Monday, October 28, 2013

Malaysian NEED NOT BE ROMANTICS TO UMNO Malaya Islam Racism economic management....anymore...

With the DEBT at UNMANAGEABLE at close to $1 Trillion Ringgit......Even your Great-great-great-great-great-Great- GREAT- GREAT Grand children will have NO hope in erasing this Ponzi debt.

That is because Ponzi Debt are used to only PROP up EVIL Racist regime like UMNO Racist + Sultan........  One again need to ask why is SINGAPORE not in Debt  WITH Not much Natural resources like Sabah/Sarawak and Malaya.......HOW this racist Ponzi Islam UMNO SHAM with Sultan-Agong Approval developed??   We need not be stupid, dumb and DENY ourself and Dignity, insult the Gods/Alalh by PARTICIPATING in the UMNO ISLAM RACIST PONZI CULT - Approved by Sultan-Agong for 60 years.

IS Asking...WHY, HOW, WHEN?????  and be responded with Insult, Terror, Assult, Death, Murder, Barang Naik, High Inflation, stupidity, TORTURE, Misery, starvation the Appropriate response you expect from a caring, UMNO Ponzi+Sultan Agong approved racist bigots ponzi islam cult government??

So Sabah - Sarawak unite....kick UMNO_BN and make citizen arrest on the Day before you SACK Malaya....  Sack malaya for your children and grand children....get out of debt, have the same facility like Singapore in 5-10 years with todays technology and give malays the freedom of Religion, freedom of choice and Freedom from UMNO Racist Bigots Islam Cult Ridiculous Law of Allah, murder.....crime...terrorist...

I mean .....that Cosplay murder in Kota Kemuning admitted to murder and the police was quick to charge him for murder BUT C/Insp Azilah Hadri and Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar ADMITTED to murder of Altantuya under Instruction from UMNO Supreme Leaders and wifey......NOT CHARGED with MURDER IMMEDIATELY.  That is the SHAM and SCAM of the Ponzi Justice systems APPROVED by Sultan - Agong Islam Cult Ponzi.......  Why are being Romantics to this Sorts of Mad Justice???  Why delay one day longer in kicking out UMNO-BN ponzi.......  Sack UMNO-BN....SACK Malaya..... Give Malayasian/Singapore a new option to migrate and Create the NEXT TIGER OF ASIA.....  All possible with God's / Allah help...and rid those UMNO-Sulu Islamic Terrorist hidden Cell from Sabah-Sarawak if they think they can carry out UMNO Islam + Sultan Approved the weeks leading to the sacking of Singapore......Like what is happening in Thai South...these are UMNI-Islam Terrorist....Never DONATE to ANY Islamic Organisation!!..You are helping terrorist like Brotherhood of Islam, Hamas, Hazbollah, Al Qeada, Jemmah Islamiah...etc  These UMNO Islam Cult Scums have many EVIL on their sleves...END it And GIVE them the $1 Trillion Debt.........that is our Parting Present  for Malaya......

Thursday, October 24, 2013

UMNO like the people who operate the Dam needs to be charged with Murder, manslaughter or Crime against humanity of Malaysian!!

10 Melayu
5 Cina
3 India
2 Others = 20 people...

Income GDP $200 to Nation Malaysia

UMNO says NEP naik taraf..Affirmative Action, so 70% must be for malays  or else…balik India, tongsan, can and cannot use Allah!!

So UMNO sapu $140…rest of Malaysia $60

Within Agama ideology Racis Sultan UMNO,  2 melayu Sapu $120…give the rest 8 melayu $20…and teriak / shout…must use Bahasa melayu (while sending their children to elite English Private & Overseas schools) Hina Allah, Sultan, how can malay get only $2.50 after 60 years???  Nak May 13 every Election? ISA?…$20  divided by 8 =  $2.50….and other race gets their equal $6 ringgit share…..everyone too struggle to survive with $6 with BN(Barang Naik)….. …let alone $2.50…..

…only UMNO racist Hina Islam ask you to Ubah/Change your lifestyle!!….pity….malangnya no one sees and ask why each Sultan UMNO malay gets $60 each and shouting poor….sack Singapore….tembak, shoot first ask question later…

Like Release Dam Water without warning in Cameron and deal with the Deaths Later….!!  UMNO like the people who operate the Dam needs to be charged with Murder, manslaughter or Crime against humanity of Malaysian!!  Melayu bangkit, buat citizen arrest kat semua tokoh2 UMNO SERENTAK…….ESOK era Baru kat Malaysia!!

