLLAPSE of Ringgit a reality...these loyal malay islam servants will begin to see some light and learn to BERONTAK.....REBEL - REVOLUTION.

NOTHING Will Change when the STRUCTURE that have kept you POOR, STUPID, DUMB DOWN for 60 year still exist......No need to be ROMANTICS to Suffering.  If you like suffering...go to Syria, Afganistan and Pakistan and fight for your Islamic cause.  If Sultan-Agong is the Defender of Islam Cult UMNO...then go resolve the crisis in Syria, Sudan, Boko Haram Islam cult wars and sickness.  But it takes hunger to see that the sultan-Agong are just MYTH-MITOS, fake head of islam.....WHY Insult Allah with your Tragedy???? UNBRAIN WASH....REBEL...REVERT to other Religion, FREE yourselves from the Shackels of ISLAM UMNO Boko Haram-Jias-Sulu-Jakim-Syriah Cult religion in cahoots with Sultan-Agong.

End the CASTE system in Islam malay UMNO Boko Haram in cahoots with Sultan-Agong like one needs to end the CASTE  systems in hindus as well.....  Change religion to break away from shackles that HUMAN have put on you.  Allah/God have given you Freedom to choose, Reject, UN-shackles the misery you are in.....  USE IT!!  Reject the dumb down by UMNO -Boko Haram, Sulu Abu Sayaf terrorist tactics and misery brain washing tactics in cahoots with Sultan-Agong and TERROR BACK...by rejecting their SHAM, Ideology and Religion!!

Remember we have children and grand children and relatives.....we do not need to subscribe to Religious laws that has the capacity to intrude on us non-believers of this Islam cult UMNO Boko Haram Laws in Malaysia in cahoots with Sulta-Agong.  To sit back and be Romantics to these EVILS is an INJUSTICE to ALLAH-GOD!!

Monday, June 02, 2014

If Sabah-Sarawakians not careful one day your weekend days too will revert to Fri Sat if you do not follow the dumb down UMNO-Boko haram-Sulu terrorist racist agenda like force to learn in Malay language when you had it good in ENGLISH!!!!

 Sickness of Malaysian and Malaysia and the INABILITY to Reject the Sickness...

Malaysia HAD English as the medium of education until Tun Dr. Munfiq Mohd and Razak decided to start the era of Malay UMNO Racist glory after 1969.........  These "Strategist" in cahoots with sultan -agong then reverted to malay and the Stupidity of Sabah-Sarawak followed.  Today we are witnessing the demise of Malaysia together with Sabah-Sarawak.

Then they tried to bring back English as the medium of education and yet again to unite the Malay race the UMNO racist Najib-Muhuddin togethert with cahoots of UMNO-BN islam sultan cult reverted it back to Malay with a promise to improve English with their MAGIC power of Cheap talk......today we are again witnessing the demise again together with Sabah-Sarawak.

Now you have this stupid Sultan Johor (whose birth is from a western British mother unlike his other siblings and now because his step mother mistreated him, wants to sack her from the Royal household. The whole family is actually no good and that is noted in this blog) wants to do a study on how to improve welfare of the SUDDEN switch from Saturday-Sunday weekend to Friday-Saturday.  Where is the stupid study of the welfare of people when you switched from Friday Saturday to Sat-Sun in the past and again back??..and the subsequent switch back apparently the sultan now wants to be seen as Holy righteous among their UMNO-Malay muslim living in misery people.  Leave Johor and invest in other country like Cambodia, Vietnam....Boycott Malaysia and their Stupid laws, regulation and increasing crime and UMNO-BokoHaram-Taliban terrorist in cahoots with sultan-Agong!!

The current sultan of Johor move to FORCE the Sat-Sun move to Fri-Sat is again the sickness and madness of this UMNO type stupidity drive like in English Education.  Now the stupid sultan want IMPACT Study on his stupid move??@!#$%! ....no need any study... it was a stupid move and Johor state will suffer more demise...Allah will not bless sultan Johor Fake Allah Seeking Move!!!  I hope the private sector will defy as in the past the stupidity and force the muslim in private sector to either quit or look for government jobs.  The majority of the world works Mon-Fri and rest on Sat-Sun..   Sultan Abu Bakar (bapa johor Modern is Flipping in his grave with stupidity after stupidity move and the legacy he left behind) The malay muslims will have to choose the norm or be a Stupidity sultan murderer legacy follower.  Don't worry about Sultan children or grand children...theirs is a life in Sat-Sun English medium private schools and straight to overseas for the best of ENGLISH education...while you are still perceived to be trying to improve your English language.  Its like a DUMB down racist agenda by UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong.

If Sabah-Sarawakians not careful one day your weekend days too will revert to Fri Sat if you do not follow the dumb down UMNO-Boko haram-Sulu terrorist racist agenda like force to learn in Malay language when you had it good in ENGLISH!!!!  That is why we need to sack those UMNO-PKR-BN from Sabah-Sarawak, REVERT Back to English Education and sack malaya.  Sabah-Sarawak is the few states in Malaysia WHO HAS the POWER to REVERT to ENGLISH regardless to what malaya Does......that is the POWER of your Malaysia Agreement.  Why Sabah-Sarawakinas choose to be slaves to UMNO-BN brain washing, misery making and DUMB Down Agenda is a worry.  Break Free..un BRAIN WASH and Fight to keep your space and terrority from the UMNO-BN -Sulu-Abu Sayaf Islam cult terrorist in cahoots with sultan agong.

That is why we need to migrate to Sabah-Srawak and sack UMNO-BN and then malaya if this is the stupidity and misery we have to tolerate for generations!!  Wake up and SACK the UMNO Terrorist of Sabah and Sarawakians.....then SACK Malaya!!...the power is in your constitution.....no need referendum...Just Sack malaya like malaya did to Singapore!!   Do it soon before you are poor, useless and filled with UMNO Boko Haram - Sulu-Abu Sayaf-JI -Taliban Islamic gun carrying Terrorist making you PAY a PRICE for Protection and safety.....there is None and FIGHT back Hard to remove these scumbags!!