Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So Headmistress can say and do Racist things like UMNO-Sultan Racist sacking Singapore!!

This is Malaya 2013.......still backward and about to far away from Racist Bigot UMNO-Sultan backed ideology of Sick islam Malaysia Cult!! Death could come to your CEO, MD......

The principal of SMK Alam Megah in Shah Alam is Racist Puan Hajah Miss Yati binti Dani! - you name will forever be known a racist melayu UMNO cult follower.....  Your apology is not sincere....Go to H#$%^&!!! or balik kampung......don't go near dogs or Jakim, JAIS will come and educate you with their Lame Holy Grail!!...

Local paper just write principal addressing her...she.. lady...#$%^&.....  ..UNINTENTIONAL....Mistake....MisQuoted.....when this Racist Principal admitted to it and apologise. ...$%^&!   Reading local paper, listening RTM is really are LIES & dumb you down Malaysian!

TO ALL PARENTS AND STUDENTS, I SALUTE YOU ....GIVE YOUR CHILD AN MOBILE THAT CAN TAPE AND VIDEO RACIST TEACHERS AND PRINCIPAL.  WE NEED TO SACK ALL THIS RACIST PRINCIPAL TODAY 2013!!    Teach them to report INTIMIDATION, sexism, sexual harassment, inappropriate behaviour of teachers and principal..... make life hell for them who have supported UMNO racist.  They are the same ones who don't want to teach and cannot teach in English so that the UMNO+ Sultan children are the only ones with a better foundation in English.  make a scene as to Boycott school for a Day to protest Racist teacher/principal and do not fear their intimidation or terrorism!

So this principal apparently ...kononya went to Mecca based on her name and should be holy like Cow Gate Corrupted  Sharizat.......but we see the same sham of Religiousity of UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong racist ideology in Full display daily.....more so on Ramadan it seems...  #$%^&

Sabah/Sarawak wise up ...UNITE ..and Rebel and Sack Malaya........  Daily the UMNO-BN + Sultan + Cronies are clearing your forest to the tune of 300 football plant Palm oil.  raping and ruining your land.  When they resettle you.....the forest they give you is a concrete jungle.  14 years later the apartment you live in is unsafe, unhygenic and no value.....this is the Generational Misery of living under UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Racist ideology.

We need to Rally against racist principal to be sacked and UNITE as one....... Just imagine an indian or chinese or Iban or Kadazan.....say, do of things that insults a malay-muslim-UMNO-Type ideology-mentality........the Injustice is for ALL to see.  Yet we need to continue with our MAT KILAU acts of  DISRUPT....DISRUPT....DISRUPT...ALL MALAYSIAN INFRASTRUCTURE...ROADS...ELECTRIC....Like power water....just to make life of UMNO-BN + Sultan Racist life INCONVENIENT misery!!
Be unseen, UNKNOWN...UNHEARD...Hidden when you do your very worst to decimate Malaysia Economy and everything Malaya.......  Evil must be contained and Obliterated......This is malaysia 2013.

China, Japan, Europe, USA...must not INVEST in Racist Bigots Ideology of UMNO-BN+ Sultan Racist Ideology that will Make your STAFF EAT in the TOILET during the Muslim fasting Ramadan!.....Never know when your license is due for renewal and if you don't comply with NEW...UMNO-BN + Sultan racist Cult Islam Ideology will CLOSE your Business Down.....You lose $100 Million investment....#$%^&*!  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Obliteration of UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong Racist ideology is the ONLY Solution...

So what have changed after 60 Years of independence????  #$%^&*

Same test, better result....Cannot get into course of choice due to quota, reason, colour, race. religion, connection....RACISM....with Sultan./Agong Approval.

Same sedition, insult, Sham....different treatment by police, judges, law and order with Sultan./Agong Approval.

Carry a gun...its a hanging crime......An army carrying guns like the UMNO-Sulu Terrorist in Sabah...they sit down on round table and discuss the problem???