It is no difference to a drunk driver or building collapse builder charged with manslaughter or murder if their ACTS causes death!!...How is this different??  I am going to do a Crazy Incompetence Inept act and AIM for UMNO-BN leaders Death......should be OK with Malaysia Allah Justice systems...can and cannot depending on location!! ...Everything is failing under UMNO Barang Naik + GST!!

Now UMNO teriak every Malay needs to get to $6 minimum and create more MEGA project and Mega Corruption to continue the Racist Affirmative action agenda….Malaysia jadi HUB ini…itu…tapi semua cerita dongeng!!  Pecat Malaya adalah lebih senang kalau disbanding buat Citizen Arrest ….Banyak tokoh2 UMNO ada Jalan nak Lari cepat kalau Rakyat Bangkit - Bantah!!

Dalam UMNO ada Brotherhood of ISLAM…hanya cakap-cakap kosong bangsa, agama macam Morsi terrorist dan Alqeada…..Suruh awak pakai bom dan mati untuk Allah UMNO.  Panggil dunia tolong hapuskan regime zalim…tapi sendiri zalimi Rakyat melayu dan bangsa lain yang tak sembah penipuan mereka…mengikut UMNO Racis nasib baik ramai melayu pun masih belum sedar…....Bangkit  ...bantah....Hapuskan UMNO-BN.....atau Pecat Malaya...  INI Kali Lah!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

60 + Years of Excuses, incompetence, inept UMNO-BN with Sultan-Agong Approval government and INJUSTICE..another cover up of CORRUPTION INFESTED MALAYSIA!!Sack Malaya..

The Agenda 2020 need to start now.......start selling properties in KL, Perak, Penang...ALL over Malaya to and prepare to migrate to Sabah/ areas where we want to SACK UMNO-BN-PBS candidate and make citizen arrest on the same day we sack malaya....

The incompetence is Mega and can be found in the Altantuya murderer, Cow gate of Sharizat, Rape of minor in Sabah, Killing of Teoh, Sarbini....etc.  NOW the murder of victims in Cameron highlands due to incompetence of those people operating the DAM there.  They should at least be charged with manslaughter of 3 for opening the DAM gate and not giving ANY warning to the people below at ALL.  This is murder in the same manner as one drink driver or negligent driver accidently kills the Genting bus Crash....RTD no blame due to Corruption but human lives lost......another cover up of  CORRUPTION INFESTED MALAYSIA!!  Foreigners & Foreign Investtor GET OUT OF MALAYSIA 2013, 2014 and Forever until a new nation is created!!!

Is this the same operative of UMNO-POLICE Shoot first then investigate later after the DEATH?? @#$%^&*  But if you know how to use guns, rocket launcher, RPG, Heavy weapons like the UMNO-SULU-Sabah terrorist, UMNO-Thai Muslim terrorist....there is room to discuss/BINCANG first to avoid death and Blood Shed????@#$%!!!

 I am slowly getting the mantra/agenda of this Racist Evil - regime of UMNO-BN approved by Sultan -Agong........  End the regime and those SUPPORTING the EVIL of UMNO-BN whether in silence or pretend to voice concern....ALL the UMNO Racist + Royalty are just Lip service with the knowledge that their turf is protected by more GUNS and corruption money........Go learn to hold a gun when you are a student overseas.........  When EVIL is at its Peak like UMNO-BN + sultan-Agong approval......Genocide can happen with justification of Malaysia SHAM LAWS!!!.....   Malaya Cannot - Allah, Sabah - Sarawak Can Allah.....  TIME TO SACK MALAYA Yesterday!!

Financial Crisis is actually Upon Malaysia.......but UMNO-Malaya thinks they are like Japan and USA who can print money........  But Malaysia Printing money will suffer the same fate like Zimbabwe, Argentina, Indonesia.........because SHAMS gets exposed BIG time AFTER the EVENT.    So I also shoot first to bring Malaysia Economy Down.....Rakyat migrate to Sabah/Sarawak to create a new world and SACK DEBT Stricken $1 Trillion malaya with Zimbabwe money.....  At least now your $350,000 house can get you $100,000 US dollar.......can still buy nice property in Sabah/Sarawak......  After the EVENT of Collapse Malaya...$350,000 Ringgit is like $1000 USD and dropping everyday ...... and you wonder why when you sell your $350,000 for $3,500,000 million dollar house still worth $1000 USD......

