Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kelantan Flood is because of must wear hijab-burkah- TUDUNG UMNO-PAS Robbing and stealing the food, gaharu, timber and livelihood of Non Islam Orang Asli there...and also to Punish current Agong and Sultan of Kelantan who stole the throne from the Father with Force and help from UMNO-PAS Najib-Hadi, IGp and UTk help......The Curse on ISLAM in Malaysia continues until we RID Malaya, from Sabah-Sarawak....Demolish MAIS, Jakim, Shariah, and all those MALAY ISlam Religious Schools and Quran!!

That is the Typical Modus Operandi of the UMNO-PAS Bangsat negara malay Islam IS terrorist racist agenda that sultan--bugis-jawa-Agong and Govenor Melayu condone.  They tried to blame DAP of Penang of flood and SHUT UP when flooding all over IS Islam States.....GO TO HELL Scumbags umno-pas BN(bangsat Negara).

Just like after SPM...they CRUSH you in STPM.... for non malay muslim.....those reading this...and my blog...After SPM go straight to local Twining program with overseas university IF you can afford and work there BUT Come back to help Non Islam Orang asli First.... the Non-Muslim Malay Poor.....LAST....The EVIL Tudung, Cover up your Body ALLAH Confusion for muslim CRAP must End in Malaysia!!  Murder of pastors and stealing of bible by Jakim, Jais, Mais, Shariah and condone by Sultan Selangor-Agong UMNO-PAS Bangsat negara.  Why Help EVIL malay UMNO-PAS muslim IS Quran inspired Racist ISLAM ideology and agenda???  Boycott ANYTHING that will make UMNO-PAS IS Islam a bit better off.....time to Squeeze on the cash flow ....and keep enjoying paying higher Fuel cost and tol and taxes to support Racist Islamic Ideology and terrorism......60 years still they Punish SPM and STPM students of non Islam-Malay race.....Punish and Attack Back By Financial Boycott!!!  Think ....each time you buy ANYTHING, will it help promote Freedom of Religion or Taliban IS Radical Quran Tudung Islam Agenda!!

Pasal banjir dan bencana Alam kat negeri Majority Melayu Islam elak kata Rahmat Allah terhadap melayu UMNO-PAs Bangsat negara. Kalau kat kawasan orang bukan mealyu - Islam..... basuh minda orang ramai melayu islam UMNO-PAS-BN(bangsat Negara) kerana tak sokong Pesta Bir, Ru355, Kalimah Allah.... Apalagi islam melayu UMNO-PAS-SultanAgong-Govenor IS radical islam nak......Ini Pasal Sultan-Agong Kelantan Curi Thakta dari Bapak dan curi balak periuk nasi orang asli....dengan pertolongan Najib-Hadi PAS-UMNo IGp -UTK- pembunuh paderi Kristian.....Nah $1 derma untuk orang Asli bukan Islam dulu....kemudian bangsa lain.....Malannya tak ada duit untuk surau-majib kalimah Allah Koran bodohkan orang melayu!

Ini pun pasal LGE dan DAP......Padan muka bangsat PAS-UMNO- Islamhina Allah kena Banjir juga Akhirnya....Hanya Melayu IS Islam Bodoh yang bertudung tak tahu Allah unutk Semua...Kerana kalimah Allah dan RU355 nak bodohkan UMAT Islam melayu...Ini Balasan Allah...Lagi Keliru?? kalau bangsa melayu boleh mudah dikeliru,,,mak bangsa itu patut di hina Allah dan dapat Balasan Allah dengan Bencana..... Walaupun agama lain kena Bencana...ada dapat Rahmat allah juga....Berambus Melayu UMNO-PAS tak malu curi hak istimewah orang asli!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Anwar is about to DIE soon as this is the Alibi that Rosmah-Najib UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara wanted.....After the smiles Poison and Death....Umrah for najib, Rosmah, Zahid & Wife like after Altantuya Murder ....The SH*T & SHAM of ISLAM UMNO-PAS bangsat Negara Justice and law.

Anwar is about to DIE soon as this is the Alibi that Rosmah-Najib UMNO-PAS Bangsat Negara wanted.....After the smiles Poison and Death....Umrah for najib, Rosmah, Zahid & Wife like after Altantuya Murder ....The SH*T  & SHAM of ISLAM  UMNO-PAS bangsat Negara Justice and law.