Houston we have a SERIOUS Problem in malaysia...there is NO LAW and LAW and CHAOS if you hold the Guns!!  @#$%^&

Land stolen, kicked out, resettle elsewhere, so that UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong profit from it......FAST FORWARD.....14 years later...building you settled in is crumbling.....14 years ago you thought the deal was great, sweet, hidup UMNO-BN+ Sultan Agong....  like this 80 families from the Taman Permata low-cost flats in Dengkil.  low cost flat crumbling after 14 years......Now living in tent...but if its UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong they will be in 5 star hotels.....  Get Angry and Get Mad...its UMNO-BN Fault!  These UMNO-BN Scumbags will make you think its not their Fault when it was planned 15 years ago!!!   No wonder the Real Orang Asli like Penan wants their OWN Land rather that be Slave or Cheated by the UMNO-BN-PBB-PBS + Sultan Agong.....

We need to UNITE to SACK malaya from Sabah/Sarawak to  bring about Change in Malaysia....HOW??  Use the 60% people power in Sabah/Sarawak to Sack the UMNO-PBB and UMNO-PBS......then sack malaya.  The moment you sack Malaya its TRUE FREEDOM... UMNO-BN crumble because the Parliamentary Seats is no longer 133 for UMNO-BN...its Zero....kosong...because this is the NEW Malaya...with debt of $1 Trillion given to UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong to settle or the Debt would be your life in malaya. Knowing these scums will run with the help of Army, Police like those scumsbags of Gadaffi Family or President Assad......  We Catch them and make them live the Life of MISERY and Suffering!!

Everyday we have crime, killings and only if you hold guns like those UMNO-Sulu Terrorist.......there will be NO ROOM for Discussion.....bincang....Apa lagi UMNO-BN-Sultan-Agong Mahu??  What more do they want from Malaysia....??  You want citizen worship you like Gods....waiting for gome $$$$$ to fall into our daily sustenance??  you want Malaysian citizen to Kiss your feet, hands, and the moment we see you say... "Ampun Tuanku"????...   Fortunately 60% of Rakyat and citizen Malaysia have woken up to the reality...of

Sultan bermula dengan “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

How true....even with God we do not do it daily to ASK for FORGIVENESS.. when we meet and talk to GOD/Allah.......who the HELL does these Sultan -Agong UMNO-BN thinks they are @#$%^&*??..........Sultan /Agong UMNO-BN are Actually Orang Biasa.....Mere humans.  No need to accord them God like status or Else your God Will send you to HELL!!!

To all Criminals go after the UMNO-BN Leaders - Sultan-Agong Relatives house...they are the ones who have stolen the money from Rakyat Malaysia in an elaborate Ponzi scheme of RACISM approved by no other than UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong.  How else can you explain their high life, rich and famous lifestyle, unlimited spending even though the Malaysia Debt is $1 Trillion and health systems, law, order, education, economy, that are crumbling and cost of living RISING.  These scumsbas of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong have asked you to change YOUR lifestyle and eat less, argue less and just listen to their RACISM and Misery making Ideology for another 60 Years....

Perhaps we need to learn to shoot a GUN so that we can be given the Royal Right to discuss in a civil manner like that given to the UMNO-Sulu Terrorist?? #$%^&  When are you going to HANG those Sulu Terrorist caught with guns like any malaysian??  I see 2 for those who insult Ramadan and one who Force you to Ramadan in a toilet??  @#$%^&* ....and approved by Sultan-agong!!  Sack the head master or the education minister or Whoever gave the approval for such unhygenic practice....  you like it there so much then all teachers who are Buka Puasa can do it there in the toilet daily!!  No insult intended, just the same application of your sick muslim SESAK Cult  ideology of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Approval!!

Open your eyes and compare to a small country like come Combine total GDP of Malaysia Less than small Singapore......  #$%^&*  bangsat betul ni UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sultan Selangor MUST SACK Racist BIGOTS Lying Headmaster - Mohamad Nasir Mohd Nor

or else we we do a Mob Justice type law and order system for Selangor.......or the Sultan UMNO Selangor APPROVED of this racist bigots acts in the month of the same manner the Sultan-Agong in cahoots with UMNO-BN Sacked Singapore....Who the hell gave you the right to preside over ALL these SHAM justice and ongoings??  #$%^&*

What is the Syriah / Mufti  Islamic Punishment  for BLATANT Lying ??  Sack Education minister....Sack the Guru Besar - Mohamad Nasir Mohd Nor and those teachers who DARE intimidate the students for Revealing this SHAM.  Trying to lie by saying canteen under renovation...Lies....Lies and Damn lies like the EC/SPR Indelible ink Sham......Lie must NOT betolerated ...especially by the head of the school.  Show me the contractor doing the renovation??  The bills...the cost....DEMAND their BLOOD Prove!! Muhiddin Directive??  Who gave the OK?? No more lies from UMNO-Headmaster or UMNO-EC or UMNO-Judges or UMNO-Sultan!! We need to make an example of headmasters that Lies...take pictures and show his face...who knows what other things they may be doing to your children that Sama suka sama Sham.......hint hint!!

