Friday, July 18, 2014

MH17, MH370.....

Condolences and Sympathy.... to all victims and family.

Just as we need to send condolences and Sympathy to Altantuya, Teoh, Kugan, those died in Sabah from UMNO-BN-Boko Haram-Hamas-ISIS and those islamic terrorist cult in cahoots with UMNO and Sultan-Agong.  Does it mean that individual murdered is less of a CRIME when these is a MASS murder.??  Then what about those who died under UMNO Mass burial in the MAY 13 Killings and then Painting their face with TAR to AVOID identification and detection.  I write this because I know and to NEVER TRUST whatever UMNO-BN in cahoots with Sultan-Agong does...they are all EVIL.

OK so those events have passed....we should focus on the current.......Najib UMNO who supports ISIS-HAMAS-Boko Haram in UNISON with Sultan-Agong talk BIG by saying that those criminals who shot down the plane needs to be brought to justice FAST.... ha ha ha ?  How long was the Altantuya case...the Kugan cas/inquiry, the Sabah War Royal Commission, Teoh....?   Where was the SWIFT justice there on THOSE CRIMINALS ACT! !@#$%^&!  Your game on the Kalimah Allah have made sure more troubles ahead for Malaysia related things. 

Allah untuk semua, siap keliru dia BODOH.   ALLAH for all, he who is deceived is stupid....and that stupidity includes the Judges, sultan-agong in cahoots with UMNO-PBS-PBB  ...yep those stupid Fake christian leaders in Sabah-Sarawak!

Now does UMNO Scumbags ISIS-Hamas Boko Haram want to buy more Russian fighter plane that is never used again...??

So good to see Isreal whack HAMAS proper.....don't blame Isreal if Malaysian NGO and doctors die from this conflict.  Why are malaysian there....??   Like MH17....why take the RISK?  To save fuel??  Why was EXTREME precaution NOT taken?  Boycott MAS and anything Malaysia and crush the Racist Bigots ideology of UMNO-Bn in cahoots with sultan-agong? 

In the same light when will MNO SULU-Boko Haram -HAMAS islamic terrorist in Sabah WAR be Elimiated like Isreal trying to do with Hamas.  Lets HOPE Fatah...take up arms and go in to Obliterate Hamas and have some proper ECONOMY going on in Gaza apart from making rockets, launching rockets and training more Bomb making terrorist.   Who really cares what happens among those Islam-muslim cults?? Theirs is a sick ideology that needs ELIMINATION from this world.  Serve Hamas right for trying to help UMNO-ISIS in Iraq and now their weapons are reduced....Kalifah Hamas needs more Lunatic to help..  Where is the Sultan-Agong defender of UMNO Islam cult in malaysia going there??   Malaysia soon becoming terrorist safe heaven if we continue to allow UMNO-BN -PBB-PBS in cahoots with sultan -Agong to rule and run the Asylum.

Foreigners Avoid Malaysia like a plague and Malaysian start getting use to the idea of using Foreign curency as medium of Exchange......Racist -bigots islam cult Ideology must DIE first for any improvement to be seen in malaysia....  Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak.... Sack Malaya ...>Agenda 2020!!

By the way what happen to the Pulau Nangka- Sultan parameswara loot that is suppose to prove  malay landed in Malaysia last??  UMNO treasure hunters found ALL Chinese and Indian Relics and decided to melt it, collect the money and keep Quiet.....time to cover up the FAKE Legacy of ALL Sultan-Agong and Malay UMNO MYTH......ha ha ha ha!!  I want Swift Justice on this on going LIES for Malaysian to be Exposed!!....who cares really !@#$%^&!  Malaysia is DOOMED anyway! 
Migrate to Sabah-Sarawak.... Sack Malaya ...Agenda 2020!!!

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