Wednesday, December 07, 2016

We reached a point we need to see a CHANGE in the Status Quo....the 1% melayu UMNO-Bangsat -Negara IS Islam and their cohorts of Sultan_agong-Govenor - PAS Hudud Racist terrorist Ideology have to Go and a New ERA will Emerge.....12 new Independent District would be the Start of NEW Era.....Doom is upon Malaysial!!

So Council of Rulers can deny Tun Munafiq Murder from attending Agong Swearing in??  It goes to Show How low these Rulers have descended and willing to Work with UMNO-PAS Bangsat negara to retain their status, Free Corruption money, give titles to gangsters, murderers, robbers....  Make no Mistake the Rebellion is Gathering Momentum for 12 NEW DISTRICT......  ALL 1MDB, Altantuya murder, May 13, Penan Killing, memali, support of IS Islam terrorist hamas, hezbollah, taliban Abu sayaf, Sulu terrorist, bible stealing, force child conversion to IS islam. have the Approval of Agong-Sultan-Govenor the one malay racist race called islam IS terrorist....working hand in hand with UMNO-PAS Bangsat negara~~~~!!. 

Get rid of Ringgit, Use Foreign Currency and you Get to PAY UMNO-PAS hudud ZERO Tax and YOU Start CRUSHING the UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara Racist terrorist ideology.  You also get to Sweep the 1 Racist Race and Religion Sultan-Agong Govenor Melayu who condone all EVIL acts .... while Orang Asli gets Bullied and detained, Land, timber gets stolen, Malaysian suffering High living cost, Being dumb down by media  and education system..... TIME TO UNITE WITH ORANG ASLI AND HAVE MANY MASSIVE PROTEST...LET THE WORLD KNOW OF THE PAS-UMNO HUDUD EVIL ACTS AGAINST POOR TRUE NATIVE/BUMIPUTERA OF MALAYSIA!!

The Stupid 1% melayu IS Muslim UMNO-PAS -Sultan-Agong -Govenor melayu Council of Rulers all Going to Hell as water used to wash hands, ice, and in all food ...etc have 0.000000000000000001% Alcohol and pork DNA...... Jangan kata tak tahu....semua HARAM... sekarang dah Tahu Fakta Keluar Islam lebih sesuai.....kalau tidak .... Neraka Tunggu awak.... jangan tipu buat tak tahu >>>  Bongkar Celaka UMNO-PAS makan dedak!

The Sultan Agong-Govenor Racist Terrorist Songkok TITAH and Demand the 1% Melayu Najib UMNO-BN(Bangsat Negara) - PAS Hadi hudud curi Balak Orang Asli to NOT work with TRUMP anti-IS Islam agenda and pro Isreal Agenda..!! Those ISLAM Bias nation will start to suffer...Iran #1 Turkey #2....... MalaysiaL...Self Destruct....who cares as long as 12 NEW District Emerge at the end Sabah-Sarawak to house USA Base if Phillipines withdraw....... Pecat Malaya... Halau Semua IS Islam ke Langkawi..... era Tipu helah SUltan - UMNO mula Retak.... 99% melayu Marah Barang Naik ..Tol Naik, Beras, gula, minyat NAIK Melambung!! Jaga -jaga 1% celaka Melayu bodohkan 99% Melayu!!

 The 1% celaka Melayu IS(idiot Sect) Islam UMNO-PAS Baju Merah, Perkasa, Pekida together with their cohorts and Gang Sultan-Rulers-Agong curi Thakta + Govenor Racis Satu Agama IS ISlam....boleh Mampus Bersama Pribumi...... 99% Melayu Dah Mula Sedar bertapa Munafiq PAS Kat Kelantan Curi Balak Orang Asli dan Makan Dedak..... Amar Maaruf TAHI Mungkar...Kepala Otak..... Hang....! Semua AIR kat Malaysia dicemar 0.000000000001% Arak!!...Masuk Neraka hanya destinasi Islam UMNO-PAS Munafiq Makan Dedak!! Keluar Islam Agar Dapat nikmat Kebebasan......tanpa Was was!~!

Celaka bangsat IGP PDRM...... Please Ask Najib to Bring Riza Aziz back from China for 1MDB Questioning... Since he is in the same Plane to China.....Polis tak tahu mana Riza Aziz, Rosmah-Najib Tahu... Letak Jawatan lah!!

And Also Remand Jamal Red Shirt and Gang as well as IS Islam $2.5B donation is Good and Soros Donation is Bad and seditious....

Makin Hari 1% celaka Melayu UMNO-PAS Hudud sultan-agong-govenor Penyokong IS Terrorist Islam makin takut ...Hari Tindak KILAT Rakyat 99% Malaysia seluruh Malaysia boleh berlaku bila bila masa!!.Semua Barang Sudah Naik...apa lagi mahu komplain??!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Unite like Orang asli have united...... Against 1% Melayu Islam Logging robbers of UMNO-PAS Sultan -Agong-Govenor Sarawak-Sabah IS Islam Religion..... FIGHT THE EVIL Racist Facist terrorist and SHOW OF POWER on November 19, 2016

Unite like Orang asli against PAS Hudud Kelantan Sultan Sponsored Robbers of Timber belonging to Poor People...  The IS Islam Deferder of Islam is all a SHAM even in hudud PAS Stupid Administration in Kelantan.  As said many time ...nothing that is Islam Bias will produce Goodness.  ALL ISLAM Bias Adminstration is EVIL and Rotten.   Ever wondered why Many ISLAM Refugees wants to migrate to Western Nations???  Malaysia Need not be Stupid. 

Lets continue the Secular BERSIH Agenda on November 19, 2016 ...ALL Over malaysia.  Come out and if we must create the Revolution, blocakde, occupy like Orang Asli that will frighten the 1% Melayu UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara and their EVIL Gang of Sultan Agong-Govenor  Malay BIAS Racist Race...

UMNO-PAS have made a secret HUDUD Syriah Courts Deal so that ALL Christian ..Buddist, hindu who are Suspected of Insulting Prophet Mohammed will be Hung Like the Pakistan Mother Base on Hear Say from muslim terrorist, Baju Merah, Unit Amal and anyone who are Muslim...Of course the Sultan-agong-Govenor Melayu IS Daesh Abu Sayaf, Sulu Racist terrorist Islam Condone this Act...100% As usual pretending to Not know when the Hunger and Anger of 99% Malaysian take matter into whole hand to end this EVIL SHAM!!..No Islam Nation is Any Good...brace yourself for the the Coming Malaysia Economic Collapse!!

Try as one does..........the1% Melayu Sultan-Agong-Govenor IS Islam are Part of the Destruction of MalaySIAL.....  Since MalaySIAL is already SIAL....  We need to keep UMNO-Najib-Rosmah-PAS Hudud  Bangsat Negara  in Power for Agenda Pecat ...Hapuskan MalaySIAL......and Create 12 New District....  End the EVIL Racist terrorist Syriah Jakim Jais Islam Terrorist Legacy.....  btw the wayang kulit are Chinese wonder PAS wants to Ban it try to Legitimise the Fake Melayu Bumi Status!!...  Orang melayu semua Keluar Islam.....Era baru...semua air dan makanan ada 0.0000000001% Arak!!

The 1% Melayu Anwar, Tun Dr May 13 Penan memali Murder, Hadi UMNO-PAS Hudud Bangsat negara can all mampus.....for all we care...

No Islam Bias Nation Will be ANY Good....  Look at the Najib-Sultan-Agong-Govenor PAS Support of IS Daesh Islam in Mosul..... 2 Year ago Praise to ALLAH...  2 years later Like Sultan Berak Islam is Phobia to CHANGE!!...  Lets hope the Kurds Bantai the PAS-UMNO IS Daesh Terrorist in Mosul....  like in Sabah...the Sulu ..Abu Sayaf days are also Numbered.....

Amar Maaruf nahi Munkar Curi Balak Orang Asli ..PAS Hudud IS Islam makan dedak sama macam UMNO...Degan Izin Sultan Kelantan-Agong dan Semua Sultan melayu......Kini Orang Asli Seluruh Malaysia mula Bertindak...Mangkuk Merah sudah Diedar .... Orang Asli WUJUD TURUN TEMERUN Di Kelantan.... orang Asli Keluar islam... Cemar Semua Air dan Alam Sekitar dengan Arak dan DNA Babi Hutan!!

Bersama Kita Kukuh Bantai 1% melayu UMNO-PAS HUDUD sultan-agong pencuri Hak istimewah, kayu balak dan Makanan Orang Asli!! Ayuh!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Pakistan mother to be Hung for FABRICATED INSULT to Allah......5 Years appeal rejected by Syriah Courts like Malaysia Ms Gandhi....8 years of court take custody of Force convert to Islam Child......Reject Islam, Reject any form of ISlam Syriah, Jakim, Jais and hudud.....

None of the bastard Defender of Islam sultan-agong-govenor melayu, their children bloggers,  UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara have EVER written of express their concern to the plight of SUCH Insane, EVIL acts of Islam in Pakistan to a   mother being Falsely Accused of insulting a just human Prophet Mohammed.....CRAP!!!

 mother being Falsely Accused of insulting a just human Prophet Mohammed.....CRAP

and now we have this Deception by Islam UMNO-PAS Hudud and Jakim Jais Syriah Courts SHAM rules for muslim only tentacles reaching out to others like Hot Dog not halal and other whims and fancies these IS islam Racist terrorist Bigots thinks are not Halal.  Imagine your building, your hotel, your bus service, your laundry business, your car wash business, your food business, your temple, your churches ...your place of worship can be MADE ILLEGAL and Not allowed to Function.  You have to Appeal to the SHAM Syriah Racist UMNO-PAS-SultanAgong-Govenor Melayu islam courts to keep functioning or ELSE Electricity and Water Cut off....  Its time to DISBAND the Syriah Courts, Jakim Jais and let muslim live according to their own Moral code...Leave judgement to GOD/Allah.....