To ALL Students of Malaysia...I Pay Salute KUDOS to you for taking, recording Racist Bigots rants of ANY teacher from any race or religion.  Keep up the Good work and we as parents wants this Headmaster to be sacked or Sent to prison for Crime against your children.  This Bigot muslim Malay - principal Mohamad Nasir Mohd Nor  Must be sacked and sent to jail like the Bak Kut Teh Bloggers.   Forget about police report......Gather at School, Wait for headmaster, citizen ARREST...tangkap.!!!

No apology is ACCEPTED........Not until UMNO-BN is Obliterated......60% rakyat Malaysia must take up Courage and End this Racist Bigots of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Approval of these acts!!

Remember the Sarawak case of Teacher caning a non muslim pupil for eating during Ramadan....and Johor......When will they be sacked??  Always some excuses....LETS MAKE an EXAMPLE of these Racist Bigots NOW!!!!!!! 

Sabah/Sarawak....time to create a new and better malaysia...  SACK MALAYA with the POWER of your Constitution...  Just DO IT....STORM the Parliament...SACK Malaya!!!

Every Parents should educate and teach their Children to record, capture, take pictures of Racism and Racist bigots Acts against your child Normal upbringing........Not being to eat in canteen, being told to be sensitive and eat elsewhere is an ACT of Racist Bigots against your children.  Make muslim malay who are weak stay and sleep in those make shift Room instead.....  Never GIVE in to UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Approved religious Racist bigots Acts.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Don't Let UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong take away YOUR GOD Given Opportunity!!

Raja Petra trying hard to sing praises of Sultan on the day England have new heir ....3rd in line.  The difference is like Heaven and Earth.  Why bother with 9 Sultan of Malaysia when they did their Best to ENFORCE RACISM in Malaysia by sacking Singapore.  Why?? #$%^&  Stop trying to defend the Racist Legacy of Sultan and Sabah/Sarawak....YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED BIG TIME!!  Sack Malaya....and people of Kuala Besut Just Vote PAS!!

The moment you have an opportunity to profit from something...UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong comes swopping down like vultures and justify a need of license to do you little business.  Setting Racist rules and regulation instead of copying and learning.   Imagine everything needs a license....your Billboard must have Malay words bigger than English, Indian, Chinese characters........Get perfect score in examination miss out on the University of your choice because a certain Race, Colour, Religion License and Quota is needed to be applied to you.

Use Allah and some other Arabic word...these useless UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong racist agenda needs to patent some words....then we should Patent Tuhan and GOD so that NO UMNO + Sultan/Agong can't use them and cause Sedition and insult ...@#$%^&!;  This is the Racist Sickness of Malaya Law and Order that those Sabahans-Sarawakians continue to support.  Work to get sacked like Singapore and then Realise the difference for Generations to come...or suffer another 500 years in misery and under the TERRORISM of UMNO-BN and Sultan-Agong.

Stupid TITAS compulsory for private university because the License to operate is dependent on those Private schools SUBMITTING to UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong brain washing Racist Agenda.  Why not Teach CORRUPTION, RACISM, MERITOCRACY........????@#$%^&!!;  Meanwhile the UMNO+ sultan-agong keeps sending their children+ relative to ELITE private schools in Malaysia and Overseas at your expense.  UMNO continue to USE the UMNO-Sponsored Sulu Terrorist Guns to threaten you in case you try to REBEL!!  These Scumbags of UMNO + Sultan-Agong have the fire power to threaten.....But they can never THREATEN a UNITED 60% of Malaysian or Sabah/Sarawakians wanting to Sack Malaya and give back the Debt of $1 Trillion to them. 

