Thursday, July 28, 2016

We cannot ALLOW JUSTICE, SAFETY, Security, law and Order TO BE COMPROMISED Because IT IS ISLAM RELATED, because of UMNO Bangsat Negara Business Interest or Sultan-agong Islamic Ideology;.....GO TO HELL UMNO-Bangsat negara and your Abu Sayaf and Sulu Islamist IS Terrorist!!!!

Meanwhile Najib-UMNO Bangsat Negara  on  1st August May stage Erdogan style SHAM Coup where a Prominant  Ruler could be assasinated....thousand dead.....Declare Martial Law POTA round up all Opposition to Najib UMNO Bangsat Negara...Disarm and Jail all Askar Regimen Melayu.... Raja-Agong Najib dan 1st lady Rosmah.....  Siapa Berani Bantah ...mati Macam Turkey Erdagon Bunuh semua musuh dia ..... demi Islamic Brotherhood ......  1st August New laws approved by stealth in Parliament that even the Stupid Conference of Rulers Approve because all got $20 Million 1 MDB pretending to play dumb / stupid when ALL Along these Sultan-agong-Govenors were WELL aware of teh benefits.... ..Now trying to play side the Citizen malaysia game on the last hour........TRUST NOT the Conference of Rulers who Sacked Singapore in cahoots with UMNO-Bangsat Negara  to Pursue their Racist 1 malay Dominant Malay race in 1969!!...Allah did not Bless this Islam-Muslim dominated Nation Leaders of malaysia!!

Lepas tu the Morsi Way..... IS(Idiot Sect) Islam disquise as Secular...Belakang macam Taliban, Islamist, Hamas, Hezbollah.... Erdogan macam Morsi boleh cakap besar 18 Bulan.... Lepas tu mampus pun macam Egypt Morsi!!. Nasib Baik ada beberapa Angkatan tenteraTurki yang lepaskan diri dari Erdogan.....Mampus Turkey Bila Balas Dendam Berlaku.... Turkey SHAM Malaysia Coming Chaos!! Warning to malaysian Don't visit Islamic Turkey ...cancel your flights.... It is Unstable like Malaysia Ringgit and economy!!....  Make every effort to UNDERMINE ANY MARTIAL LAW in MALAYSIA IN THIS INTERNET 2016 ERA....  End the Regime of Racist terrorist UMNO IS(idiot sect) Bangsat Negara and their cahoots with Malay Islam Rulers and relatives....this 1% malays that have stolen the Wealth Equity of 99% Malay must be Crushed like MORSI Brotherhood of Islam and like Erdogan!!...Remember NO ISLAM NATION or Rulers are ANY Good...Even France with 10% muslim population is in SHAMBLES!!  DON'T Make the mistake like FRANCE!!

Make no Mistake we are Not Romantics to the IS(Idiot Sect) Islam Racist terrorist UMNO-PAS-bangsat negara that the Sultan-Agong-Govenor cum Rulers Crap Councils meet to Sack Singapore so that there will be Malay Majority Race....creating terror, bombs.... The time is Ripe now for 12 New Nation to emerge as none of these UMNO-Sultan - Agong-Govenor are capable of governing proper depite 1 MDB world wide corruption coverage WSJ, Singapore, USA, Britain Probe and still the Rulers play I don't see, hear, listen.......because each Got $20 Million SHUT UP!! We cannot ALLOW JUSTICE, Corruption, SAFETY, Security, law and Order TO BE COMPROMISED Because IT IS ISLAM RELATED, because of UMNO Bangsat Negara Business Interest or Sultan-agong Islamic corruption $$$ Ideology...GO TO HELL to 1% melayu celaka UMNO-PAS Bangsat negara and your Abu Sayaf and Sulu Islamist IS Terrorist!!!! Arrest all those Malays that Bought houses with 5-10% bumiputera Discount........ cakap Bodoh Islamist UMNO-PAS -Sultan Pendatang melayu malaysia!!,,balik ke Indonesia!!

Remember the 1% Melayu UMNO Sultan-agong-Govenor with Askar Regimen melayu will Stage a Coup like turkey In Malaysia when the 1% melayu feels they lose power and Create the Riots and Bombs that Justify the sacking of Singapore During the 1969 era..... Now this is the IS ISLAM Terrorist Era make sure We sack Malaya...take the proper Spot and Create your Borders without the IS (IDIOT SECT) islam terrorist racist Agenda. The IS Islam UMNO Erdogan Ideology will Kill a few prominent Malays as colleteral damage, some mufti, justify the Sweeping changes of 2200 judges, MB, suspected Opposition to UMNO-Bangsat negara Racist agenda and like turkey all remaining non malay Islam personell carrying guns be rounded up and Executed in future like in Turkey soon......then Emerge the Caliphate Malaysia IS Islam....... Over my DEAD BODY!!

Remember the moment of genocide and make sure your mind set is correct align Against EVIL....DON'T Allow Najib-Rosmah to escape the nation.... LGE charged under Article 165 but not Najib, Zahid hamidi, Sultan-Agong-Govenor Taib, money for titles, - IGP daughter Gun License....etc...etc.... Malaysia MUST BE UN-TIED From Malaysia Racist Terrorist islamic Inspired Justice Law and Order Judges and justice Systems!! This is the ISLAMIST Justice Systems.... Some PIGS are more Equal than Some 1% Islam Melayu bangsat Negara is More Equal than others!!.....Public servants getting $2.8 Billion donation into account is o.k!!..get rid of ringgit!!

 The council of Sultan -agong Rulers-govenor support Najib... So Malaysia better watch out an Erdogan style Coup by the 1% Malay elites with Askar regimen to have Martial Law and sweeping changes to Malaya..... So get rid of Ringgit Fast as Najib have indicated to Zahid hamidi ...he is ready to Run away with the Billions.... If Insult JAIS = Insult Sultan...then If JAIS Stole Bibles Means Sultan also stole the Bibles and soon hindu and buddist books to stamp it....... Malaysia better wake up because antyhing ISLAM is EVIL...look at the KASHMIR War...India and again Islam...and Nothing Good comes out of Islam!! Do not Be Romantics to ISLAM Idiot Sect UMNO - PAS -Hudud Bangsat Negara that sultna-rulers and Govenor Condone.... 

Najib Instruct Zahid Hamidi to Discuss with Abu Sayaf IS terrorist the DONATION money needed to release AGAIN kidnap victims...Where the HELL is the ARMY.... Lets CREATE 12 NEW distrct and NEW Nation or Negara to create our OWN SAFETY and Destiny the Isreal WAY!!....Anything with Islam UMNO-Rulers flavors will NOT have ALLAH Blessing!!

Stay Focus and Develop Selangor....then Pecat/sack  malaya macam Johor Negeri 9, Sabah-Sarawak, Penang......In a few more years ..>Agenda 2020

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