Monday, July 14, 2014

Just Business as usual ....even in RAMADAN.......NATANG!!!! @!#$%^&*!

Ongoing war in Sabah....Padan muka....UMNO Najib in cahoots with sultan-agong...  condolences to those who died defending Sabah last week and No thanks to the UMNO-Sulu-Abu Sayaf ISIS Boko Haram terrorist cahoots with sultan-agong.  More cover up again as usual in the on going WAR on Islam Terror in Sabah.  Not careful Islamic state of Sabah-Sarawak ahead of Malaya....  Time for Sabahans to take up arms and defend their turf.....  If you leave it to the UMNO ISIS Islamic Sulu Terrorist...Sabah & Sarawak will be like Afganistan, Palestine, Libya, Syria or Pakistan.....  that is the result of moving to malay language, ALLAH Ban issues and sleeping and in cahoots with UMNO...PBS and the Fake Christian Scumbags!!.

Be like Isreal, surrounded by terrorist ....yet far more properous and BLESSED by Allah......  Sabah-Sarawak can be BETTER than Isreal...... and to those Malaysia supporters of Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, ISIL and whatever Terrorist UMNO islam cult....go and fight there to set up your Dream Islamic Islam Cult state....... and Migrate there if Possible....go worship your KALIFAH and Mujahid and Islam Cult there....... Leave  Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak ....  It will be a BIG gain for us....No LOSS At ALL....go Hijrah/Migrate like Mohammed did...and Bomb the Saudi Mecca too...I really don't care..... 

So Never donate to those Malaysian NGO sending doctors, food to Palestine because some funds are diverted by HAMAS to ISIS, ISIL and for their own crony relatives and families.....Just like in Malaysia...UMNO-ISIS, Boko Haram in cahoots with sultan-agong islmic cult ideology....these UMNO scumbags are the FATs one like Rosmah in Malaysia.....Full of $$$$$$$$ and using the media RTM/TV3/to replay their ONE TIME VISIT to the POOR 1,000 times TO BRAIN WASH YOUR MIND that UMNO-ISIS-Boko Haram Sulu Islamic terrorist in cahoots with sultan-agong are helping the poor  DAILY......while Doing its Best to KEEP Islamic malays DUMB DOWN with Misery.....its called the HUNGER Games......  FEAR and BITS of rewards.......

Good on those natives and Orang Asli to reject Islam....then BABI Hutan/wild boar also cannot eat.......No wonder those who convert are poor and needy!!!...see what islam cult of Malaysia do to the true bumiputera if you convert to Islam Cult of malaya!!

UN BRAIN WASH and OBLITERATE the Sickness of UMNO ISIS- Boko Haram Sulu -Taliban-ISIS terrorist in cahoots with sultan agong.........  the most peaceful way is to LEAVE and MIGRATE OUT of UMNO-Sultan-Agong ISLAM CULT and Embrace other Religion!!   Don't be Trapped in their religion of Depression and Opression and systemic CORRUPTION from Sultan- defender of Islam cult to UMNO Protector of the Defender of Islam Cult...the cahoots must be Exposed and Demoralised and Shamed!!!!

In Ramadan just sell any food to whoever willing to pay money...unless UMNO Boko Haram ISIS Taliban in cahoots with Sultan - Agong  SICK IDEOLOGY forces muslim to wear a Mark on their forehead and Face that says No Food sale for me....  No need to try to understand why UMNO ISIS Boko Haram Taliban  Hamas Hezbolla Al Qeada Sulu terrorist supporters in cahoots with sultan-agong ideology, in trying to legalise HOLYness  that even MOHAMMED have failed in his ideology. There is war in Iraq, syria, in middle east...Boko haram kidnap girls sham still have not resolved.... @#$%^&*(!  Epic Fail Islam Cult sickness.......where is the protest on this matter.....lame NGO Malaysia????.shall we send our defender of islam sultan to negotiate a release on humanitarian grounds???  FAT Hopes if you expect that from the Sultan-agong defender of ISIS-Boko Haram - Sulu -Taliban islamic terrorist islam cult groups!!

Like the Absurdity of the Allah issues.....  Continue to DEFY the court judgement like ROSA PARKS defy the WHITES ONLY Seat on the BUS.....  At least now we are CLEAR which JUDGE to SACK in the 7 Bench High Court Ruling.....they are racist bigots scumbags in cahoots with UMNO-Barang Naik and need to pity them in their DAY of Rakyat Judgement.   Sabah Sarawak take note of the POWER Within YOUR CONSTITUTION TO SACK Malaya and Bring back ENGLISH as medium of Education...those Christian Scumbags of PBS, PBB and UMNO-Barang-naik Sulu terrorist supporters have failed you .....  SO REJECT Them too for making Sabah-Sarawak Worst Off.....

Each of the State should be a as Good as Singapore but these Corrupt Pariah Muslim-Christian Leaders have made Sabah-Sarawak like those needing to go to soup kitchen of UMNO daily for Food.  why the need when there is FOOD ALL OVER Sabah- Sarawak ??? @#$%^&*(!!

Sabah-Sarawak ...WAKE UP AND MAKE YOUR OWN SOUP, FOOD, MONEY..& ;HAVE THE DIGNITY THAT ALLAH HAVE GIVEN YOU AND REALISE THE POWER OF YOUR CONSTITUTION TO SACK malaya did to Singapore unconstitutionally in cahoots with the racist sultan-agong UMNO-ISIS Boko Haram....racist and islam insulters SCUMBAGS!!

Ramadan is not Holy when you see CRAP and Rubbish of Islam UMNO cults ideology constantly in play......  no need to mention the WORLD at war with Islam...and Islam at war with Islam.....all a SHAM....lets hope Islam Cult implode..... and a sanity prevails......  NO NEED TO BE ROMANTICS TO EVILS OF ISLAM!!! Disrupt...disrupt...disrupt......use foreign currency as medium of exchange and economic in Malaysia before the Ringgit Collapse with Devastation Soon!!!...more on this later in light of CIMB-RH-MBSB.....MAS...and all those Sham!!..using your EPF money......soon none for you...take it out while you can and convert to Singapore dollar!!!

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