Friday, August 05, 2016

Shocking news rumours says that Malaysian Non Muslim female athlete was asked to wear Tudung at RIO Olympic to give it an Islamic IS Feels....BUT Kudos to those Non Muslim to Protest and make a stinker that they will NOT March....Go to HELL UMNO-PAS-ISLAM Racist terrorist Ideology!!!..

 Unfortunately Lee Choong Wei was Force to wear UMNO -Bangsat Negara Malay Songkok and all participants had to wear Malay Racist terrorist attire that is Not appropriate and Haram to non Muslims.  We are not the Malay = Born Muslim = Islam.......  ALL Non Islam  RIO participants WAS FORCE to WEAR the SAME OLD Boring Kampung Malaysial RACIST ISLAM Attire....and Prejudice Protocol Songkok....  SO STUPIAK - Stupid and deserve a PIAK SMACK on the Face!!...while other Progressive Nations wear something more Appropriate....  Really Malu/Embrassing Being Malaysian these days...  Go to HELL the Brain Washing Ideology of UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara that Approve Child Approve Rapist marrying the girl he raped ....and then followed up with Marriage in Sabah/Sarawak and the Sultan-Agong-Govenor islam Condone such IS ISLAM Justice and Acts.....  We Must continue to FIGHT to end this ISLAMIC Terror that is Force on Malaysian!!  EVERY Little thing that you dislike must be Made Known to these 1% ISLAM Malay Scumbags that stole the Wealth equity of 99% Malays!!

The Art of Bumi Non Malay is to send previous UMNO enemies to fight Current UMNO bangsat Enemies so that we have less of these 1% Malay UMNO Bangsat Enemies to Fight in the Days ahead when we need to Create 12 New Nation without having the real Enemies Blurred......Their Days on earth are numbered...why not use them.... its a freebie!!... Its good that Tun Racist can create his Gabugan IS Racis ISLAM First ...Melayu 2nd...These are the 1% of Melayu Reject from UMNO-Bangsat Negara... ABBU ... Send Clear Message that DAP, PKR, AMANAH Better not align to these Racist ex-UMNO bastard that while Ms Indira Gandhi Force still have not got custody of her Force converted child to islam after 7 yeasrs despite high court order and Malaysian in Sabah tolerate Child Rapist marrying the child they Raped....Anwar not freed.. English not medium of instruction..... 

THESE Gabugan Racis Tun Dr. Murder Memali, Penan , Mr Islam First, Malay 2nd Muntahdin. can go to HELL!! ABBU... turun Jalan raya Tangkap MO1, BERSIH, Wear Black on Merdeka!!!!  Change 60+ years of ONE RACIST  ISLAM Terrorist RULE in Malaysia!!

Wear Black on Merdeka and ALL RALLY!! 

Just Remember there is NO GOOD ISLAM NATION with GOOD ISLAM Leaders!!......No ISLAM NATION IS ANY GOOD!! ...Over My Dead Body Malaysia becomes ONE!!

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