To All 1% muslim UMNO-PAS -Sultan_Agong-govenor melayu Racist terrorist in Malaysia...better Leave IS islam religion because the you are ALL facing Eternal Death Anyway because all the water and air you breath contains 0.00000000000001% Alcohol and Pork DNA.......You cannot tell your Last Prophet who is Not ALLAH that you are NOT Aware of this FACT of Breathing and Eating NON HALAL Stuff!!

It is a FACT that all water and Food you eat have  0.00000000000001% Alcohol and Pork DNA.  Unless it can be proven otherwise...muslim are Doomed to Hell according to Quran Rules and Islam IS Laws...

Ingat Rakyat Bodoh....  UMNO Najib-Rosmah -PAS Hudud Bangsat Negara Penyokong IS ISLAM Racist terrorist Berdoa agar Puak Terrorist IS ISLAM Kat MOSUL Berjaya menentang Serangan terhadap Mereka....  Dulu Najib -PAS Bangga IS Islam begitu cepat dapat Mosul...Kini semua 1% melayu IS Islam melayu UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong-Govenor Terrorist Malaysial Mula takut BANGKIT Rakyat Maalaysia ....Takut Revolusi Rakyat Malaysia hapuskan Agenda Zalim UMNO-PAS Hudud-IS Terrorist Islam!!  MOSUL AKAN Tumbang kepada Kristian dan Revolusi Penentang Hebat Wanita Kurds Perhsmerga..

Kurds Peshmerga Women Fighters ...says go to HELL to 1% melayu Racist terrorist IS Islam UMNO-PAS Hudud-Sultan -Agong-Govenor Syriah courts, Jakim, Jais Evil Ideology!! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

If Logging Corruption is seen in Penang and Selangor...the Entire UMNO-Bangsat Negara + Sultan-Agong-Govenor IS Islam wants to Crucify the Leaders...But since there is UMNO-PAS Hudud- Bangsat negara ALLIACE with Sultan Kelantan...CORRUPTION OK...hudud o.k , I ok...more $$$$ more OK!!!!! Go to Hell HUDUD and ISLAM Syriah Courts.... Time to END the Syriah, JAIS, Jakim and Islam courts and Re-direct the $2 Billion allocation for these dim wits scumbag Bangsat Islam Religious Organisation tor Poorer Rakyat Malaysia, No Tol, English Lesson, more food better life!!!!

 “Failed states offer unparalleled economic opportunity—but only for a privileged few. Those around the ruler or the ruling oligarchy grow richer while their less fortunate brethren starve. Immense profits are available from an awareness of regulatory advantages and currency speculation and arbitrage. But the privilege of making real money when everything else is deteriorating is confined to clients of the ruling elite or to especially favored external entrepreneurs. The nation-state’s responsibility to maximize the well-being and personal prosperity of all of its citizens is conspicuously absent, if it ever existed.

Road built by Kelantan Hudud PAS-UMNO-Bangsat Negara money allows Illegal Loggers to Steal Orang Asli Logs and trees in Kelantan...But Cannot allow one malay lawyer Siti Kassim to see Orang Asli.....  This is the Sickness of the PAS HUDUD Amar Maaruf Nahi Mungkar Crap that kelantan Sultan and IS Islam Council of Rulers Governor 1% Melayu wants to Rule Malaysia....Go to Hell ...the days are being Numbered and the Anger Are growing against these 1% Melayu hidup Mewah-kaya raya Hina 99% melayu   .... Nahi Mungkar HUDUD keplala Otak Hang!!...siapa Hina Islam.....melainkan UMNO-PAS-Bangsat negara degan izin sultan-agong -govenor melayu IS ISlam Malaysial!!...the 99% melayu is AWAKENING!!!!...UBAH!!...

This is the way MalaySIAL UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara(BN) use their Law and Order....  Put a Law against Logging but Allow Logging and when the Scam,  Corruption, Stealing is 1MDB...use Road Block, Army, ISA, IGP, OSA sultan-agong-govenor to Blockade the ability to get to the source of the problem..... these 1% Melayu Islam UMNO-PAS scumbags acts condone by Sultan-agong-Govenor then say its under investigation....SO need to Blockade to investigate... 

Good thing TREES CANNOT Grow to COVER UP Illegal Logging in 24 Months...the Crime against UMNO-PAS is Obvious.....the crime against humanity is also Obvious......Lodge a case to Geneva for Crime against Orang Asli Genocide and Humanity!!
 Siti Kasim blocked from entering orang Asli area to provide Legal Aid.....under order from Hudud PAS-UMNO-Bangsat Negara and Sultan Kelantan


The Sultan-Agong-Govenors councils of Malay IS Islam Rulers MUST Apologise to malaysian that they Are powerless and Lack the Resolve and Guts to go after Najib-Rosmah UMNO bangsat Negara Theft of $100 Billion ringgit and all the injustices in religious Jakim, JAIS Syriah Sham, Corruption Sham....etc...But how to Apologise when they are ALL IN THE TAKE ...collection illegal Corruption Hina Allah Money$$$$!!

They have tried to make malays forget who they are via the IS ARAB Islam UMNO-Sultan-Agong ketuanana Islam Religion ideology....but their creation of faction have divided themselves...all for Money that cannot buy safety, survival, wisdom happiness and security.  The Money Faction takes Precedent over all Islam Hudud Syriah Council of Sham Islam rulers.

Seriously do you think the celaka 1% Melayu UMNO-PAS Sultan-agong-Govenor council of CRAP/Sham Rulers gives a Damn about anything you write to them??? the suffering and Future Suffering of your Children....Like During the Surrender to Portugese, Dutch, British and japanese...they sign Surrender for their Children and Family members only...WAKE UP Say Adios to them ask IGP to figure who said adios and Let Crime Spree...Bombs and IS Islam LRT Disruption Terrorism continue...... Yes that LRT Fail Recently was IS Islam Terrorism works...Continuous cover up to Protect Islam..... Time for Malaysia Retak ...12 New District!!

Corruption flourishes in many states, but in failed states it often does so on an unusually destructive scale. There is widespread petty or lubricating corruption as a matter of course, but escalating levels of venal corruption mark failed states: kickbacks on anything that can be put out to fake tender (medical supplies, textbooks, bridges, roads, and tourism concessions); unnecessarily wasteful construction projects arranged so as to maximize the rents that they generate; licenses for existing and nonexistent activities; and persistent and generalized extortion. In such situations, corrupt ruling elites mostly invest their gains overseas, not at home, making the economic failure of their states that much more acute. Or they dip directly into the coffers of the shrinking state to pay for external aggressions, lavish residences and palaces, extensive overseas travel, and privileges and perquisites that feed their greed.”

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Penang, Selangor should ALL go for SNAP Election in order to Frustrate the Re-drawing of boundararies and SLAP PAS UMNO-Bangsat Negara Najib-Rosmah- Agong-Sultan-Govenor IS Racist terrorist corruption Agenda ... and have another 5 years of Continual Frustration to UMNO Corruption acts on the Richest States.....

The Redrawing of Boundaries and Gerrymandering for next election will have sultan-agong-Govenor Council of Rulers Approval because ALL are in team UMNO-Bangsat Negara PAS , IGP, BNM, AG, EC..... ...The time have come for Resistance is Duty, when INJUSTICE  becomes LAW!!...  we need to be DIVERGENT to EVIL and Crush the 1% Melayu Kaya Hidup Mewah duit Credit Card Belanja $30 Million for Rosmah-Najib unutk 3 tahun!!

Also Lets shut down the Syriah Courts and Islam as Official Religion of malays first in order for malays to embrace national unity....diversity...and end immorality of 4 wives.....  implement one current British Westminster justice systems that the British founded for all Malaysian to foster national unity, law and order.

Reintroduce back the Jury systems that Tun Dr Murder Penan-Memali may 13 removed and enhance the systems.

Lets also enact the Law against Polygamy and end this SICKNESS of Islam allow polygamy CRAP.....  Household are ruined, children are affected mentally and prone to suicide and feel unloved with slow self esteem.  All end up being Rempits and drug addict and becomes beggers to UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara and Sultan-Agong-Govenor Pawns.  These 1% Malays surely know how to make the 99% malay race becomes dumb, stupid and beholden to these 1% sick ideology of being Ultra-Rich, Super Smart, Mega Holy in their eyes with just a short trip to their holy Sham...and back like Shinning see this game repeated for the media like Tun Murder shanking Anwar hands in courts.....

Instead of Closing down vernacular schools in the name of national unity ...  We should Shut down and BURY Syriah Courts, JAIS, JAKIM, Mullah, Mufti Organisation as they are the root causes of disunity.  Morality is on an individual basis...Let Allah judge humans.....  Let Government continue to Govern base on Law, order ...  allow humanity to Flourish on Dignity without these Religious Bigots Terrorist go to HELL and continue their CRAP on their OWN income and NOT from Tax payers!!..>Zakat is for the Poor and not to pay for Maintenance of Building, Mega Palace, 4 wives.....yearly Haj to Mecca Donald and continue their Immoral Corruption Ideolgy!!

At Least the hated Tun Murder may 13 is trying to do something about the Najib-Bangsat negara IS Racist terrorist....Do we see the sultan-agong-govenor...Council of Corruption Rulers doing anything apart from the need to grab Gravy train money from tax payers and dish out titles....???

As usual the Sultan-Agong-Govenors Council of corrupted UMNO Paid Rulers defender of Islam Doing nothing...
1 MDB,
Rosmah Cincin Shameless being photograph in Asean meeting as one of the leaders..
Promoting Bahasa Stupid-Kan your Children while these Scumbags send their children to ENGLISh international schools
Amar maaruf Nahi mungkar Crap Koran Teaching only apply to 99% bodoh melayu islam....
Police Soilders died in vain fighting Sulu-Abu Sayaf Islam Terrorist..(Sabahans Should now in September 13 2016 start Burning ANY suspected Villages in Lahat Datu, Tawau harboring those terrorist as Phillipones Increase their Attack...time to Obliterate the Proxy War of UMNO on Sabahans!!
Take your Royal Commission and flush it into the Longkang...Bangkit ..12 Negara Baru Agenda 2020!1..>Economic Crash Coming.....enjoy the Tragedy and choose your District wisely....

declassify the 1MDB Audit Report (Report)....