For Carrying a gun they hang Malaysian...but if you are a UMNO-Sulu Terrorist Terrorising with launcher, bombs....UMNO-BN + Sultan prefer to Bincang in the name of Unity in Islam!  When is the Justice systems going to HANG those Umno-Sulu Terrorist caught with guns?? #$%^&*

Its 60 years and 2013......a top achieving student cannot get to a course of his/her choice in Local University and one POORER performing Malay-muslim is allowed in is a trvesty of Justice and an INSULT.  It is also SEDITIOUS to Islam, Christian, Buddism, Hinduism.  This is called the SICKNESS of RACISM approved by Sultan-Agong ...... in the same manner it Approved the sacking of Singapore to have a Majority Malay Race Evil Agenda....60 years ..and ongoing for another...400 years until Sabah/Sarawak Sack malaya or continue the EVER WORSENING Crime, misery living in Malaysia...   The rest as we say is history....Allah Blessed Singapore and Cursed Malaya......Sabah/Sarawak can break that CURSE by Sacking Malaya....USE the POWER of YOUR Constitution and DETACH From Malaya.  Then see the Progress!  power is Sabah and Sarawakians Hands

Monday, July 22, 2013

This Blogger case have given Malaysian an Opportunity For MOB Justice...

Wear Black and DOMINATE the Merdeka 2013 Celebration.....Let the world see UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong INSULTED on 31 August 2013.

The 60% of Malaysian against UMNO-BN acts with Sultan-Agong approval now have the opportunity to create their own justice systems.  Now you have the opportunity ....when your numbers OVERWHELMS those of Zulklifi Nordin, ibrahim Ali, Tun Munafiq Mahathir, Hissapmuddin, Zahid Hamidi & those UMNO Goons and anyone who you FEEL have INSULTED you to make a CITIZEN Arrest.

When your numbers SURPASS the SHAM number of 40% UMNO-BN support with Sultan-Agong approval, you have the POWER now to show them a TASTE of their Laws and order.  Its time and we should use this sort of justice systems.  Otherwise you may end up like the Doctor who failed to have her own security guard and prevented her THUMB from being chopped off....

That is the state of crime in Malaysia when Police are actually the Nazi, Kempetai of UMNO-BN.  The quicker we take UMNO-BN down, the better it will be for Malaysia.  Its not about selective persecution.....its about Making slaves and misery of Malaysian.  Price of food rising, cost of living rising, pay the same, more crime....this is a MALAYSIA that is in SHAMBLES.

Sabah/Sarawak is best you start your Obliteration of UMNO-BN there and sack Malaya with the $1 trillion dollar debt.  Zimbabwe $1,000,000,000,000 note is going to be printed by Bank Negara.  Sack Malaya and PALM the debt to UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong to figure out a way to either Pay it off or have total Anger and Hunger knocking at their doors like they did to Gadaffi and soon President Assad of Syria.

So remember the POWER in Number and JUST Catch, CITIZEN ARREST those You think have INSULTED you race, religion or SAID SEDITIOUS Words.   Catach them but PASS to a different person
 waiting near the police station to lodge the citizen arrest.  They will say Kidnapping, you can say its Seditious and bring them to courts.  Lets Make a mockery of Malaysian Laws like APPLY for Police Permit everyday for Rally , gathering.....

It is your interpretation and not the Courts, UMNO-BN or Police.  Don't let them divide you with this Bak Kut Teh Blogger greetings on Ramadan.  Muslim of higher intellect can just turn away but those who wants to WHIP up Frenzy can continue their EVIL agenda.  Who knows these Bloggers may be paid by UMNO-BN to do what they do for their by - election in Kuala Besut....its 99% malay there.  UMNO-BN to lose that seat is a Major dent to their Evil agenda.  Some people take money to do evil.......Go ask the the Jelapang Hee and 3 PKR Frogs......Go ask the UTK Murderer of Altantuya....Sirul Omar, Azilah Hadridan.... the Kg Medan Murderer, May 13 Murderer...Penan Murderer........Kugan Murderer and those who died in police PDRMurderer lock up....

Malaysia in now entering a new phase of break down in law and order and those police are trying to protect their UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong + Relatives and cronies.......60% Rakyat have to do your own policing and crime fighting.  OBLITERATE UMNO-BN is the best solution.....  Sack Malaya is the Next Option....create a NEW country like Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia....why not??

Thursday, July 18, 2013

UMNO-Police, UMNO-Sulu Terrorist...willing to KILL to keep UMNO-BN + Sultan in power!

