Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Proven - UMNO Najib supports ISIS , Boko Haram , Al Qeada, Sunni Extremist, Abu Sayaf, Sulu islamic terrorist Cult....@#$%^&*(... in CAHOOTS and FULL APPROVAL with SULTAN - Agong!!

The world MUST BOYCOTT Malaysia goods and bring the economy crumbling down.  Najib UMNO-BN Islamic terrorist and all the stuff that Sultan-Agong are associated with.  Time to end the Islamic SHAM of these LIARS Defender of Cult Islam.....and throw the bucket of UMNO ISIS-Boko Haram Islam cult with their cahoots of Sultan-Agong to the drain!!

So UMNO ISIS-Boko Haram Najib in cahoots with sultan-Agong in PRAISE of ISIS winning the war in IRAQ......how about Syria??.... USA, Western world, Europe.....take note...what will you do now??  Lets hope the SHIA come in Hard and hit Mecca and Saudi Arabia Hard to take power there and cause those OIL Sunni Kingdom to collapse like Egypt until they know the EVILS of the islamic cult Brotherhood sham.  With all kinds of wars and terror happening with Islam nations......Raja Petra trying very hard to discredit other religion especially christianity....BUT can do nothing to improve his OWN Kind...type..ideology...ha ha ha ha !!.  Time for Raja Petra to MURTAD too...if you ask me.     

THE WORLD IS IN A MESS WITH THIS EVIL of ISLAM CULT TERRORISM!!   Humanity do not need to understand...just learn & have mind set to OBLITERATE their Sickness and Racism and Religious Bigots in this Islam Cult!!!  Meanwhile since Prophet mohammed is no God and his grandson killed by Sunni....what is this ongoing sickness with the Shia??  I am sure with the many wives of Mohammed there are many more Grandsons killed natural or unnaturally .....   which SECT is going to take revenge for that??  Time to convert and Leave Islam.....that is the BEST Religion you can do for yourself....  DO NOT BE ROMANTICS TO EVILS of ISLAM Terrorism Cults!

Anyway the issues is not Islam but the SHAM of Islam UMNO-ISIS Boko Haram in cahoots with Sultan-Agong in Malaysia.  Be NOT a Romantics of their EVILs and their Sick Ideology of UMNO Boko Haram-Isis in cahoots with sultan-Agong.  The moment UMNO in cahoots with Sultan-Agong- ISIS-ABU Sayaf-Boko Haram terrorist goons attack you, wake up and defend your turf and stop trying to UNDERSTAND their SICKNESS and Logic.  Attack back, terror back and DESTROY INFRASTRUCTURE so that they will not think twice to set camp in your turf and area again...EVER Again.

You need to GET RID of the Chinese, christian, buddist, hindu, bumiputera of Sabah-Sarawak, Indian, Tan Sri and elite that are IN CAHOOTS with Sultan-Agong and UMNO-ISIS Boko Haram supporters as well.....  Rid Malaysia of these PEST and SCUMBAGS in order to improve the country BY HOOK OR CROOK!!....  60 years of Experiment, SHAM, Racism, Religious Bigots must be buried and ended.......Have a mind set of Whatever it takes to OBLITERATE......just like UMNO-ISIS-Boko Haram-Abu Sayaf-Sulu-Taliban in cahoots with Sultan Agong......Bring it on May 13 take 2 like Raja petra...this time Malaysia Would not exist in the SAME Boundaries...that is a Given.....  Makes Saking Malaya and those Little states Break up a Reality and achieveable!!...Take the best and leave the rest for the Sultan to fight among themselves with their ISIS in UMNO Boko Haram!!

We need to set Malaysia back to English Education even in Parliamen, remove the prejudice songkok protocol, migrate to Sabah-Sarawak, take the oil MONEY back, Sack Malaya,  Freedom of press, Religion..... and New Malaysia will excel in the world and leave those elite sultan-Agong fight it out with ISIS UMNO-Sulu terrorist like in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afganistan, Sudan, Somalia.....ZERO Tolerance to these Islamic Cult Scumbag that the world is trying hard to under stand their Ideology and logic...There is none and DON"T Sympatise......Obliterate them, their ideology and their SICKNESS from society......Terrorist Muslim of UMNO-malays ISIS-Boko Haram should migrate to Mecca and go Worship in 100% your Gods there.....Malaysia is SECULAR......  Tak SUKA BOLEH HIJRAH KE NEGARA ISLAM RASMI......  If don't like can migrate to OFFICIAL ISLAMIC Country....how about IRAN, IRAQ, SAUDI, Sudan, Afganistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Syria......  Go on time to HIJRAH...UMNO Malays + Sultan-Agong in cahoots with ISIS-Boko Haram-Sulu Terrorist........

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