Friday, September 09, 2016

This is another Reason Why Malaysia Need to be Destroyed, Separated and Obliterated so that Proper Law and Order and Safety and Freedom can be Administered!!


The Sessions Court in Kota Kinabalu today sentenced the younger (Mohd Jusnaidi Omar, known as Mat Malaya)brother of Housing, Local Government and Urban Well being Minister Noh Omar, to five years' jail for shooting a mechanic in Sabah last year.

Fake Sodomy chargers against Anwar gets 5 years jail and Scholarship to Sirul who talked with Najib-Rosmah to frame Anwar act.  All condone and Approved by the Council of Rulers, Sultan-agong-Govenor-IGP and these 1% scumbags Malays!!  Malaysia is on the verge of Tremendous Economic Collapse and I hope you know how to CARVE OUT A PIECE OF LAND minus those 1% Malays Islam UMNO-PAS Racist Terrorist Leaders and make sure the Abolition of the Council of Corruption Rulers and the Senators and govenors!!!

Now Want to Charge Lim Guan Eng for paying lower price for bangalow but sent him to 2 years jail for defending the malay girl Raped by UMNO Thamby Chik Mahathir Crony under sedition..This is the Crap we need to end in Malaysia!!  YESTERDAY!!

The more one tries to divert attention from 1 MDB the more the noose TIGHTEN on Najib and now Zahid Hamidi Murder Potential murder Datuk Syed Alman Syed Alwi for saying talak 3 to Datuk Nurulhidayah.... Hamidi's Favorite daughter ear marked to be 1st Malaysian Lady PM........ Selagi UMNO-PAS-Bangsat Negara memeintah dengan Zalim dengan Izin Sultan-Agong-Govenor....maka Malaysia Harus Pecah kepada 12 Negara.... johor Selangor, Sabah Sarawak...Penang, Perak.....Keluar MalaysIAL!! Bagi MALAYSIA 6 Tanggung beban $1 Trillion ...jadi Hamba abdi Dunia......Kerja untuk anak Hamidi adalah Kerja DDT....Dirty, Dangerous..Terrorism!!

Be careful of RPK Malaysia today Bait Posting via facebook so that those who insult the Johor Sultan or anyone linked to UMNO Bangsat Negara will be Caught by UMNO-Bangsat negara Racist BIAS PDRM IS Terrorist Police....quick and fast...... Lets play the game and say What did the Johor Sultan say about his Father Murdering the Golf Caddy??..... Asking Rhetorical Question is the Best Insult you can give these 1% Melayu -UMNO-PAS Sultan_Agong-Govenor IS Islam Terrorist bangsat negara..... ABBU....Tun Can Mampus and so Can 1% melayu.....Come OUT and TANGKAP MO1...Only Citizen arrest of NAJIB & Zahid Hamidi & Hissapmuddin....and ALL UMNO-Bangsat Negara(BN) Leaders..etc will see New Malaysia Emerge

The Council of Rulers and UMNO-PAS-IS Islam Mufti - mullah-Syriah Judges are just Slippery Avasive 1% Malay Crap Race and All talk but no action NATO type Fake leaders waiting to abandon Ship like when Portugese, China, Dutch, British and Japanese Army came to Conquer malaysia.  when you analyse deep down they are all Cowards these...1% of HIGH Ranking, Ultra Rich, Shameless the end they Surrendered and Dare say they did their Best for the Citizen While all along the way when things were good these 1% Malays Scumbag just plundered in the name of IS Racist terrorist islam and Left you for Dead.....  Now that Death is staring in their eyes ITS SUDDENLY FAMILY....Together, UNITY ISLAM CRAP!!

UMNO Langkawi MP Nawawi Ahmad Insult Agong-Sultan-Govenor...Police report Made but No Tangkap By IGPIg Police....What the Crtap law and order is this??? and No Remand for 4 Days.... So On TANGKAP MO1 Day....We DO CITIZEN Arrest on this Bastard in langkawi or Whenever we see his face,,,,...time to take Law and order into our own Hands Malaysian...We are 99%...these UMNO-BN Bangsat Negara + IGP - Police sultan-Agong-Govenor and Generals Corruption are only 1%........To change the Future we need to Tangkap the Present and send them to Hotel Sg Buloh!!

GEMPAR - Breaking news ..Seems like some kind of Legal Proceeding is being conjured up in the courts now and as long as the Dentist Play along with the game .... those Millions dollars back room hand shake will make this MURDER CASE by Zahid Hamidi on his son in law a close case like the bashing he gave to his daughter ex-boyfriend......Apparently Talak 3 Was mentioned and Zahid hamidi did not like that....bashed the kid and poisoned him but using the dental practice as alibi for the Killing....have a look at the autopsy report...Toxin in Body not related to dental practice!!

Same goes to the 1% Melayu Sultan-Agong-Govenor DNA. that sacked Singapore.... in cahoots with UMNO-PAS Corruption....Sungguh Menghampakan 99% malaysian and 99% Melayu!!...1% Melayu are Linked to IS Islam Racist terrorist...Obliterate these Scums is the #1 priority.... ABBU...Asalkan Bukan bekas UMNO... Come one come all Tangkap MO1....according to UMNO Langkawi MP Nawawi Ahmad now it could be Najib, IGP or Agong-Sultan-Govenor!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Tun Dr May 13 and Murder Penan have given Anwar the Death Hand Shake........Najis and Zahid also wants Anwar Dead and blame it Tun Dr Murder....but Tun Dr Murder trying to check mate Murderer Zahid Hamidi and Najis....

You see each are trying to create Havoc and Chaos to have shoot to kill policy like May 13 but worst.....  each thinks with Anwar death, this 1% UMNO-Bangsat Negara and Sultan-agong-Govenor IS Islam Racist terrorist legacy can continue without being Challenged.

Zahid Hamidi thinks by Killing Anwar, the people will rise up with chaos and Najibs gets removed on the ensuing chaos and he move to PM Post....  His rumoured murder of his son-in-law can be covered up and blame it on the dentist....Use the court systems..delay proceeding and meanwhile RAPE the nations of what wealth that is left..  Just like Najib -Rosmah cover up of Altantuya C4 murder by 2 Police on Death Row but one escape to Australia.

Tun Murder thinks by Killing Anwar in Prison...he can be Forgiven for His Sins and terror of making Fabricated Sadomy charges.....and Najib gets the Blame in the ensuing chaos and he can then put Muhiddin and his Son on the Path to be PM.

Najib Thinks by Killing Anwar in Prison, he can invoke emergency rule and Kill Off anyone who dare challenge his Authority and with the Latest Security Acts....ALL Murder during EMERGENCY In Malaysia from Today DOES NOT Need ANY JUDICIAL review and intervention or Royal Commission.

The Council and Rulers and Sultan-Agong-Govenor thinks by Killing Anwar, they will be able to work with however in power and continue to take the Corruption Money like in the past 60 years and continue the Racist IS Islam Ideology and!!

A Lesson will be taught when the appropriate Tan Sri also Gets Murdered like those Tan Sri on Death Watch...MACC, bank Negara, AG, IGP......and the sultna-agong-govenor Stupid Islam are more Concern of the Bangsa Johor, Bangsa selangor, Bangsa Burung Helang Haram Langkawi.....and those Stupid -PIAK Mufti Mullah trying to bring in Brotherhood of IS Islam change to Malaysia like Erdogan.....

ALL good recipe for the coming 12 new District.......Choose your States wiselythis time and Make sure NONE of those 1% Melaya Mega Ultra Rich are in Prison and those Mufti Mullah and Sama suka sama Religious Bigots gets their those families with body stolen and given Islamic Racist Burial....Child snatch and Converted to Islam.....or Stealing of your bibles, buddist books, hindu books and stamp inappropriate for Islam Malays.....


Sabahans should now Start their Attack on ALL Villages Suporting the ABU Sayaf, Sulu islamic Terrorist and Burn it all down as Phillipines are attacking them.  Give IS Sulu, Abu Sayaf IS Islam UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-govenor Friends NO Room to Run and Attack their Alternative REST HOUSE/Kampung /villages for the murder of your children, Army and Police!!  BURN IT ALL DOWN the Isreal Way to Disrupt...disrupt..disrupt!!!!!

Don't be Victimised by 1% Melayu UMNO bangsat Negara and their gang of dultan-agong-govenor IS Islam Race and ideology.  Over the years only thosse of Malay Is Islam can be MB in those 9 sultan states and most govenors are of the IS ISlam Malay Islanm terrorist  religion.  The time to change this Racist status Quo is Upon Malaysian Now in 2016....  End Racism NOW in Malaysia or suffer Catastropic Economic , health and more natural disaster...Zika...flood and Economic disaster that will Obliterate the 1% Scumbags malays...Show no pity when the time comes...that is their Death Sentence!

Dr Anhar Opir, Imam Mohd Rasid Mahful, former deputy mufti of Selangor Datuk Abdul Majid Omar and Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) member Datuk Salehuddin Saidin. Are the same mufti that ordered the Seizure of Bibles and ordered the Stamping of Malay Bibles and then have the Gall to return back via the sultan consent.  They are all Supporters of the IS Islam Taliban and terrorist Hamas Hezbollah and also Abu Sayaf and Sulu Islam terrorist.  Remember their names and faces as they were also present in the 3rd Marriage of the Selangor Sultan.  they are all the same 1 % Malaya scumbags that have used thier powers together with UMNO-Pas Bangsat Negara to Dumb Down Malays by making them study in BM ..wear songkok...while their children study in English Private schools and then in English medium universities in USA, Australia, Canada, Britain......Go to Hell Defender of Racist IS terrorist Syriah Islam of Malaysia!!  End the Prejudice and the Prejudice Songkok protocol!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sources said Zahid's Hamidi son in Law was bruised in the face at the dental clinic in Bangsar....rumours from pathology also found Botulinum TOXIN in the blood....Not Dental Realted

Let the Truth be Heard on the Murdering and EVIL UMNO-bangsat Negara legacy of EVIL IS Islam Terror!!   Waited for the Charges to be Read out and see how Far this DPM UMNO Bangsat Negara Like Najib-Rosmah will do in order to get the PM role like th Altantuya Case....  Eliminate any Potential Threat to future Corruption money that are EASILY used to silence the Council of Fake malay IS ISLAM Sultan-agong-Govenor Rulers that are used to Dumb down the 99% Malays!!