That is their Modus operandi.....that is their Ideology and that is their Destiny.

Malaysia needs to have a way to counter that or FOREVER SUFFER Racism....Misery....Hunger and Anger.  60 years of this MOB UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Approval have created this SHAM Malaysia.  Why bother to suffer a day longer under this Regime.  Educate - Unite and OBLITERATE this EVIL Regime.  Same 60 years that have provided the same Discrimination, injustice, Mob rule and killings justifying it all in the name of Islam, unity and King.  Learn to Disrupt...disrupt...disrupt....Forever!!

Every year since the sacking of Singapore by the Alliance of UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong....Malaysia have deteriorated in every sense.

Education - We all agree the racism, drop of standards and injustice in granting places even if you have 100% result and better than your peers of different race, religion and colour.  Every year ( I mean from 1970 - 2013...thats 43 Years since we are force to stupid bahasa useless melayu) we go thru the same SHAM of girls/boys missing out of the career of their choice because of race, religion, quota.........and wait......Those who perform lower than you get their preference in the top university.  This is done to uphold the INSULT of the Holy Month of Ramadan, insult justice in Islam.  So we are made to get angry at a blogger eating Bak Kut Teh (Pork Soup) during the month of Ramadan and bigger issues of killings of Sabahans by UMNO-Sulu terrorist, murder in police custody, robbed in restaurant is a low key issues.  #$%^&

This is where Malaysian need to take these UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Scumbags head on via acts of Mat Kilau and continue the disruption regardless of the season.  10-20 years ago its always been ISRAEL atrocities reports during the Month of Ramadan to unite muslim and with all the Arab Spring happening...this method cannot be used because Atrocities are committed by Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, UMNO-Sulu sponsored terrorist.  Now they are using this blogger case to unite muslim, malay and islam regardless of their right to have their opinion and voice.  Looks like UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong like to create MOB Justice....then Mob Justice will come for them and END THEIR EVIL Reign.  Lets hope Allah bless this method to end the RACIST EVIL Sham of Malaya.

Sabah/Sarawakians....get out, sack Malaysia and LEAVE the DEBT to MALAYA to enjoy.  Don't be Stupid and be Part of this raping, injustice and MISERY MAKING of YOUR LIFE by the UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Munafiq Islam MOB!!   Sack Malaya with the power of your constitution and give your children a Better Future.......look at SACKED SINGAPORE and start REALISING!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Malaysia Law and Order is STUFFED BIG Time....

When IGP and Police blame random crime of ASSULT, base on the Alvivi stupid blogger insult.  I cannot imagine that the UMNO-Police would use such LAME excuse to justify the crime.  I guess that is why these muslim UMNO-Police also justify the Child Pedofile Rape then Marry of a minor in Sabah as Justify under Islam.  #$%^&*

Have Malaysian sense of justice and morality gone so HAY WIRED until every little thing can be made a MOUNTAIN and A Mountain be made a MOLE HILL???  $%^&*  Fortunately no one reads the press of UMNO media or listen anymore to their STUPIDITY.  Mind you these are all approved by the Sultan - Agong under the coalition with UMNO-BN.  If Malaysia is to ever progress then Sabah / Sarawak needs to SACK Malaya and Malaya Sack UMNO-BN automatically.....  You see UMNO-BN Without Sabah / Sarawak is a MINORITY Government.   This is the thinking outside square stuff and good for a NEW country for Malaysian to Migrate.  A win-win for everyone to create a new beginning and fix the 60 year old Racist Sham of UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong Approval.

Its such a big deal to make a greeting of buka puasa with Bak kut Teh.....but not when Allah Issues is banned or cow head dragged to Indian temple, or Indians killed in police custody (with IGP-Deputy IGP+ UMNO-BN + Sultan Approval)....or White Ang Pow given to chinese.....  It is a BIG deal if you listen to the Propoganda of UMNO-BN machinery but nothing if you avoid it.....SIMPLE!!  A Mountain be made a MOLE HILL and Vice Versa!!