Don't wonder....just March to UMNO-BN leaders and members + Sultan-Agong Homes and make citizen Arrest......Lets see how many police & army can help protect these SCUMS at that time!!!

Agenda 2020.....Bermula hari ini....INI KALI LAH!!...HIJRAH ke Sabah-Sarawak!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

SACK Malaya From Sabah/ what Malaya did to Singapore...

What use sticking around??  This is not because of that Allah issues....its because of ALL the above....the SHAM, the Ponzi of UMNO Islam Cult with Sultan Approval, robing and raping Sabahans/Sarawakians...making life a misery.....

Finally got the name of that Scumbag Islam malay UMNO loyalist Riduan Masmud who raped a minor, then bribe father to marry her under Syriah....then Bribe her poor father to withdraw case......There is a name and Police SHOULD JUST SHOOT him with all the EVIL he has done........or do you want rakyat to take justice into own hands??  Real crime you spend years to investigate..........suspect relating to your Racist Race shoot to big....use this to Justify ISA 2.... !@#$%^&

So this is my profile of this muslim evil rapist man, who would do such evil and so Obvious using ALLAH Islam religion of UMNO Cult Islam to cover up...and Perkasa will defend him to death with UMNO-SULU sleeper terrorist in case Sabah/Sarawak Sack Malaya.  Shoot him or Rakyat will do justice to the poor family....Like Rahim Thamby Chik ....ex MB of Malacca......all approve by UMNO & Sultan Munafiq Islam, defender of Islam Cult.

Sack Malaya........and tomorrow we will Introduce ENGLISH as medium of education, commerce and EVERYTHING in Sabah & Sarawak!!    No need to go overseas for English education anymore....Every Poor people can be rich then.   No need to live in the miseryof UMNO-BN Sham + Sultan -Agong Approval ......or of that Useless ALLAH UMNO certain words cannot use SHAM!!  Don't wait a day longer.....Start the migration Now....and we begin the Agenda 2020......SACK Malaya......

Point # 7 : There should be no right to secede from the Federation........BUT CAN SACK Malaya like these UMNO + Sultan Agong Scumbags did to Singapore......  By right Singapore also cannot secede...but was ENDLESS POSIBILITY.....  Make History in 2020.  We all want to be Free and prosperous.....  Don't be a SLAVE to UMNO+ Sultan-Agong Misery and slavery making racist Ideology....BREAK IT like Moses did to the Pharoah!!!....Break it like Martin Luther King did to Racist whites.......BREAK the Chains of EVIL UMNO + Sultan Agong Racist Agenda.....  INI KALI LAH!!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Agenda BEFORE 2020......Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak......then Sack malaya!!

Just THROW the Rukun Negara into the Longkang or Rubbish Bin....

New one created already....

Belief in God THAT is Created by UMNO-BN + Sultan Approval with all the fine prints and conditions that these SCUMS wants you to belief and to be Brain washed into.

Forget about the rest of the Rukun negara too.....its all a SHAM in this era of 2013...not 1960..........In the era of Information and technology there are still those lemmings that can be confused with Allah that refers to Islam, Christian and Sikh....etc.....  IOts not confuse...its LOSING Market share of UMNO Racist Bigots Ideology....People are turning OFF UMNO Racist and their Terrorist Support of Muslim in Sulu,  Phillipines, Gaza, Lebanon, Sudan, Sabah, Thailand......  Stop your DONATION to any UMNO MUSLIM Organisation....they are all giving HUMANITARIAN AID to those that SUPPORT THEIR Islamic TERRORIST Agenda of UMNO Muslim Al Shabab Brotherhood!!

People NOT surprise with the Stupid Racist bigots judgement on the Allah Issue by those in the court of Appeal....  This was Approved by UMNO-BN + Sultan / Agong.  Any anger and problems habe ISA 2 ala PCA to take you down + more Guns and those got missing in the hands of UMNO terrorist Militia.....+ Umno Racist- Sulu + Umno Thailand Muslim terrorist hands.