Apparently Datuk Syed Alman Syed Alwi went to a Zahid Hamidi family dental practice to have some loose teeth rectified after SOMEONE Punched him several times in the face.  Some reliable sources in the clinic have said they saw bruised face and black eye.  Neighbours of Datuk Nurulhidayah...the eldest daughter of Zahid Hamidi said a heated argument occured before Zahid Hamidi arrived.

In the resulting argument some shouts were heard and Talak 3 was also shouted apparently from Datuk Syed Alman Syed Alwi the deceased.  Talak -3  to those of Non-Muslim upbriging is the words that a male muslim can sms, recite, shout out to DIVORCE His Wife immediately!!  That is the sickness of the UMNO-PAS-Hudud IS Islam Religion with approval from the Sultan-Agong-Govenor of Malaysia.

Rumours said Autopsy on the body have identified some Botulinum toxin the blood system but the unnamed pathologist was not allowed to specify that Datuk Syed Alman Syed Alwi died a mysterious death!!

Just imagine the amount of money that Zahid Hamidi and his daughter Datuk Nurulhidayah would lose if Datuk Syed Alman Syed Alwi was to carried out his acts.  no one wants the problem to be dragged out like the Taib Son Datuk Seri Mahmud Abu Bekir Abdul Taib had to do in his divorce being dragged for the public to see.  A DPM on the verge of becoming a prime minister must eliminate all HINDERANCE like Rosmah & Najib did on Altantuya using Sirul UTK C4 Explosive expert all with tthe Approval of Sultan-agong-Govenor Defender of IS ISlam Racist terrorist UMNO Malays Sect!!

This DPM is a Minister of Home Affairs.  Also known  as Gestapo, Kempetai....the ISA put you in lockup WITHOUT Proper legal justification.  So why the Hell when your son-in law died as home minister need to go to Japan apart from avoiding the obvious scrutiny???    Which dentist or medical doctor dare to speak up against ACTS of Violence from a minister that have a history of Vilonce like the previous Sultan of Johor..Sultan Ismail caddy boy Killer??

Seems like some kind of Legal Proceeding is being conjured up in the courts now and as long as the Dentist Play along with the game ....  those Millions dollars back room hand shake will make this MURDER CASE by Zahid Hamidi a close case like the bashing he gave to his daughter ex-boyfriend...Play out as some sort of Sudden Death and case close..>Dental Practice can continue!!.....Just like the last Sultan of Johor Murdered the gold caddy on the golf course and DO MALAYSIAN REALLY THINK THE CURRENT SULTAN OF JOHOR IS GOING TO CONDEMN THESE SENSELESS MURDER TO JEOPARDISE THEIR POSITION AS RESPECTED MALAY RULERS???  The Billions of $$$$, money , power position cannot be ruined by a Divorce with knowledge of the Zahid Hamidi ILLEGAL Dealings...corruption...1MDB transfer to take Heat away from Najib.....  This Zahid Hamidi Bastard now wants to control the Kidnapping Money in Sabah/Sarawak and all over the Millions Ringgit again $$$$$... More to follow!!!

The Doctor will need to subpoena the parents and siblings, exhume body for toxin, friends of Syed Alman Syed Alwi to determine if ANY Discussion of Wanting a Divorce with Zahid Hamidi's daughter was EVER mentioned and discussed!!  IF there was then this Murder by Zahid Hamidi makes sense like the case of Najib-Rosmah instructing UTK to Kill Altantuya in order to become the Crime Minister of Malaysia!!  Then again all can be paid millions to make it look a Legit the legit Divorce and case of Nika Gee, Stanley and Saiful who saw Najib for Anwar sodomy case....All these people are on Death Watch!!

This is the same daughter that somehow a Malay sultan -agong awarded her some titles at a young age and also insulting Malaysian Malays that they are too choosy in doing 3-D jobs.....  Dirty...degrading and dangerous jobs while she sits on her PAPA hundreds of hidden company business as director collecting free money!!

She now trying to control the black market of Vape electronic cigarettes market via some dogdy deals with the Perkasa, 3 Line UMNO Malays IS Islam terrorist groups..

Datuk Nurulhidayah is also the same person that Insulted those on BERSIH 4.0 Rally as Stupid and pointless. She further added that if you want to defend the country democracy go join the army and patrol the country borders and security....

She is also the central figure of an ongoing legal Thuggery by her father Zahid Hamidi agaisnt Amir Bazil Abdullah..that seems to go no where in the Malaysian courts.  Simply because he was not as wealthy as Zahid hamidi wanted his daughter to marry.  Lucky him...he is still alive....get out of Malaysia if you can.

The same ongoing Legal Thuggery the Courts are doing to M Indira Gandhi hasn't held her daughter in her arms since her ex-husband snatched the then 11-month-old baby from the family home seven years ago.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wear Black on ALL STREET RALLY because the Entire Malay Conference of Rulers in cahoots with Corrupted UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara insult Malaysia with Treason by Not Hanging those Abu Sayaf/Sulu IS islam terrorist caught in Sabah War with a 20 Years Tresspassing Guilty Verdict INSTEAD of TREASON, Murder and Possession of Firearms.... Don't be Romantics to IS ISlam terrorist Sabahans...Demand them HANG!!! Wear Black !!

 The Deluded Writer thinks he is the spokesman for the golden mouth Highly educated Malay rulers who stole the Wealth Equity of 99% of malays....Why don't the PAS Kelantan go Fine all state Raja Permaisuri that don't tutup Aurat when visiting Kelantan like Rosmah Mansor and so many 1% melayu Curi hak Equity 99% Melayu........ Does dewi Kuan Yin need to Tutup Aurat in a Buddist temple in Kelantan otherwise Kena Fine Or Siva Wife need to tutup Aurat..........melayu 1% UMNO-PAS Idiot Sect (IS) islamic terrorist acts are ALL Condone by the Rulers and Council of rulers....Like those abu sayaf/sulu Islamic terrorist not Hanged for killing those police and army Yet the Council of Malay rulers can be SO Happy these Islamic Terrorist get 20 years for Tresspassing....Ceroboh.... The Entire 1% malay Islamic Terrorist Racist rulers-UMNO-PAS bangsat Negara have Insulted the dead Army and police Family in the SABAH War......Who died a USELESS Death..."Mati katak"

KANTOI!!!!>>> Khairul Azwan Harun Not only shamed UMNO Dunggu youth Khairy but His UMNO babgsat Masters, himself, family, his bloggers and the 1% Melayu cakap Sombong Bodoh Pre-emtive strike..Strike at your own Back SIDE... wa ka ka.....

Keep writing and let these 1% melayu UMNO-PAS-Rulers Royals know that 99% Malays does not condone their corruption, Stupidity that $60 Billion stolen is the Fault of DAP PKR, Amanah... Come OUT on UBAH, BERSIH, Bantah, TANGKAP and Flood ALL OVER Malaysia and WEAR BLACK....Get rid of that STUPID Yellow that we were TRICKED into Wearing to support the sultan_Agong who codone & Support the Najib UMNO-Bangsat Negara Coruption act Because all Paid $25 Million Ringgit each..........Wear BLACK on Merdeka too!! Get rid of Ringgit is also Wise in Foreign Currency..ALL shops are accepting it and give discount!!

Please lah... we need to ABU or ABBU - asalkan bukan BEKAS UMNO...... Any thing to Change is better than no Change.....regardsless of the UNKNOWN Outcome.... trying to Right all that is Wrong in Malaysia is like giving a Child Rapist/paedofile the job of Kindergarden teacher....  When we come out to March Bersih/Bantah/Tangkap it is like giving the message to Agong-UMNO a strong signal without using guns......  Who else is Fighting for Ms Indira Gandhi Force Conversion child to islam after 7 years??....despite High Court order....Small things need to happen to make the UMNO Malay IS Islam Racist terrorist Yield to NORM of Civil Society......we are at the stage that Kindy children are prepared to to Unleash Terror on the Child Rapist/Paedofile....  Some Malaysian may go and defend the Paedofile!!   Better encourage the helpless kindy kids to unleash terror on the EVIL UMNO repeat offender child rapist Paedofile and those Rulers Royals that condone these acts !!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

STOP the Romantics with these 1% Melayu ISLAM UMNO-PAS council rulers sultan-agong-Govenor Idiot Sect IS islam Racist Ideology!!

Don't be complacent with Islam Terrorist agenda, Evil acts, corruption, crime and criminal acts....It is not a features for a country to progress and move in the right direction to improve.....  never imagine alowing EVIL to Prosper will create a wealthy and progressive nations.  Those are the EPIC FAIL Nation....Muslim have an OBLIGATION to stop these Senseless Killing and Kidnappings and Start DISASSOCIATING with these islamic elements....  No Islam leadeship or Muslim nation is ANY GOOD...Make no mistake about it...Malaysia is NO EXCEPTION..>Get rid of the ENTIRE 1% Malay Racist terrorist Leadership who stole the wealth Equity from 99% of Malays and dare cry poor for the race YET care less about them in REALITY!!

Those UMNO-PAS & Agong-Sultan-Govenor sponsored 1MDB ABU Sayaf and Sulu Terrorist that Murdered those Police and Army in Sabah when Caught Was NOT HANGED For TREASON........instead the Stupid-PIAK Dumb Racist Conference of Islam malay Rulers in Close discussion with UMNO-PAS Judges Demanded to jailed these ABU Sayaf -Sulu IS Islam for TRESSPASSING......  This DAP-PKR-AMANAH relentless attack on the UMNO-Bangsat Negara(BN) is considered Treason to Agong...Go to HELL 1% melayu UMNO CAHOOTS Council of UNFIT Rulers!!  Wake up Malaysian... STOP the MADNESS of Being Romantics with these 1% Melayu ISLAM UMNO-PAS -sultan-agong-Govenor Idiot Sect IS Racist Ideology!!