The BIG Deal is CRIME......ANY CRIME....Murder.....C4......UMNO-Sulu Terrorist attack on Sabah....Corruption...  People kill jogging, driving a car....getting bag snatched and dragged to Death...home invasion Killers....  Hello...UMNO-PDRM...Don't try to be a MUNAFIQ ISLAM in the month of Ramadan and try to create Racial and Religious Tension.  Crime is the Highest in the month of RAMADAN because muslim IGP and Deputy IGP + UMNO Muslim leaders + Sultan-Agong are just using the resources to protect themselves.  Rakyat Malaysia feeling insecure need to Hire their OWN Body Guards...#$%^&*!  When are you going to Hang that 2 UTK Cops for C4 Murder they Admitted??  You mean they will be free to walk......We will track them down and Obliterate them like those May 13, Kg Medan, Penan and Memali Murderers ???...time will tell....We blame that on the UMNO-BN -Sultan-Agong Approval??...Lets continue their Fruit Loop ways of Justice!!...Can work Both ways and lets hope these scums suffer the same fate as Morsi, Nepal King, Gadaffi and Assad of Syria!!....Who cares really when one is struggling to feed family and from HUNGER!!  Blame UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong for all your Misery!!

END UMNO-BN + Sultan / Agong Approval and have a Better Malaysia.....that is the short facts for a better Malaysia.  These scums (UMNO-BN + Sultan / Agong +PDRM+Army )have Lied and tricked Malaysian to Live in MISERY, POVERTY and NOW at the Mercy of CRIMINALS......  Malaysia is now UNSAFE and should rightly go down the drain of SHAM!!....Start Planning an Alternative and New Country.....all in your POWER to Create a New Malaysia without the Racist Bigots Policy and Misery!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Time to Sack Malaya.......Sabah and Sarawak and Create a better future on your OWN!!

Article 153 of the Malaysian Federal Constitution states that:
153. (1) It shall be the responsibility of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (the Malaysian King) to safeguard the special position of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities in accordance with the provisions of this Article.

Since the UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Failed in their duty to protect you in the UMNO-Sulu Sponsored terrorism ON GOING attack on Sabahans...time to RETALIATE.  Sack with AUTHORITY provided under the constitution.  YES WE CAN SACK Malaya!!

Don't bother waiting for Tengku Razaleigh .....  I have given him 2 months for something to appear....times up and now back to PLAN B.  Sack Malaya.  Take back ALL the money....Jail those corrupt UMNO-BN+ PBS/PBBscumsbags and Start creating the NEW Place for Malayasian to Migrate.

Give back the $1 Trillion Ringgit DEBT that UMNO-BN + Sultan have created and Let these Scumbags of UMNO enjoy the 4th world status and see how they pay it back or enjoy 1 Kg Rice $100 ringgit...  and ask the rakyat to UBAH Cara Hidup....while these UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong continue to wine and dine with $200,000 daily Mega Meal in light of Puasa!!

There is no hope anymore to Sabahans and Sarawakians to live a better Life.  It was Ruined when Singapore was sacked and you were DUPED.  Fast forward 60 years later and if your eyes cannot see the difference between Singapore and Sabah / Sarawak + Malaya COMBINED then you need to wash your eyes, wake up....ponder and ask how did we allow the UMNO-Sultan-Agong sack Singapore??  Who gave them the right??  WHAT WAS THE RACIST Motive??  Above all what have improve, changed for the better.  If nothing, Sack malaya.  No need to waste time being brain washed with doubts created and cast by UMNO-BN brain washing machine!  Unbrain and unwashed by SACKING UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong for their inept and incompetence management of YOUR MONEY and RESOURCES for their OWN benefits!!

You are now suffering the LEGACY of the UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong sacking of Singapore.  Inflation, abuse, hunger, poverty and slavery!!

UNITE and Get out of your MISERY and SACK Malaya Immediately.  The day you sack Malaya, is the Day you start UNDOING the RACIST, BIGOTS, Slave making Legacy of UMNO.........


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Malaysia Economy Must be Stuffed......

Instead of managing the Honey Pot, UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong prefer to talk Religion, Allah, Sedition and nothing about Malaysia Crime Stuffed Economy......#^$^^#@^

We have the UMNO-Sulu Terrorist continuous attack on Sabahans and its july 2013..>Sheeeze.  Sabahans will need to start and Arm themselves and provide your own security.  The same logic that when a Restaurant, Clinic hotel gets INVADED by UMNO-BN sponsored Crime Gang,...UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong seems to agree that those premises need to employ their OWN SECURITY Guard to provide security #$%^%@!