Lets work on the Agenda 2020 ...we start Migrating to Key seats in Sabah / Sarawak.....  sack the UMNO-BN governement...and then SACK Malaya.  We then show Rapid Progress that Surpass GDP, Health, English medium of Instructions, Economy, water, air the MISERY and SACK UMNO-BN and the Sultan Legacy that Sacked Singapore!!  End the SHAM!!

UNITE, MIGRATE, Sack Malaya - Agenda 2020!!  Kali Ini Lah!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

UMNO Racist getting ready with ISA 2 in different name of PCA to shoot & imprison ANY Malaysian oppose to UMNO-BN Islam Cult ideology!!

But they (rakyat Malaysia)  miss the point. All political activity is aimed at: (1) gaining power, (2) holding onto power and (3) using power to transfer wealth, status and more power to the insiders.

There are two ways a government can rip off its citizens – force and/or fraud. Health care uses both.The beauty of democracy is that it defrauds the average person into believing that he has been taken into the ruling elite. He thinks that, ultimately, he decides what government does. Naturally, he deserves a share in the spoils.

All government is an exercise in larceny. All governments take things away from some people – power, money, dignity, freedom – to bestow favors on the ruling elite and its clients. The masses willingly and eagerly comply, as long as they think they can get something out of it – that is, someone else’s property.
To win elections, governments need to give as well as take. So, in addition to public safety and national security, they offer free health care, free education, free highways, and free elections to determine who gets what. 

Taken from various quotes and collection........a sign of times and more so in Malaysia as UMNO Racist readies itself with sweeping powers on ISA 2 to CLAMP down on Malaysian who oppose UMNO-BN + Sultan approval of course.... 

Malaysia can start the Agenda 2020 and Migrating to Sabah-Sarawak.....take power Sack Malaya and create a new and FASTER Growth Region.........Sack Malaya much in the same way UMNO-BN + Sultan Sacked Singapore....this time we see how Malaya perform.....  bangkit Bantah!!

When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance is DUTY!! 

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Everybody who converts to Buddist, Hinduism and Christianity in Sabah / Sarawak will be Called Bumiputera...

That is the respond to the Scum UMNO Mufti-Mullah-JAIS-MAIS-JAKIM Islam Cult racist bigots ideology....who approve the Sama Suka Sama Rape then Marriage in Sabah......who now dare suggest every muslim convert and therefore muslim and Get all the Tax payer HARAM funded benefits.

How is it that these mufti, mullah, UMNO-terrorist can get away with sedition but parents who complain of children eating in bathroom in a school in Sg Buloh, get charge with SEDITION??  @#$%^&  Bangsat...really Bangsat these UMNO-BN+ sultan/agong approve authoraties, Crap laws, ISA/PCA .......hope they rot Hell for all their Sickness and Evil Cult islam ideology.

We Malaysian need to Obliterate thes Islamic Lunatic Cults of UMNO Sultan Approve ideology once and for all.  We need to Time a migration to Sabah/Sarawak ...then SACK Malaya with all those Trillion $$$ Debt and useless Ringgit in a few more years....

Why after centuries of British English Education, these UMNO scums with Sultan Agong Approval reverted back to Racist language to make slaves of malays??  Then use their failed agenda to promote Affirmative action to progress.....then 60 years later and $1 Trillion dollar of UMNO+ Sultan Agong Malaysia debt expect WHO to pay it off???......  I think Even UMNO-BN Leaders Death is insufficient to pay off the Crime against Humanity they have created for Malaysian.....

Make sure No one is brought up to be Romantics to UMNO-BN + Sultan-Agong Racist bigots Islamic Cult Agenda......Migrate to Sabah/Sarawak....Toss out UMNO-BN and SACK Malaya did to Singapore....and see if Malaya can be like Singapore with all their racist bigots EVIL Agenda!! 

If we do not plan now its suffering these Qatar Development that takes your passport and make you slave in their building while earning nothing good for your children, dream and vision......Why must these Islamic Cult Scum countries take your passport to Own you......Be no Romantics to their EVIL and NEVER Work in ANY Islamic Nation for your own life and Dignity......Don't be a Romantics to Slavery & Evil!! ...BOYCOTT EVERYTHING UMNO-BN Related!!