Terrorist islam Abu Sayaf Sulu Terrorist Sumbangan Derma Dari UMNO-PAS-Sultan_Agong yang Bunuh Polis dan Askar tentera Melayu Malaysial ...bukan Pengkhinat dan Tidak digantung.......Mereka diberi Penjara ...Kononya PENCEROBOH 20 Tahun lokup......Pengkhianat adalah 1% melayu islam  sultan-Agong-Govenor UMNO-PAS yang Derhaka kepada askar/polis yang mati KATAK demi Kepentingan Golongan 1% Melayu Hidup Mewah ini nak berbaik dengan celaka terrorist supaya boleh kacau Sabah...kalau nak PECAT Malaya!!!!  Regimen Askar Melayu Terus sokong 1% Penkhianat Melayu UMNO-agong-sultan-govenor yang buat polis/askar mati Katak!!  Askar Yang Berani dan Ikhlas tunggu hari Berontak!!
“Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan/Allah pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan/Allah"....FAHAM ASAS PRIORITY MANUSIA dimata ALLAH...Turun Jalan Raya....Pakai Hitam..Bantah, Tangkap MO1...Najib...Terrorist Melayu!

Muslim have an OBLIGATION to stop these Senseless Killing and Suicide Bombing in Pakistan and Killing Unarmed children.......Rather than mufti being STUPID -PIAK and wanting to haram Pokemon-go...... the1% Malay Idiot Sect ISlam Sultan-agong-Govenor UMNO-PAS Malays should Relinquish their Responsibility on Governing , safety and security to Other Race and Religion..... Stupid Sarong and Songkok worn in Rio Olympic by Non-Muslims....RAISE CLENCH LEFT Hand in the Podium IF YOU WIN SOME Medal TO Protest Child Brutality by ISLAM IN Malaysia....Ms Indira Gandi Force Child convert still not returned to Mum after 7+ Years.... Go to HELL MALAYSIA and the Ringgit and UMNO Bangsat Negara!!

Continue DDOS ATTACK ON ALL UMNO Bangsat Negara Sympatizer WEB SITE..disrupt...disrupt disrupt!!!..  click here....scroll down to instruction as posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friday, August 05, 2016

Shocking news rumours says that Malaysian Non Muslim female athlete was asked to wear Tudung at RIO Olympic to give it an Islamic IS Feels....BUT Kudos to those Non Muslim to Protest and make a stinker that they will NOT March....Go to HELL UMNO-PAS-ISLAM Racist terrorist Ideology!!!..

 Unfortunately Lee Choong Wei was Force to wear UMNO -Bangsat Negara Malay Songkok and all participants had to wear Malay Racist terrorist attire that is Not appropriate and Haram to non Muslims.  We are not the Malay = Born Muslim = Islam.......  ALL Non Islam  RIO participants WAS FORCE to WEAR the SAME OLD Boring Kampung Malaysial RACIST ISLAM Attire....and Prejudice Protocol Songkok....  SO STUPIAK - Stupid and deserve a PIAK SMACK on the Face!!...while other Progressive Nations wear something more Appropriate....  Really Malu/Embrassing Being Malaysian these days...  Go to HELL the Brain Washing Ideology of UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara that Approve Child Approve Rapist marrying the girl he raped ....and then followed up with Marriage in Sabah/Sarawak and the Sultan-Agong-Govenor islam Condone such IS ISLAM Justice and Acts.....  We Must continue to FIGHT to end this ISLAMIC Terror that is Force on Malaysian!!  EVERY Little thing that you dislike must be Made Known to these 1% ISLAM Malay Scumbags that stole the Wealth equity of 99% Malays!!

The Art of Bumi Non Malay is to send previous UMNO enemies to fight Current UMNO bangsat Enemies so that we have less of these 1% Malay UMNO Bangsat Enemies to Fight in the Days ahead when we need to Create 12 New Nation without having the real Enemies Blurred......Their Days on earth are numbered...why not use them.... its a freebie!!... Its good that Tun Racist can create his Gabugan IS Racis ISLAM First ...Melayu 2nd...These are the 1% of Melayu Reject from UMNO-Bangsat Negara... ABBU ... Send Clear Message that DAP, PKR, AMANAH Better not align to these Racist ex-UMNO bastard that while Ms Indira Gandhi Force still have not got custody of her Force converted child to islam after 7 yeasrs despite high court order and Malaysian in Sabah tolerate Child Rapist marrying the child they Raped....Anwar not freed.. English not medium of instruction..... 

THESE Gabugan Racis Tun Dr. Murder Memali, Penan , Mr Islam First, Malay 2nd Muntahdin. can go to HELL!! ABBU... turun Jalan raya Tangkap MO1, BERSIH, Wear Black on Merdeka!!!!  Change 60+ years of ONE RACIST  ISLAM Terrorist RULE in Malaysia!!

Wear Black on Merdeka and ALL RALLY!! 

Just Remember there is NO GOOD ISLAM NATION with GOOD ISLAM Leaders!!......No ISLAM NATION IS ANY GOOD!! ...Over My Dead Body Malaysia becomes ONE!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

We cannot ALLOW JUSTICE, SAFETY, Security, law and Order TO BE COMPROMISED Because IT IS ISLAM RELATED, because of UMNO Bangsat Negara Business Interest or Sultan-agong Islamic Ideology;.....GO TO HELL UMNO-Bangsat negara and your Abu Sayaf and Sulu Islamist IS Terrorist!!!!

Meanwhile Najib-UMNO Bangsat Negara  on  1st August May stage Erdogan style SHAM Coup where a Prominant  Ruler could be assasinated....thousand dead.....Declare Martial Law POTA round up all Opposition to Najib UMNO Bangsat Negara...Disarm and Jail all Askar Regimen Melayu.... Raja-Agong Najib dan 1st lady Rosmah.....  Siapa Berani Bantah ...mati Macam Turkey Erdagon Bunuh semua musuh dia ..... demi Islamic Brotherhood ......  1st August New laws approved by stealth in Parliament that even the Stupid Conference of Rulers Approve because all got $20 Million 1 MDB pretending to play dumb / stupid when ALL Along these Sultan-agong-Govenors were WELL aware of teh benefits.... ..Now trying to play side the Citizen malaysia game on the last hour........TRUST NOT the Conference of Rulers who Sacked Singapore in cahoots with UMNO-Bangsat Negara  to Pursue their Racist 1 malay Dominant Malay race in 1969!!...Allah did not Bless this Islam-Muslim dominated Nation Leaders of malaysia!!

Lepas tu the Morsi Way..... IS(Idiot Sect) Islam disquise as Secular...Belakang macam Taliban, Islamist, Hamas, Hezbollah.... Erdogan macam Morsi boleh cakap besar 18 Bulan.... Lepas tu mampus pun macam Egypt Morsi!!. Nasib Baik ada beberapa Angkatan tenteraTurki yang lepaskan diri dari Erdogan.....Mampus Turkey Bila Balas Dendam Berlaku.... Turkey SHAM Malaysia Coming Chaos!! Warning to malaysian Don't visit Islamic Turkey ...cancel your flights.... It is Unstable like Malaysia Ringgit and economy!!....  Make every effort to UNDERMINE ANY MARTIAL LAW in MALAYSIA IN THIS INTERNET 2016 ERA....  End the Regime of Racist terrorist UMNO IS(idiot sect) Bangsat Negara and their cahoots with Malay Islam Rulers and relatives....this 1% malays that have stolen the Wealth Equity of 99% Malay must be Crushed like MORSI Brotherhood of Islam and like Erdogan!!...Remember NO ISLAM NATION or Rulers are ANY Good...Even France with 10% muslim population is in SHAMBLES!!  DON'T Make the mistake like FRANCE!!

Make no Mistake we are Not Romantics to the IS(Idiot Sect) Islam Racist terrorist UMNO-PAS-bangsat negara that the Sultan-Agong-Govenor cum Rulers Crap Councils meet to Sack Singapore so that there will be Malay Majority Race....creating terror, bombs.... The time is Ripe now for 12 New Nation to emerge as none of these UMNO-Sultan - Agong-Govenor are capable of governing proper depite 1 MDB world wide corruption coverage WSJ, Singapore, USA, Britain Probe and still the Rulers play I don't see, hear, listen.......because each Got $20 Million SHUT UP!! We cannot ALLOW JUSTICE, Corruption, SAFETY, Security, law and Order TO BE COMPROMISED Because IT IS ISLAM RELATED, because of UMNO Bangsat Negara Business Interest or Sultan-agong Islamic corruption $$$ Ideology...GO TO HELL to 1% melayu celaka UMNO-PAS Bangsat negara and your Abu Sayaf and Sulu Islamist IS Terrorist!!!! Arrest all those Malays that Bought houses with 5-10% bumiputera Discount........ cakap Bodoh Islamist UMNO-PAS -Sultan Pendatang melayu malaysia!!,,balik ke Indonesia!!

Remember the 1% Melayu UMNO Sultan-agong-Govenor with Askar Regimen melayu will Stage a Coup like turkey In Malaysia when the 1% melayu feels they lose power and Create the Riots and Bombs that Justify the sacking of Singapore During the 1969 era..... Now this is the IS ISLAM Terrorist Era make sure We sack Malaya...take the proper Spot and Create your Borders without the IS (IDIOT SECT) islam terrorist racist Agenda. The IS Islam UMNO Erdogan Ideology will Kill a few prominent Malays as colleteral damage, some mufti, justify the Sweeping changes of 2200 judges, MB, suspected Opposition to UMNO-Bangsat negara Racist agenda and like turkey all remaining non malay Islam personell carrying guns be rounded up and Executed in future like in Turkey soon......then Emerge the Caliphate Malaysia IS Islam....... Over my DEAD BODY!!