Anwar want to strike deal to make daughter ministers in UMNO, he is freed and get to keep $50 million Ringgit...then after the deal is DONE.....Anwar  will be dead too like Altantuya and Sirul...soon in Villawood.  Stupid ANWAR needs to retire and ROT in HELL if you dare strike a Deal and that will CONFRIM the AGENDA 2020......SACK Malaya from Sabah-Sarawak.....  TO HELL with MALUSIAL.....and a Coming Economic CRASH that will make another PARIAH Muslim Nation like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya......

This is how the Pedophile Unity of Malay - UMNO -  PAS - Sultan - Govenor  Islam works!  They Protect the Pedophile Network of ISLAM-Malay-Sultan..... So that Malays can continually codone these EVIl Acts of the Ruling Elites.  You leave Islam, these Scumbags put road block,  you want to escape the Malay-Islam Pedophile Network...they have Jakim, JAIS, Sharia, MAIS, Sekolah Burn YOUR children to Death working to change your trajectory for Change.  There is only SLAVERY for MALAYS in Malaysia.  So Leave ISLAM and YOU LEAVE the EVIL Network of ISLAM - Malay UNITY Pedophile EVIL Ideology!!  

Malay Islam Race greater than fake prophet Mohammed SAW according Zahid.....Poodah Lah!!  Sultan-Agong says Malay Not United - Islam Dies...also another POODAH material!!...Berambus Go to Hell with the Constant CONDITIONING of minority  Malay minds!!  
 Population REAL Break Down....Melayu UMNO-PAS sultan-agong Govenor IS radical ISLAM is LOSING....Never Fear Break UP and sacking of Malaya....  Islam is a MINORITY and that is the FACT!!
Malaysia malay   - 26%,  
Bugis  -   5 %,  
Jawa   -  3%, 
Indonesian  -   3%, 
Thai Malay  -  2 %, 
Chinese  -  25%, 
Indian  -  8%, 
True Orang Asli + Sabah Sarawak Natives   -  19%....  
Illegals Bangla+ Rohingyas, Islam From Failed Islam Nation(more than Indians)!!  - 9%

Whatever it takes to DUMB Down Malays....Keep them Poor....Keep them Stupid with MALAY Language medium in School....Try to Translate your Buddist, Christian, Hindu, Holy Books using Dewan Pustaka SH*T resources...then have JAIS, Shariah, MAIS, JAKIM raid your stores and place of Worship becaus you use NON MALAY approved Language and FINE You.  How stupid  and EVIL can you get???

Thursday, November 16, 2017

UMNO Bangsat days are also numbered like Zimbabwe Mugabe!!!!

UMNO-BN(Bangsat Negara)-PAS sultan-Agong too will see their days like Mugabe as more Army Generals in Malaysia now being very close with Sultan and Govenor for Corruption and dedak Money as UMNO Cash flow is running Low like Zimbabwe.  When the Time come to Sack Malaya, Make sure YOU CARVE OUT your OWN Space without Radical ISLAM-TALIBAN and Fight like Isreal!!

Ini semua pasal UMNO-BN-PAS hudud dengan Izin Sultan-agong govenor Agama Sesak Islam.....  Padan Muka... alangkan baiknya kalau ikut macam Singapura....Malaysia AKAn retak 3 tahun Agenda 2020  Pecat Malaya dari Sabah-Sarawak...tak ada negara Islam boleh pakai...semua celaka!!
Kalau Hudud , sharia-Jakim JAIS undang-undang Islam Lagi teruk....Sahrul Anuar Bebaskan dengan ajaran unutk De-Radicalize by Ustaz Taliban Zamlihan.... Sashikumar Potong Tangan dengan RU355 Hudud undang2 taliban PAS-UMNO-Sultan-agong-Govenor Islam....  Berambus!!

Under PAS Hudud RU355 Shariah, JAIS, JAKIM Crap Bangsat Islam laws, the Islam malay robber Shahrul Anuar inspired by Zakir Naik and Zamihan Mat Zin will be freed with a session with De-radicalised expert like UMNO Bangsat Zahid Hamidi and other Terrorist Ustaz and Mullah.  Sashikumar hands will be amputated and serve 15 years jail....under Idiot PAS-UMNO Shariah  Islamic Laws of UMNO-PAS-Bangsat negaera Laws Approved and Condone by ALL sultan-agong and Govenor Islam.....  Fight back to defend your VERSION of JUSTICE and Religion and No Need to be Romantics TO ISLAM!!

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