Thursday, October 24, 2013

UMNO like the people who operate the Dam needs to be charged with Murder, manslaughter or Crime against humanity of Malaysian!!

10 Melayu
5 Cina
3 India
2 Others = 20 people...

Income GDP $200 to Nation Malaysia

UMNO says NEP naik taraf..Affirmative Action, so 70% must be for malays  or else…balik India, tongsan, can and cannot use Allah!!

So UMNO sapu $140…rest of Malaysia $60

Within Agama ideology Racis Sultan UMNO,  2 melayu Sapu $120…give the rest 8 melayu $20…and teriak / shout…must use Bahasa melayu (while sending their children to elite English Private & Overseas schools) Hina Allah, Sultan, how can malay get only $2.50 after 60 years???  Nak May 13 every Election? ISA?…$20  divided by 8 =  $2.50….and other race gets their equal $6 ringgit share…..everyone too struggle to survive with $6 with BN(Barang Naik)….. …let alone $2.50…..

…only UMNO racist Hina Islam ask you to Ubah/Change your lifestyle!!….pity….malangnya no one sees and ask why each Sultan UMNO malay gets $60 each and shouting poor….sack Singapore….tembak, shoot first ask question later…

Like Release Dam Water without warning in Cameron and deal with the Deaths Later….!!  UMNO like the people who operate the Dam needs to be charged with Murder, manslaughter or Crime against humanity of Malaysian!!  Melayu bangkit, buat citizen arrest kat semua tokoh2 UMNO SERENTAK…….ESOK era Baru kat Malaysia!!

It is no difference to a drunk driver or building collapse builder charged with manslaughter or murder if their ACTS causes death!!...How is this different??  I am going to do a Crazy Incompetence Inept act and AIM for UMNO-BN leaders Death......should be OK with Malaysia Allah Justice systems...can and cannot depending on location!! ...Everything is failing under UMNO Barang Naik + GST!!

Now UMNO teriak every Malay needs to get to $6 minimum and create more MEGA project and Mega Corruption to continue the Racist Affirmative action agenda….Malaysia jadi HUB ini…itu…tapi semua cerita dongeng!!  Pecat Malaya adalah lebih senang kalau disbanding buat Citizen Arrest ….Banyak tokoh2 UMNO ada Jalan nak Lari cepat kalau Rakyat Bangkit - Bantah!!

Dalam UMNO ada Brotherhood of ISLAM…hanya cakap-cakap kosong bangsa, agama macam Morsi terrorist dan Alqeada…..Suruh awak pakai bom dan mati untuk Allah UMNO.  Panggil dunia tolong hapuskan regime zalim…tapi sendiri zalimi Rakyat melayu dan bangsa lain yang tak sembah penipuan mereka…mengikut UMNO Racis nasib baik ramai melayu pun masih belum sedar…....Bangkit  ...bantah....Hapuskan UMNO-BN.....atau Pecat Malaya...  INI Kali Lah!!

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