Remember the moment of genocide and make sure your mind set is correct align Against EVIL....DON'T Allow Najib-Rosmah to escape the nation.... LGE charged under Article 165 but not Najib, Zahid hamidi, Sultan-Agong-Govenor Taib, money for titles, - IGP daughter Gun License....etc...etc.... Malaysia MUST BE UN-TIED From Malaysia Racist Terrorist islamic Inspired Justice Law and Order Judges and justice Systems!! This is the ISLAMIST Justice Systems.... Some PIGS are more Equal than Some 1% Islam Melayu bangsat Negara is More Equal than others!!.....Public servants getting $2.8 Billion donation into account is o.k!!..get rid of ringgit!!

 The council of Sultan -agong Rulers-govenor support Najib... So Malaysia better watch out an Erdogan style Coup by the 1% Malay elites with Askar regimen to have Martial Law and sweeping changes to Malaya..... So get rid of Ringgit Fast as Najib have indicated to Zahid hamidi ...he is ready to Run away with the Billions.... If Insult JAIS = Insult Sultan...then If JAIS Stole Bibles Means Sultan also stole the Bibles and soon hindu and buddist books to stamp it....... Malaysia better wake up because antyhing ISLAM is EVIL...look at the KASHMIR War...India and again Islam...and Nothing Good comes out of Islam!! Do not Be Romantics to ISLAM Idiot Sect UMNO - PAS -Hudud Bangsat Negara that sultna-rulers and Govenor Condone.... 

Najib Instruct Zahid Hamidi to Discuss with Abu Sayaf IS terrorist the DONATION money needed to release AGAIN kidnap victims...Where the HELL is the ARMY.... Lets CREATE 12 NEW distrct and NEW Nation or Negara to create our OWN SAFETY and Destiny the Isreal WAY!!....Anything with Islam UMNO-Rulers flavors will NOT have ALLAH Blessing!!

Stay Focus and Develop Selangor....then Pecat/sack  malaya macam Johor Negeri 9, Sabah-Sarawak, Penang......In a few more years ..>Agenda 2020

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lahat Datu Sulu Islam terrorist killers of Army, Police Murderers, Treason against Agong-Sultan NOT Hanged..... stupid UMNO youth wants to charge Zeti & co with treason to Agong!!..>Go to Hell UMNO Bangsat negara!!

The sultan -agong council of rulers Govenors have no regards of the Impact of these Illegals and IS Islam Sulu Abu Sayaf terrorist have on Malaysian.  They Live on their Crystal palace with Guards who will shoot to Kill.  Those Abu Sayaf IS Islam Terrorist who are in UMNO-Bangsat Negara pay cheque that have been caught have SO FAR NOT BEEN HANGED despite Killing Sabah Soilders and police....  where the Hell is the Sultan-Agong -govenors useless Council of Rulers to Demand Justice and Royal Commission to these Murderous Acts??   

So now it becomes Obvious that the Narratives of the UMNO-Bangsat Negara Media is to Label these Islamist Abu Sayaf, Sulu UMNO Sponsored Lahat Datu, Sabah Terrorist as Intruders.....Instead of Murderers of malay Islam Police and Army!    So the Malaysian Army and Police Died in VAIN(mati Katak) to preserve the narratives and Ideology 1% Ultra Rich privileged malays of UMNO-PAS _Bangsat Negara(BN) IS (Idiot Sect) Islam in cahoots with sultan_Agong-Govenor, IGP, Army Generals melayu Islam!  No hanging for High Powered Gun Posession and Killing Malaysian Army and Police becaue they are UMNO IS (idiot Sect)ISLAM Army and Sultan-agong-govenor condone this Judgement and Act!!

UMNO-PAS-Agong-Sultan suruh Melayu MATI KATAK Demi Kepentigan 99% harta Kaya dan Hidup Mewah 1% melayu(ia itu UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong-Govenor islam, IGPig, Ketua Angkatan tentera dan saudara mara mereka)

The sultan-agong-govenor Alligience to UMNO-Bangsat Negara forms the 1% malays that control the wealth Equity of  99% malays....No wonder despite all these USA, Singapore, WSJ publishing of the 1MDB Corruption money, audit illegals accountings the PAID TO SHUT UP Sultan-agong -Govenors of $20 Million Ringgit each Keeps quiet as if nothing has happens.....  this means that Corruption have reached the highest levels in Malaysia.....  Judges, bankings....council of rulers and the 1% of Malays they represent.  Removal is the ONLY Fix for the corruptions to the Highest levels that includes the Sultan-agong family, Govenors & Family, IGP, Police, Army Generals and Family......UMNO-Bangsat Negara and Family..etc...etc..

Melayu UMNO Najib-Rosmah said the 36 times "official 1" mentioned in the DOJ Civil Criminal case is the Sultan-Agong  as they are the Head of Malaysia ....First lady and commander of the Arm Forces.....  Sultan-Agong -Govenor Condone all this UMNO-Bangsat negara  1 MDB money laundering, Rakyat Terrorising acts.....  T M J johor have given tacit indication that he might join the Bersih 5 Rally in Johor and Warned the Red Shirt to come at their OWN Risk  .....  Which Tengku Mahkota next ..& Selangor? negeri 9 ??    berani red Shirt mari Penang mati katak!!

Everything 1% melayu racist terrorist JAIS-Jakim-UMNO-PAS Islam - Sultan-agong-Govenor  touches means Munich Germany islamic terrorist Killers ...and Its Islam. The sooner we Rid this Cancer, surau, Red Shirt Scumbags the better it will be..... Today I am Going to WHACK Red Shirt of UMNO supporters at SOGO....bring your Lastik...Bee Hive...etc.....CHAOS will descend in K Hell..... and we Wear BLACK on Bersih Rally Soon All over Malaysia to protest CRIMINAL Najis -Rosmah & Sultan-Agong - Govenor who condone islamic corruption and terrorism to Malaysian. Nomore Yellow please!!! WEAR BLACK ON ALL RALLY...Bring Umbrella, water and terror Back the Red Shirt UMNO-PAS Islamic Racist Terrorist!! Criticise JAIS/NRD/JAKIM = Criticise Sultan, then Children Converted to Islam also a Sultan Act.... Bible stolen by JAIS also a Sultan Act...Be Careful what you hope For!!

12 New nations needs to emerge from Malaysia and those IS Islam racist terrorist better choose your space too.... We are determine to CRUSH Islamist and all the ILLS and EVIL of Islam.  No Islam nation or dominated governemnt is ANY GOOD!!...Not even if you have 10% Muslim like the French are finding out...lets hope Sabah-Sarawak Find out soon too!!

We need to Unite and Destroy the 1% Malay United UMNO-Bangsat Negara and those Council of Rulers that Condone corruption, murders, killings so Huge like 1MDB and worst...continue to be Friends of Islamic Terrorist Ideology Clerics, JAIS, JAKIM , IS Sulu, Abu Sayaf islamic terrorist, and those Mufti and Mullah.  A defender of Islam that cannot see the Obvious EVIL of Corruption and Islamic Terrorism against UNARMED Citizen in Sabah-Sarawak and ALL over Malaysia...Are USELESS TO MALAYSIAN and Must be RE_PURPOSED like Nepal KING!!

Erdogan wants to destroy Turkey Secular Demoncracy with Brotherhood of Islam Morsi type Islamist Nation....  Erdogan End is also near ....Fortunately some Army soldiers escaped...they will come back to remove him like what Egypt Army did to Morsi!! BELIEVE IT...UMNO NAJIB -Sultan-Agong-Govenor IS(idiot Sect) Malay Islam days are also numbered!!....  No Islamic Bias Nation is ANY GOOD....There is No Future more future in Turkey!!  Be Bias and help Non Muslim poor FIRST!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Turkey Erdogan COUP SHAM Copied Malaysial MAY 13 & Lets hope 13 New Nation 2020......To Solidify his position of WEALTH and POWER!!

Firstly as the days pass this Turkey Coup seems more and more a STAGED Coup with People Dying as part of this Dictator Colleteral Damage.  There are many take on this!!

Most Important is that we Maintain the Mindset that NO ISLAMIC Nation is ANY GOOD in maintaining Demoncrazy and Proper Law and Order.   The most Secular Islamic Nations turkey is now run by Islamist Terrorist within....  No different like malaysia...

A List was drawn out prior to the Coup....After the Coup...A Sweeping Arrest of 8000+ Army/police and 2500+
Judges...............??  is anyone questiong why the Judges and NONE of the Mufti, Mullah and all those Mosque and Surau Terrorist Islamic Brotherhood of Islam Clerics?? 

The wife and children are not to be seen apart from some random person stating on some Random news they were nearly held at gun point by actors.  Looks like Erdogan hid their Family or DID IS Terrorist ISLAM say they would Obliterate his Entire Family if he did not follw the SCRIPT  to stage the Coup...Destroy his Enemies and control the Country and be given the opportunity to be like the so Called  great "Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Establish the Great Otoman Empire stretching across Syria, Egypt, Libya and Iraq!!"... a win-win type outcome as far as this Corrupted President Erdogan is concern.....All plausible like 9/11 using plane to crash building......  islamist and Brother of islam Supporters who then become blinded by Wealth and power is the same script of all Muslim over centuries.....  None greater than Saladin.....a Kurd... No wonder Turkey hates the Kurds so much!!!!..Afraid they might come back with power like Saladin???

What is a few hundred or thousand Deaths like the Malaysian Attempted Genocide on May 13 1969 that Allowed UMNO-bangsat Negara and in Cahoots with Sultan-Agong-Govenor to implement the useless bahasa Malaysial as top language instead of English, Remove the Jury Systems and Install ALL Army Generals to be of  Malay Islam UMNO terrorist IS(Idiot Sect)..Change the IC Card systems...Force conversion via IC, Syriah courts....Force dumb down language on all Malaysian, have Racist ecducation systems, business oportunity...etc...etc...ISA Pota...murder and C4... BUT ALLAH NEVER BLESSED MALAYSIA and ALLAH WILL NOT BLESS TURKEY!....  Just imagine after 60  ...years... Malaysia will all the Petroleum Boom, natural Resources...etc the GDP Wealth of the Entire nation is Less than Tiny Singapore.....  The Sooner malaysian wake up and Carve out their OWN NEW nation & return back english in every sectors....  MALYSIAL will remain a FAIl NATION  of ISLAM!!