If that is the Logic then Sabahans and Sarawakians and ALL Malaysian need to take up Arms against these UMNO-Sulu Sponsored terrorist and crime gangs.  You see UMNO-BN+Agong are creating this ILLUSION of need to Depend on them for security, food, safety, progress.  The reality is anyone is CAPABLE of doing a better Job.  These UMNO-BN + Sultan ideological SCUMS worst fears is that WE SACK them STATE BY STATE and declare the power of autonomy.  Sabah and Sarawak have great and special CONSTITUTIONAL POWER to Start the Ball rolling.......followed by Penang, Selangor.....etc

That is why the UMNO-Sulu terrorist is not driven out of SABAH with Authority like communist instead UMNO-BN prefer to persecute those Rally,Bersih, Bantah supporters.  Have a moment and think the options and Opportunity.  Humans of Integrity can do better with $3 Billion of a $9 Billion EQUALLY Shared Pie than to support the UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Racist Islamic agenda.  That means Sabah get 1/3 of GDP income, Sarawak 1/3 of GDP income and rest of Malaya 1/3 of GDP income.

60 years of their Islamic State Utopia have Failed.  Proton is Epic Fail.  NEP Fail,  Education Fail, Force islamic Study in Private University - Fail.   Now Debt to the tune of 1 TRILLION RINGGIT.  No country in the 3rd world can aspire to be great with such debt.  SACK Malaya and PASS the DEBT to UMNO-BN + Sultan Agong to deal with.  Let them Manage Malaya when people are Angry and Hungry.   Sabah/Sarawak can Recreate a Better free from UMNO-BN + Agong-Sultan Racist Bigots Agenda.

The time is right and we need to start the process of Giving Malaysian an option to migrate.....and SHAME UMNO-BNN + Sultan......Sack Malaya like UMNO-BN+ sultan/agong sack Singapore......what was the reason???

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Nothing is Certain in Life.....Raja in malaya, Orang Biasa in Nepal...

That is the perception of Demoncracy....only Valid as long as people thinks that a MERE human have Godly Power.

Why do we get brain washed that the moment we see a Sultan/Agong we have to ask forgiveness even though we did NO WRONG??  Do we go to surau, church, temple, to ask for Forgiveness Even if we did no Wrong for the Week.? So ask yourself why the need and also why are you fooled with this illusion.   So stop this nonsense of equating Sultan-Agong as God.......  Bangun dan Bangkit dari mimpi GILA ini.

Sultan bermula dengan “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan.

We are now moving to national reconciliation after being Raped by EC/SPR + NRD + UMNO-BN.....sounds like sama suka sama type muslim Pedofile from SABAH mentality and then agreed to marry the Rapist.   Are we poor, uneducated, stupid to reconcile when EVIL have been committed.  Again we have to stop this NOSTALGIA and Romantics to the on going Evil, Crime and high cost of living.  Malaysian of 60% denied this and have to live with a NOTHING fact its getting worst.

Why Tan Sri only can carry about orng biasa??  Where are the corrupted UMNO-PDRM when law and order is their duty??  I see to terrorise Rakyat Malaysia who come out and Occupy and Rally against the EVIL regime.  Those are the Show of Force UMNO-PDRM ala UMNO-Sulu Terrorist dare come against...when we are defenceless...  Seems like easy picking....BUT we await the August 31 Wear Black- Occupy and Obliterate UMNO-BN Rally.  Sick of misery of high petrol, TOL and no free education....let alone any safety in the Streets of Malaysia.....Why tolerate the Crime Master of UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong.  You see they have the luxury of Police + Triad + Samseng + Terrorist protection....and 60% rakyat Malaysia to manage their own security.  We have 2 choice of of ending the SHAM NOW or living with it by being DIVIDED on What makes a better Malaysia.

The usual Islam, conversion  Royaly comes out when Justice, Law and Order and high Cost of Living are the MAIN ISSUES.  Don't lose focus of the inept and incompetent or perhaps a planned Game by UMNO-BN + Sultan / Agong to maintain their status quo.  End the Sham UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong DEMONcracy and malaysia will move back into the Right Direction.   Keep Asking why was Singapore Sacked....and Not Sabah/Sarawak.....  IF Sabah Sarawak have 3 Billon Ringgit Each on a 9 Billion Pie being equal partner with Malaya.....Why is Malaya getting 8 billion of the Hypothetical PIE and Sabah/Sarawak getting hafl a billion each??  SACK MALAYA as it is WITHIN your CONSTITUTION for BEING CHEATED.....  TIPU, Cheated...Raped......End the Injustice of MALAYA with Agong-SULTAN UMNO-BN!!....or keep suffering Misery instead of Taiwan 2 and 3.........

