Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Take anything inefficient and innovate. Don’t worry about who you take down in the process, or if there will be any jobs remaining at the end of the day.

Take anything inefficient and innovate. Don’t worry about who you take down in the process, or if there will be any jobs remaining at the end of the day.  That is what Sabahans and Sarawakians need to start thinking on the eve of their INTENTION to sack Malaya....AGENDA 2020!!

USE Your CONSTITUTION POWERS to progress and bring English Education back into the entire economic and daily life.....the SHAM of using Bahasa Malaya have cause you 60 years of grief...while the RICH in PBS and BN continue to Plunder and make your children stupid.....and UMNO ISIS-Boko Haram-Abu Sayaf_SULU Islamic terrorist have been used as an IN CASE Militia allowed to hold, use and KILL Army, police, Sabahans.  Those caught with heavy weapons in this on going war in SABAH, lahat Datu, Semporna, Tawau are NOT HUNG at the Gallows as REQUIRED by Malaysian Laws....

Those caught murdering, with drugs are not HUNG either because they are in the Brotherhood of Islam Alliance with UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan Agong.  Disrupt...disrupt the UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan Agong PLUNDERING RACIST Religious Bigots Isalm ISIS-Boko Haram Taliban-Sunni Agenda.

Soon you have to FAST in Ramadan or EAT in the Toilet.  This have come to past.

Already some Parents are IGNORANT their Standard One Kid in a malay Majority school/ SEKOLAH Kenbangsaan are FORCE to recite Quran...... in class...with parents oblivious of it!!!   This have come to Past.
and they might even convert to Islam without your knowledge....at the rate things are going with NRD, Allah issues, Bible seizure.........Hindu, Buddist, Sikh, Orang Asli, Bumiputera Non Malay Islam .......don't be too happy....you are next on the Racist Taliban ISIS-Boko Haram-brotherHOOD of Islam Cult religious Agenda.

Continue to Disrupt, by Masses converting them OUT of Islam and free them from the Stupidy of UMNO-BN  ISIS-Boko Haram-Sulu Islam Cult in cahoots with SUltan-Agong.....  Ignore LAWS that TRAP Human Minds and that are MEANT to make you Dhimmi...or slaves to Islam UMNO-BN-Agong Cult.  Say NO Thanks Malaya...time to Progress and move on....the TIME to SACK Malaya and Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak is NOW and not a second later..... Agenda 2020......  SACK Malaya....  NO NEED TO THINK TWICE or Romantics to the Stupid UMNO-Sultan-Agong-Boko Haram-ISIS-Taliban Islam Cult.

Here we have this Greedy Defender of Islam Cult Sultan Johor managing to sell a Tanah Melayu...Malay bumiputera Land for $5 Billion ringgit...land meant for POOR Malays......so the LIES goes...and in Cahoots with UMNO can manage to turn Agriculture Land, Malay land to commercial land and Sell to China.  Due to the anger of the people....the Sultan can buy up the UMNO-BN Adun-State member of Parliament
and since Johor won Local DISTRICT-"Jaguh Kampung" declare holiday.....imagine the chaos of this willy nilly fame seeking sultan can do at the moment.

Sultan jahat is rich now......all the Leeches of UMNO-BN and cronies are like bees seeing honey ....  But Poor will remain poor forever.....  Wake UP...REBEL....Take Power...un brain wash and UNDO the Chaos in Johor....

You have been warned....Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak....before the UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan Agong make reciting Koran and Islamic Cult stuff a Norm in Schools FOR YOUR KIDS......this is not seen on the Internet but DIG DEEPER its Prevalent in SCHOOLS in Malaysia......and its GOOD to RAISE IT on RAMADAN......No Need to be Romantics to Islam Cult....War is still going on in IRAQ, Syria.....Boko Haram still have those Girls....DID you HEAR the HUE and Cry of Anger from Muslim on those matters????@#$%^&*  

Sneak a voice recorder in your KIDS BAG, hide it turn it on to TAPE the Rubbish with these Islamic Cults Zealots taliban-Boko Haram teachers in your schools!!....Do it and make a HUE and CRY and Make UMNO  Yield in cahoots with sultan-Agong!!  Expose the Sham ...disrupt Islam Cult EVIL agenda!!

....And Selamat Berbuka Puasa with BAK KUT TEH........no one SAYS You cannot add Chicken meat to BAK KUT TEH and DRINK THE SOUP....ONLY ISLAM CULT JAIS-MAIS-PDRM have a narrow mind to mean only one type of MEAT....  You can also add Babi Hutan-Wold Boar, bird, Monkey, Cow meat to BAK KUT TEH.......  No need to be extra sensetive or Romantics to Ramadan....WAR and TERROR is all over Malaysia.....  RAID MAIS-JAKIM to Free Bibles or Kidnap Koran and trade for Bibles with ALLAH????  TERROR BACK!!!

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