Lets see what the Sultan-Aogng-Govenor and Askar melayu Islam Conjure up and Declare Malaysial a Caliphate of East Asia and see what regions collectively they will own WHEN THEIR POSITION & Wealth IS THREATEN Like Erdogan.....Perhaps only Pangkor!!!....  Believe it!!...  Biggest Prison of malaysia for Terrorist and Team IS(Idiot Sect) Islamist Racist Terrorist..nation 13 !!

Have a look and Google at Erdogan palace and place of Abode..... Bigger that any Palace on Earth and seems like enjoying the lavish lifestyle of rich and najib and Rosmah property portfolio held by children and friends!!

DON'T  Allow Najib to escape the nation.... LGE charged under Article 165  but not Najib, Zahid hamidi, Sultan-Agong-Govenor Taib, money for titles, - IGP daughter Gun License....etc...etc....  Malaysia MUST BE UN-TIE From Malaysia Racist Terrorist islamic Inspired Justice Law and Order Judges and justice Systems!!  This is the ISLAMIST Justice Systems....  Some PIGS are more Equal than Some Islam Melayu bangsat Negara is More Equal than others!!...

Seksyen 165 Kanun Keseksaan menyatakan bahawa barangsiapa, yang menjadi penjawat awam menerima sesuatu benda yang berharga dengan suatu balasan yang ia ketahui tidak mencukupi, daripada seseorang yang ia ketahui ada mempunyai hubungan dengan kerja-kerja rasminya, melakukan
kesalahan yang boleh dihukum dengan penjara selama tempoh yang dua tahun atau denda atau kedua-duanya sekali.

When Equity Wealth with your own race is Unequal and Injustice at Full Swing....the Nation will Go to Hell....Just watch Turkey and Malaysia......the Ringgit nad Lira....  EVIL Allowed to continue will NEVER Build a NATION....there is no Secret in that.  What Islam nation is ANY Good to Migrate to??  Even muslims Rushing to the West and NON ISLAM NATION....  Be BIAS AND DENY THEIR Entry....  Be BIAS and Help other Religion Poor First....Nothing Wrong and don't be Romantics to ISLAM Racist terrorist EVIL Acts .....everywhere...and especially in MALAYSIA!! The world need to Accept Other religion First then muslim LAST....Go to Mecca and Saudi, Pakistan or Brunei if you want....stay away from the West!!

Seksyen 165 Kanun Keseksaan menyatakan bahawa barangsiapa, yang menjadi penjawat awam menerima sesuatu benda yang berharga dengan suatu balasan yang ia ketahui tidak mencukupi, daripada seseorang yang ia ketahui ada mempunyai hubungan dengan kerja-kerja rasminya, melakukan
kesalahan yang boleh dihukum dengan penjara selama tempoh yang dua tahun atau denda atau kedua-duanya sekali.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Understand that there is No Demoncracy in Malaysia.....regardless of All election since Independence!!

The 1% Melayu UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara & Sultan-Agong-Govenor elites are so far out of touch with what the people want, that they were unprepared for the outcome of a military coup!!

When Billions are stolen by Najib 1MDB and distributed to sultan-agong-govenor, igp, army generals, ..yet the 1% Malays of police, IGP, bank Negara, Sultan-agong, govenor, Judges, Chief Judge, UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara, Army Generals do nothing to stop the ROT......some even condone it quietly because there is benefit....then the OBVIOUS WILL HAPPEN!!  

Jangan Mati Katak untuk Golongan Elit 1 % Melayu ni!!...Bodoh!!.
obvious proof.
 More 1 MDB Audit OSA Leaked reports...Thank You Zahid Hamidi-Hissapmudin Hussein!!

IGP have sent a Tacit Reminder to ALL Army Personell that they are not to take guns out in Public in any event regardless of IS Islam terrorist attact...never mind people, army, police being slaughtered in Sabah, K Hell or anywhere!!


Lots of Junior army officers ANGRY with 1% Malays UMNO-PAS Hudud Syriah Bangsat Negara, IGP, Army Generals and the Sultan-Agong -Govenor Constant support to IS, Islam Terrorism and 1 MDB, Tabung Haji Corruption......... COUP CAN OCCUR ANYTIME IN Malaysia..... Get rid of Ringgit FAST!!...only 1% melayu Islam Capable of Stealing from Tabung Haji...Duit Zakat beli rumah condo mewah di Luar Negara!!

In the event of Any genocide Attempt...just make sure ALL RTM, transmission centre, Mobile Sub Station. in tall building....etc  and UMNO-Bangsat Negara Communication Infrastructure is taken down so that 1% malay UMNO-PAS -Sultan-agong-Govenor Lies and constant hidden Islamic Genocide Terrorism Acts are Disrupted.  This 1% of Elite High Flying Ultra Rich malays are the one who Owns 99% of Wealth Equity of other normal malays.  It makes sense that we Make 99% of Malay own 99% of the Malay Wealth Equity that they deserve.

So the UMNO Malay - PAS mufti, cleric was seen giving Thanks to Allah during Sermons all over Malaysia on Friday......Praising the Kafir Harbi Acts (killing)Radical Islam terrorist Acts in Nice, France.....Killing 80+ innocent and the Sultan-Agong-Govenor of 1% Malay Islam Race Condone these EVIL Islam Radical terrorist Acts......... No Condemnation What so ever from the Conference of Rulers, Sultan-Selangor.....Sultan Perak...etc..... Only make noise when they see Change in MB, Government, minor Dispute created by the PKR, DAP, Amanah....and $$$$ Gamuda projects, sultan children, UMNO Families.. Still Want to be Romantic to IS Racist Terrorist ISLAM UMNO-PAS,Red Shirt, Regimen Askar melayu Genocide Ideology.....???. 

This time Terror Back and MAY 13 NEW District be Created......ALL Problems is Islam muslim related!!... Show no Mercy Like Isreal...have a mind set.... No Islam Dominated Nation is ANY GOOD!!.....Not even turkey...the most secular it seems!!

Help Poor from other Religion First!!..Help Islam racist  terrorist  UMNO-PAS - sultan Aogng- Govenor followers religion LAST!! 

That is the Priority!!...otherwise you may be helping a poor Radicalised IS Islam terrorist determine to do EVIL!! Islam is religion of EVIL!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The 1% Melayu UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara & Sultan-Agong-Govenor elites are so far out of touch with what the people want, that they were unprepared for the outcome.

AWAS : Orang Melayu Bodoh Islam IS racist terrorist UMNO-PAS jangan lagi minta Diskaun untuk Perumahan Rendah....Bayar Macam semua Bangsa Lain..... kalau beli dengan diskaun.... Mampus awak... AG, BN, MACC, sultan-agong-Govenor , IGP ...semua datang Saman Awak.... Ini logig IS Islam racist terrorist celak 1% melayu UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-govenor..... Melayu yang cerdik adalah AMANAH!! ..ABU... Internet dah hapuskan UMNO-Bangsat Negara..... tunggu masa 1% melayu.... yang curi hak Harta Ekuiti 99% melayu Malaysia..... Tangkap-Lokup!!

May 13 New Nation Emerge.....just make sure your easily keliru melayu with Allah word ....don't get keliru with China chinese........ The whole Armada is waiting in the south China sea......kemudian melayu terus melutut macam sultan-agong-govenor Islam IS Racis terrorist melayu kepada Jepun, portugese, Siam... hanya Orang bermaruah Cina/India-orang asli Berdiri menentag jepun...1945....... bring it on Red Shirt, 3 Line, Regimen Askar Malas Melayu..... May 13 New nation Emerge...Agenda 2020!...Kesabaran Bangsa BUKAN ISLAM ..Benci Islam IS Terrorist UMNO-PAS pun ada batasan!!......... mampus Duit Ringgit...lagi turn...Suka sangat islam Pergi tologn Madhi yang sedang Kalah teruk kat Iraq-Libya-Syria..... Malaysia Kawasan South China Sea and Indian Ocean.......Amaran!! jaga baik baik yah...awak akan kena tak lama lagi macam tu Red Shirt Yunos!!

DAP like PKR allows any race, religion to joing ---> low IQ malays call these party racist.

Luckilly have case DAP gets DEREGISTERED BY Registrar of Society.... Depend or support PAS is a Loser Zakir naik Terrorist supporters. ....which incidently have Sultan-agong-Govenor IS Islam Tacit Approval + UMNO -bangsat Negara Najib Backing!!

UMNO- only allows low IQ Melayu IS ISlam to join - not racist bigots chuvinist terrorist
MIC - Only low IQ indians can join- not racist bigots chuvinist terrorist
MCA - Only low IQ chinese can join- not racist bigots chuvinist terrorist
PAS - Only low IQ malay Islam Zakir Naik type can join- not racist bigots chuvinist terrorist
that is why its always UMNO-PAS-BN(Bangsat negara)....... Cakap Bodoh!!

Thursday, July 07, 2016

UMNO-PAS + Sultan Agong have given tacit approval, condone and Embrace Zakir Naik Islamic Teaching that inspire Isalmic Terrorist Acts in Puchong, Klang, Bangladesh and Jeddah!!

...and the malay Islam Sultan-Agong-Govenor received a kick in the Guts by Condoning the followers of Zakir Naik..... who are good friends of Najib, Zahid Hamidi, Hadi Awang and followers who did the Islamic Terrorism Acts in Puchong, Bangladesh and Klang..... Malays who Bash that senior citizen in KL is also a terrorist Acts or unemployed Melayu Islam... Show No mercy like them when hint of genocide occurs..... Trust Not the 1% Malays.....who control the wealth Equity of 99% Malays.....

Remember malaysian.....Know when the Signal is given to Carve out a piece of Malaysia for you and your children.... have a mind set that is like Isreal..... celaka 1% Islam melayu UMNO-PAS hudud JAIS + sultan-agong-Govenor-IGP thinks with guns They are Free to attempt another Genocide..... Mind you Lets hope a Chinese Nationals gets whacked and the China Armada in South Chinese Sea Flatten Putrajaya and all 1% residence for Supporting Islamic Radical Terrorist and their Acts!!.... When you have these 1% cornered...Do the same Act that Malaya did to Singapore...Sack Malaya.... Leave the Debt $$$ to Islam Malaya!! That is why Keeping Ringgit is Dumb...!!