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Democracy means CAN TOPPLE ELECTED Government.....Like EGYPT...

If cannot take/tahan the 60% people power then LEAVE MALAYSIA.  Winning an election means reduce cost of living, reduce petrol, free education, better service, more jobs, crack down on crime.. and NOT...make 60% of Malaysian live in misery, increase crime, enrich UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong, implement Islamic or Syriah laws and force child conversion, support the muslim child pedofile rapist of Sabah under Islam "sama suka sama" sham...don't hide under islam to make a case for your evil Deeds!!

To PAS ...don't imagine every malay want a Syriah, hudud, hadhari...or whatever.....Malaysia just want to end corruption of UMNO-BN + sultan-Agong & ruling elite that makes Malaysia live in poverty and Shame!!

A Warning to UMNO-BN ...Anwar..PAS..DAp...don't ever think you can continue this Rule via divide and conquer.......we WILL unite and conquer ...ABU!!  We can FORCE another election when EC/SPR cleans up and that is ALSO possible......NO WAY WE WILL ACKNOWLEDGE the SHAM GE13 Election.

To PKR Get lost from Sabah-Sarawak.  You are now the Stumbling block and Ku Li have 1 more month to get his people!!  The PEOPLE COUP is going to happen in Malaysia.....

Don't hide under Islam to do your EVIL corruption deed!!....This is Internet Age and every Sham will be TOPPLED by 60% of People.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Democracy does not mean a MINOR can be force to be Islam...>GO to HELL Syriah Courts and UMNO-BN ....

When you prosecute that Scumbag Islam malay rapist in Sabah via Syriah or secular law then we consider the merits of Islam run Malaysia leaders of UMNO-BN + Sultan -Agong.  Meanwhile go to hell with trying to determine a minor or anyone freedom to choose their religion.

We now see that Turkey and Egypt Brotherhood of Islam is just another front to promote some fake Islam way of life.  Obama should be criticized for not supporting PEOPLE POWER.  Take note Sultan-Agong + UMNO-BN type ideology.....winning an election DOES NOT mean FREEDOM to haveCONTINUOUS ATROCITIES, MURDER, DEATH IN CUSTODY, CORRUPTION, Persecution of Rakyat Malaysia, killings, supporting UMNO-Sulu terrorist attacks on Sabahans, PDRM britality.

60% of Malaysia will take to the streets to bring you down and we will NOT tolerate the SHAM anymore.  What is life living an illusion when the reality is misery.  The hunger, anger and crime prone Malaysian is the works of UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong inept and incompetence MANAGEMENT of Malaysia.  Never have there been so frequent violent crime in Malaysia, home invasion, snatch thief, car jacking, hold up in Restaurant......not banks...Restaurant @#$%^&!  This is not the Malaysia with BILLIONS $$$ spent on police force.  It seems $$$$$$ spent to protect the ruling elite in their GATED community and house.  Serve you right Khairy - UMNO Babies house got Robbed/Invaded.....  and the robbers are right to Target the UMNO-BN leaders houses, Sultan-Agong + their relatives houses.....they are the one with Gold bars, $$$$$ and expensive wine and paintings! kudos to those robbers!  Rest of malaysia is struggling with life of misery under UMNO-BN with not much money left in house!!

What is wrong with Malaysia....EVERYTHING.  We need to to a Revolution and kick UMNO-BN, out of every state ESPECIALLY SABAH / SARAWAK to realise the dream of another Country to migrate to and make greater than Singapore, Taiwan.  Make UMNO-BN + Sultan/Agong live a life of Misery and Suffering.........that means Rakyat Malaysia have Obliterated Crime, Corruption and Racism.  That means we have freedom of Religion, Freedom of Press/media, Free to get those Criminals and send them to jail, free to enjoy the a BETTER LIFE.  No law or GODS is against that......Why wait a day longer??