Kamu semua UMNO-PAS -sultan-Agong-Govenor Melayu Islam SUNNI adalah Penganut sesak Islam yang Bunuh warisan Muhammad s.a.w...Ali dan semua cucu MohamMAD s.a.w di Karbala ...Hussein.......dll ... Itu sebab Kamu Islam Sunni yang Cipta IS ISlam muslim Terrorist....Padan muka Saudi Kena pada Ramadan...Harap Mecca pun Kena supaya lupakan lagi buat Hijrah....Tapi bagi pembaca MalaySIAL yang Cukup Senang Keliru dengan Perkataan ALLAH.....MANA ADA OTAK lagi Nak Buat Analisis Yang Lagi Mendalam mengenai Sunni Islam yang Bunuh cucu Muhammad. Kalau ada otak lebih keluar islam, tukar Agama Lain... Islam Sunni ni kat Malaysial adalah Islam Kejam macam sunni masa Mohammad...Apa Lagi Islam Sunni Hudud UMNO-PAS-Sultan-agong-govenor melayu Mahu.... Padan muka Terror dah sampai kat pintu Malaysial!!.....Malaysia Mula Retak ...12 Negara baru!! 1% melayu Kaya ...Hidup Mewah akan rasa Balasan mereka tak Lama Lag dari 99% melayu yang sudah diperbodohkan UMNO-PAS-sultan-agong-Govenor melayu!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Islam is Toxic in Malaysia and only Non-Muslim Condemn ALL Islamic Terrorist acts.....Sultan Agong-govenor-UMNO-PAS-Jakim-JAIS-Mufti Mullah ALL Condone these Scumbag Cowards Acts!!

Islam is Toxic.....  Perhaps all zakat , duit tabung haji should be given to DAP then to sort out the celaka Islam Melayu UMNO-PAS-Bangsat Negara Idiotlogical islam that sultan-agong -govenor-IGP Judges Melayu Condone.  
At least DAP condemn ALL islamic terrorist Acts... celaka 1% melayu UMNO-PAS-Sultan-Agong-Govenor-Jakim-IGP-JAIS Mufti NEVER CONDEMN Terrorism, Racism by Islam - muslim born Malay Acts....... ALL these 1% melayu Hidup Mewah only ask to Curb Extremism in islam when they are the same racist Extremist Hudud IS Islam Crap ...that the Defender of Racist terrorist Islam Sultan-agong and Govenor of malaysia Promotes and Condone these Islamic terrorist acts. 99% melayu lapar mula sedar si celaka Islam adalah 1% melayu DARI Keluarga UMNO-PAS-sultan-agong-govenor-IGp-Jakim -Jais. Askar Regimen Melayu pertahankan keluarga Sultan-agong-Govenor Melayu UMNO -PAS Kalau berani bertindak terhadap 99% melayu lapar dan Marah yang akan berarak ke tempat kediaman mereka..!!

Malaysia time to carve out your Space without Islam...12 new district coming..>CHAOS!!! get rid of Ringgit use foreign currency to buy & avoid paying GST that  goes into melayu UMNO-PAS  IS terrorist Islam pocket!!

Its Good Nika Gee Siew Yee and Stanley Clament Augustin playing the UMNO-DNA Goons for More money.......  Sources say  Najib paying  Stanley Clament Augustin $10 Million Ringgit to write the SD to implicate Muhiddin....just like Najib would pay the sultan Perak and the 3 Katak of Perak to jump and make Sultan Berak look so Corrupted.

Same islam Crap that provides the ideology to all the judges to convict Anwar, allow malay Mufti Syriah Courts to Allow the divorce of spouse from grave like ex Sultan-Johor and Selangor....Islam is Damage Goods....

The IRONIC or Moronic thing is that in this 21th Century...with these 1% Melayu UMNO-Sultan-Agong-Govenors Generation of Oxford, harvard and overseas Islamic Universities education having the wealth equity of 99% malay Decide and determine things that are confusing 99% malay only..... Then that Islam Religion and ideology is EVIL... Leave islam and UN-CONFUSE...un Brain WASH!! UMNO Bangsat negara sponsor IS Islam Caliph Malaysia with Sultan Approval.....nak cari mana Pergi Wang Derma Kepada Masjid Kat Kawasan Abu Sayah di Phiillipines jumpa kat Rumah Zahid Hamidi 

The fact that donation money that was raise to buy safety then to be taken by Zahid Hamidi and Family goes to show how Deep the Despicipal nature are these celaka Melayu  UMNO-Bangsat Negara Scumbags sense of Morality.  Theirs is just Evil and We malaysian need to NOT Blink to Obliterate Evil.

Mari kanak2 kita baca Bahasa Kemerosotan malaysia baku tulin Al Islam IS UMNO-PAS
sebelum buka puasa!! Bayar Tol, GSt, BN - Barang Naik kat Hari Raya!!
English              Di Singapura        Di Malaysia
Ransom            Wang Tebusan     Derma
Corruption        Korrupsi Duit     1 MDB
Donation           Derma Penang - Rezal kata Beban kepada Rakyat
Thief                 Pencuri               Perdana Menteri Najib-Rosmah Mansor - UMNO -BN
BN                   BN                     Bini Najib- Bangsat Negara

Macam Sharizat Itu Lembu Korrupsi Beli Kondo dengan duit $250 Million semua 2 anak & keluarga dapat Gaji $240,000 setahun......  Melayu IS ISlam patut Alhamduilah  jiwa dan destinasi hidup 99% melayu terus dikuasai 1% melayu...Siapa Bodoh??...Najib $3 Billion duit Derma kedalam CIMB Lagi Terror...macam Zahid Hamidi cakap $12 MYR derma adalah sama wang tebusan kepada IS Islam Abu Sayah..tapi Gasak $11 MYR....

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

BOMB IN PUCHONG Selangor and Sources Says Sultan Selangor, Agong - UMNO Bangsat Negara says its Gas malfunction!!** LIES !!

Malaysia IS ISLAM is on Jihad and the Sultan Selangor Condone the Act of the Puchong Explosion from Grenade that only the UMNO-IGP-PAS IS Islam Racist Terrorist Team Islam can obtain from Sulu, Abu Sayaf, Mindef, IGP Daughter or Zahid Hamidi Family Terrorist Negotiators....Avoid Malaysia....Get rid of Ringgit.....Understand the moment of Genocide, WAR and this time Carve out a Piece of Malaysia for Future Generation without Islam..... the 1% Malays of UMNO + PAS + Hudud + Sultan-Agong-Govenor+ IGP+ Army chief + Regimen Melayu will only protect the 1% Malays......  

99% Malays who have suffered and realised the malay WEALTH INEQUALITY Needs to Obliterate these 1% PIGS who Are More Equal than Others ...George Owell's "Animal Farm"...  Pity not in Malay Melayu backward dumb down muslim malay Language.....Same Communist IS Islam UMNO-PAS-Sultan_Agong-Govenor Racist Islamic terrorist Ideology!! 

To those confused Celaka melayu UMNO-Bangsat Negara people who get confused the Allah issues in Malay bible....

That is a STAR of David Over the Moon Crest ON ALL ARMY, NAVY, Police, Air CONFIRM the Dominanace All religion have Over Islam and in Middle East!!...That is the Raya Greetings and Buka Puasa Alhamduilah.... God Works in mysterious ways.....Like some terrace house have Cross and Cross Road..... Mampus semua Caliphe IS Islam Celaka Dhimmi melayu UMNO-PAS which Sultan-agong-Govenor condone and Cahoots..... Avoid Malaysia...You will Be Kidnapped By Malaysian Government Sponsored IS Islam Terrorist Approved by Home Minister, IGP and Sultan_Agong UMNO.....

Safety is NOT Malaysia #1 Priority......  Only Corruption....there are better nations like Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia to set up factory to do business.  What is worst when Malaysia Break UP due to States demanding their Own Method to Handle the Islamic IS Terrorist and a better Soccer team and Above ALL an ENGLISH Bias Education system that the British handed down....  Like Nepal...the UMNO Puppet Sultan-Agong-Govenors of malay Islam descend have made it a  Ideology to make Malay Poor, Dumb, and Hungry like the Nepalese King.  That is why these 1 % UMNO Elites + Sultan-agong-govenor and all their children and relatives HOLS THE WEALTH EQUITY of  99% Malays.  The Power to shut them down with Guns, Islam , Race and Mythical Sultanante that is FAKE.....  They were just village Head at one time and when they saw the Chinese Merchants coming to trade wearing some yellow Silk and having elite guards with Superior Steel forging techniques + superior Kung Fu Skills...these shameless UMNO Malays & Sultan Conjure up some Mythical Figure of Hang Tuah a Chinese.

Tun Bapa Kemerosotan Murder Deserve the legacy he sowed..Berambus and Mampus!!. I shed no tear for this Scumbag that built his foundation.... When Tun Dies so will UMNO- Baru in time.....MalaySIALis now thinking about EXIT from this BIAS IS Islam Racist terrorist supporters of Kidnapping and Murder in Sabah...... People Sacrifice their ALL to raise $12 Million by selling house to release a lives...this UMNO-Bangsat Negara in cahoots with Sultan-agong-Govenor Islam Melayu Muslim Condone and approve the relationship with Abu Sayaf, Sulu and Thai South Islamic Radical terrorist...Like Tun Merosotkan Malaysia...their Relationship with IS Islam Terrorist will Sting them Back in the Form of EXIT from MalaysiaL from ALL States..... Avoid Ringgit...Avoid Terrorist Sponsored Hamas Hezbnbollah UMNO-Bangsat Negara....Malaysia... You will ALL be a Kidnap Victim!! Don't Visit malaysial!!! it is time to EXIT Malaysia like BREXIT l!! 0.0000000000001% of water, air is laced with Alcohol and Pork.... Exit Islam of Burn in Fire for being aware of the Sin of drinking Haram Stuff in Ramadan!!